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Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: Sulo


Yu Ze went downstairs to the infirmary to find Dr. Li, worried, “Mr. Huo is eating too little, I suspect he has a weak spleen and stomach causing anorexia, should we do a full body checkup?”

Dr. Li said, “No, he went to the hospital just the day before, Mr. Huo hates to have a checkup.”

Yu Ze was still puzzled, “No, from the case, although the stomach is a little problem, it should not affect the diet ah,” he thought for a moment, asked, “Mr. Huo always eats so little?”

Dr. Li patted him on the shoulder and sighed, “Don’t worry about the amount of food he eats, later… Maybe you’ll know later.”

Yu Ze was confused, and Dr. Li said, “You are responsible for acupuncture and massage, just don’t make any mistakes.”

Yu Ze hurriedly said, “I won’t make any mistakes.”

At ten o’clock, Yu Ze arrived at Huo Yuan’s bedroom on time.

Huo Yuan was wearing a black shirt and his pants had been changed to black shorts, with his thighs halfway down exposed.

Yu Ze smiled at him when he saw how cooperative he was.

Huo Yuan pointed to the silver metal box on the sofa, “Look at that first.”

Yu Ze walked over to the sofa, leaned down and opened the lid, his eyes brightened up a bit. There were three layers in the box, step by step, each layer was padded with dark red coral velvet at the bottom, on top of which were neatly placed various thicknesses and lengths of acupuncture needles, the needles were silvery white and shiny.

“Wow!” Yu Ze exclaimed, “It looks so advanced.”

Huo Yuan said, “You check the quality, see if it works, if it’s missing.”

Yu Ze took out the needle, tried it in his hand, felt the hardness and softness, “It’s perfect, just one more set of sterilization tools.”

Huo Yuan said, “There are new ones after use.”

Yu Ze, “…” The stainless steel needle was completely reusable, but Huo Yuan was not short of money, and it was troublesome to sterilize it completely, so he nodded to show his understanding. He closed the box lid and squatted down by Huo Yuan’s leg, tilting his head to look at Huo Yuan, “I’m pushing you now, tell me in time if you feel anything, I need your feedback, real feedback.”

Huo Yuan nodded, “Okay.”

Yu Ze rubbed his hands together, and after his palms were slightly warm, he began to massage, and the skin under his palms was a little loose, skin that should not belong to Huo Yuan at all.

Before the accident, Huo Yuan loved working out, and from the occasional private photos released by the media, he could see that he was in excellent shape. His calves were full of strength, his muscles were firm and his skin was firm, which was completely different from now.

Such flabbiness was undoubtedly a constant reminder of Huo Yuan’s misfortune, which would undoubtedly bring Huo Yuan great pain.

Thinking of this, Yu Ze nudged more seriously, carefully pressing and kneading various acupuncture points.

As the message continued, Yu Ze’s back became covered in a layer of sweat. He wiped the sweat on his sleeve, stood up, but before he could speak, Huo Yuan violently moved the wheelchair back, the movement was too big, and he hit the sofa.

Yu Ze was stunned and subconsciously wanted to go over to help, but was stopped by Huo Yuan, “Stop, you go out.”

Yu Ze was startled and stood still. Huo Yuan turned his wheelchair, facing him sideways, and said quickly in a cold voice, “Get out.”

Yu Ze asked in a low voice, “I’m sorry, did I make you uncomfortable? When was it uncomfortable? I’ll change…”

“Get out,” Huo Yuan’s chest rose and fell violently, as if trying to restrain something, “Get out now, or you won’t have to come in the future.”

Yu Ze was at a loss and uncomfortable, pursed his lips, “Sorry.” Turned around and went out.

He was not sure what happened, but he thought that since only he and Huo Yuan were present, Huo Yuan had always been in a normal mood, and the sudden attack could only be due to him.

As he went downstairs, he thought back to where he had finally pressed, had he pressed the wrong point and made Huo Yuan very uncomfortable? Or which move had touched Huo Yuan’s scales?

Halfway up the stairs, Chen Wei came up from downstairs and he froze, “You’re upstairs… Mr. Huo is looking for you?”

Chen Wei answered, “Mn” and quickly went upstairs.

Yu Ze stood on the steps and looked back upstairs, his heart felt like it was stuffed with something, and he was suddenly a little sad. Huo Yuan let him leave but called Chen Wei, did he not trust him?

He returned to the infirmary looking sickly, and as soon as Dr. Li saw his appearance, he guessed what had happened and said soothingly, “Don’t take it to heart, Mr. Huo is having a hard time too.”

Yu Ze immediately looked at him, “What’s going on? Do you know why Mr. Huo is suddenly angry?”

Dr. Li looked odd, “You don’t know?”

Yu Ze nodded in dismay, “I don’t know, I thought I accidentally pressed the wrong acupuncture point and hurt him, but I thought back and it shouldn’t be right?” He said in a daze, “Did he think I was too rude to wipe the sweat on my clothes? But I didn’t wash my hands at the time, and my sweat itched.”

Dr. Li, wanting to say something, patted him on the shoulder, “It has nothing to do with you, don’t think too much.”

“You know why, right?” Yu Ze’s dark eyes looked at Dr. Li.

Dr. Li didn’t deny it, but said, “Mr. Huo doesn’t want to talk about it.” He changed the subject, “I’ll schedule a new duty schedule later, and send it to your email address when it’s ready.”

Yu Ze nodded in response, and did not continue to ask about Huo, but only silently speculated.

In general, Huo Yuan was seriously injured, both physically and psychologically, and he suspected that he had offended Huo Yuan’s heart.

This made him more alert. From the information of the task object, Huo Yuan died by suicide, but he previously felt that Huo Yuan did not look like someone who would commit suicide, speculating that Huo Chi and Bai Xiaowen had done something.

But if Huo Yuan had a heart condition, it’s possible that he didn’t think about it for a while.

In this case, just staying in a villa is not enough to ensure Huo Yuan’s safety, he had to take care of him closely. Thinking of this, he silently sighed, even if Huo Yuan wanted someone to take care of him, he was afraid he would choose Chen Wei, not him.

He could only find a way to make Huo Yuan trust him more.

He thought for a moment, opened his computer, looked for a series of psychology courses, thought of Huo Yuan’s unusual food eating habit, and then looked for Chinese medicine courses.

If he could learn to see, smell and feel, even if Huo Yuan did not go to the hospital, he could diagnose where Huo Yuan’s body was unhealthy, and he would not have to ask Huo Yuan.

With this in mind, he studied extra seriously until Chen Wei called him for dinner, and only then did he take his eyes off the computer. He looked at Chen Wei, a little confused, “When did you come back? How is Mr. Huo doing?”

Chen Wei said, “I came back long ago,” he paused, “Mr. Huo is fine, just not in a good mood.”

Yu Ze put his heart down slightly, but was still puzzled, wondering why Huo Yuan was suddenly unhappy. He set the computer to sleep, got up to eat Chinese food with Chen Wei, and saw Dr. Li sitting in his seat drinking tea without moving, so he asked, “Aren’t you coming with us?”

Dr. Li laughed, “What are you looking at so fascinated, I’ve eaten before coming back to replace you.”

Yu Ze ‘ah’ed, he was embarrassed and smiled. He found that he was much more focused on studying medicine than anything else, and could even say that he was obsessed and got into it particularly easily. He thought about it and guessed it had something to do with talent, which was understandable, if it was more exaggerated to just learn it all casually and remember it all.

He and Chen Wei finished their Chinese food and came out of the restaurant, Chen Wei said, “You go to your room and take a nap, I’ll cover for Dr. Li, I’ll be on duty at noon today.”

Yu Ze just remembered what Dr. Li said, “Is the duty schedule already scheduled?”

Chen Wei said, “Mn, Dr. Li sent it to your email, you can mention it if you have comments.”

Yu Ze nodded, “I’ll take a look later.”

Chen Wei went to the infirmary, Yu Ze went back to his room and poured a glass of water to drink, took out his phone to look at the duty schedule, every day from 12:00PM to 2:00PM noon and 6:00PM to 11:00PM, were duty hours.

Three people, one for each day shift and one for the evening shift, and then a day off, Yu Ze was on the evening shift tonight.

There was also a note at the bottom of the duty list that during the duty period, Mr. Huo required someone to be on call and stay in the infirmary for the rest of the day. Yu Ze remembered his duty time clearly, so he turned off his phone, drank half a glass of water, thought about it, walked out of the room and went to the kitchen to find Madame Zhang.

He asked, “How much did Mr. Huo eat for lunch?”

Madame Zhang sighed, “He ate even less than he did this morning, and he only drank one sip of juice.”

Yu Ze frowned and suggested, “Why don’t we make some snacks for him to eat this afternoon?”

Ms. Zhang shook her head, “That won’t work, Mr. Huo doesn’t eat snacks. And he’ll be angry if he doesn’t order us to go upstairs.”

Yu Ze remembered the scene when he approached Huo Yuan in the morning. Huo Yuan was really unhappy and let him go without saying a few words in a tough manner. He couldn’t help but suspect that Huo Yuan was autistic.

He was torn for a while, and although he was tempted to take it upon himself to bring food to Huo Yuan, he finally did nothing, fearing that Huo Yuan would kick him out in a fit of rage.

After the evening meal, Yu Ze went to ask Madame Zhang how much Huo Yuan had eaten, and learned that it was still very little.

At seven o’clock, he knocked on the door of Huo Yuan’s room, and with Huo Yuan’s permission, he pushed it open.

Huo Yuan was sitting on the bed, wearing a black shirt and shorts of the same color, his eyes stopped for a moment on Yu Ze’s face and pointed to the acupuncture box on the bedside table, “Let’s start.”

Yu Ze was a little nervous by his serious attitude, and took a secret breath as he turned to close the door, then turned again with some composure and walked to the bedside.

“You have to lie flat,” Yu Ze asked in a low voice as he opened the acupuncture box and took out the needles to be used and laid them flat, “Do you want me to help you?”

“No.” Huo Yuan didn’t look at him, propped his arms on his side, slowly moved forward, and laid down flat.

Yu Ze turned on his side facing the bed and looked towards Huo Yuan’s shorts, then hurriedly moved away and landed on Huo Yuan’s thin, pale face, blushing slightly, “The shorts have to be taken off.”

Huo Yuan abruptly raised his eyes and met Yu Ze’s line of sight, immediately seeing Yu Ze’s embarrassment and shyness.

All of a sudden, he felt that it was okay not to wear shorts, after all, someone was more uncomfortable than him, “You help me.”

He could do it himself, but a pass down the line would take a lot of his energy and waste time. He didn’t want to lengthen the time Yu Ze stayed in the room.

Yu Ze made a low ‘Mn’ sound and lowered his head to reach around his waist, and he pushed hard on his elbows and waist, matching the lift.

Yu Ze’s sight swept upward, Huo Yuan frowned, breathing also obviously aggravated a lot, obviously, this action caused some strain.

Yu Ze quickly pulled down Huo Yuan’s pants, his fingers accidentally touched Huo Yuan’s crotch, and he quickly apologized in a small voice, “I’m sorry.”

Huo Yuan didn’t say anything, Yu Ze continued to pull them down with a flourish, and he moved to the end of the bed with them. After they were completely off, he shook the shorts flat and folded them up and put them in the right corner at the end of the bed.

He returned to the bed to get the acupuncture needles, walking around and unintentionally swept his gaze below Huo Yuan’s abdomen, and he flushed more red. The black pants did not cover much at all, and even made the original bulge look even bigger.

He lightly bit the tip of his tongue, the slight pain made his spirit flinch, and his embarrassment dissipated a lot. He walked to the position directly opposite Huo Yuan’s calf, bent down and steadily put the first needle.

“Tell me in time if you don’t feel well,” he said.

“You think it will be uncomfortable now?” Huo Yuan’s tone was low, slightly mocking.

Yu Ze muttered in a small voice, “Then why were you suddenly angry this morning.”

The bed shifted lightly, Yu Ze was startled and looked over sideways. Huo Yuan’s thin lips were pursed, his right hand made a fist, and the bed sheet beside his hand sank slightly.

Yu Ze was preparing to tie the second needle and bending over, but now he was shocked and stood up straight, with some helplessness in his eyes.

Huo Yuan closed his eyes, his tone was dark, “Sorry, you continue.”


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Rachel Kim
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His paralysis is not the entire area below his waist then.
I wonder, what made him mad though and why he eats and drinks so poorly.
Thanks for translating and editing.

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Curious to know about what is going on with Huo Yuan. thanks for the chapter

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