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Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: Kiramekineko, SpringBreeze


Janice remembered Ji Cheying was her tenant. After all, it was not easy to forget someone who looked like this. She even wondered how come all these betas looked so good these days? But like Xie Quan, this beta was also a person with only a face, not much ability. She had the impression that the other had moved in for a while, but he was often sloppy, complaining about the world, not seeking advancement, and only knowing how to loiter.

She was surprised that the other person could come to work here.

Although he was a waiter, being a waiter at Vicciuto meant that he was somewhat decent. After all, in and out of here there was good economic strength, and even there were local dignitaries, who gave high tips. If one could get their appreciation, or be seen by a young master, they could also climb on a high branch.

And in these clothes, he really looked like a phoenix among men.1

Janice smiled and greeted, “Isn’t this Xiao Ji? Looks like you found a good job. It suits you.”

Ji Cheying heard what Janice had said to Xie Quan, he lowered his eyes and looked at Xie Quan, who was calm, and looked at Janice again. He smiled and said in Ji Ming’s unimpressive tone, “It’s not bad, the pay is good, and the boss is good. Although only good-looking people can come in, the manager is particularly cultured. He will not look at us as only good-looking and think we are wastes. I’ve met some people in other places before who think good-looking people are not capable.”

The corners of Janice’s mouth twitched, thinking this person was talking a little too much.

Xie Yi was also a bit vain at the moment. After all, Ji Cheying saw him and Márquez at that moment. He was afraid of Ji Cheying stirring things up, so he quickly said, “Let’s order our food. I want the seasonal set.”

Ji Cheying gazed towards Xie Yi, he slightly bent down at the height of Xie Quan’s ear, and asked, “What do you want to eat?”

His voice was low and gentle. His tone was not like a waiter, but like the owner of the place. However, Xie Quan only felt that this person was a little close to him when he spoke, so Xie Quan slightly tilted his head and moved away from him. Because he wasn’t too interested in this kind of delicate food, Xie Quan didn’t look at the menu carefully, but just followed Xie Yi and said, “Then I’ll have the set meal too, thanks.”


Ji Cheying came back again with their drinks in his hands. He was obviously just a waiter, but when Ji Cheying was serving them, it always made people feel the urge to get up and thank him and accept it with both hands respectfully.

Otherwise, it would be frightening.

Of course, this did not include Xie Quan. He did not even have any inner turmoil. Not only that, in this kind of place where the guests were all well-dressed and well-groomed, Xie Quan, who was just wearing a white T-shirt and jeans, did not show a hint of shortness or discomfort.

But in Janice’s opinion, this was a strong pretense of calmness. She laughed in her heart, this country bumpkin came to this kind of place and certainly did not know how to move his hands and feet, extravagantly eating things he did not deserve to have.

Xie Yi was too well protected by her, although his character was spoiled, he was simple. He did not know that there were people in this world who would shamelessly attach themselves to others, and also try to take away things that did not belong to him.

Janice was an omega, but Xie Dongye was a beta. Although eventually Xie Yi was lucky enough to differentiate into an omega, but in Janice’s heart, she had always been unjust about her fate. She regretted how she married Xie Dongye when she was young and ignorant, instead of listening to her family’s arrangement to find a quality alpha.

Xie Dongye had become more mediocre as he grew older, instead of improving his abilities. Even his attractive face when he was young had gradually become mediocre. If not for the fact that Xie Dongye’s elder brother died in an accident and left behind his assets, their family would have had to drink the northwest wind.2

So in Janice’s eyes, she never felt that the assets left behind by Xie Quan’s father were taken over by the family, but rather the compensation for her bitter fate. She had given birth to an omega for the Xie family, and they should let her have a good life.

As for Xie Quan, he was a thief who was eyeing her stable life.

It’s disgusting.

The meal was gradually served, and dining in this formal restaurant was very elaborate, with a dozen silver cutlery lined up for different foods. Anyone without formal dining etiquette would be at a loss for these dazzling pieces of cutlery.

Janice mockingly looked at Xie Quan’s lack of movement, she deliberately said, “Xiao Quan, I forgot, you’ve never been to a place like this, you don’t know the etiquette.” Deliberately speaking to embarrass Xie Quan, she smiled and said to another waiter serving food next to her, “Please teach this child.”

The waiter froze for a moment, although they had indeed been trained in dining etiquette, but never thought they would need to teach someone to use it. However, the customer’s request had to be met.

The waiter bent down helplessly and explained, “Sir, this is the cold head plate of your set menu, please use the right hand side…”

Xie Yi listened and felt a little embarrassed. He didn’t think the person sitting next to him still had to be taught how to eat by the waiter, and the surrounding guests also felt the movement and looked at one another. Xie Yi gave Xie Quan a hard stare in self embarrassment.

The waiter was standing next to him, just like teaching a child, making them more noticeable. The eyes of the people watching the show were seemingly glued to Xie Quan’s body, showing amazement, contempt, and indifference.

Ji Cheying was standing next to him and his eyes were even colder. His lips were taut and straight, his jawline was hard and sharp, looking very cold. It was one thing to know that Xie Quan was in a difficult situation. It was another thing to see Xie Quan so humiliated. He took a big step and walked next to the waiter who was bending down to teach, patted the other and let them go.

He stood next to Xie Quan, like a lion guarding his territory, with a smile on his lips, but the smile was not in his eyes. He used the volume only those at Xie Quan’s table could hear, the tone casual and mocking, “This tableware is meant to serve people, not people serving tableware. The temperament of these people is engraved in their bones. These vulgar people have memorized a book of etiquette, but they are still vulgar.” He lowered his eyes and looked at Xie Quan’s calm face. “You can use the tableware however you want, do not mind anyone else.”

Janice heard Ji Cheying’s meaning, and his explicit and implicit sarcasm was directed at her. Her eyes wandered between Ji Cheying and Xie Quan, and instantly guessed the reason.

They seemed to be lovers.

She raised her eyebrows and said nonchalantly, “Xiao Ji, since you’re my tenant, I didn’t want to bother with you before, but as a waiter, your attitude is very unpleasant to me.” She threatened, “I have always been clear between public and private, the restaurant service is not good, as a consumer I can have the right to complain.”

Yo ho, threatening him? Ji Cheying smiled. His expression did not change, but the mockery in his eyes was deeper, as if he was looking at a clown.

However, when he was about to speak, Xie Quan, who had been silent, spoke up.

“Auntie, as a waiter, if he has a bad attitude, you can complain.” His tone was flat. “You, as the agent of my assets, have a bad attitude, so I also really want to complain.”

Xie Dongye, who had been listening in silence, panicked for a moment. “Xiao Quan, you… What do you mean?”

Xie Yi was puzzled. “What agent?”

Janice’s eyes widened. “What kind of nonsense are you talking about?”

Xie Quan still spoke gently and slowly, “Isn’t that apartment building and store on the commercial street owned by Xie Quan’s father? It’s just that Xie Quan was young, so he let you guys manage it for him, but now Xie Quan is an adult.”

To be honest, Xie Quan knew all these things and wondered why “Xie Quan” didn’t try to get his assets back. However, after all, he was taking the identity of someone else, and he was not related to “Xie Quan”, so there was no reason to help him deal with this asset issue. Moreover, to be honest, with the death of “Xie Quan”, these properties should also belong to the Xie Dongye family.

So, he was never prepared to mention this. As for Janice’s sarcastic mockery of him, he didn’t care either. Nor did he intend to fight back at all. After all, if an ant bites you, you don’t have to step back on it.


Ji Ming was different from him.

If Janice had complained, Ji Ming would have lost his job, and if not, he would have been fined…

Xie Quan remembered that when he was in the store, the man said with a depressed look on his face, “Don’t look at me as tall, but I’m actually particularly thick and clumsy. My limbs are not coordinated, and I often break things and do things wrong, causing me to be unemployed and live in great distress now.”

Although he did not ask for it, Ji Ming had helped him after all, and he did not want to involve the other.

In this situation, no one cared about the strange self-name in Xie Quan’s words, Xie Dongye was very vain, and Janice was even more on fire. If not for the concern of the occasion, she might have yelled out.

“Xiao Quan, you don’t know what’s good for you. For years, it was our family who took care of your food, clothing and housing, and paid your tuition. If it weren’t for us, you would have been in an orphanage and probably would have died somewhere. Now that you’ve grown up and returned to Noel City, we’ve given you a place to live and helped you settle in, you not only don’t know how to repay your kindness, but also have such a vicious mind! You’re really an ill-bred wolf.”

Xie Quan listened to Janice’s long list of words, and even gave her time to breathe, waited for a second and found that she was not talking, before he said without hurry, “Auntie, there is no need to hurry, I was only saying this.”

Janice was about to be pleased when Xie Quan added, “The ownership of the assets will definitely depend on the law.”

After saying that, Xie Quan sighed in his heart. He had grown up, he could actually use the law as a weapon.

Not bad, not bad.

Janice’s face went dark, she probably did not expect things to develop to this point. Her chair clattered as she stood up, looked at Xie Quan and sneered, “Want litigation? I would like to see if you have the money to afford a lawyer.” Then, she looked at Xie Dongye and Xie Yi. “Do you still want to eat? Dongye, Xiao Yi, let’s go!”

Xie Yi listened and his mind probably had some guesses. He looked at Xie Quan with complicated eyes, stood up and followed Janice to leave.

Xie Dongye was in a difficult position. He lamented a few times and could only say, “Xiao Quan, your aunt didn’t mean that… Let’s talk about it when the time comes. I’ll- I’ll go talk to your aunt.” Then, he hurriedly took Janice’s shopping things and went after her.

In a flash, only Xie Quan was left sitting at the table, looking at the table full of food.

Ji Cheying looked at Xie Quan. “Are you really ready to take back your assets?” As he asked, he was already calculating who he should go to to deal with this matter, a lawyer? Or should he simply talk to a judge? He had considered helping Xie Quan get his assets back, but for one thing, Xie Quan hadn’t asked, and this was after all his personal business, and for another, “Ji Ming” wasn’t supposed to know about this, so he dismissed the idea.

Xie Quan looked up at him, and his curved pair of light pupils held bright lights and fragrant dusk, like a glass of fine wine.

“I’m just saying it.”

Ji Cheying frowned. “You’re not going to take it back?”

Xie Quan turned back to look at the food and he said casually, “We’ll see, as long as Auntie doesn’t complain.” His purpose was to distract Janice’s attention, and it was accomplished. Janice left without complaining, forgetting to take her loot.

Ji Cheying froze.

The other waiter probably didn’t expect this to happen either, so he was a bit confused, and by now the soup had already been served. “This… So, is this dish still going to be served?” There were more than a dozen dishes in the set meal, and now it was only the second course.

Xie Quan sighed, “What a waste…” Turning his head, he looked at the waiter and asked, “Is it okay if I let him stay and eat?”

The waiter’s eyes showed a bewildered look. “Well… I think…”

Ji Cheying had already pulled out the chair opposite Xie Quan and sat down, then he said to the shocked waiter, “Didn’t they say that the customer comes first?”


Xie Quan said right then, “Just keep the two seasonal sets, and don’t serve the other two sets.”

The waiter responded, and after a moment’s hesitation, he reminded, “Customer, because the set menu has been ordered, even if you don’t serve the next two, you still need to pay.”

Xie Quan nodded, “Got it.” He said, “Then let’s pack it up and take it away later.”

He had to pay anyway.

Ji Cheying didn’t ask Xie Quan if he had the money to pay, his mind wasn’t on the money, he would just pay later. His mind was now full of one thing. Because he was sitting across the table, he could see more clearly the expression on Xie Quan’s face, his eyes unblinking, his gaze burning. “You just meant that you said those words just so I wouldn’t get a complaint?”

Xie Quan didn’t think there was anything to it, as he skillfully and elegantly picked up the exact soup spoon from the dozen or so utensils, without even looking closely at the array of cutlery.

It was as if this was his daily eating habit.

The spoon scraped smoothly over the top of the gumbo, serving up a discontented amount of it. With his eyes downcast, he said gently, “If you get a complaint, you’ll be in trouble, right?”

The cool, clear voice was like a gushing spring, but in Ji Cheying’s mind it was as loud and deafening as the great waterfall of Trajanisa.


Xie Quan really likes him!


The author has something to say:

Ji Cheying: It is said that love does not know where it comes from, but it is deep… The ancients did not deceive me.

Xie Quan: … My heart is so tired.


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Translator Notes:

  1. 人中龙凤: An idiom that is similar to “a giant among men” or “a man among men”.
  2. 喝西北风: An idiom that means to suffer from cold and hunger.


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