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Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: Sulo


Yu Ze, seeing the doctor’s good nature, thought about it and asked, “If the paralysis is caused by nerve damage, what do you think about applying needles like this?” He told him what he thought.

The more the doctor listened, the more he was amazed, “Very good! Young man, you don’t just know a little bit.”

Yu Ze said honestly, “I have no clinical experience, only theory.”

“You can tell I’m treating rheumatism, you know all these points, right?” The doctor pointed to where the acupuncture needles were stuck.

Yu Ze named the acupuncture points for each needle in order from top to bottom, and the doctor said, “All right.

“I’m not a TCM major, but I’ve studied,” Yu Ze said, “I want to cure my friend.”

Seeing his serious face, the doctor was slightly moved, “If it’s convenient, bring your friend here to have a look.”

Yu Ze thought of Huo Yuan and said helplessly, “He won’t want to,” he bowed toward the doctor, “I’m sorry, I’d like to ask you a favor and I’ll pay the reward.” He paused, a little embarrassed, “I don’t have much money now, but I can make an IOU, and I’ll be sure to pay it as soon as possible.”

The doctor waved his hand, “Don’t be like that, I can come and see him, just add some money for the outside consultation.”

Yu Ze knew he had misunderstood, “I’m not asking you for an external consultation, I want you to test my acupuncture point recognition ability.”

The doctor froze, surprised, and asked, “How do you want me to test?”

Yu Ze said, “You can tell me the acupuncture points, I’ll put a needle into the dummy, and you can help me see if there are any mistakes.”

The doctor said, “That’s easy,” he turned his head and asked the youth to take the dummy and the disposable needle, and said to Yu Ze, “Just give me fifty, no need to write an IOU.”

Yu Ze was grateful, “Thank you.”

The doctor said, “You’re welcome, I’m not asking for less.”

The young man set the dummy aside and handed Yu Ze a box of acupuncture needles, which Yu Ze readied while the doctor pulled the needles on the patient and read the acupuncture points.

After the doctor finished reading one, Yu Ze took the needles and quickly stuck them into the corresponding points. The way he took the needles looked very professional and it was not obvious that it was his first time to take the needles.

The youth was surprised by his speed, “You know the acupuncture points so well.”

Yu Ze was also a little surprised, he was completely conditioned, and the medical knowledge in the brain was unconsciously completely integrated.

It didn’t take long for the dummy to be filled with needles, Yu Ze waited for the doctor to continue, the doctor paused and said with a smile, “Eh, I forgot what I said, wait a minute.”

Twenty minutes later, the doctor sent the patient out of the clinic, walked next to Yu Ze, looked at the needles on the dummy and said, “You’re very accurate,” he exclaimed, “young people are really good nowadays, continue.”

The doctor continued to read the acupuncture points and Yu Ze continued to insert the needles. The doctor watched him operate and could not help but marvel, “Fast and steady, how long have you been studying? I’ve been learning for over 40 years, but I’m not as responsive as you, I’m getting old.”

Yu Ze didn’t dare to say that he had only learned it for two days, “Grandma was a doctor, so I learned it from childhood.”

“So it’s a family tradition, but even if it’s a family tradition, at your age, you’re still very good.” The doctor was pleased to see the talent and casually asked, “If your feet are cold, what acupuncture points should I put?”

Yu Ze immediately answered, “The Lin Weeping point, the bleeding treatment, but this point is on the Gallbladder meridian and at the end point, the Gallbladder meridian has more qi and less blood, which is not good, the Bladder meridian has less qi and more blood, I think it is better to pierce the point above it.”

The doctor asked several more questions, from the superficial to the deep, and Yu Ze answered them one by one. The doctor nodded his head, “Good, good, very solid learning, you can be clinical.”

Yu Ze was relieved and became more and more confident in himself, and sincerely thanked him, “Thank you so much.”

Doctor said, “You’re welcome, I’m paid to do my job,” he patted Yu Ze’s shoulder, “your friend will definitely recover, you can come to me if you have any questions in the future. I’m not a master, but I know a few masters, I can help you ask.”

Yu Ze hurriedly thanked him again. There was another patient to see, so Yu Ze did not bother again and left the clinic to go home.

When he entered the neighborhood, a car came out from inside the neighborhood. He casually looked at it, looked at the license plate, moved to the edge of the road, lowered his head, and the car quickly passed him and left.

Yu Ze looked back again to make sure he was not mistaken and frowned lightly. The car in the original memory of a very deep impression, the owner is the original father Bai Guanghua.

Six months ago, the original’s mother was diagnosed with cancer. The original had panicked, and had no choice but to go to Bai Guanghua. The result was Bai Xiaowen’s mother kicked him out, and he had no choice but to take advantage of Bai Guanghua who was going out to dinner. Bai Guanghua wanted nothing to do with him, pushed the original away to get into the car and leave. The original chased the car, but could only watch the car away, full of despair.

Yu Ze was secretly thankful that he was fortunately out of the door, he did not want to see Bai Guanghua at all, and did not want to waste time on Bai Guanghua. He went home and took a shower. He placed a lot of literature and cases about acupuncture and massage. He stared at the computer and carefully looked at it. When he saw the condition, his brain automatically came up with a treatment plan. He compared what he thought with the actual plan, pondered the advantages and disadvantages, and understood more deeply.


In Huo Yuan’s Villa, Huo Yuan was sitting in a wheelchair, wearing a Bluetooth headset in his left ear, and asked in a soft voice, “How is he?”

Assistant Han Te reported, “Yu Ze left the villa and stayed home until tonight, ate a bowl of noodles, went to the pharmacy again, consulted about acupuncture needles but didn’t buy anything, and then went to a Chinese medicine clinic to ask the old doctor for acupuncture advice.”

Han Te paused to add, “Yu Ze is very familiar with acupuncture points, and his acupuncture seems to be very good.”

Huo Yuan’s heart stirred, Yu Ze really wanted to work for him as a caretaker? He raised his eyebrows slightly, “The information you gave me before didn’t mention that he could do medicine.”

Assistant Han Te replied, “He did not reveal his ability in this area before, and no one knows about it.”

Huo Yuan’s eyes drooped slightly, his mind recalled the way Yu Ze said he would take care of him. He traced his finger on the armrest, making a soft sound that seemed harsh in the quiet, “How is Bai Xiaowen?”

Assistant Han Te said, “She’s living away from the squatting reporter, and has not gone out. Her dad went to Yu Ze’s neighborhood at night, but Yu Ze went out, so the two did not meet.”

Huo Yuan sneered, “What do you think is going on in this matter?”

Han Te thought of Huo Chi, one of the people involved, and did not dare to answer. He said, “If you don’t have a weak heart, how can you let her father go to Yu Ze?” There are problems with Bai Xiaowen, and Huo Chi was not clean either.

“As long as he doesn’t touch Huo at all,” Huo Yuan instructed in a low voice, “keep an eye on Chi.”

Assistant Han Te said, “Yes.”

Hanging up the communication, Huo Yuan’s eyebrows tightened, took off the headset and casually threw it to the sofa. He turned his wheelchair and moved to the side of the bed, and with both hands, slowly moved himself to the bed.

With just such a movement, his forehead seeped a layer of sweat, arm muscles were tense, and his hands trembled. Once next to the bed, he fell on the bed, rolled over and lay on his back. His eyes looked at the ceiling, raggedly gasping for breath.

What a waste.

He thought coldly, his expression cold and frightening, and the next moment, his eyes suddenly fierce. His hands moved to support his upper body, slowly moving to the head of the bed, the pain making his face contorted, with fierce eyes, looking somewhat hideous. He pulled up his trouser legs, staring at the legs as if they were garbage, he looked at them for a while, and then suddenly snorted coldly.

Think he’s easy to bully because he’s a waste?

He pulled a pillow to lean behind him and gently closed his eyes. His mind flew through Huo Chi’s appearance from childhood to adulthood, his fingers clenched in a fist at his side.

This was the only family he had.

Yu Ze read the information late into the night when the mechanical sound suddenly rang in his head, he was scared enough to jolt.

[Congratulations on mastering the knowledge of acupuncture and acupressure, activating the information: Top Gold Needle Technique, which can be read in the consciousness at any time].

Yu Ze exhaled, “Before the next reminder, can you give a little hint?”

The system did not answer his words.

Yu Ze then guessed that it was a reminder program set by the system, which was not controlled and automatically reminded when the standard was reached. There was an additional book in his sea of consciousness, still with a golden dragon icon in the upper left corner, a silver cover, and the five words of Top Gold Needle Technique written in ancient style with a brush.

The first page was still the table of contents, Yu Ze read it and was full of surprise. This was a book of acupuncture and moxibustion, all for different people, different disease optimal treatment plans. There were many complete needle methods, in addition to cure, there was a health chapter and beauty chapter.

Yu Ze’s mind was completely absorbed by the book, and he studied all the acupuncture methods that Huo Yuan might use carefully before going to bed at dawn.

At 4:00 PM., Yu Ze stood at the entrance of Huo Yuan’s villa with a duffel bag on his back, waiting for the security guard to inform him.

Not long after, Madame Zhang came out with a nervous expression and said, “Mr. Huo is not in a good mood today, you can come back tomorrow.”

Yu Ze asked, “Did something happen?”

Madame Zhang shook her head, “Don’t ask more questions, you go.” She turned around and left.

Yu Ze grabbed the bars and shouted, “Wait, Madame Zhang, you tell Mr. Huo, tell him I came to apply for the job, he promised me last time, he won’t break his promise.”

Madame Zhang turned her head in surprise, “Apply for a job?”

“Yes.” Yu Ze nodded his head.

Madame Zhang’s face was torn, “I really don’t dare to bother Mr. Huo in this situation, why don’t you wait a little longer? Wait for me to call you, and then I will inform you?”

Yu Ze looked at the second floor of the villa in disbelief. Madame Zhang looked very scared, Huo Yuan was so scary? He agreed to Madame Zhang’s proposal, “Then I’ll wait here and tell Mr. Huo that I’m here when you think it’s appropriate.”

Madame Zhang said, “Thank you for your hard work. I’m really sorry, I can’t let the security guard let you in without Mr. Huo’s permission.”

Yu Ze expressed his understanding, “It’s okay,” he pointed to the next courtyard wall, “the sun doesn’t shine here, I’ll just sit here, I’m not tired.”

Madame Zhang went back to the villa, and Yu Ze leaned against the wall, squatting in the shadows, looking over the Golden Needle Technique in his head.

At 5:30 PM, Huo Yuan pressed the bell button leading to the kitchen and ordered in a low tone, “Send food over.”

Madame Zhang replied, “Right away.”

A short time later, Madame Zhang came upstairs with a tray. Huo Yuan was wearing black pants and a black shirt, sitting in a wheelchair with his back to the balcony. Madame Zhang put the food on the mobile table and pushed the table to Huo Yuan’s side again. She surveyed Huo Yuan’s complexion and was slightly relieved to see that he looked calm.

Huo Yuan picked up his chopsticks and looked at Madame Zhang, “What is it?”

Madame Zhang replied softly, “Yu Ze wants to see you, he said he came to apply for a job.”

Huo Yuan’s chopsticks moved, “When did he come?”

“Four o’clock.” Madame Zhang replied.

“Where is he?”

Madame Zhang said, “He’s waiting outside the gate.”

Huo Yuan lowered his eyes, his hand tightened around his chopsticks, and the image of Yu Ze’s serious face saying that he would take care of him came back to his mind. His only relative wanted to harm him, but a stranger said he wanted to take care of him, he felt somehow ridiculous. At the same time, he was also very confused and curious, what was Yu Ze’s purpose?

He ordered, “Tell him to wait in the living room,” he said, pausing briefly and added, “Call Chen Wei to the living room as well.”


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Polishing his skills to help Huo Yuan. I kind of feel that this time, the system is being very generous. No help in previous worlds, and now this book and that book and a talent…

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Rachel Kim
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