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Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: Sulo


Yu Ze clicked on the first page with the word ‘hot’ on it, and once inside, he saw the big word ‘reward’ at the top.

He frowned, and continued to scroll down. At the bottom was a large photo, the outer circle was the photo of the small mermaid in the form from when he was captured and locked in the trading house, the middle photo was of his human form, sitting on the Golden Flood Dragon as he fell into the sea. In the picture of him falling into the sea, he turned around and his features were clearly visible.

Below the photo was the text, Yu Ze quickly scanned through, and could not help but give a comment: Nonsense.

In the first sentence, it was stated that the little mermaid was caught and fed by the auction house of Skywalker, and it was emphasized that after getting the little mermaid, he was so happy that he thought he had met an ‘angel’.

Later, the whole ship of the Skywalker was tampered with memories by the mermaid, Brewer was instructed by the mermaid to get the sea snake, resulting in the amputation of his leg, and his words turned, between the lines, he could read the anger: the little mermaid turned out to be ‘evil’!

Finally, Brewer said seriously that he had never met such a dangerous creature as a mermaid, and called on the general public to be more vigilant and spend a billion dollars to offer a bounty on mermaids, revenge for poisoning.

Yu Ze read the text, had a puzzled face, when he instructed the sea snake? He scanned the comments, ‘nice’ ‘dangerous’ and other words appeared frequently. He frowned and looked up at Leon, “Will my being here cause you any trouble?”

Leon quickly replied, “No,” he stared at Yu Ze, “you better not have the idea of sneaking away for fear of causing me trouble.”

Yu Ze’s eyes wandered for a moment, a little weak, his voice lowered, “But I don’t want to cause you trouble.”

“There are many mercenary groups and bounty hunters who have taken up bounties, and it would be dangerous for you to be discovered,” Leon said, “You are absolutely safe here, and as long as you are not discovered, you will be fine. Of course, avoiding the wind is only temporary. Soon, you will be able to appear in front of people openly.”

Yu Ze was surprised, “Really? What are you going to do?”

Leon said, “I discussed with my father and we both agreed that the best way is to expose your identity and take this opportunity to submit the Mermaid Protection Ordinance again,” he inquired, “Are you willing to expose your identity?”

Yu Ze was most supportive of the idea of removing the danger, and he nodded, “Yes.”

Leon said, “That’s fine, but for the time being, you can’t go outside.”

Yu Ze’s tail bucked in the water, splashing a string of bright water droplets, he smiled, “It’s okay, your pool is big and I like it.”

Leon’s eyes lingered on his silvery tail for a moment and immediately moved away, “I’m glad you like it. Just wait here.”

Leon got up, turned around and left. Yu Ze was lying on the edge of the pool, looking at the exit with a little curiosity. In a short while, Leon came in with a food box in his hand. He walked to the pool, opened the lid and pushed the box in front of Yu Ze.

There was steam coming out of the box, and six kinds of fish filets were neatly arranged inside. Leon saw his reaction and his eyes glittered, “This is the most popular fish in Seafood City, try it and see if it suits your taste.”

Yu Ze looked up at him and raised a smile, “Thank you.” After saying that, he lowered his head, reached out, picked up the rightmost fish filet with a slight cherry blossom powder, moved it towards his mouth and took a bite.

The tender, clean texture instantly made Yu Ze’s eyes narrow in pleasure as he swallowed and then immediately took another bite. He ate quickly, but not rudely, holding the fish filet and eating it in small bites, looking particularly cute.

Leon’s eyes fell on his face, not saying a word, quietly watching him finish the fish filet in one bite, somehow feeling very pleasant.

Yu Ze finished eating, fingers covered in juices and subconsciously stretched out his tongue to lick them clean.

Leon’s eyes were slightly open, and his heartbeat, which had always been steady, suddenly went out of rhythm. Yu Ze ate his heart out and looked back at Leon with a bit of embarrassment. He looked at Leon and met Leon’s wooden gaze and blushed slightly, “Sorry, it was too good, I couldn’t control myself.”

Leon said, “No need to be sorry, I’m happy you like it.”

Yu Ze saw his sincere face and smiled, joking to himself, “I thought you were stunned by how I ate.”

Leon was secretly chagrined that his reaction made Yu Ze embarrassed, but his face was very steady. He swept his eyes at Yu Ze’s slightly red face, knowing that he couldn’t tell the truth, so he found an excuse to explain, “I was just a little curious about your hand.”

Yu Ze looked down at his hand, and suddenly, his expression was much more natural. He extended his hand to Leon, “Now it’s very similar to a human.”

Leon’s eyes fell on his hand, his fingers moved slightly, and curled up honestly, resisting the urge to touch it.

The little mermaid’s hand was long and slender, very nice, and a little different from humans. The surface was covered with a white transparent film, and there was transparent webbing between the fingers. At first glance, it would be mistaken for a human hand, but the skin was slightly shiny, very shiny.

Yu Ze flipped his hand, back side up flat after a while and turned his palm up, very generous to satisfy Leon’s curiosity.

“Thanks.” Leon’s heart moved slightly because of Yu Ze’s action, and his eyes moved from Yu Ze’s palm to Yu Ze’s face.

Yu Ze smiled, “You’re welcome,” he asked curiously with a slight inclination of his head, “Do you think it’s strange?”

“No,” Leon said, “it’s beautiful.”

Yu Ze thought to himself, “A soldier’s heart is good.” He put his hand into the water, and the transparent membrane fused with the water, and his hand looked indistinguishable from a human’s. He blinked, fingertips slightly tense, then suddenly, sharp claws popped out and he hurried to see Leon’s expression.

Leon caught his curious little expression and a smile flashed in his eyes, “Looks awesome.”

Yu Ze withdrew his claws, “I’m surprised you weren’t scared.”

Leon thought it was cute, not a bit scared, and a light smile rose in his eyes, “It’s scary, but I’m just a bit more daring.”

Yu Ze was amused by his not so tactful comfort, his eyes swept past his chest, suddenly eager to see how the flower was doing. Was Leon being so nice to him because of some instinctive memory? He reached out for the fish in the box before he touched it and then abruptly withdrew his hand, covering it with a cry of pain and stepping back, “Ah!”

Leon leaned forward, “What’s wrong?”

Yu Ze blinked, “My hand is cut.”

Leon stared at him and suddenly smiled, with a helplessly spoiled tone, “Say, what do you want to do?”

Yu Ze’s expression froze for a moment, covering his hand and holding on, “No, I didn’t want to do anything, I just wasn’t careful.”

Leon stated, “Your hand is smooth, there is no sign of injury, which means that your hand is not easily injured when you are hunting in the sea.”

He pointed down the food box, “The fish here, are all dead, even if there are fish spines, they are soft spines and they can’t possibly harm you.”

Yu Ze was embarrassed, “I was the one who accidentally touched it.”

Leon was silent for a moment, looking at his hanging head, suddenly thought of something and frowned in self disgust. After regaining a calm expression, he reached out towards Yu Ze, “Let me see if the injury is serious.”

Yu Ze was stunned, he believed him? He looked up at Leon and slowly extended his hand, whispering, “It only hurt a little, but it doesn’t hurt much now.”

Leon looked at the hand that really reached out, his heart moved and suddenly some pink thoughts rose in his mind. He gently held Yu Ze’s hand, measuring the fingertips. Yu Ze’s eyelashes fluttered and he hesitated. He had planned to pull Leon down and take the opportunity to look at Leon’s chest.

Now he can’t help but wonder if that would be too much and if Leon would be angry.

Leon stared at Yu Ze’s fingertips, the belly of his fingers were so white and shiny that they didn’t look like they were hurt at all, he followed Yu Ze’s words, “It’s nothing.”

Yu Ze withdrew his hand, Leon looked at him, Yu Ze was embarrassed, “I was the one who made a fuss.”

Leon’s pink thoughts burst like a bubble and couldn’t help but wonder, did he really hit a spine?

Yu Ze felt very humiliated thinking about his previous actions. He felt strange, secretly thankful that he braced himself to finish the show, although hitting the spine and hurting his hand was a bit inexplicable, but at least, there were still so many chances.

He did not want to continue the embarrassment, and said, “Thank you for the fish, I like it very much, you should also go to dinner.”

Leon naturally heard the meaning of his words, “Contact me if you need anything.”

Yu Ze nodded and Leon got up to leave.

Leon went back to the kitchen, his brow still knitted until he sat down, both intuitively and inferentially, he felt that the little mermaid was trying to do something before, but in the end, he only let him shake his hand. Shake hands! His eyes lit up, is this the purpose?

He couldn’t help but guess if this was the mermaid’s way of showing closeness.

As he was thinking about it, Admiral Audeux contacted him. He got through, conveyed Yu Ze’s idea, and discussed some more with Admiral Audeux before hanging up the communication.

At 10:30 pm, Leon was lying down, ready to go to sleep, when there was a soft knock on his door. Leon hurriedly turned on the light, got up and got out of bed to open the door. A young man was standing outside the door, neatly dressed in his robe.

Yu Ze had been staring at the door. Once the door opened, he immediately said what he had thought of long ago, “Sorry to disturb you, I…”

When he saw Leon’s face, his words stopped.

Leon usually dressed very neatly, looked serious and competent, however, at this time, he was wearing black silk cross-collar pajamas, loosely tied around the waist sash, and looked casual and lazy.

Yu Ze’s heart beat wildly, and looking at such a familiar dress, his eyes were a little sore. He blinked his eyes, dispersed the burn in his eyes, and his gaze fell directly to Leon’s chest. The color of the flower became darker, no longer a light pink, but a deep pink, and the edge of the petals reddish.

Leon saw him freeze, followed his line of sight and looked at himself, turned around and quickly straightened his lapel, “Excuse me, just a moment.”

When he turned around again, the collar lapel of his pajamas was neatly folded above his collarbone, and the sash was tied tightly and neatly.

“What can I do for you?” Leon asked.

Yu Ze locked eyes with him, “I want to know, after meeting me, do you feel any different from before?”

Leon subconsciously deduced the reason from his words and asked, “Do mermaids have an effect on people around them?”

“No,” Yu Ze pondered for a moment, not knowing how to explain why he asked, “I just want to know how you feel.”

Leon asked, “Why do you want to know?”

Yu Ze bit his lip, “You answer my question first,” he added thoughtfully, “Like dreaming more often? Or have more thoughts that you didn’t have before? Or any other different feelings.”

Leon was silent and thoughtful, his gaze moved halfway and his eyes moved away from Yu Ze.

Yu Ze asked nervously, “Did you think of something?”

Leon didn’t say anything, and Yu Ze got anxious and pleaded, “Will you tell me?”

He wanted to know why the flower changed so much. When the flower was at its most colorful, Ayr had memories of Long Yuan, and if he found the pattern, Leon should be able to have memories of the previous world as well.

Leon couldn’t bear his pleading and honestly said, “I miss you.”

Yu Ze was surprised, “Huh?”

Leon’s face didn’t change at all, he looked particularly calm and silently reddened behind his ears, “I think about you more and more.”

Yu Ze’s heart thumped, and he tried to keep his sanity to think, “Why do you miss me?”

Leon said, “At first I didn’t know your identity, I thought you fell into the water to save me and wanted to save you, then I knew you were a mermaid and erased my memory, curious about you and wanted to explore, then later…”

And then later he would unconsciously remember him, and would be in a good mood.

Even if he had never experienced love, Leon knew what that meant, and after a pause, he summed it up straightforwardly, “Thinking about you more and more is because of the growing good feelings for you.”

He thought it was amazing that these things hadn’t happened for long and yet his heart had already changed dramatically, and without ever considering the other person’s identity.

Yu Ze couldn’t help but think, could it be that the color of the flower, and good feelings had something to do with it?

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Smitten 🤗
Relieved Yu Ze is being cared for and protected.
He’s convinced this is Long Yuan again. Is it? I suppose with the flower, it must be.
Thanks for translating and editing.

February 21, 2022 1:04 am

Yup, the deeper the feelings the redder the flower will be. An yes that prank on pulling Leon into the pool might have bee a bit too much, good thing Yu Ze abandoned that idea.
Brewer just can’t be any more shameless… he showed the beginning and the end, not mentioning the abuse and mistreatment in the middle.
Thank you for the chapter!!!

Rachel Kim
Rachel Kim
February 21, 2022 5:49 pm

Thank you for updating!!!!

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