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Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: Sulo


Yu Ze took a quick step to the side. The ball flew past his right ear, making the wind lift the tips of his hair. He stood still, slightly chagrined. He had dodged too quickly for the qualities of a Mushroom Awakened!

The people whose attention was drawn by the shouting looked at Yu Ze who stood on the side of the road, and many murmurs rang out at once.

“Yah, he looks like a freshman!”

“And a big beauty!”

“Hey, what’s your name? Can I have your contact information?”

Yu Ze’s eyes fell on the wings of the person in front of him, and he subconsciously wanted to say no. He restrained himself, shook his head slowly, moved a step to the side, and walked towards the freshman section.

This reaction, in the eyes of others, was dull enough, right?

“Wow, so high and cold.”

The exclamation came from behind him, and the corners of Yu Ze’s mouth twitched. He wanted to turn his head and explain, but thinking of the identity he was going to play, he dismissed the idea. Being retarded and being high strung were not the same!

He followed his memory to the freshman department’s faculty office and walked to the door when the director’s voice came from within, “Fine, fine, it will be done. I will make sure nothing will go wrong, and definitely find the right person.” The director hung up the communication, saw Yu Ze at the door, smiled kindly and waved, “Yu Ze, let me tell you about the department and your dormitory arrangement.”

“Hello, Director.” Yu Ze greeted obediently and walked into the office.

The director opened the bracelet and sent Yu Ze a document, “Have a look at the department rules, the department map and the teachers’ newsletters inside.”

Yu Ze nodded to the director who continued to say, “Our department is different from other departments. The grades are divided according to the degree of Awakened, there is a Freshman Department, Junior Department, Middle Department, Senior Department and a Logistics Department. Students who have Awakened their beast ancestor genes are in the Freshman Department, and those who have Awakened beast ancestor abilities and habits are promoted directly to the Intermediate Department. As for those who can bestialize, they are promoted to the Advanced Department.

“Students who do not have Awakened abilities and become Mushroom Awakened will be transferred to the Logistics Department. If your body and habits change, tell your teacher in time. We will transfer you to the Primary Department, or the Logistics Department according to the actual situation, and arrange the appropriate course,” he asked, “Got it?”

Yu Ze nodded, “Yes, I understand.”

The director brought up the electronic screen and pointed to the bottom right corner, “Your dormitory is also arranged, Building 3, Room 101. You can enter your fingerprints here, and when you arrive at the dormitory, just use your fingerprint to unlock it.”

Yu Ze entered his fingerprint and thought, The plot has really changed, even the dormitory is different.

After checking in, the director said, “All the dorm rooms are double rooms so that you can help each other. If you find any danger in the process of being Awakened, you have to stop and inform the teacher, okay?”

Yu Ze nodded, “Yes.”

So it seemed that in order for people to mistake him for a Mushroom Awakened person, first of all, his roommate must not find out that he was abnormal.

“Go back to your dorm room and tidy up, then wander around the department, go to the cafeteria at dinner time and eat on your own.”

“Thank you, sir.” Yu Ze said thank you and left the Registration Office.

In Building 3, Room 101, the bathtub that took up half of the bathroom was filled with water. Long Yuan was soaking in it, his head resting on the golden stone pillow, his eyes closed, looking comfortable.

Ring, ring, ring…” The crisp ringing caused his eyelids to twitch, he raised his hand to look at the caller and picked up.

“Son, are you all right?” A female voice came in a medium tone.

“Yes,” Long Yuan raised his eyebrows, “who told you?”

“I can’t know about something so big?” Mother Long pretended to be fierce, “Still saying it’s okay, but your voice is still hoarse!”

Long Yuan decisively changed the topic, “What’s the matter?”

Mother Long, “I asked the department to arrange a roommate for you. The director said that the student is very suitable to be your roommate, not aggressive and you will not reject him.”

“I don’t need one.” Long Yuan frowned.

Mother Long, “You do! Don’t you forget, you almost jumped off the building. If no one is watching you, you might drown in the bathtub without anyone knowing.”

“Don’t mention that,” Long Yuan spat, not wanting to face his black history, “Lt. Gen. Feng talks so much.”

“You asked him to delete his own surveillance, and he gave you so much face. How could he not tell me and your father? I have to thank him for this, otherwise I wouldn’t have known about your Awakened situation.”

Long Yuan’s face showed helplessness. He didn’t want to tell the truth at all, but his mother had been asking life-threatening questions all night and he couldn’t resist.

“That was an accident, there won’t be a second time.”

Mother Long said, “Anyway, I am not at ease. You and your roommate should get along well, don’t bully him. I heard he is a freshman, so help him out. If his Awakening is a success, you can coax him into the Long family army. Classmates becoming comrades, how great!”

Long Yuan listened to his mother’s tone, voice soaring. He hadn’t even said the words he had rehearsed to his mother.

“Later, when you come home, invite your roommate too…”

Long Yuan interrupted in time, “I heard movement at the door. I’ll hang up first.”

He got up and casually put on a bathrobe, thinking about how to get his new roommate to come forward to change dorm rooms.

Yu Ze put his fingerprint on the electronic screen, which flashed green, and the door slid open.

He took a quick look around. It was the same layout as he remembered, with the exercise room and a room on the left side of the door; the bathroom and a room on the right side; the balcony in front of the living room; the sofa in the middle, and the refrigerator standing in the corner.

He had just entered with his right foot, when a man came out of the bathroom.

Long Yuan was loosely dressed in a cross-necked yukata. The black silk yukata was not dry and clung to his skin, revealing the curves of his fine muscles. A large expanse of his neck was exposed, and beads of water slid down his honey-colored skin, gradually disappearing beneath the folded lapels.

Yu Ze froze, blushed and turned around in a hurry, “Sorry.”

This look, it was clear that his bath was not yet finished, and that he was disturbed. Long Yuan leaned against the door frame, a little surprised, as he used a towel to dry the water droplets that fell into his eyes, “Why apologize?”

Yu Ze whispered, “I disturbed your bath.”

Long Yuan replied, “No, I was just soaking in the water and came out to take a look when I heard the commotion.” He moved his eyes from Yu Ze’s reddened ears, “Close the door and come in.”

Yu Ze closed the door and turned to face Long Yuan.

Long Yuan said, “I don’t like to be disturbed, and I have some bad habits. If you do not like living here, you can apply for a new dormitory, I will help.”

Yu Ze was happy, “Can I apply to live alone?”

“No, the freshman section doesn’t have that privilege. There are a lot of potential dangers in the early days of an Awakened, so having a roommate would be much safer.”

Yu Ze was disappointed, “I will try my best to disturb you less.”

“Me too.” Long Yuan said, turned around and went into the bathroom. He didn’t close the door, and not long after, Yu Ze heard the sound of water.

Seeing this, Yu Ze guessed that Long Yuan had lived alone for a long time and had absolutely no sense of closing the bathroom door. He walked forward and became more sure of this when he saw the room.

The door of the room on the left was closed, while the door of the room on the right was wide open. There were obvious signs of life in the room, the bed was neatly made and the quilt was folded into a tofu block, which looked very sharp.

The room was also decorated in a different style, very shiny.

The ceiling lamp was crystal and half of the wall had rhinestones glued on it, and a glass jar of rhinestones was on the table next to the wall.

Yu Ze couldn’t help but suspect that this dorm room was owned by a girl. It was too girly!

Clang…” The bathroom door was slammed shut. Yu Ze turned his head, only to see a black shadow scurrying out, run towards the shiny room, and close the door with a ‘bang’.

Long Yuan stood in front of the door with a towel wrapped around his waist, his hair in disarray, his face blue and red. He was soaking in the water before he remembered the door to his room was open! He glared at Yu Ze and threatened in a vicious tone, “Don’t say anything, you hear me?”

Yu Ze was frightened by his look and quickly nodded his head, “Yes.”

When Long Yuan saw how well behaved he was, his temper was instantly dispelled, but he was depressed. His image had been really ruined. He cleared his throat and tried to save his image, “I don’t like those, I didn’t make them.”

Yu Ze nodded his head very understandingly, “Mn.”

Long Yuan stared at him, “Don’t you believe it?”

“I do.”

Long Yuan said, “You’re lying to me, you don’t even dare to look up at me. Are you afraid that I will find out that you are lying?”

Yu Ze, helpless, lowered his head and said, “You’re not wearing any clothes.”

Long Yuan looked down at himself, his face changed and he said with a strained voice, “We are both boys, what are you afraid of?”

After that, he pushed the door open and scurried in, before quickly closing it.

Yu Ze was relieved that Long Yuan didn’t notice his outfit was too stressful for him, who liked the people of the same sex. It didn’t necessarily cause a reaction from him, just that he would be nervous. He turned around and pushed open the door to the room on his left, opened his suitcase, and put his belongings one by one in a convenient place.

He didn’t have a lot of stuff, and it was quickly organized.

Knock, knock…” The door of his room was lightly knocked on twice.

Yu Ze turned around. Long Yuan stood in the doorway wearing a loose sweatshirt and asked, his expression already back to normal, “Do you want to use the bathroom?”

Yu Ze shook his head, “No.”

Long Yuan said, “Then I will go to the bathroom. There is a shower in the training room to the left of the door, if you want to take a shower, you can go there.”

Yu Ze heard his voice was still a bit muffled and couldn’t help but ask, “Are you hurt?”

Long Yuan replied, “No, it’s just an energy drain. I need to soak in water.”

Yu Ze immediately said, “You go ahead, I won’t bother you.”

Long Yuan didn’t come out of the bathroom until 6 p.m. Yu Ze was sitting on the couch eating when he did.

“Why are you eating here?” Long Yuan asked casually.

Yu Ze thought of the scene in the cafeteria where people kept asking for his contact information and pursed his lips, “Can I eat here?”

“Whatever, but it’s more convenient to eat in the cafeteria, you can feel free to add more food there if you don’t have enough.” Long Yuan looked at his dinner and frowned, “It’s all green, how can you eat it?”

Yu Ze replied, “…Green vegetables are delicious.”

He said this very reluctantly. While he liked to eat green vegetables, the green vegetables from the canteen were super difficult to eat. When he looked at the students in the canteen eating very fragrant dishes, it became less delicious.

Long Yuan suddenly said, “You are a herbivorous Awakened offspring?”

Yu Ze thought about the legend of the phoenix ‘not to eat unless it is practiced, not to drink unless it is sweet spring’ and was not sure, “Maybe.”

Long Yuan looked at him with an incomplete expression, “What do you mean, maybe? You don’t even know what Awakened you are descended from, do you? Children know…” He said in a beat, measuring Yu Ze with a look, “Why is it that… you are not as smart as before?”

Yu Ze’s hand holding the chopsticks tightened. This was the absolute best roommate!

He blinked slowly, “My reactions have become slower.”

He shouted in his heart, ‘Conclude that I am a Mushroom Awakened!’


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January 6, 2022 12:52 pm

It looks like fate has been cast, let’s see how the story changes, I hope Long Yuan manages to protect Yu Ze. Thanks for the chapter!!!

January 6, 2022 10:21 pm

Why do I feel that his mushroom disguise will soon crumble?

Thank you for the chapter!!!

January 7, 2022 1:42 pm

Thank you for updating!!!!

March 6, 2022 12:36 pm

I’m laughing at the green vegetables section. Watch all his Mushroom plans crumble because he snaps and eats a plate of chicken wings late one night. 😂

November 23, 2022 9:27 am

I’m laughing and feeling sorry on how mc has to work hard… And maybe shoot himself in the foot in some future scenes, then fail to hide completely 😭😂 trying to be a mushroom is adorbs tho skskksks mushroom people in general are funny ugly cute. Depends on their description in diff novels on their would be stats-results

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