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Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: Kiramekineko, SpringBreeze


The crowd had already discovered the situation, excluding the omegas that would be affected and were automatically avoiding the area, the surrounding betas and relatively unaffected alphas gathered over to check the situation.

Xie Quan realized that this might not be a simple incident of pheromone explosion during the alpha susceptible period, and quickly prepared to pull away. Not to mention that his identity was not suitable to be associated with such a high-profile event.

Just by his current situation, it was also dangerous to stay outside.

When the omega’s estrus officially arrived, the pheromone would have a total of three outbreaks. He needed to immediately find a safe place to wait for his pheromone to explode, and then inject himself with three inhibitors in order to pass this estrus period safely.

The pheromone eruption during the estrus period, even the most advanced glandular patch couldn’t cover up his omega pheromone.

And his estrus would come within two hours. He was currently in the pre-expression period, so he had now vaguely felt a few hints of pheromone leakage.

With a fine bead of sweat on his forehead, Xie Quan pushed his way through the crowd to leave, but by now the roving robots had detected the source of the pheromone, and the crowd of onlookers gave way to the robots, making it easier for them to inject the man lying on the ground with alpha pheromone inhibitor.

Then one of the patrolling robots’ heat-sensing detectors sensed Xie Quan’s abnormality and it stopped in front of Xie Quan. “Sir, your body temperature belongs to an abnormal fever state, please ask if you need medical help.”

Xie Quan had always been patient and gentle with robots, even if his body was already in a state of discomfort. He still smiled lightly, his face not visible except for some redness. “No, I do not need help, thank you.”

The patrolling robot did not force, it just warmly prompted, “Your body temperature has risen to 37.8 degrees, please take cooling treatment measures and prevent the temperature from rising further. Prolonged high temperature will cause organ failure symptoms. If the cooling treatment measures are not effective, please go to the hospital.”


The inhibitor of alpha pheromone had hit the fallen woman, and sprinklers were stretched out from buildings on both sides of the street, spraying air purifiers in the air to neutralize the high concentration of pheromone in the air. And as the residual pheromone in the air gradually receded, another faint stream of pheromone became apparent.

The alphas in the crowd sniffed it, and it was a vague scent of icy lime.

It was very faint, but the rare smell of pheromone soon caught the alphas’ attention.

“There is omega pheromone, is it the pheromone smell left behind by the omega that was affected just now?”

“The ones left before should be removed by the air purifier, there should still be omega here.”

“This purity, it’s a high-grade omega, right?”

“How can a high-grade omega be in a small place like us?”

The crowd was once again noisy, and many people even began to look around to find the source.

Xie Quan pursed his lips, expressionlessly accelerated his pace and left quickly. His pheromone leak was more serious than he thought.

He was no different from a walking pheromone emitter, and if he waited a little longer, the robots on the street would notice his pheromone was different and know that he was about to go into heat.

Xie Quan looked around. This street was the most prosperous area of Noel City. Besides the large shopping complex that Xie Yi took him to at the beginning, there were many stores outside.

Xie Quan gave up the idea of rushing straight back to his apartment, but turned his feet and entered a store directly.

“Welcome, how can I help you~” the sales robot inquired with a smile.

It was a clothing store, and Xie Quan immediately found the fitting room from the signage. Sparing the situation, he still said without haste, “I’m just strolling around by myself.”

Then, he walked towards the fitting room.

The rest of the customers in the clothing store were looking at the door and talking to each other about what was happening outside, and no one noticed Xie Quan’s movements. Fortunately, there was no one in the fitting rooms, so Xie Quan found a random room and locked the door.

Then, he put his backpack on the bench, bent down and took out a tube of inhibitor from the refrigerated layer inside, the size of a capsule, and pressed his finger on the side to pop out the injection port.

Immediately afterwards, he injected himself with an inhibitor without blinking.

The reasoning was that the inhibitor needed to be injected when the pheromone breaks out.

At most, ten minutes in advance.

If injected too early, it would excessively lower the pheromone level in the body, causing damage to the body and adverse reactions. However, he couldn’t risk walking around outside in this state.

Xie Quan sat calmly in his chair and waited. The cold inhibitor injected into his body worked quickly and within a few minutes, the flush of heat in his body cooled down quickly. The redness on his face also faded, but he also became completely bloodless.

Xie Quan got up from the chair and put on his backpack to leave the fitting room, but within a few steps, a strong feeling of dizziness and weakness came over him. He held on to the wall, but the arm holding on to the wall was trembling slightly.

A bone-chilling coldness pervaded his entire body.

Not only that, Xie Quan’s habitual headache also appeared.

Xie Quan’s brow furrowed slightly.

The symptoms of the premature injection of an inhibitor appeared.

His body shivered with cold and the headache was about to burst. Xie Quan closed his eyes, stood up straight, and then walked outside with an unchanged face.

His body forced him to stop and catch his breath.

But Xie Quan didn’t care, he just slowed down a bit, his face pale, but otherwise did not show any abnormalities. When he walked past the racks of clothes, he took the thickest clothes from them, a solid overcoat.

He took out the terminal to make the transaction and listened to the pleasant, gentle, female voice ringing out, “Thank you for purchasing the diamond quilted cowl button coat from Teflon, spending 64,000 star coins. Please come again.”

Without taking off the label, Xie Quan put the coat on and left the store. The August sun still hot fell on him, and even wrapped in a thick coat, the chill in his body did not completely disappear.

Xie Quan was about to call a car to leave, but found that in this short period of time, the street’s traffic had been controlled. The car could not get out, and could not enter.

The sound of police sirens also rang in the air.

All this confirmed Xie Quan’s previous suspicions that this was not a simple outbreak of pheromone during the alpha susceptible period. Xie Quan shivered and had to choose to leave the street on two legs and walk outside to get a ride. He vowed that he never wanted to come back to this street again.

The mecha museum still had to be visited, and could be passed by another way.

“Xie Quan?” A familiar voice suddenly called out to him.

Xie Quan pretended not to hear him and continued on his way.

“Hey!” Powerful hands handcuffed his wrists like blazing iron fresh from the fire.

His body swayed helplessly.

Looking at Ji Cheying who appeared in front of him, Xie Quan’s gaze was as cold as ice, and there was a thunderstorm of frightening intensity in the depths of his eyes. His voice was still not free of his usual warmth and softness, but the words he uttered were cold and hard. He said, “Fuck off.”

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August 25, 2022 5:09 pm

Oh my gosh!!! That ending! But I get it! He is in pain and uncomfortable! Poor XQ!! Looking forward to next chapter! Thank you for the translation and editing! ❤️❤️❤️

August 25, 2022 5:20 pm

Having the worst time and unable to politely, patiently, deter Ji Cheying from hindering him, when he needs to be alone and get home.
Ji Cheying is bound to pick up on his state though, surely 😬
Thanks for translating and editing; looking forward to the next chapter.

August 25, 2022 9:00 pm

Ji Cheying will definitely take him home, but what’s the excuse of the expensive coat. Looking forward to the next chapter! Thanks for the translation!

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Thank You for the new chapter (๑°꒵°๑)・*♡

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