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Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: Kiramekineko, SpringBreeze


When Xie Quan saw the card, he suddenly remembered what he had heard at the police station: the beta victims were currently being treated at the hospital. There were several hospitals in Noel City, but the city hospital was the largest and the top one, so if he were the police, he would have placed the victims in the city hospital.

Besides, the glandular unit…

While Xie Quan was in a daze, Tang Wenshao worriedly advised, “I’m telling you, you young people just don’t know how to protect yourselves, you can’t hold back when you’re beaten up, you have to learn to use the law to protect yourself. Injury identification is very important in the judicial process, if you don’t get an injury identification in time, it’s not that easy to get compensation. “


Another warm-hearted person. Noel City had a lot of warm-hearted people.

Xie Quan could only say, “I already got my compensation.” I wonder if he’s dead.

Tang Wenshao was stunned, smiled, and said, “Ah… Then I’m talking too much.” Noticing that Xie Quan had been gently covering his abdomen, and that his back was bent a bit, apparently to avoid adding pressure to his abdomen, he frowned again. “Are you uncomfortable? Did I just bruise you? Shall I take a look at you?”

“No need. If there’s nothing else, I’ll go first.” Xie Quan had always had good manners in dealing with people, and Anna had said many times that Xie Quan did not look like a person from the Epsilon District at all.

The Epsilon District was a haven for criminals and a hellhole for modern civilization. It was a place where the weak and the strong, the superior and the inferior were engraved in the genes. How could it ever produce such a polite and courteous person like Xie Quan?

Tang Wenshao couldn’t let Xie Quan leave like that, but he couldn’t stop him, so he said, “Um, I’ll walk you out, what’s your name?”

“…Xie Quan.”

“Mr. Xie, I’m sorry about that, I didn’t watch the way carefully. You must tell me if you are uncomfortable, I will feel responsible; or if you want to be treated, I can also help you arrange it.”

Xie Quan’s head was swelling, and to stop Tang Wenshao from blaming himself, he could only say, “I hurt myself earlier, it has nothing to do with you.”

Tang Wenshao asked, “Did you hurt your face too? Did you get a doctor to examine it? There are many organs in the abdomen, so you can’t be sloppy.”

“I did…” Xie Quan’s abdomen hurt, but he still couldn’t help but quicken his pace, hoping to hurry outside and get rid of this man.

Seeming to see Xie Quan’s resistance, Tang Wenshao said embarrassingly, “Sorry, a momentary occupational hazard, because I have met many patients who are avoiding medical attention and end up delaying until they have to go to the doctor, but often then small problems are dragged out into big ones.”

Xie Quan smiled faintly and said politely and distantly, “Thank you for your concern, I have already seen the doctor.” Not only did he see the doctor, she also prescribed medication and took it properly according to the doctor’s orders, he was a well-behaved patient. He completely left behind the fact that he had not rested properly.

Tang Wenshao accompanied Xie Quan to the taxi line. To express his apologies, Tang Wenshao called a car for Xie Quan and saw him off. The man stood outside the car, and his voice warm, said, “I’m really sorry, the fare is on me, I hope to see you again next time.”

Xie Quan smiled faintly. “Thank you, goodbye.”

Watching the vehicle leave, Tang Wenshao smiled tenderly.

So he was Xie Quan.


Ji Cheying returned to the police station, he found a police officer and asked, “Can you find out the records of the recent entry and exit of the city?”

The officer froze for a moment at Ji Cheying’s thunderous question, shuddered, and hurriedly put down the instant noodles he was about to eat and said, “Yes, yes.”

Ji Cheying frowned. “Please pull out the last three months of entry records for me.”

The officer hurriedly responded, “Yes, I’ll get right on it!”

At the same time, Ji Cheying contacted Henry, who had been assigned to keep an eye on the downtown residents’ office. “Henry, where is the information on Yan Bai that I asked you to investigate before?”

Henry replied, “Major General, I’ll send it to you right away.”

“Okay.” Now that they were in touch, Ji Cheying asked, “How’s your side? Any suspicious people?”

Henry sounded regretful. “Not yet, but…”

“But what?”

“Major General, your Mr. Xie came to the resident management office today.”

Hearing the unexpected information, Ji Cheying raised an eyebrow in surprise. “What did he go there for?” There was no denial of Henry’s name for Xie Quan.

Henry said apologetically, “I think he came to do business, but I wasn’t sure what he was doing, I just saw him go into the office.”

What was Xie Quan doing in the resident management office?

Ji Cheying was thinking when Henry added, “Besides, Dr. Tang was there.”

“Dr. Tang?”

“Yes, the same Dr. Tang Wenshao who treated the victims.”

It was him. Recalling the man, Ji Cheying frowned. Why was the resident management office so busy today?

“What’s wrong with him being there again?”

Because it was a public place, Henry’s voice was thin and buzzing, completely different from his usual loud voice. He replied, “He bumped into Mr. Xie, and then they left together laughing and talking, and seemed to know each other very well.”


Before Ji Cheying could say anything, Henry continued, “Major General, do you think there could be something between them? I saw that Dr. Tang was very concerned about your Mr. Xie, he was walking very close to him.”

“…” Ji Cheying was silent for a few seconds, and then his tone was cold as he admonished, “Lieutenant Colonel Henry, I asked you to detect enemy movements, not to watch a show.”

Henry’s spirit flinched. “Yes, Major General, I know I’m wrong!”

“Send me the information.” After saying that, Ji Cheying hung up the communication. Then he stared at the air in front of him, his eyes slightly narrowed.

Tang Wenshao and Xie Quan?

What the heck, what a mess!

The police officer in front of Ji Cheying who was retrieving the entry data suddenly felt a chill on the back of his neck, like a sharp mane on his back, yet he did not dare to turn around to look, and could only stiffen his body and continue his work.

What did he do wrong? How come it felt like Major General Ji was glaring at him?

The information was not difficult to transfer, but in nearly three months there were almost 100,000 people’s entry records, and copying this over would take a while.

The officer dared to turn around at this point. “Major General, what do you need these records for? Are you looking for someone?”

Ji Cheying, now reeling from the Xie Quan incident, stared at the dense information on the screen. “Yes, looking for someone.”

“So many, it’s not easy to find.” The officer smacked his lips.

What was the difference between this and finding a needle in a haystack?

Ji Cheying, of course, would not read through all of them.

If Yan Bai had really come to Noel City, he would not have used his own identity to enter the country. He would have faked or forged an identity. What is the best identity to fake and disguise?

Ji Cheying’s voice was calm and decisive. “Add the screening condition, enter alone.”

The first one, excluding those with relatives and friends around.

Remaining nearly 70,000.

“Non-work demand.”

Second, exclude those who come to Noel City for employment. Yan Bai was too proud to work under someone else.

Remaining nearly 20,000 people.

“No immediate family members in Noel City.”

Third, no matter if disguised or fake, it was not good to have immediate family members such as siblings and parents. Immediate family members were too close, easy to expose his identity.

Remaining nearly 5,000 people.

“Lives alone.”

Fourth, Yan Bai was a person with a secret, living alone was definitely safer.

This screening was not simply a matter of using entry records, but also of combining information from the resident management office.

So, the officer hesitantly said, “Major General, this may take a while, we need to request permission.”

Ji Cheying asked, “How long will it take?”

“It might take an hour.”

“Okay, screen and send me the information.”

“Yes, Major General.”

And that’s when the communication came from the hospital. It was Ji Cheying’s subordinate who was stationed at the hospital.

“Major General, one of the fire victims brought to the hospital yesterday has woken up, and he asked to see the police.”

Ji Cheying gave a sneer. “Who woke up?” See the police? He also happened to want to meet with them. Thinking of Xie Quan’s injuries, Ji Cheying’s eyes were as cold as frost.


Ji Cheying left the office and walked outside while he asked absently, “Why does he want to see the police?”

“He says he was attacked and that the warehouse was intentionally set on fire.”

Ji Cheying’s footsteps suddenly stopped and his voice calmed down. “Did he say who it was?”

“Yes, he said the person’s name is Xie Quan,” the officer over there heard the silence from Ji Cheying’s side and he asked for instructions with some confusion, “Major General, now…?”

Ji Cheying’s eyes sank and he finally spoke, “Keep an eye on him, don’t do anything, I’m coming over to the hospital now.”

“Yes, Major General.”


As soon as he got out of the car and was about to go back to his apartment, Xie Quan noticed that there was someone standing in front of his apartment, it was Xie Yi. Xie Quan froze for a moment and suddenly remembered that Ji Cheying had told him that it was Xie Yi who had called the police.

It seemed that at that time Xie Yi went back to the restaurant and asked for him.

Xie Quan walked over and greeted him politely, “Hello, cousin.”

Xie Yi was standing against the apartment, and when he saw the injury on Xie Quan’s face, he was stunned for two seconds, and what he was about to say suddenly stopped there, and he could only ask with wide eyes, “What happened to your face?”

Xie Quan sighed silently in his heart. This was the bad thing about injuries on the face, everyone could see it, and everyone had to ask a question.

The next time anyone hits him in the face, he’d get angry.

Xie Quan smiled gently and his tone was as soothing as ever like the spring breeze. “Got hurt by accident, it doesn’t matter.” To prevent Xie Yi from asking further questions, Xie Quan changed the subject and said, “Did you come to see me for something?”

Xie Yi looked at Xie Quan’s colorful but still handsome face, he mumbled for a few seconds, it seemed difficult to open his mouth.

Seeing Xie Yi’s difficult look, Xie Quan was tempted to say, “If you can’t say it, don’t say it.” He wanted to go back and lie down.

But in the end, Xie Yi still said what he had been wanting to ask. “What did you mean by what you said at dinner yesterday? Is it true that our family robbed you of your property?”

Xie Quan blinked, so he deliberately turned back to the restaurant yesterday just to ask this?

Xie Quan asked suspiciously, “Didn’t Xie Dongye and Janice say anything to you?”

Xie Yi shook his head. “Even after I left yesterday, I asked them, they only told me to leave it alone and said you were lying, but…”


“I don’t know if I should believe them.” Xie Yi was clear about his mom and dad’s temperament, they must be hiding something.

Xie Quan looked at Xie Yi with a persistent look. He could not help but slowly ask, “If you know the truth, what are you going to do?”

Xie Yi was stunned.

Xie Quan asked again, “What are you going to do?”

Xie Yi looked at Xie Quan and found that Xie Quan’s eyes, which had always been calm and unruffled, were precipitated by a seemingly ghostly blue hue of sadness, but also as if they could see through time.


Xie Quan’s tone was indifferent. “Some things do not have to get cleared.”


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Thank You for the new chapter (。’▽’。)♡

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Is Tang Wenshao the villain? This is like watching a crime drama, where one sometimes questions if the facts are all too perfect. What if he treats people under the radar too and knows of XQ for other reasons. Or, he’s simply the baddie!
JC perturbed for purely non-police reasons. As good as any though.
Will XY be able to overlook what his parents have done?
Thanks for translating and editing.

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Indeed what can you do XY? Maybe he will turn out good to XQ!? Now I’m more curious about the doc! Thank you for the translation and editing ❤️

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This of a good example about how seemingly unrelated instances can make a person appear guilty.

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