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Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: Sulo


Madame Zhang listened to Huo Yuan’s instructions and went downstairs to the infirmary to find someone, “Caretaker Chen, Mr. Huo wants you to go to the living room.”

Chen Wei froze as did Dr. Li, who was standing by. He took his eyes off the medical records and asked Madame Zhang, “Chen Wei? Is Mr. Huo uncomfortable somewhere?”

Madame Zhang shook her head, “I can’t tell if there’s any discomfort, he said to ask Chen to go now.”

Chen Wei was a little nervous, “After that incident this afternoon, it is reasonable to say that Mr. Huo does not want to see me again today. He is not going to fire me, right?”

Dr. Li said, “I don’t think so, Mr. Huo doesn’t want more people to see him…”

He did not finish his sentence but Chen Wei understood and was somewhat reassured, thinking of Huo Yuan, and could not help but give a regretful sigh.

Dr. Li warned, “Don’t show this expression in front of Mr. Huo again.”

Chen Wei looked straight, “I won’t.”

Madame Zhang took the message and went to find Yu Ze.


Yu Ze followed Madame Zhang into the living room and saw a tall, middle-aged man sitting on the couch, a man with dark skin and a stereotypical, honest look. Madame Zhang briefly introduced the two men, not saying anything specific, but just their names, and then went upstairs.

The two men greeted each other and said nothing more. The living room fell into an awkward silence and Yu Ze felt uncomfortable, he secretly looked at Chen Wei and curiously asked, “Do you work here?”

Chen Wei responded, “Mn.”

Yu Ze smiled, “I’m here to apply for a job as a caretaker, and we might be colleagues from now on.”

Chen Wei was stunned, “Caretaker?”

“Yes,” Yu Ze’s eyes curled up, “I’m here to take care of Huo Yuan… Mr. Huo…” Realizing that it was not a good idea to call his future boss by his first name, he quickly corrected himself.

The elevator doors opened and Madame Zhang pushed Huo Yuan out. Huo Yuan’s eyes fell on Yu Ze, the young man had lost some weight, but he was still in good spirits. His eyes were clear and bright, like they had been washed with water.

Chen Wei got up and greeted, “Mr. Huo.” 

Yu Ze hurriedly followed suit and stood up, calling out “Mr. Huo”.

Huo Yuan nodded his chin towards the sofa, “You’re welcome, have a seat,” he looked at Chen Wei, “You test him to see if he can do the caretaker’s job.”

Yu Ze was stunned and looked at Chen Wei with a slightly red face, “You’re Mr. Huo’s caretaker, huh?”

Chen Wei nodded, “Mn.”

Yu Ze tangled up. He hadn’t thought about it so much before, but now he suddenly realized that he might be putting another person out of work. He asked Huo Yuan, “How many caretakers do you need?”

Huo Yuan said, “Just one.”

Yu Ze tried to ask, “Do you have a nutritionist? Or should I apply for a job as a nutritionist?”

Huo Yuan read Yu Ze’s small mind clearly and said, “No, my personal doctor is very professional.”

Yu Ze was in a dilemma, his eyes blinked and asked, “Do you need an acupuncturist? I’m very good at it, and I’m also good at massage.”

Huo Yuan stared at him, “Didn’t you say you would be my caretaker? What? Think you’re not as good as Chen Wei and decided to give up?”

“No,” Yu Ze pursed his lips and said honestly, “I don’t want people to lose their jobs because of me.”

Huo Yuan raised his eyebrows, “You are confident,” he gestured to Chen Wei, “test him.”

Chen Wei nodded and asked Yu Ze a few common nursing questions, which Yu Ze answered very professionally, and then asked him some clinically difficult, confusing and error-prone questions, which Yu Ze answered correctly.

Chen Wei thought for a moment and asked Yu Ze to demonstrate the blood draw and infusion technique, then said the prerequisite, lying on the floor to stage as the patient and letting Yu Ze handle it. Yu Ze responded perfectly with skilled actions, like a senior practitioner.

Chen Wei was concerned about Huo Yuan’s situation and did not test any patients similar to Huo Yuan. After a series of tests, he said to Huo Yuan, “He is very professional.”

Huo Yuan nodded, “You go to work.”

Chen Wei responded and went back to the medical office to find Dr. Li, and together they went out the back door and went to the staff restaurant on the right for dinner.

Yu Ze tried to persuade Huo Yuan, suggesting with a serious face, “I think you need two nurses, who can work two shifts and have someone on call at all times.”

His eyes were clear and he looked at Huo Yuan nervously and expectantly, and Huo Yuan looked down, “Come here.”

Yu Ze walked to Huo Yuan, who pointed to his feet, “Good at acupuncture and massage? Prove it to me.”

Yu Ze thought for a moment and squatted down directly in front of Huo Yuan.

Huo Yuan’s eyes changed slightly, he did not expect that Yu Ze would not show a difficult look. He did not know the difficulty to retreat, but looked like he wanted to prove his ability.

Was there really a real ability? No, Huo Yuan closed his eyes and thought, Yu Ze must have underestimated the extent of his injuries.

Yu Ze did not think much about it, thought Huo Yuan wanted to examine his skills, reached out and carefully rolled up Huo Yuan trouser legs. Huo Yuan’s calves were exposed to the air, white and thin.

Huo Yuan’s two hands were clutching the armrest, thin lips tightly pursed, staring at Yu Ze.

Yu Ze did not look up and did not notice Huo Yuan’s tension. Instead, he focused on the thin legs in front of him that the pride of the son of heaven Huo Yuan linked together, like a big joke of fate, making him a little heartbroken. He touched it gently and asked softly, “Can you feel anything? What did the doctor say?”

“A little numbness,” Huo Yuan said in a low tone, thinking that he really did not know his condition, “paralysis due to spinal nerve damage.”

Yu Ze’s heart fell to the bottom, his thumb lightly stroked the cold calf, “It can be treated, you can recover, but…”

“Are you serious?” Huo Yuan was about to move his wheelchair backwards to end the meaningless prying time, but he didn’t expect Yu Ze to say that it could be cured. He suddenly interrupted Yu Ze’s words and leaned forward unconsciously to close the distance between him and Yu Ze.

Yu Ze looked up and saw the eagerness and hope bursting out of Huo Yuan’s eyes. He ignored the trace of uncertainty in his heart, raised his smile and spoke with certainty, “Mn, your case is not the most serious, you can recover.”

He went through the stitches in the Golden Needle Technique and quickly selected a treatment plan. Thinking of the effects stated in the book, he became more and more confident, but worried that the actual situation might not match and would disappoint Huo Yuan, so with relation to the real case, he conservatively said, “One year at most.”

Huo Yuan stared at him and said in a deep voice, “I have been seen by more than one top acupuncturist, and none of them dare to conclude that it can be cured.” He loathed the words ‘uncertainty’ and ‘depends’, but he didn’t dare to believe that he could be cured.

Yu Ze looked him straight in the eye, “My idea is to combine acupuncture with tui-na and food therapy, and I am very confident.”

Huo Yuan stared at him for a while, holding back his excitement, moving his upper body back, leaning his back against the wheelchair, and pondered for a moment, “What did you just want to say though?”

Yu Ze said, “But it needs to be conditioned for half a month before the official treatment can start.”

Huo Yuan’s tense muscles relaxed, and sizing up Yu Ze, he said in a deep voice, “According to my investigation, your grandmother’s medical skills can’t achieve the effect you say, you’re too young.”

Yu Ze understood what he meant, “You don’t believe me, I can totally understand. I’ll give you confidence.” He said, taking off his shoulder bag and taking out from it the courier he picked up from the courier station.

He took the courier and came straight to Huo Yuan, without even unpacking the outer package, he squatted in front of Huo Yuan, quickly unpacked the courier box and took out the box of acupuncture needles inside.

A piece of paper was brought out and landed at Huo Yuan’s feet, a shopping slip. Huo Yuan saw at a glance the large total amount of 28.9 yuan in the lower right corner.

Yu Ze didn’t notice, opened the lid of the box and took the needles while explaining, “These are new, disposable and clean.”

“Wait,” Huo Yuan said in a deep voice as he controlled the wheelchair to move back a bit, “you’re going to use this to give me acupuncture?”

Yu Ze wondered, but patiently explained, “This is the tool for acupuncture, don’t be nervous, it doesn’t hurt.”

Huo Yuan said, “28.90 yuan for a box of 500 needles? Are you sure it will work?”

“Uh,” Yu Ze understood. Huo Yuan probably hadn’t seen this kind of cheap goods, so with a sincere tone, he said, “They can be used, I compared a lot of reviews, and this has a good evaluation. Besides, this is not cheapest. There is a box of 15 yuan, I saw too many bad reviews, so I did not buy it. “

Huo Yuan said, “I’ll have a set sent over,” he glanced at Yu Ze who was unpacking the box, and added, “Forget it.”

He rested his hand on his thigh, thinking to himself that it was already ruined, what’s the worst that could happen? He was eager to see how far Yu Ze could do. He said, “Let’s do it.”

Yu Ze’s eyes arched and he moved forward a little. He moved to Huo Yuan’s foot, took out the needles he needed, laid them flat on the box, then took one, aligned it precisely with the acupuncture point, and slowly twisted it in.

He was very fast, and in a short time five needles were stuck in Huo Yuan’s left foot. He did not hesitate, and then stuck five needles in the same acupuncture points on Huo Yuan’s right foot in the same order. After he finished, he exhaled lightly, relaxed, and smiled at Huo Yuan, “The needles are a little soft, but they work, so the price is good.”

Huo Yuan said in a cold voice, “I don’t feel it.”

Yu Ze gently reassured, “You are wounded, slow to perceive, it will be there soon.”

A minute later, Huo Yuan’s cold expression disappeared. He bent down to stare at his feet, his right hand hanging down, trembling and approaching his right foot, but not touching it.

Yu Ze’s heart was slightly sour, “It’s not your illusion,” he said as his fingertips pressed against the back of Huo Yuan’s foot, “it’s warming up.”

Huo Yuan raised his eyes, he was sitting bent over and Yu Ze was squatted at his feet. The two were extremely close to each other at this time, their eyes met, and they were both slightly stunned.

Huo Yuan lowered his eyes, his right hand touched his leg, the touch was no longer cold, warmth ran down his fingertips to his heart. Three minutes later, he straightened up and looked at Yu Ze.

Yu Ze put the remaining needles back into the box, put them into his shoulder bag, picked up the courier box and the documents and threw them into the trash, then returned to Huo Yuan’s feet, felt the temperature with the back of his hand, and took the needles out.

“It won’t even be cold tonight,” he said, looking up at Huo Yuan with expectation in his eyes, “Will you trust me now?”

“Mn,” Huo Yuan’s tone was calm, his expression rippling, but his eyes lit up with hope, “I still have some complications, you and my personal doctor, Dr. Li, discuss the treatment plan, and let me know the final plan.”

Yu Ze’s purpose was achieved and he was happy, his eyes shining, “Can I have room and board?”

“Yes, the salary is the same as Chen Wei’s for the time being, 50,000 a month. If it is the same as you said, I will give you five million red packets after I recover.” Huo Yuan said.

Yu Ze laughed, “The salary is very high, no need to give so much red packet.”

“Not much.” Huo Yuan said.

This was not worth mentioning compared to his legs.

Yu Ze understood what he meant and nodded his head, “Okay, do you want to sign the contract now?”

Half an hour later, Yu Ze and Huo Yuan signed a one-year work contract.

Huo Yuan instructed Madame Zhang, “Arrange a room for him and take him to dinner.”

Yu Ze’s room was next door to Chen Wei’s, a one-bedroom finely decorated room, much nicer than the one Yu Ze was living in now. He put away his duffel bag and followed Madame Zhang to the staff restaurant. There were four bodyguards eating in the restaurant, and Yu Ze listened to Madame Zhang’s instructions and didn’t greet random people.

After eating, Yu Ze went to see Dr. Li, who couldn’t help but ask, “Is everything you said to Mr. Huo true?”

Yu Ze nodded, asked Dr. Li about Huo Yuan’s health in detail, and slightly modified the original treatment plan according to the situation.

Dr. Li asked curiously, “Tell us what you think.”

“I’ll type it down so we can discuss it later.” Yu Ze took out his notebook and typed down the treatment plan he had in mind under a blank document, including acupuncture, tui-na and recipes.

After he finished typing, he checked to make sure he was right and began to talk about his thoughts; why these points, why this order, very clearly on the efficacy of the recipes, including how to condition Huo Yuan’s body, what effect will be achieved, and why he changed the recipes at different stages, all justified.

After he finished, he was a little nervous, “Dr. Li, do you think it’s feasible?”

Dr. Li pushed down his glasses, grabbed his computer and stared at the screen, his eyes getting wilder and wilder, “You are simply a genius, you have created two needle methods, this is a boon for paralyzed patients!”

Yu Ze was very vain, the needle method was not created by him, it was the golden finger given to him by the system.

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