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Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: SpringBreeze


“But that’s normal, so it doesn’t matter.” Xie Quan didn’t think there was anything wrong with what he said at all, and after he finished, he politely said goodbye to Ji Cheying, “Thank you, Mr. Ji, for helping me just now, I’ll go back first then.”

Then, he tried to carry his things cheerfully and get ready to go back to his apartment. Nothing would make him happier than to be left at home. However, just as he took a step, he was grabbed by the wrist, and he looked at Ji Cheying suspiciously, only to see Ji Cheying’s dark eyes looking at him darkly.

To be precise, it was looking right at his hand.

“Is there anything else?”

Ji Cheying looked at the shocking blood on the youth’s fair elbow, a piece of skin tissue there at the joint turned up directly, exposing the bloody flesh, and a particularly conspicuous blood mark appeared on the tender flesh above the joint.

Xie Yi’s kick was not light. Xie Quan also had a solid fall to the ground. The ground’s small sand stones mercilessly cut his arm. Although not a serious injury, and in the army it would not even be considered an injury, perhaps based on Xie Quan’s cold white complexion, the blood streak to Ji Cheying seemed particularly harsh.

Not standing in his character’s shoes, Ji Cheying stared at the wound with the same eyes as if he were watching the enemy on the battlefield and suggested, “Let me help you with that.”

No, it wasn’t a suggestion, because his voice sounded like he didn’t give Xie Quan any room to refuse.

Xie Quan, “… All right.”

This time, when he arrived at Ji Cheying’s apartment again, Xie Quan immediately frowned, the alpha pheromone was actually still there. However, a pheromone could not stay in the air for that long.

Did the alpha come again?

Ji Cheying saw Xie Quan standing still in the doorway, frowning and urging, “What are you doing standing still?”


It was also true that a beta’s perception of pheromones was relatively insensitive. If it wasn’t for the high concentration of pheromone, most betas wouldn’t notice pheromones at all.

Xie Quan walked into the apartment and sat down on the couch in the single room, then he stared at the single bed placed just a few steps away and fell into deep thought.

Alphas and omegas walked around with glandular patches to isolate their pheromones for safety, and in this case, it was impossible for pheromones to leak into the air. Even if the quality of the glandular patch was not good, or did not stick firmly, causing a slight leakage of pheromone, the density of pheromone in the air was not likely to remain more than half a day.

This level of pheromone residue could only mean that the alpha had taken off their glandular patch in this room.

And, more than once.

After all, he’d smelled it twice since he’d been here twice.

Under what circumstances would an alpha run into another person’s home to remove his own glandular patch? Or what situation would an alpha show his pheromone in front of another person?

It would only be when courting.

Xie Quan looked at the bed next to him with a faraway gaze.

Although, it wasn’t a rule that betas had to be the shou, in fact, basically a beta was the one below in an alpha relationship. However, the thought that Ji Ming would be the one below really surprised him.

It was true that people couldn’t judge each other by appearances.

When Ji Cheying came over with the medical kit, he saw Xie Quan staring strangely at his bed. At that moment, Xie Quan’s words “If you are looking for a bed partner, Mr. Ji is much more suitable than him”, especially the “hmm” with a slight upward ending, in his head like a magical sound, like the beam for three days.

Under the influence of this magical sound, he had the illusion that Xie Quan was looking not at his bed, but at his naked body.

Ji Cheying’s eyebrows jumped, he took a big step forward and stood in front of Xie Quan in three steps, trying to block the view of Xie Quan looking at his bed.

Xie Quan then found his vision suddenly crashed into a crotch.


It’s kinda bulging.

Xie Quan’s line of sight went from his pants and climbed all the way up from his crotch to Ji Cheying’s face, innocent and puzzled.

Ji Cheying met this look, he coughed lightly, “There is something I must say, I am not a casual person when it comes to feelings and relationships.” I won’t be a fuck buddy!

What? Feelings? Casual? Why did he suddenly start talking about that? Xie Quan was puzzled for a second, and thinking about what he had said to Xie Yi earlier, he found a clue from his memory.

He had said before that an alpha sleeping with a beta was just for fun, so Ji Ming was probably afraid he would think that he was having fun with his partner as well. Xie Quan nodded his head and affirmed, “Being with someone you like is certainly not casual, don’t misunderstand.”

This was probably the fastest response he had had recently.

Ji Cheying froze as he listened. What do you mean? Being with someone you like is not casual

It meant that… …Xie Quan didn’t want to be with him casually? Xie… …Xie Quan meant that he liked him?

His pupils tightened, Ji Cheying subconsciously took a step back, then looked at Xie Quan with a complicated and tangled expression.

It was not that he’d never been confessed to before, but this was the first time he’d been overwhelmed by such a confession.

The main thing was, Xie Quan was too difficult to handle.

He was like a crystal doll that was already full of cracks, fragile and pathetic. What if his rejection hurt Xie Quan? Xie Quan’s life had already given him too many scars. He had also suffered too much rejection, but indecisiveness only made it more painful.

After some thought, Ji Cheying made up his mind. He softened his tone and tried to decline politely, “You, ahem… I’m happy to hear you say that, but we’re not really a good match.”

Xie Quan looked intently at Ji Cheying, his eyes unblinking. After completing his reading comprehension in his head and framing the language, he said in a serious voice, “How can it be inappropriate? If you like it, it’s right.” 

Little did he know that one day he would be the one to talk to about his heart! He had grown up!

Ji Cheying didn’t expect Xie Quan, who usually looked so gentle and introverted, to be so direct and passionate when he expressed his love. Even those eyes shone brightly, like a dazzling jewel reflecting the sunlight. He even faintly saw a few hints of water in them.

Ji Cheying panicked, he was not going to cry, right?

Against the light, in the shadows, Ji Cheying’s handsome eyebrows were tinted with a bit of difficulty and distress.

“You… Forget it, let’s talk about it later. Let’s apply the medicine first.” He locked his eyebrows, squatted in front of Xie Quan, took out the medicine from the medical kit, and skillfully and steadily cleaned Xie Quan’s wounds.

This was not as difficult as going on a battlefield mission.


This person did not like to open the curtains, resulting in having to turn on the lights even during the daytime. Just now, he tilted his head to look at the man. With the light directly on his eyes, a little longer and he really wouldn’t be able to endure.

Xie Quan blinked hard.

Tears were about to fall down.

Ji Cheying looked at Xie Quan’s arm. Although slim, the lines were tight and smooth, and not like a man with no hands. However, how could he be bullied by a soft omega with no power to fight back?

In order to dispel the awkward silence brought about by the last topic, he deliberately changed the subject and slightly mockingly chided, “An omega can beat you, aren’t you a little too weak?”

In fact, under normal circumstances, Xie Yi could not hurt Xie Quan. While Xie Quan looked slender, he usually had to move heavy metal devices and materials, so did not have small strength.

It’s just that he happened to be picking up something at that moment, Xie Yi had the wisdom to take advantage of him, so he was kicked to the ground.

But Xie Quan also did not explain since it was too much trouble, so he just nodded, “I’m weak.”

Ji Cheying raised his eyebrows, then he said in a calm and leisurely tone, “Then follow me every day for exercise from now on.”

Xie Quan subconsciously nodded, after nodding, realizing that something was wrong, he questioned disapprovingly, “Why?”

“You’re too weak, you need to get stronger.”

“I don’t need to.”

“Why don’t you need to?”

“Why do I need to?”

“You…” Ji Cheying raised his eyes and looked at Xie Quan’s face with complete reluctance, and remembering that he seemed to always stay in his room, he asked, “Do you dislike going out that much?”

Xie Quan didn’t deny it, instead he looked at Ji Cheying inexplicably, “Do I need to go out?”

Ji Cheying nodded his head in a serious way, “Yes.” After treating the wound, he stood up, “It’s true that you don’t need to go out if you’re fine, but you’re not fine now.”



When Xie Quan’s body was stronger, physical skills would go up. Maybe he can find a suitable position in the military department. With a stable career, he wouldn’t have to be a fugitive, working odd jobs. In the military, he could also take care of him a little.

If Xie Quan was still so fond of him at that time, it was not impossible to try to date. It was not necessary for him to find an omega. And it would be easier to see each other in the military.

Ji Cheying thought this was a great idea.


The author has something to say.

Ji Cheying: No, he has to break Xie Quan’s infatuation with him.

Xie Quan: … I didn’t realize he was actually the one below.


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August 21, 2022 10:42 pm

So many misunderstandings lol interesting and funny chapter! Thank you for the translation and editing! ❤️❤️

August 22, 2022 2:36 am

Ha, ha; no, you judged the book correctly tge furst time, Xie Quan!
Wow Ji Cheying, is it your military background that makes you plan so far ahead? 😁
I love these sorts of misunderstanding, very amusing.
Thanks for translating and editing.

August 23, 2022 5:52 pm

haha the misunderstanding’s cute

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Thank You for the new chapter (๑°꒵°๑)・*♡

Blizzard passing by say hey~
Blizzard passing by say hey~
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I think… Their cross-communications talk has gone up another level.. 😂

December 30, 2022 2:43 pm

Ah yes a duck and a chicken both very much understand each other lol
JCY wanting to get XQ to exersize is the nicest thing aw

Thank you for the chapter!

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Xiao Rong
January 2, 2023 6:39 pm

Chatting across servers lol

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Ha ha hahow amusing their comprehension 😂😅😅.
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