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Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: Kiramekineko, SpringBreeze


Although he was rescued by Ji Cheying, Márquez still suffered from burns, and his body was now wrapped in bandages. His alpha constitution allowed him to wake up quickly after the operation, and to feel the pain more acutely. His voice was also damaged by the smoke, and he could barely speak. But even so, he still struggled and persevered to use his mouth and the hoarse voice to convey his will.

Even if he just vocalized, the vocal cords were filled with a tearing pain. Since his brain function was damaged by the electric shock, the control of his muscles became very difficult.

He wanted to take revenge.

He wanted to tell the police that Xie Quan was a murderer and an arsonist.

He wanted the police to arrest and sentence Xie Quan!

He wanted to see Xie Quan get his comeuppance!

After struggling to express his wishes to the officer standing by, Márquez looked at the hospital ceiling and laughed out loud, like a broken toy.

Xie Quan, he didn’t die, God didn’t let him die!

God gave him the chance to take revenge!

He must drag Xie Quan to hell with his own hands!

As Márquez waited expectantly for the police to arrive and imagined the misery of Xie Quan’s imprisonment, the door to the hospital room was finally pulled open. He craned his neck with difficulty and turned his head to look, his eyes full of dark joy.

But when he saw the man who entered, he realized that it was not the policeman he had expected, but someone unexpected. The man was dressed in a simple T-shirt and pants, as casual and downbeat as he had been when they first met.

It was the man who had come to Xie Quan’s aid when he had gotten in his way. He remembered that the man’s name was Ji Ming. Then, Márquez saw the officer standing next to him as he gave a military salute to Ji Ming with full respect.

“Good day, Major General Ji!” The officer gestured in a voice like a bell.

Márquez froze, his bloodshot eyes wide open. Major General Ji? He is a major general? He made a few hoarse noises with difficulty, “You… You…” 

Ji Cheying gestured to the officer next to him, saying, “You go out first.”

“Yes! Major General!”

The door of the ward was closed again, leaving Ji Cheying and Márquez alone in the room.

Ji Cheying walked over to Márquez’s bed, and instead of sitting down, he stood by the head of the bed and looked down at Márquez. After sweeping his cold gaze from head to toe, he spoke in a thin and sarcastic tone, “Hello again.”

Márquez stared at him, not knowing whether to believe it or not, and asked, “You…who is…the bottom…”

Wasn’t he a poor beta? How could he be a major general?

Ji Cheying clasped his hands, not in the mood to pay attention to Márquez’s knowing question. “Don’t you have something to say?”

Márquez’s pupils tightened for a moment, even if he was electrically dumb, he knew that this man’s relationship with Xie Quan was not ordinary. In that broken voice, he said angrily, “I… I want to see… the police!”

Ji Cheying heard him and sneered. He looked at Márquez with cold eyes. “I’m busy, I don’t have time to listen to your bullshit. If you don’t talk, then you should never talk.”

Márquez glared angrily at Ji Cheying. “You… This,.. is… breaking… the law…”

Ji Cheying raised an eyebrow. “Breaking the law?” He stated without haste, “Márquez Dewey, formerly known as Dan Barker, B-grade alpha, joined the army five years ago, however, during his time in the army, he repeatedly broke the rules and regulations and became a deserter when he finally had to go on a mission to the border because he was afraid of death. Came to Noel City incognito two years ago. During his stay in Noel City, he repeatedly swindled money from his relationships, amounting to hundreds of thousands, and committed many other violent crimes. With accomplices, illegal trafficking, rape, and obscene videos. Most of the videos are evidence of your atrocities.”

He looked at Márquez with a contemptuous gaze, as disgusted as seeing a fly. “Scum like you simply do not deserve the protection of the law. Moreover, as a deserter, you should have been court-martialed, and if I were to dispose of you here and now by court-martial, no one would say anything. Now, do you understand what position you are in?”

Márquez did not expect Ji Cheying to have investigated his case, but after a moment of despair, he quickly thought better of it. What was he afraid of in his present condition? He grinned silently, and then he said with difficulty, “Yes, I am…guilty. Guilty… You… Sue me… Turn me… hand me over…to the… The police… I… don’t care anyway… He… He’ll stay with me…” His eyes bulged up. “He… Xie… . Xie Quan… He… Also, a criminal!”

Ji Cheying said expressionlessly, “Xie Quan is just a victim of your kidnapping.”

“Bul… Bullshit!” Márquez thought of what Xie Quan had done, and now what he himself had suffered, his hand clenched into a fist. “He! He attacked… We… And then… Set fire to, burned down, the warehouse! It was…him! He did it! He made me… So… He wanted to… kill… me…”

A tearing pain came from his vocal cords, it nearly stopped him from continuing, but the power of hatred made him overcome it.

Ji Cheying questioned, “Xie Quan is weak and you are an alpha, how could he attack you?”

“He… used… electric shock… I don’t know… But it was him!” Márquez recalled the situation, “He… Controlled… The robot… Electricity… And then ignited… the warehouse.”

Márquez spoke intermittently, but Ji Cheying got the general idea. But how could Xie Quan control the electricity in the warehouse?

According to the marks on Xie Quan’s body, he was still in a situation where his hands were bound, so how could he do what Márquez said?

Ji Cheying felt that there was no point in listening any further, and was about to turn around and leave when Márquez suddenly said, “I know… You, like him… But he’s a criminal, just like me!” Then he laughed.

Ji Cheying’s footsteps left and he turned around to look at Márquez again.

Half a second later, he suddenly remembered something and asked, “What were you planning to do by kidnapping Xie Quan?”

Seemingly not expecting Ji Cheying to suddenly ask about this, Márquez was silent for a few seconds, but not knowing what came to his mind, he looked at Ji Cheying and smiled lewdly. He smiled wickedly and said, “You… Go look at it, the video… No, you’ll see.” His gaze was quenched with a malicious light, like the fangs of a poisonous snake.

Márquez had wanted to see Ji Cheying in pain, but he had underestimated the extent of Ji Cheying’s anger, and his smile quickly froze on his face, because in the next second, a sudden, landslide like S-grade alpha pressure suddenly exploded, filling the ward and oppressing everything in the room.

Márquez was unprepared for a moment, swallowing back the mouthful of blood caused by the aura.

At this time, the man’s cold voice once again sounded, he asked word for word, “What have you done?”

The S-grade pressure was like a life charm for Márquez at this time, pushing him to the brink of death. The fear of high-level alpha engraved in his genes made him shiver and answer, “I… I didn’t do anything… I didn’t do anything…”

Ji Cheying asked gently, “Did you not do it, or did you not have time to do it?”

“No… I didn’t have time…”

The officer outside the door also felt the sudden burst of pressure, and a cold sweat seeped down his back, wanting to ask what was going on, but not daring to open the door. Such a pressure made it difficult to move at all.

And physiological resistance. Not willing to approach that door, not willing to approach that room. However, the officer who was still dutifully guarding the door could only look at the door, not knowing what the patient inside had said to anger Major General, and only expecting Major General to soon calm down and put his pressure away.

After three minutes, the pressure disappeared and the room door was pulled open.

A cold-faced Ji Cheying stepped out from inside.

“Ma- Major General, what just happened?”

Ji Cheying said chillingly, “Call the doctor, don’t let the person inside die.”


When Ji Cheying left, the officer walked into the ward, only to see the burned patient inside had rolled under the bed, his hands twisted and unconscious. Thinking of Ji Cheying’s instructions, he rushed to ring the emergency call bell.


As soon as Ji Cheying left the hospital, he received the final screening report from the police officer. After borrowing the authority of the resident management office, he compared the residence information of the people who had recently entered the city and finally screened a total of 1,329 people.

It was a lot less than the initial 100,000 people, but it was still a lot of work.

Sitting in the car, he remembered what Márquez said, and suddenly remembered what he had decided when screening Yan Bai, who was a person with a secret and would not be too close to others.

Ji Cheying’s heart suddenly tightened.

He searched through the remaining 1329 people and, as expected, he found Xie Quan’s name.

What a coincidence.

Xie Quan had also come to Noel City in the last three months. He entered the city alone, with no father or mother, no immediate family, only an uncle whom he hardly ever met, and was currently living alone and without a job. Not only that, but also has the ability to repair machinery beyond the ordinary. And he was familiar with the rules of the underground world.

Ji Cheying suddenly remembered the cold, murderous gaze of Xie Quan when he met the other person on the street. That was not the kind of gaze a person growing up in a peaceful world would have. It was the gaze of someone who was used to life and death, or who had contempt for life and death.

Xie Quan.

Yan Bai?

Ji Cheying opened the investigation record sent by Henry about Yan Bai, the words in the file flashed rapidly in his eyes like fluorescent light.


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September 7, 2022 6:25 am

Thank You for the new chapter (。’▽’。)♡

September 7, 2022 9:14 am

Things didn’t go at all as Márquez expected. What a low life though. His future is far from comfortable. Perfect conclusion for such a character.
JC has connected the dots; what will he do about his suspicions and how will he proceed when they are confirmed? Cannot wait for more!
Thanks for translating and editing.

September 7, 2022 9:02 pm

Can’t wait to find out what happens next! JC connected the dots! Márquez got what was coming to him! Thank you for the translation and editing! ❤️❤️

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Mc left some crumbs not expecting anyone, esp ml to connect the dots 😭😆 kudos to ml!! Was ablw to make first move instead of mc divulging.. Or escaping immediately 🤭 And poor mc, getting deep in the eye of the conspiracy storm. Ml also deepening his care for mc 😏 then love kekkeke

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