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Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: Sulo


The more Yu Ze thought about it, the more likely it was that both Long Yuan and Ayr, when they first met, had no flowers on their chests, and the color became darker as they got along. So, when Leon fell completely in love with him, wouldn’t he remember the memories of the previous world?

Leon must like him more! He blushed slightly, looked up at Leon, “I’m scared at night, can I sleep in your room?”

Leon looked at his clear silver eyes and reminded himself not to think about it. The little mermaid didn’t mean anything beyond his words, but the little mermaid was so innocent, he didn’t make him feel too comfortable. He asked, “Did you understand what I just said?” 

Yu Ze blinked, “Yes.”

Leon doubted it, “Then tell me, what did I mean?”

A hint of shyness appeared in Yu Ze’s eyes, “You like me.”

Leon said, “Yes,” he was a bit helpless, “you don’t know anything about human society. Remember from now on, don’t ask someone who likes you to sleep in the same room, it’s dangerous.”

Yu Ze’s eyes slightly opened, understanding his meaning, and blushed red. He did not want Leon to misunderstand. Very casually, he quickly said, “Sorry, I — I’ll go back to the room.”

He turned around and Leon put his hand on his right shoulder, “Wait.”

Yu Ze turned back and Leon withdrew his hand, his eyes helpless, “The people I said don’t include me, you can trust me.”

He said, and then he thought it was familiar, isn’t this a common phrase used by liars when they coax? His face flushed with embarrassment, but luckily the little mermaid was not familiar with humans. He took a step back from the doorway to make way and said to Yu Ze, “Sit down for a moment while I make the bed.”

Yu Ze was a little hesitant and Leon said, “Come on in, aren’t you afraid to be alone?”

Yu Ze walked in and saw Leon walking towards the bed and said, “Don’t bother, I’ll just sleep in the bathtub.”

Leon took Yu Ze to the bathroom, looked at the bathtub, frowned quickly because it was too small, the little mermaid would certainly not be comfortable. He secretly thought about how to remodel the villa.

“Is this okay?” He asked as he filled the tub with water.

Yu Ze nodded, “Thank you, please.”

Leon looked down, the little mermaid seemed embarrassed, his face kept blushing. His heart slightly moved, the little mermaid was really simple and cute ah.

“You’re welcome,” Leon asked, “Is this still scary?”

Yu Ze replied, “No, not anymore.”

Leon put his mind at ease, saw him standing there, thought of the difference between the human and mermaid forms of the little mermaid, and said, “Get some rest.” And he left.

Yu Ze strained his ears to listen to the movement outside, and very gently undressed and soaked in the bathtub. He was a little annoyed that he was too eager to make Leon like him more, but he seemed to have messed up and wondered if Leon would hate him for what he did tonight.

The next morning, when Yu Ze’s mental strength was fully restored, he heard the small sound of water running, opened his eyes and listened intently to Leon brushing his teeth. He hurriedly got up from the bathtub, dried his legs and changed his clothes, took a large towel and wiped his hair in front of the mirror.

Wiping and wiping, he slowed down and blinked at the mirror — how nice!

The little mermaid looked very delicate, silver eyes that looked cold but were large, a smile curved up. He was especially cute, under the right eye were three small round scales, more like a deliberate paste of sequins, which made the eyes bright and divine. His face, too suitable for the use of beauty, was there to please people.

He casually pulled down his hair to make himself look like he had just woken up, looked in the mirror and pulled the collar of his neat robe diagonally to the right. The left collar was almost to the neck, but the right side revealed his white shoulder.

His shoulder, neck and side of his face, at a glance, were all white like pearl skin, very attention-grabbing. He bit his lip and saw the mirrored young man showing a little silvery white teeth, and cherry-colored lips to form a contrast, very attractive.

He blushed slightly, his heart beat faster, and he felt embarrassed just looking at the mirror.

He listened to Leon’s movement, stood in place for a while and went out, and met up with Leon who had just come out of the washroom.

He bit his lip and smiled shyly at Leon, “Sorry, I’m late.”

Leon paused in his spot, his heart beating faster. The little mermaid in the morning, looked too delicious, his eyes darted away from Yu Ze’s white shoulders, and his mouth felt dry inexplicably.

“It’s not too late, it’s still early.” He finished, turned and walked to the closet, pretending to get clothes, “You go back to your room to wash up first, and then go to the kitchen for breakfast later.”

Yu Ze looked at his busy back, a little embarrassed, the beauty trick seemed to be useless to Leon. He silently pulled his collar and walked out, “Okay.”

Once he left the room, Leon’s hands stopped moving. He looked at the messed up closet and frowned as he started to tidy it up, but the little mermaid’s previous appearance kept coming back to his mind.

No, the robe is still too loose, the collar is too big, need to change!

Yu Ze washed up and went downstairs, not to the restaurant, but to the back garden, which was near the sea. The ground was much higher, standing on the edge, there was only blue sea water.

Yu Ze himself did not like the smell of the sea, but now that he was a mermaid, he felt particularly comfortable, friendly and secure. He looked into the distance and released a mental wave, calling out to the Golden Flood Dragon and Lightning Eel.

To his surprise, he soon received an echo, Golden Flood Dragon, “We’re fine, where are you?”

Yu Ze said, “I’m safe now, I’m not going back to the sea for now, you guys be safe in the sea.” He thought about it and asked, “Brewer — the one who ordered the medicine to be poured into the sea, was bitten by a sea serpent, is it related to you?”

Golden Flood Dragon said, “Oh, I bit him, he’s a tough guy.”

Yu Ze understood, uneasy to instruct, he said, “You go back to the deep sea, now near the human sea is not safe.”

“We are looking for you,” Golden Flood Dragon said, “are you sure you don’t want to go?”

Yu Ze replied, “Mn, I have things to do.”

Golden Flood Dragon bid farewell, “Bye.”

Lightning Eel also said, “Bye little mermaid.”

Yu Ze felt the distance of the two getting farther and farther, and his eyes arched as he said goodbye to both. After saying goodbye, he withdrew his spirit wave, during which he felt an unfamiliar spirit wave flash by, he “eek”-ed and released his spirit wave, not noticing anything unusual.

“You promised to stay well at the villa.” Leon’s voice came, followed by Yu Ze’s arm being grabbed.

Yu Ze turned around, puzzled, “This is also the area of the villa.”

Leon let go of his hand, his face flushed with embarrassment, “Breakfast is ready.”

Yu Ze followed Leon back and suddenly realized something, “Did you just think I was going to jump into the sea?”

Leon was really good at lying and honestly admitted, “Mn.”

Yu Ze laughed, “No, unless I have to, as long as you are here, I will not go back to the sea.”

Leon’s heart fluttered, “As long as I’m here?”

Yu Ze met his eyes honestly, “Mn.”

The liking was mutual, he wanted Leon to like him, and of course he would give a response.

Leon’s heart thumped, but his face was steady, and his voice sunk a bit, “It’s easy for me to misunderstand when you say that.”

Yu Ze slightly raised his eyebrows, “Misunderstand what?”

Leon’s eyes paused on his face for a moment and then moved away, thinking that the little mermaid didn’t understand anything, so if he said ‘misunderstand you like me’, it would be like inducing the little mermaid to say ‘I like you’.

He said, “It’s nothing.” And he continued on his way.

Yu Ze followed him, recalled their conversation, and after sitting down in the kitchen, said seriously, “I like you, so I want to stay with you.”

Leon looked at him fiercely, his fingers clenched into fists, he didn’t want to misunderstand, he didn’t want to be empty, “What does mermaid’s like mean?”

Yu Ze locked eyes with him, “…Like humans, happy to see you and want to stay with you.”

Leon looked at his clear silver eyes, his heart beat faster and faster, and great joy came to him, the little mermaid responded to him!

The way he looked at him with a serious face when he was obviously shy was so cute. For the first time, he felt that hearts could be so soft. He put the plate in the robot’s hand in front of Yu Ze, his tone soft, “Try it and see if you like it.”

Yu Ze’s eyes curved up, “It smells delicious, I’ll start, you eat too.”

Leon nodded, but did not eat immediately, watching Yu Ze’s expression to enjoy eating half of the fish first, and eating only after Yu Ze’s eyes urged him to start eating breakfast.

This must be the best breakfast he had ever eaten!

After breakfast, the housekeeper robot notified the construction team to come, Leon went out for a trip and soon came back.

He looked more serious and looked at Yu Ze with pity, “Father has prepared all the information, the announcement process is like this…” He carefully told Yu Ze, and then asked, “Is this okay?”

Yu Ze nodded, “Yes.”

Leon relayed his reply to Admiral Audeux, and the two sat on the couch, watching the news together. At this point, the mermaid news still dominated the headlines, and there was a lot of talk of boycotting mermaids, neatly in the style of a water army.

At nine o’clock, the Ministry of Military Information issued a press release, which immediately caused a strong discussion.

The Ministry of Military news was clean and all the statements were well-documented, the news content included the auction house violence hunting, mistreatment of mermaids to obtain pearls, pouring poison into the sea, large water army control comments, while revealing a lot of black trading process.

Each thing was equipped with photos and the rest of the evidence, which included the abuse. Treatment of mermaids since there were photos and videos of the small mermaid being whipped, badly fed, forced to shed tears, bruised and battered look, made people turn very angry.

Leon closed his eyes to hide the hostility in his eyes, rubbed the top of Yu Ze’s head, and his voice was gentle, “Are you still hurt?”

Yu Ze’s eyes were slightly open, and the familiar gesture made him feel good, rubbing his hand against Leon’s, “Don’t worry, I’ve recovered.”

Leon was so cute that his heart became softer and softer, “I will protect you.”

Yu Ze smiled, “I will also protect you.”

Once the military news was posted, the online speech changed a lot, there were many more people who sympathized with the mermaid, but there were still many people who were afraid of the mermaid’s ability.

At noon, the Ministry of Information once again posted an article about the last battle between humans and zerg seventeen years ago, mentioning the heroes of the military department, Admiral Holet and his lieutenant Major Kechi.

Admiral Holet’s fans were huge, and had left messages expressing their nostalgia, while others felt uneasy about why this news was suddenly posted. Was it another war with the zerg?

When all kinds of speculations and discussions fermented to the top, the Ministry of Information issued another article in the evening, which was a paternity test, as well as three blood test reports.

The Ketuo Planet people who read this news were all stunned.

The mermaid was actually Admiral Holet’s child! Admiral Holet has offspring! Colonel Kechi was a mermaid! Admiral Holet and Kechi were really a pair! The CP they stood for all those years was real!

Many related topics all exploded.


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February 21, 2022 12:34 pm

Yu Ze the seducer 😏
Leon hasn’t taken long at all to fall for Yu Ze. I’m so glad his father has kept his word and cleared Yu Ze’s character, at the same time as revealing his identity, which the majority will love
Thank you for translating and editing.

Rachel Kim
Rachel Kim
February 21, 2022 5:54 pm

Thank you for updating!!!!

February 22, 2022 12:33 am

Oh, seductive little mermaid. Don’t worry your beauty trick worked perfectly! 😉

Yeeeeesss!!! Brewer got slapped good, he’s an immoral, greedy bas**rd and now everyone knows that. 👿

Hmmm… construction team, Leon seriously started to remodel his bathroom? Wow such a loving future hubby. 😍🥰

Wait what… another spirit wave?

Thank you for the chapter!!!

Blizzard passing by said hey~
Blizzard passing by said hey~
October 25, 2022 11:07 pm

I subconsciously face-palm reading the cp lmao

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