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Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: Kiramekineko, SpringBreeze


Xie Quan did not know why Ji Cheying suddenly fell silent, and looked at him with an extremely strange look. The look, the desire to speak, as if happy and excited, as if melancholy and difficult. It was a mess of emotions together and in front of Xie Quan, who was very sensitive to other people’s emotions, he could hardly hide it.

Xie Quan lowered his head and took a sip of soup, then he looked back unbearably. He asked, “Are you not feeling well?” 

Ji Cheying then realized that he was showing some emotion. He raised his hand to straighten his bangs, coughed lightly to cover himself up, and then he lowered his hand and said to Xie Quan, “You… You don’t have to go to this extent for me either.”

Xie Quan thought for a moment and asked uncertainly, “About the complaint?”


Xie Quan looked at Ji Cheying, his eyes focused and unblinking. “It’s my job. But you…” He frowned, showing a puzzled expression. “…Why do you want to help me so much?”

Ji Ming was a good man. It was also evident that he should be the kind of person that the world said was full of justice. However, the number of times he helped himself was also a little too much. From the beginning of the encounter, Xie Yi’s affair, his rutting period, to arguing for him just now. Such kindness made Xie Quan uncomfortable, and he didn’t know how to repay it.

It also makes him very confused.

In Xie Quan’s world, there was only unexplained malice, there should not be unexplained kindness. Then, Xie Quan saw the man sitting across from him look stunned, then he dropped his thick eyelashes, hand cupped into a fist against his lips, with a look of deep thought.

At this time, the following dishes came up and were placed in front of Xie Quan and Ji Cheying.

Xie Quan saw that the man did not return to his senses, so he said to the waitress, “Please take these down, thank you.” As frugal as he was, he still had no interest in food that others had eaten.

The waitress nodded, and then looked at his colleague who was naturally sitting across from the customer with a complicated expression. No, she looked at this guest with a complicated mood as well. She had been working here for several years, but this was the first time she has seen such a bizarre combination.

Just had a quarrel with the customer who seemed to be left unable to pay, and, just two days after coming to work, the customer had a quarrel with the colleague who ended up sitting down to eat. However, they themselves looked as if nothing had happened, as if everything was so natural.

It seemed strange to her and the rest of the guests who had been constantly looking at the situation here. However, it must be said that the two people at this table had superior facial features, and many of the guests who had been looking over were doing so because of the faces of these two people.

When she returned to the service counter, a colleague next to her came up. “How is the situation at that table?”

She shrugged. “I’m not sure… What if they can’t pay later?”

The colleague was puzzled. “They can’t?”

She flattened her mouth. “That’s not necessarily true, that person does not even know dining etiquette or dress… And I just heard them talking. I think the three guests who left before were going to invite him to dinner, but they got into a fight and the person who was to pay for it ran away.” She wished they could have paid the money before leaving.

The colleague scrutinized Xie Quan, and said skeptically, “He really doesn’t know dining etiquette?”

She nodded while turning to look. “Yes, the original guests at that table were laughing at him because of that…” However, her voice was immediately blocked in her throat, only because the face of the young man was clear and beautiful. Where was the young man who was confused about meal etiquette?

The young man’s long, white, jade-like hands held the silver cutlery corresponding to the food, the action elegant. Whether it was the action of taking cutlery, or his posture when eating, he looked comfortable and casual, but upon a closer look it was meticulous. Even the arc of the hand in the air when each time the food was brought into the mouth was as if it had been designed in general.

If this was an etiquette test, then this was the perfect student who would get a two hundred percent, while the rest of the restaurant would get a failing grade.

This was called not knowing dining etiquette? This was called not knowing dining etiquette?! If he did not understand, then there were people in the world who understood?!

Xie Quan did not know what the waitress was shouting in her heart, he just ate silently and waited for the person opposite to give an answer to his question. However, when he looked up, he met Ji Cheying’s scrutinizing gaze from across the room. He stopped eating and after slowly chewing the food in his mouth and swallowing it, he blinked. “Did you come up with an answer?”

However, Ji Cheying was not ready to answer his previous question, but his gaze was strange and his voice was a bit heavier as he asked, “Xie Quan, who are you really?”

Xie Quan’s gaze remained calm and unruffled.

Ji Cheying lowered his eyebrows, the deep sockets of his eyes made his eyes half-hidden under the shadows, the color of his eyes unclear. “Why do you act like a nobleman?”

This dining grooming was simply impossible for an ordinary person to possess. Without systematic, as well as long-term strict training, it simply could not be done. And as far as he knew, only the nobles in the Empire would pursue this harsh etiquette requirement so much.

Even the minor nobles did not have Xie Quan’s grasp of dining etiquette. Just by looking at Xie Quan’s dining etiquette, if he was not a noble, it would not be too much to say that he was a part of the royal family.

Faced with Ji Cheying’s question, Xie Quan showed a thoughtful expression. He looked at Ji Cheying seriously, and explained, his voice calm and unhurried, “You sound like you know the nobles very well.”

Ji Cheying found Xie Quan suspicious, and similarly, Xie Quan also found Ji Cheying who asked such a question suspicious.

How many nobles can an ordinary person meet in his or her lifetime, let alone recognize the etiquette of a noble? Except from television.

Ji Cheying was not disturbed by Xie Quan’s sudden question, he answered calmly, “I’ve seen them before.” As if to avoid Xie Quan using the same reason as himself, slightly raised his eyebrows, he cut in advance, “You can’t say you’ve seen it before, you can’t learn it by just looking at it.”

Well. That’s true. That’s too perfunctory an excuse. Xie Quan thought for a few seconds, a small crease in his brow from the difficulty, and then, with a slight sigh and a drop in his shoulders, he said hesitantly, “Actually… I did learn.”

 “I met a noble omega when I was in school. I liked her a lot. In order to pursue her, I studied a lot of things related to the nobility, and then I had some chances to get along with her, in order to be closer to her in the future. And also to be close together with her, I asked her to teach me noble etiquette, including dining etiquette.” Xie Quan gave a long sigh, lowered his eyes, his tone was full of lamentation and sentimentality. “It’s just a pity that even if I learn seriously, nobles and commoners can’t be together, not to mention, she is still an omega.”

Xie Quan’s words were genuine and inciting, and his expression was restrained sadness, without any pretense.

Ji Cheying raised his eyebrows and continued to ask with interest, “What happened to her?”

Xie Quan recalled, “She left, probably went back to the imperial capital.” He smiled faintly to himself. “Probably has a tall, handsome alpha mate by now. But for me, she just needs to be happy and cheerful.”

Ji Cheying was curiously concerned. “What’s her name? What is her family’s title?”

Xie Quan sighed, “What’s the use of talking about it? You can’t possibly know her, and what’s more, we’ve been strangers for a long time.”

Ji Cheying looked at Xie Quan’s fierce look, and he gave a mocking laugh.

Make it up.

Keep making it up.

He didn’t believe a word of it.

Moreover, didn’t Xie Quan himself notice?

Xie Quan was always asking a question and saying a sentence. Although he never let people feel he was rude, the sentences were as concise as possible. It was just because the speed of speech was always slow, that it was not obvious. However, once he started making excuses and snubbing people, the sentences of speech became longer and he no longer answered questions passively.

And now, Xie Quan was extraordinarily talkative.

Ji Cheying asked again, “Since you know dining etiquette, why didn’t you hit back when that woman embarrassed you with this just now?”

Xie Quan looked at the fork in his hand, thought about it, and then frowned slightly. “It’s a bit troublesome.”

Ji Cheying listened and confirmed.


That statement was true.

The previous one was really false.


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August 30, 2022 3:05 am

Thank You for the new chapter ♡〜٩( ╹▿╹ )۶〜♡

August 30, 2022 5:08 am

Amazing!! JC is so smart! He was able to pick up when XQ lies or tells the truth. This Janice person is out of control! Super intrigued by this novel! Thank you for the translation and editing !

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You made my day
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Every novel I read from you made me falling deep and deep in reading.thanks for beautiful novels.and this novel is really really good.thanks to exiled rebels scanlations team

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Loving this. The interaction can almost be felt.
Thanks for translating and editing.

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Ah he knew he knew!!!! He knew XQ was lying!!he’s so awesome that he can see through him 😖😖😖
Thank you for the translation ❤

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Idk if mc just doesn’t care and continuously makes up stories or he’s just that slow 😭😂

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