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Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: Kiramekineko


Xie Quan felt that after coming to Noel City, he experienced many things at once that he had not experienced before. For example, the day before yesterday, he listened to someone’s heart. For example, today, someone came to invite him to go shopping with them.

Xie Quan really didn’t understand why Xie Yi, who was looking for a fight the day before, would come and ask him to go shopping. And he, originally, wanted to refuse. But Xie Yi suddenly said that the street he wanted to shop in was next to a museum.

And that museum was a mecha museum.

When it came to this, Xie Quan was in good spirits.

Xie Quan did not understand why Xie Yi would suddenly change his face to find himself shopping.

In the same way, Xie Yi also did not understand why Xie Quan, who had been reluctant to relent, suddenly shone brightly and actively went to change clothes to get ready to go out.

But, happily and congratulating, both sides were very happy.

In fact, Xie Yi’s idea was very simple, because of the argument that day, he found Xie Quan was not a threat to himself, and Xie Quan looked handsome and tall, as a male companion to take out shopping would also be quite dignified.

This world was so magical, one second a love rival, the next second an ambiguous partner.

When they got to the mall, Xie Yi gave Xie Quan his backpack and said, “Carry it for me.” Then he frowned and looked at Xie Quan’s shoulder bag with disgust. “Can’t you carry a slightly less rustic bag?”

When he went out, he stopped him from carrying this bag, but Xie Quan was very persistent in this matter.

Xie Quan thought about it and said, “I don’t have any other bags.” The bag that can fit his toolbox and not easily break on his back, there was really no bag.

The shoulder straps were designed to reduce the pressure on his shoulders, and the backpack’s fabric was resistant to radiation scanning and metal detection, as well as water, oil and bullets.

The world couldn’t find a second one.

Xie Yi would have liked to mock, but at this moment, the person passing by said a word that reached his ears along with the wind.

The person said to his friend, “His date is really good looking, is he a star? Should we go ask?”

Hearing this, Xie Yi’s vanity was greatly satisfied, so he did not mind Xie Quan’s backpack, he slightly raised his chin, arrogantly said, “I guess you don’t have another one either. How about this, I will give you one of my unused Orest brand bags.”

Xie Quan smiled and refused. “No, I don’t need it.”

Xie Yi waved his hand. “Don’t worry, I have a lot of bags, I don’t even use that bag, so I’ll give it to you.”

Xie Quan once again doubted his ability to communicate, and he nodded wearily. “…Okay, thanks.”

Xie Yi arrogantly hooked the corners of his mouth, and then led the way towards a luxury brand store, while walking, he also said, “This brand is called Teflon West, the styles inside are particularly popular in the empire, but well, I think it’s just average. The style is okay, the quality is not good, it’s not very comfortable to wear on the body, it’s okay to wear it occasionally.”

In addition to this one, Xie Yi was excited as he started talking about fashion styles, history, fabric and so on of each brand. As if he was the big brother of today’s fashion world, there was no brand that he did not know, no brand that he could not evaluate.

However, Xie Quan was not interested in any of this at all, he just wanted to go to the museum.

So when Xie Yi finally entered the sixth store and started talking to him about the advantages and disadvantages of second-tier brands and their development direction, Xie Quan looked at Xie Yi admiringly and said, “I’ll listen to it some other time, I have to go to the museum.” With that, he handed over all of Xie Yi’s things.

Xie Yi looked bewildered. “Museum? What museum?”

Xie Quan’s eyes were like stars and his smile was like a spring breeze. “Mecha Museum, it’s going to close soon.”

Xie Yi looked at Xie Quan’s face and suddenly blushed a little, for a moment he even forgot to resent Xie Quan for leaving him behind and just said, “Oh… Okay, then you go.”

Xie Quan suddenly said with some difficulty, “Ah, but I forgot to bring my ID. Xiao Yi, can I borrow it from you?”

The clear voice tenderly shouted “Xiao Yi”, Xie Yi gulped, he completely lost his resistance, and just nodded. “Yes, I, I’ll lend it to you.” Then, he turned his pass ID out of his bag and gave it to Xie Quan.

Xie Quan’s peach blossom eyes curved like the moon, light-colored pupils looked at Xie Yi sincerely. “Thank you, I’ll return it to you later.”

Xie Yi took a deep breath, he covered his chest, looking at the back of Xie Quan left, the heart inside the chest cavity like a deer crash.

Also, fortunately, Xie Quan was not an alpha, or he would fall.

No, how could we be a family? Xie Quan looked so demonic? How come he doesn’t look like Xie Quan at all?

And when Xie Quan left for a while, Xie Yi suddenly came back to his senses. “Shit! He just left me behind?” And he had to carry his own stuff!

The reason why Xie Quan would go out with Xie Yi, and even accompany him to shop, was for his ID.

In the Empire, ID registration was required to enter and exit any public facilities such as libraries, museums, etc., and there were also strict barriers for identity registration in and out of each city.

Although Xie Quan forged an ID card of his current identity, the night walk will always meet ghosts, if used too often, and his forged identity information was reported many times, some people may be able to see clues.

So Xie Quan tried to avoid registering his identity. However, he wanted to go to the mecha exhibition. Borrowing Xie Yi’s ID was the best option.

When Xie Yi was giving him a lesson, he thought about just grabbing his ID card from Xie Yi’s bag and running away, after all, he had done that before.

But thinking about the amount of trouble it would bring, he decided to ask Xie Yi to borrow his ID to let him go to the museum. He accompanied Xie Yi is also considered to have a back and forth. He was even prepared to wait until Xie Yi had finished shopping, but never thought that Xie Yi was too able to shop and would not shut up.

If he let the omega continue, the museum would close.

Grabbing Xie Yi’s ID, Xie Quan gingerly followed the terminal’s navigation cues toward the museum.

The mecha museum.

He had made a few mecha, but apart from his own, he hadn’t had much contact with mecha entities, most of which were just virtual experiences. After all, mecha, as first-class weapons of mass destruction against combat, mostly served at the border, fending off the interstellar beasts of the wasteland.

While officers of a certain rank in the military had their own personal mecha, civilians were usually unable to see mecha themselves.

So, a mecha museum!

Xie Quan looked at the map with a thousand meters to go, and his feet walked faster and faster.

He was almost there!

Xie Quan’s eyes glowed as he looked at the intersection, if he went out from this path, there was the museum!


As Xie Quan walked past the mouth of an alley, suddenly, there was a loud bang, and from the alley, a man almost grazed Xie Quan’s nose and fell to the ground.

Xie Quan braked in time to avoid stepping directly on the man’s body.

The tip of his foot was against the arm of the fallen man, and Xie Quan looked coldly down at the man on the ground, his brow furrowed in impatience and boredom. Then Xie Quan turned on his toes, ready to go around and leave.

However, at that moment, the man’s hand weakly and tremblingly grabbed Xie Quan’s foot. “Help, help me… Suppress, suppress, prepare…”

Xie Quan’s movements stopped, but not because of the man’s request for help. His gaze locked on the silver beetle stuck between the man’s hair. The beetle suddenly opened its wings and buzzed and flew up.

Xie Quan’s eyes watched the beetle fly away instantly, his gaze dark.

And at that moment, the air suddenly filled with a pheromone, from light to thick. Then in just two seconds, a strong pheromone erupted, centered on the fallen man.

Xie Quan came back to his senses, his eyes widened, then jumped back a step very quickly, and quickly covered his nose. The mucous membrane inside the nose had many capillaries, and would quickly absorb the pheromone in the air. However, even blocking the nose was not effective, because pheromones could also invade the skin pores of the body, but at a relatively slow time.

And at this point, the not so dense crowd also broke out in a riot.

Such a high concentration of pheromone erupted that even betas, who were weak to pheromone perception, noticed it.

“Shit! Which alpha is bursting pheromone indiscriminately there?!”

“Are they entering their susceptible period?! Why don’t you stay at home during your susceptible period!”

“There’s an omega here that’s under the influence!”

“Quick! Notify the police!”

And the patrolling robots on the street also sent out alpha pheromone overload alerts and gave navigation instructions for the nearest pheromone quarantine area.

Yes, it was the pheromone belonging to the alpha that erupted from the fallen man.

However, the strange thing was that this person did not have the pressure belonging to an alpha. If it was an alpha that had entered the susceptible stage, it would have been unable to control its own pressure.

Even the pheromone also made Xie Quan feel something was wrong.

Whether it was an alpha or omega, there was a hierarchy, and the hierarchy was mainly a reference to the purity of the corresponding pheromone in a person’s body. This person’s alpha pheromone had a high impurity, even the lowest grade D alpha was better.

Even the scent of pheromone was permeated with a rotten smell.

But no matter how high the concentration of pheromone outbreak, Xie Quan felt his glands, hidden under the invisible gland patch, enter a pheromone storm under the influence and begin to swell.

The concentration of pheromone in his body began to rise, and his body went a little soft. He bit his lip and looked reluctantly at the museum not far away.

His heat had come early.

Ah, the mecha museum!!

Damn it!


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awww he is going to miss the museum and will be a suspect 🙁

August 24, 2022 2:23 am

He’s just witnessed something useful to the search for whoever is abusing betas; but it will doubtless raise interest in him he doesn’t want… if he’s identified.
Hope he’s able to deal with his heat; there may be ither opportunities for the Mecha Museum.
Thanks for translating and editing.

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