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Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: Kiramekineko


Back in his basement apartment, Xie Quan did not go to rest right away, but sat on the floor and started to repair the household robot that he had brought out of the fire. Xiao Bai, who had now unlocked his control over the robot, spoke out of Xie Quan’s terminal, “Mr. Quan, you need to rest, the doctor said you need to rest in bed!”

Xie Quan was unmoved and said, “I’ll rest when I’m done.”

The housekeeping robot had fallen into disrepair under the uncaring use of Márquez’s group, and with the fight in the warehouse, some parts and pieces had fallen into disrepair. Before because he was outside, of course, and mainly because Ji Cheying was around, Xie Quan had not been able to deal with it. But now that he was back on his own turf, Xie Quan couldn’t hold back any longer.

What’s more, his injury was not a big deal.

While disassembling the parts, Xie Quan remembered one thing, and without looking up, he instructed, “Xiao Bai, check the terminal information anchor point for suspicious traces.”

Xiao Bai responded, “Yes!”

Ah, speaking of which…

Xie Quan remembered the new protective paint that Anna had gotten for him from the Imperial Research Institute. He hadn’t used it yet, so he might as well try it out. He stood up and took out the expensive bottle of protective paint from his locker.

This kind of paint was the best in the Empire, both in terms of material and technology used, and it was currently only used on the mecha of generals and the flying machines used by the royal family.

However, Xie Quan was now going to use this protective paint on a house robot that was about to be scrapped and returned to the factory. If the group of people in the Imperial Research Institute knew about this, they would probably scold Xie Quan for wasting it for three days and nights.

At this moment, Xiao Bai finished scanning all the information anchor points of the terminal, the terminal lit up red, and Xiao Bai screamed “Mr. Quan! Someone is peeking at me! I’m not innocent anymore!”

“…” Xie Quan turned his head to look at the report projected in the air and he said helplessly, “It’s just being tracked, it’s not an invasion. It’s not a crime…”

Xiao Bai said angrily, “They inserted the information tentacles into my system. They’re violating my system!”

“…What kind of nonsense did you read when I wasn’t looking?” Xie Quan looked at the two detected traces that appeared in the report, and he frowned slightly.

There were actually two of them.

He guessed that his terminal might have been tracked, and because the police found where he was so quickly, the biggest possibility was that they had tracked his terminal’s positioning. But he didn’t think there was actually another person who had been tracking his location.

Xiao Bai was not unbreakable.

Xie Quan was a mecha engineer after all, and although he had studied the software, he had a strong bias in software design compared to his mechanical ability to build and create. He was good at intrusion systems, but not good at defense.

When designing Xiao Bai, Xie Quan deliberately sacrificed some defensive capabilities in order to improve its invasion capability. But even so, with his many updates, Xiao Bai was able to resist most of the attacks, and at the very least must have been aware when it was attacked.

But Xiao Bai didn’t notice.

One of the parties that was tracking him was definitely the police, although he doubted that they had such superior technology… Moreover, why would they be tracking him?

The other one, could it be the Imperial army that had been surrounding himself before? But if it was the Imperial Army, they should have caught up long ago.

At this point, Xiao Bai had already started yelling, “I’m going to rush over and take them out and beat them up!”

Xie Quan spoke with a faint voice to stop it. “Don’t do anything first.”

“???” Xiao Bai didn’t understand.

“Keep the two tracking points.” Xie Quan picked up the screwdriver, again buried his head, his hand movements resumed, and he muttered softly, “Yes, do not do anything first, do not alarm the snake…”

However, at that moment, Xie Quan suddenly felt a pain in his heart, and the screwdriver fell to the ground. He covered his head, and although did not make any sound, he tightly closed his eyes and showed that he was in pain.

Xiao Bai asked with concern, “Mr. Quan?”

“It’s okay.” Xie Quan closed his eyes and waited quietly for the wave of pain to pass.

Although both alphas and omegas had their own strengths, they also had their own genetic defects, namely companion diseases. Each person had a different companion disease, and there was no cure, only in combination with a pheromone match of 80% could it be cured.

But many people went through their entire lives without finding such a person.

But fortunately, the companion disease usually did not kill people; it was like a thorn in the flesh, stinging from time to time.

Enduring the pain, Xie Quan’s mind suddenly recalled the pheromone that smelled like burning flames in Ji Cheying’s apartment that day.

It was the alpha named Henry, right?

If Henry was not Ji Ming’s partner, perhaps he could talk to him about getting the alpha to mark him and solve his companion disease problem.

Xie Quan’s brain was aching, like a drill was flaunting its power inside. Xie Quan was enduring while he started to think about the possibility of such a practical exercise. Although the mark would be a bit of trouble, as long as there was a solution, he could have surgery to remove the mark.

It was not bad to think about it, once and for all.

But Henry was Ji Ming’s partner.

Xie Quan’s handsome eyebrows tugged.

Maybe he could look for another alpha to try.

Otherwise, it would become too much for him to work.


The man the woman was talking about was called Tonya Neo.

The next day Ji Cheying rushed to Tonya Neo’s address, but this time he didn’t bring anyone from the Noel’s police station, choosing to go alone instead.

When he asked why Tonya Neo had been able to remain undetected, the woman replied, “Every place has its own rules, and Noel City has its own rules, and he has access to those things, so he naturally has a way to keep himself undetected.”

Medical equipment had always been strictly controlled by the government, but Tonya Neo can get illegal medical equipment, which meant he must have colluded with people in the local government in Noel.

No wonder they had been investigating here for months and hadn’t even heard of Tonya Neo.

The local snake here had fooled them all.

He didn’t know if this snake was the same person as the one who was looking for target candidates in the resident management office.

Originally, Henry’s side was ready to go to the residents’ office to arrest someone, but was stopped by Ji Cheying.

He didn’t know who it was, so they’d better keep an eye on the movement there and then make a move. Hiding in the alley next to the target house, Ji Cheying tossed a few small stones up and down in his hands. His narrow eyes contained a sharp light like a falcon.

After waiting for nearly three hours, the door of the house finally opened and someone came out from inside. It was a very short-looking man with a round face with scattered features, wearing a white coat. He left the house and came towards the alley where Ji Cheying hid.

As he approached, Ji Cheying threw the stone in his hand upward, and before it hit the ground, he dodged out of the alley, raised his knees, and tackled the man. Taking control of his movements with a swift movement, Ji Cheying asked, “Tonya Neo?”

“Fuck! Who the fuck are you?”

Ji Cheying raised his eyebrows, and with a firm hand, the struggling Tonya Neo instantly did not dare to move. Ji Cheying then said, “Relax, I’m here to buy something from you.”

“…Is this your attitude when buying something?”

“Because I’ve heard that you never do business with strangers, so I had to come up with this book.”

Tonya Neo, who was now kneeling on the ground, could not see Ji Cheying’s appearance behind him, and smiling for his own safety, he could only ask, “What do you want to buy?”

Ji Cheying’s tone was casual. “I want to buy a batch of surgical instruments that the police can’t trace.”

Tonya Neo said hesitantly, “I… Where would I get something like that…”

Ji Cheying grabbed his arm and twisted it upwards, he stopped only when he heard the other man’s “ouch ouch”. He hooked his lips, and his tone was dangerous. “I came to you, that means I know you have it. Don’t play dumb with me, I’m not patient.”

Tonya Neo had no choice but to ask, “Fine, fine, I’ll sell, I’ll sell, none of the ones I have are registered, the police can’t even trace them.”

“No, I’m talking about a different model from the market, a special one.”

Tonya Neo froze, then he subconsciously blurted out, “You, you want a homemade model too?”

Ji Cheying caught the flaw in his words, “too”. “It seems you’ve done this kind of deal before.”

Tonya Neo knew that he had blurted it out, and he hastened to make a sloppy comment. “No, no, no, I just said that casually, you misunderstood me.”

Ji Cheying’s eyes narrowed as he stepped on the other man’s leg with such force that Tonya Neo’s leg bone almost broke. “I told you, I’m not patient.”

“Yes, yes, yes, there was a man with glasses! He ordered a set a few months ago!”

“What was the name?”

“I don’t know… I really don’t know! In this business, we never ask for more than what we get!”

“Then what did he look like?”

“Short black hair, tall and skinny, beta, face, oh yes, his left wrist has a scar that had been mutilated!”

“Anything else?”

Tonya Neo racked his brain to remember, then he suddenly remembered and said, “I heard him making a phone call, I didn’t hear what he said too clearly, but the person on the other side was probably named ‘Yan Bai’.”

Ji Cheying frowned. “Yan Bai? How do you know the person on the other side is Yan Bai?”

“I, I’m not sure, I guessed because he shouted Yan Bai into the phone…”

Releasing Tonya Neo, Ji Cheying said, “I want the same set of surgical equipment that he bought.”

At this moment, Xie Quan had just come out of the Civic Center’s resident management office. Xie Quan wanted to move because things were getting complicated here. Whether it’s Xie Yi’s family or his neighbor Ji Ming, who had a secret.

He thought about just leaving Noel City, but there was something he wanted to investigate in Noel City, so he was not ready to leave for now. The Empire’s policy required residents to report all changes to the resident’s office, including moving.

It was illegal to move without a permit issued by the management office. There was no way to find a new place to live or a moving company without it.

Of course Xie Quan could have forged one himself, but considering that the police were following his trail, he decided to proceed with caution. Having just submitted a request to move, which would take about a week to obtain a permit for, Xie Quan was ready to return to his apartment with his duffel bag on his back.

However, as he was leaving his office, he suddenly collided head-on with a man at the corner of the Civic Center’s hallway.

The collision was not too hard, but it caused Xie Quan’s abdominal injury to become painful. The person he bumped into dropped the information he was holding on the floor.

Xie Quan covered his abdomen and apologized, “Sorry about that.” Then he knelt down to help pick up the things.

The man hurriedly said, “It’s okay, it’s okay, I was careless.”

The man looked at the bruises on Xie Quan’s face and froze for a moment before asking caringly, “Are you okay? Do you need help?”

Xie Quan covered his abdomen and shook his head.

The man’s eyes under his gold-rimmed glasses showed disapproval. “Were you beaten? Have you had your injuries identified? You have to do an injury appraisal to get that person to pay compensation.”


He took out his business card from his pocket and handed it to Xie Quan. “I’m a doctor, you don’t have to worry, I can help you look at your injuries.”

Xie Quan looked at the business card in his hand, it read “Tang Wenshao, attending doctor of the glandular department of Noel City Hospital”. One of the hands holding the business card was wearing a watch that covered a scar.


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