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Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: Sulo


When Yu Ze went to get dinner, the meat had already been looted. Thinking about yesterday’s unpalatable dinner, he deliberately chose another kind of green vegetables. To him, it didn’t taste any different, it was just as bad as yesterday. He looked at the seats next to him. Most of the students only had meat in their bowls, and the small number of students who ate vegetarian, all ate very well.

The Awakened Department was the most special department due to its student status, and also the department with the best conditions. Theoretically, the cafeteria chef’s work was not bad.

Yu Ze took a bite of the dish, tried to ignore the strange taste, and swallowed it with a natural expression. He suspected that his taste buds had changed. After eating his fill, he couldn’t wait to go back to his dormitory to drink water. Thinking that he still had most of the bottle of nutrient solution from last night, he was even more eager.

When he reached the door of his dorm room, he stopped in his tracks. The morning bathroom scene came to his mind and he blushed uncontrollably.

Was Long Yuan back yet? How embarrassing it would be if he met him!

“Are you looking for A’Yuan?” Bai Yan and Xuan Miao came down from the second floor side by side, and when they saw Yu Ze, Bai Yan asked curiously.

He was afraid to see him! Yu Ze hastily denied, “No, I just came back.”

He scanned his fingerprint and the door slid open.

Bai Yan’s interest increased, “You and A’Yuan share a dorm room?”

Yu Ze, “Mn,” he was uncomfortable from Bai Yan’s gaze and subconsciously added, “the director assigned the dorm room yesterday.”

Bai Yan laughed, “What a coincidence.” He pointed at the door, “You go in first.”

Yu Ze went in, and Bai Yan and Xuan Miao followed and also entered the dormitory. Bai Yan raised his voice and asked, “A’Yuan, where are you?”

Boom……” came the sound of a stool hitting the ground from Long Yuan’s room.

Bai Yan and Xuan Miao’s expressions changed and they moved very fast to the door of Long Yuan’s room. Bai Yan tapped on the door, “A’Yuan, are you okay?”

“Yes.” Long Yuan replied quickly, looking glumly at the rhinestones that had fallen to the ground. He bent down to pick up the stool he had knocked over when he jumped.

Bai Yan breathed a sigh of relief, “You didn’t fall asleep directly on the stool, did you?” He spoke with a smile, “Just got scared and fell to the floor?”

Long Yuan stared at the door panel, “How is that possible?”

Bai Yan said, “You come out, and come play ball.”

Long Yuan replied, “I’m not playing, you guys go. I’ll go back to sleep.” He swept his eyes around the room. All of the walls were covered with rhinestones, and the sunlight shone through the glass, shining brightly.

He could never let Bai Yan see this!

Bai Yan was surprised, “Still sleeping? Are you really okay?”

Long Yuan’s tone was sure, “No, I’m too lazy to change my clothes, you guys go play.”

Bai Yan heard that he was not full of energy and smiled, “Okay, contact us if you need anything.”

Yu Ze watched Bai Yan and Xuan Miao leave, then walked quickly to his room. Just as he opened his door, the opposite door also opened.

“Are you busy?” Long Yuan asked, standing in the doorway.

Yu Ze took a deep breath, tried to make his expression natural, and turned around, “No, what’s wrong?”

The bright light from Long Yuan’s room shone into his eyes, he instinctively squinted, his mood soared, and he felt the urge to sing.

It’s so beautiful!

Long Yuan said, “Some of them fell under the bed, can you pick them up for me?”

His expression was natural, as if he had forgotten the morning’s events.

When Yu Ze saw this, his embarrassment and nervousness dissipated and he nodded, “Okay.”

Long Yuan moved out of the way of the doorway and reminded again, “Don’t say anything.”

Yu Ze hummed. He walked to the bed and immediately understood why Long Yuan wanted his help. The bottom of the bed was not high and Long Yuan was too tall. He observed, got down on the edge of the bed, and reached out to pick the rhinestones up carefully.

Long Yuan squatted next to him with a glass jar. When his hand came out from the bottom of the bed, Long Yuan immediately handed over the jar.

The two of them were so close that several times when the rhinestone was put in, Yu Ze touched Long Yuan’s legs and hands.

Yu Ze held his breath and picked them up silently. Long Yuan took advantage of his inattention and stepped back a little. When all the rhinestones were collected, twenty minutes had already passed.

“It’s done.” Yu Ze tilted his head and said after sweeping his eyes once more under the bed.

Long Yuan got up with the glass jar and extended his right hand to pull him up, “Thank you.”

“You’re welcome,” he said, patting his clothes. Seeing the rest of the rhinestones scattered about, he asked, “Do you want to pick these up?”

“I’ll do it,” Long Yuan’s eyes rested on his face for a moment, “You’re quite fit.”

It was not a difficult task, but it was hard to keep getting down and holding up.

Yu Ze’s breathing was not even messed up right now.

Yu Ze froze, realizing that something was wrong. Besides his taste, his physical ability seemed to have quietly changed. He clenched his fist with a bewildered look, “It wasn’t like this before, and my strength seems to have gotten better.”

For a Mushroom Awakened person, the biggest advantage was their strength.

Long Yuan did not grasp his meaning, “Most Awakened people’s strength will become better, you may have entered the Awakened stage. If anything is wrong, tell the teacher in time.” He put the glass jar on the table, “You can also call me if you have any problems.”

Yu Ze was a little surprised, but thinking of Long Yuan’s character of repaying kindness, he answered, “Okay.” He was about to go back to his room when he heard Long Yuan ask, “Do you think it looks good?”

When Yu Ze turned around and saw Long Yuan pointing at the wall, he answered honestly, “It looks good.”

If he could, he would like to decorate his room like this.

Long Yuan’s right eyebrow raised, “You really think so?”

Yu Ze nodded his head. To avoid Long Yuan questioning his words again, he looked directly at Long Yuan, “Really.”

Long Yuan smiled. He had good features, smiling with a kind of gangly handsome young man air, vivid and attention-grabbing. “Since you like it, as a token of appreciation, I’ll give you some.” He said, picking up the glass jar and glue, and went out to Yu Ze’s room.

Yu Ze said, “Don’t bother.”

“It’s no trouble, I’m very good at it. It’ll be done in no time.”

As Long Yuan said, he was a skilled worker, and in a short time, the wall opposite the bed had almost two square meters of rhinestones glued to it.

Yu Ze couldn’t stop it, and couldn’t help, so he stood by and watched, vaguely happy. He liked these bright things. Then he realized that Long Yuan had a plan to glue rhinestones, one by one, star by star. He liked it even more, and even wanted to rub his face against the wall.

Long Yuan glued half of the wall, exactly where he could see it when he woke up.

When he was done, he clapped his hands and smiled at Yu Ze, jar in hand and very proud of himself, “The glue is special, normal water can’t wash it off.

“Don’t worry, if you keep my secret, I won’t tell anyone that the walls of your room are full of rhinestones.”

After saying that, one hand in his pocket, turned around and went out.

Yu Ze, “……”

Good … game.

The corner of his mouth curled up. He closed the door, walked to the window, tried the window material, to determine the single-sided view mirror. Once satisfied, he closed the window. Unfortunately, the sun did not shine on the wall. He thought about it, turned the mirror Xie Wan prepared for him, and used it to refract the light to the wall.

The walls and floor glowed with fluorescent light and looked great.

Yu Ze sat happily in the luminescent glow, his throat moving but he restrained himself from singing. He was sure that he had entered the Awakened stage. He had never been in such a fond mood before when he saw his mother’s and sister’s jewelry.

Together with all the rest of the changes, it was definitely the Awakened stage that had arrived. It was quite a bit earlier than the original, which increased the difficulty of his task. He secretly thought that he would have to stay in his dorm room more often to avoid revealing himself.

The afternoon class was a practical class. It was said to be practical but in Yu Ze’s opinion, it was a physical education class. In the teacher’s words, it was a time to feel the changes in their body during exercise.

It was up to them to decide what kind of exercise they wanted to do, and must follow their heart. Yu Ze sat silently under a tree, not far away from the field that was full of people. Except for the Logistics Department, the rest of the department’s afternoon class was on the field.

Only the content was a little different. The Freshman Department played by themselves and got a feel for it themselves. The Junior Department was similar to the Freshman Department, only the purpose was different, since they were trying to find out which beast ancestor ability they had awakened. The Intermediate Department did a different training according to their Ancestor’s ability, running long distances if they were fast, lifting weights if they were strong and so on. In the Higher Department, they kept on augmenting the parts that could be augmented, while trying to augment the rest of the parts. In addition, the Higher Department had two more classes than the other divisions to practice in actual combat.

Yu Ze noticed that, except for him, only one group of five students did not move. From time to time, some eyes fell on him, but he ignored them all, and his eyes wandered over the students in the higher division.

Changing wings, changing ears, changing tails, changing animal claws…

It was like watching a movie.

He soon found that the people of the Higher Department were far away from Long Yuan’s trio. There was a student closer to him whose beast ears popped out, straight upright, and he looked very alert. He recalled the characteristics of the Awakened, and it dawned on him that the Awakened’s bestial pressure was much stronger than that of the human form.

As he was watching, a small black shadow flew towards him in the afterglow. He subconsciously reached out to catch it, and the palm of his hand was rubbed painfully. He flipped his palm open and saw that it was a tennis ball.

“Wow, he actually caught it.”

“That’s a fast reaction!”

“Give me back the ball.” Lang Hao ran to him and reached out. Hearing the chatter around him, he looked resigned.

Yu Ze looked at him and lifted his chin slightly, trying desperately to restrain himself from letting out a cold snort. There was an emotion that was not him, but was real and rising up, and it was offended by this scum.

What the hell, how dare you give me orders?!

Yu Ze froze, sweating furiously inside. This was not him, he was not that crazy. He gripped the ball tightly, the pain in his palm cleared his thoughts, and he was about to speak.

Crack…” The ball in his hand cracked.

Lang Hao looked at him angrily, “What do you mean? Provoking me? want to fight?”

Yu Ze looked at the ball in his hand in shock, he only used a little bit of force.

A little bit!

He dropped his hand and shook his head slowly, “I was just careless.”

Lang Hao, “What careless? I think you did it deliberately. Compensate me for the ball!”

Yu Ze thought for a moment and thought this was a good opportunity to perform in front of God’s assistant. He reached out and handed the ball in his hand to Lang Hao, “I’ll pay you.”

Lang Hao raised his voice grumpily, “Who wants this broken ball? Pay for a new one.”

Yu Ze kept up his motion of handing the ball over, “It’s yours.”

“You broke it, I want you to pay for a new one!” Lang Hao was furious.

Yu Ze’s movement remained the same, “I’ll pay you.”

Lang Hao waved his hand away and the ball fell to the ground, “Are you fucking stupid? Don’t you understand?”

Yu Ze withdrew his hand, “I gave it back to you, you don’t want it.”

Lang Hao, “I think you have a brain problem, mushrooms go to the Logistics Department. Don’t be angry here.”

“Damn, I will report to the teacher now. With how you are, how can you be Awakened person!”

Yu Ze’s heart was happy as he stared at Lang Hao.

Lang Hao raised his hand and was about to broadcast the news through the communication when his hand was grabbed, “I say, isn’t it normal if he gets angry and breaks the ball after you hit him with it on purpose?”

“Young Master Yuan!”

“So handsome.”

Lang Hao blushed, “Yuan…Young Master Yuan.”

Long Yuan ignored him and looked at Yu Ze, “Is everything okay?”

How could it be okay?!

Yu Ze’s heart fell to pieces as his opportunity took off. He could only shake his head in disbelief, “Yes.”


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