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Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: Kiramekineko, SpringBreeze


“Fuck off.” The clean and beautiful young man’s mouth said words that were completely out of character with his usual personality, and those peach blossom eyes were even cold and strange.

Ji Cheying almost wondered if the person he was holding was just a person who looked like Xie Quan. But aside from the expensive coat that didn’t match the other person’s identity, the equipment on the youth told Ji Cheying that this was Xie Quan.

Because of the other party’s nonchalant words, Ji Cheying’s brow furrowed a bit unpleasantly, but soon, he noticed Xie Quan’s abnormality. “Why does your face look so bad?”

Although Xie Quan’s skin was originally a cold white tone, at this moment, his lips had not a trace of blood, his face revealing an unhealthy green color. Not only that, because Xie Quan’s indifference attracted his attention, he now realized that the hand he grabbed was limp, no strength at all, and was still trembling uncontrollably.

Ji Cheying’s other hand touched Xie Quan’s face. His eyes sank, and his tone immediately became serious. “Xie Quan, what’s wrong with you?”

How could he be so cold?

Xie Quan took some effort to pull back his hand and put it into his pocket, his voice had a slight tremor from the cold. “Don’t mind me.”

Then he turned around and left.

Ji Cheying looked at Xie Quan’s straight back, not to mention, pretending to be well. If he didn’t know how bad the other side was just now, he wouldn’t have been able to see the slightest difference.

He took a big step forward, two steps to Xie Quan’s front, took Xie Quan’s wrist, and led forward. “I’ll take you to the hospital.”

When Xie Quan heard that, he frowned. “No.”

“Stop it, go see the doctor.”

“I’m not going!”

Ji Cheying was exasperated. His feet stopped, he turned around, and effortlessly pulled the other’s hand in his direction. Xie Quan was as light as a sheet of paper as he was pulled in front of him, almost crashing into his arms.

Xie Quan was half a head shorter than him, so he slightly lowered his head to look at Xie Quan’s pale complexion. Xie Quan’s eyes were still full of uncompromising stubbornness. He hooked his mouth, and with anger in his eyes and his tone mocking, said, “Don’t mention going to the hospital, you’re so weak I could sell you. You have to listen to me.”

Hmm. Ji Cheying was right. There wasn’t really much he could do right now. But…

Xie Quan’s face was expressionless. “I’m not going to the hospital.” Before Ji Cheying could speak, he added, “I just have a headache, you can just send me back.”

Although the tone did not soften, it was already a sign of compromise. He didn’t have the strength or the time to spend with Ji Cheying. His body was cold and panting, and his head hurt.

But Ji Cheying was obviously a deadhead and could not just let him go. And, although the inhibitor delayed the first wave of the heat a bit, his heat would officially arrive in a few hours.

He knew the amount of time left best.

Because of Xie Quan’s softening attitude, Ji Cheying followed suit and softened his attitude a bit, but he was still not easily convinced. “Do you think I’m stupid? A headache can cause you to be frozen like this?”

“…” Xie Quan looked straight up at Ji Cheying. “Do you want to take care of me? Or do you want to drag me to the hospital?” Because of his shortness of breath, he couldn’t even finish a sentence in one breath and had to stop in the middle to catch his breath.

“I’m having a hard time.”

“I’m not going to the hospital.”

Ji Cheying was silent.

As time passed, Xie Quan’s state was indeed barely visible to the naked eye.

So, he made a compromise. “Okay, I’ll take you back.”

Xie Quan nodded his head in satisfaction.

Ji Cheying took Xie Quan’s inexplicably heavy shoulder bag off his shoulders and walked Xie Quan out to the street, stopping a car.

Sitting in the car, Xie Quan immediately closed his eyes. Leaning against the window, his curled eyelashes trembled slightly in the sunlight from discomfort, like leaves in the rain.

Ji Cheying spoke the address into the smart system and then voice-modulated, “Turn on the heat.”

Warm air quickly poured into the car.

The temperature was like a sauna for Ji Cheying, and soon there was a sweaty patch on his chest and back.

At that moment, a message came from his communication device.

It was sent to him by his subordinate Henry.

[Major General, the victim has been taken to the hospital, and the witnesses have been taken to the police station for questioning. Everything has been taken care of.]

He took a look at Xie Quan’s condition, lowered his head, and replied: [Okay, you go to the police station first, I’ll come later.]

In fact, Ji Cheying and Henry were investigating at a nearby victim’s home when they received a notification of a new suspected case, and since they were not far away, they went straight to the scene. Because of Ji Cheying’s plainclothes identity, he and Henry split up as they approached the street.

Henry went to the scene to grasp the situation, while he stayed on the periphery to observe whether there were suspicious people.

However, he did catch a suspicious person: Xie Quan, who was wearing an overcoat in the hot August sun. However, there did seem to be something suspicious about Xie Quan.

With his communicator in his hand, Ji Cheying recalled the look Xie Quan had just given him.

The coldness in that gaze was not something an ordinary person could possess.

That was the ruthless killing aura that could only be quenched with blood. The gaze of a warrior who had been through war.

Ji Cheying raised his eyes and looked straight at the young man who had his eyes closed. His gaze was hidden and deep.

What exactly had Xie Quan been through? Why did he refuse to go to the hospital? How true was the report from Henry’s investigation? Was he really just a poor nephew who was bullied by his uncle’s family?


Forty minutes or so later, they finally returned to the apartment. Now, probably because of the approaching estrus, the pheromone concentration in Xie Quan’s body increased rapidly, slightly alleviating the discomfort brought on by the excessive lack of pheromone due to the early injection of the inhibitor.

Most notably, the shortness of breath was greatly relieved, and the chill in his body faded away.

When he got out of the car, Ji Cheying gave his hand to Xie Quan and tried to help him out. Xie Quan just pushed his hand away and walked out by himself.

Stepping onto the ground, Xie Quan raised his eyes and the first thing he saw was the man’s sweaty clothes clinging to his body, revealing the tight muscle line of his chest.

This made Xie Quan unconsciously resonate with a commercial slogan that used to be shown on TV all the time.

Some people sweat and are wretched.

Some people are sexy when they sweat.

At that time he thought it was silly, but now it seemed very true. Xie Quan only then realized how hard it was for a normal person to bear the temperature in the car.

It was hard to believe Ji Cheying didn’t say a word.

During the forty-minute trip, it was as quiet as if he didn’t exist, even the sound of breathing was inaudible.

After entering the apartment building and standing at the door of his own apartment, Xie Quan reached out and gestured for Ji Cheying to return his backpack to him.

Ji Cheying thought he was looking for his keys, so he handed him his backpack.

However, Xie Quan did not open the door after taking the backpack and said, “Thank you, Mr. Ji, for your trouble today. You can go back now.”


The first string of words were all bullshit, the point was just the last one, right?

Ji Cheying raised his eyebrows and pondered for half a second before he asked in surprise, “You think I would leave you alone?”

Xie Quan felt the throbbing and unrelenting pain inside his head as he said, expressionlessly, “I’m much better now.”

Ji Cheying was unmoved. “So?”

Xie Quan reached out his hand and sent a connection request to the other terminal with his terminal. This was a trick he usually used against Anna.

“I like to be naked and comfortable in my own room.” He said, “So it’s inconvenient for you to be there, if you’re worried about me I can always give you a voice report.” He gazed inquiringly. “Or are you interested in my body?”


Xie Quan, although this person did not like to communicate and interact with people, he was very precise to find the painful point in the conversation, and then hit the nail on the head to quickly solve the problem.

This was the case when communicating with Xie Yi.

When communicating with Ji Cheying too.

And in fact, this skill was also a skill he has honed in order to be able to end a conversation as quickly as possible. Just like now, Ji Cheying had no other choice but to accept it for a while. If he insisted on accompanying Xie Quan, it would really turn out to be ill-intentioned.

Ji Cheying grimaced and accepted Xie Quan’s terminal connection request on his own terminal.


He was so cruel.


The author has something to say.

My wish is that the world is peaceful, everyone is happy, and there is food and drink.

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Oh my gosh XQ is something else! Love it! ❤️

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A kitten when he smiles and a cold and merciless tiger in his eyes and words, very interesting!!! Thanks for the chapter!

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That was close, but I’m sure Ji Cheying’s interest in his behaviour and demeanour will be raised.
Thanks for translating and editing.

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Thank You for the new chapter ( ꈍᴗꈍ)❤️

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