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Chapter 49: Heartbeat Signal

Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: Kiramekineko, SpringBreeze


Although it was said that in the matter of visiting the Mechanical College, everything had to stand aside. The next day, Xie Quan was ready to go to the address that Tang Wenshao gave him. He had searched for the address on the star network, but the address was protected and could not be searched on the star network.

Even Xiao Bai had encountered obstacles, because the encryption was from the military. If he forced his way through, it might attract the attention of the military, so Xie Quan had to give up. He called a taxi, took a chance, and typed in the address on the destination.

But as expected, the taxi’s artificial intelligence system refused. “Dear passenger, the address you have entered is under the jurisdiction of the military and is a restricted area, so you cannot go there.”

Xie Quan didn’t feel bad about the failure. He didn’t even think he could go to an address he couldn’t find online, and he had some information.

Under the jurisdiction of the military?

Does it mean that it is the military headquarters?

Xie Quan thought for a moment, he quickly changed his words. “Go to the nearest place to this address.”

The intelligent system quickly calculated the nearest place that could be reached, but because the address was encrypted, the intelligence system could not get the exact coordinates, and could only bring the person to the place outside the restricted area.

Without getting out of the car, Xie Quan sat in the car and looked at the forbidden place—every part of the perimeter was guarded by soldiers, and a huge building the size of a hill on the vast land was like a steel beast creeping on the ground ready to pounce. Even though there was still a lot of distance to go, it still felt intimidating.

Surrounding it were needle-like trees and dozens of exercise yards.

He was laughing in his mind.

I never thought I would be so close to where I wanted to be yesterday.

Yes, the mysterious address was inside the military headquarters where Xie Quan landed yesterday.

Xie Quan looked at the heavily guarded military headquarters, but in his heart he was even more puzzled.

Why did Tang Wenshao write the address of the military headquarters on the back of the genetic test book? Did it mean that there were their people in the military headquarters? If so, what kind of level of power have they reached now? And what exactly do they want to do?

The vehicle carried Xie Quan back, Xie Quan looked out the window of the rapidly receding landscape, a burst of tingling pain in the skull. He leaned back and tilted his head, closed his eyes, and relieved himself of the pain.

If the group really wanted to do something with what happened back then, what should he do?


Ji Cheying hadn’t been idle in the past two days, preparing for his military school classes, dealing with a bunch of military affairs, and going home at night to study the great subject of how alpha and beta communicate with each other in depth during a physical encounter.

To his surprise, it was really different between beta and omega. There was also a big difference in the things to take care of in bed. For example, in order to take care of the beta’s emotions, don’t nibble on the back of the neck. For example, the reproductive cavity in the beta was not like the omega, which was ready for conception at the beginning, and needed to be catalyzed several times before it slowly matured and opened under the influence of alpha pheromone, so until then, no knots could be formed in the beta.

Also, because betas do not possess the pheromone that soothes alphas, one must restrain one’s impulses during the alpha susceptibility period and stay away from one’s beta to avoid injury to one’s beta.

The list went on and on.

This made Ji Cheying glad that he was lucky to have studied carefully.

Otherwise, when the time comes to carry a gun to the battlefield, treating Xie Quan as omega would have been a big thing.

The effect of studying was remarkable, but sleeping at night was not very pleasant, especially those bursts of beautiful and lingering dreams, so he almost did not sleep all night, just running to the toilet to solve personal matters.

So on the morning of the day he went to the academy, Xie Quan saw Ji Cheying’s eyes were much deeper than usual because of the heavy circles under his eyes.

Xie Quan observed Ji Cheying’s state for a while and was puzzled. “Are you so excited to go to the military academy for lectures?”

Ji Cheying did not even want to see Xie Quan right now. After all, as soon as he saw the other, his mind showed him strange things, so he tilted his head, with his arm over his eyes, and his voice dark. “Too excited.”

After all, he was young and vigorous, hot and fresh.

There was the person who tempted him all the time next to him.

Xie Quan: ???? He thought he was excited enough, but he lost.

First Imperial Military Academy was the officer reserve of the imperial army, and most of the officers in the imperial army graduated from First Imperial Military Academy.

Ji Cheying was no exception.

The reason Ji Cheying wanted to bring Xie Quan to First Imperial Military Academy was not only to make Xie Quan happy, but also to let him see his alma mater.

In the rare moments when Major General Ji was still a student, he thought about what kind of person his partner would be and what he would like to do if he had a partner. Going back to his alma mater with his partner was a good way for the unromantic Major General Ji to go out at that time.

First Imperial Military Academy was located in the eastern part of the empire, separated from the main city by a river, and after driving across the bridge, there was the campus of First Imperial Military Academy.

The buildings of all ages were staggered, and the tree-lined sidewalks were lined with students wearing the white uniforms of the military academy as they hurried through the buildings.

Some students were sitting on benches under the shade of trees.

Xie Quan got out of the car and looked around with his eyes slightly squinted because of the sunlight.

Ji Cheying was helping out with a class today, so instead of wearing the intimidating major general uniform, he was wearing a suit. But because of the weather, he took his jacket off and held it in his hands, and the sleeves of his shirt were rolled up to his elbows, revealing the strong, but not thick, muscle lines of his arms.

Standing next to Xie Quan, he looked nostalgically at his alma mater, then lowered his head slightly and asked, “What do you think of this place?”

Xie Quan said in an emotional tone, “It’s good.”

It looks like a paradise for learning.

If he could study here he would feel very happy and joyful. Knowledgeable professors, thriving students, ample study materials, and a stable place to study.

Turning his head, he met a complicated line of sight and looked at the man who was frowning with his head down. He recalled that he didn’t seem to have said anything wrong, how Ji Cheying looked like he had eaten something wrong.

He asked, “Did I say something wrong?”

Ji Cheying’s lips moved slightly, and finally he sighed slightly, “It’s okay, I’ll take you to the Mechanical College.”

Xie Quan asked, “Don’t you have to go to class?”

“It’s just as well to take you to the Mechanical College, there’s no hurry.”

So, Xie Quan walked slowly all the way to the Mechanical College. Ji Cheying did not mention anything about the school on the way, but only briefed Xie Quan about the buildings along the roadside, which were teaching buildings.

The Mechanical College was worthy of the name, in the building upstairs, several large gears were turning, driving the building’s several floors to slowly move.

There were also a lot of robots, and a few of them were wiping on the big gears.

Ji Cheying admonished, “I heard there’s a Mechanical College event today, if you’re interested you can go check it out, I’ll come find you after class.” He lowered his head and looked at the time. “Almost two hours, if you encounter anything, just contact me by terminal.”

He had already entered his real terminal information into Xie Quan’s terminal earlier. However, Xie Quan was already looking at the Mechanical College in front of him with glowing eyes, just like a child who came to the playground, and he said perfunctorily without looking at Ji Cheying, “Got it, go ahead.”

“…” Ji Cheying was helplessly silent for a few seconds. Resisting the urge to drag him away to class with him, he turned around and left.

The class he was going to was in the mecha department, which was next door to the Mechanical College, which wasn’t very far.

First Imperial Military Academy’s School of Mechanics was the number one ranked mechanical school in the country.

There was a living fossil of mechanical history, Professor Mwai, and a group of mecha engineers. The Empire’s Mechanical Research Institute was basically contracted by the professors and students of the Mechanical College.

This was the dream college of all mecha engineers.

Although Xie Quan did not think so, for a mechanically obsessed person, there were too many things to explore here. Take, for example, the exhibits displayed in the lobby upon entering.

Oh oh oh, the design of this power unit was very interesting. The designer was bold enough to reduce the cooling tubes of the chassis, so it was completely possible to raise the power up by two or three gears.

Eh ~ the nerve fiber simulation was very aesthetic, but unfortunately not very practical.

Because of watching too intensely, Xie Quan tilted his head and walked, suddenly hitting something cold.

Before he could react, there was a weak cry from what he ran into. He lowered his head and saw a girl wearing a military school uniform sitting on the ground, and her things were spilled all over.

Realizing that he had accidentally bumped into her, he knelt down and picked up her things while saying apologetically, “Excuse me, are you okay?”

The girl looked up at the word. It was an extremely beautiful girl with willow eyebrows and apricot eyes. Between the eyebrows with a sense of pitiful timidity, and the pair of watery eyes fixedly looking at Xie Quan, was her ivory white face with two hues of red.

The next second, she turned her head with a handkerchief covering her mouth and coughed a few times.

Xie Quan was startled and asked again, “Are you okay?”

Was she really knocked over because of him?

The girl was coughing and waving her hands, until her breath stabilized, she said, “I’m fine.”

By now Xie Quan had already stood up, picking up all the things in his arms, he bent down and extended his hand to the girl, then said, “The ground is cold, let me help you up.”

Xie Quan’s voice was as clear and gentle as a trickle of water, and the girl unconsciously held a breath in her chest, carefully put her hand on it, and then used the force to stand up.

With her face still red, she said boldly, “My name is Lilith Noria, may I ask what your name is?”

“Xie Quan.”

Lilith looked at the other party wearing a T-shirt and slacks, and she took her things from Xie Quan. “Thank you, you don’t seem to be a student of our school?”

Xie Quan thought this girl was really polite, it was obvious that he had bumped into the other party, instead she thanked him.

What a good kid.

Xie Quan nodded his head and smiled slightly. “Yes, I am not.”

Lilith waited for a moment and found that the other party had no intention to continue. Although she had always been introverted, at this moment she still reluctantly continued to ask, “That, is, then what is Mr. Xie doing here?”

“I’m…hanging out.” After thinking for a moment, Xie Quan found a slightly more relevant word.

“Hanging out?” Lilith was puzzled for a second and then understood. “Is it a visit?” she cradled her belongings in her arms, her tone soft and gentle, “Does Mr. Xie like machinery?”

Xie Quan nodded without hesitation, a smile blooming in his eyes. “Very much.”

Lilith gently covered her mouth, her face flushed like a fire cloud, her heart beating like a drum in her chest, and she asked hot-headedly, “I’m, I’m going to watch today’s mechanical regular competition, would Mr. Xie like to go see it?”

Xie Quan smiled, his mind suddenly recalled Ji Cheying’s “event” before he left, was that what he was talking about? He asked, “Regular competition? What is it?”

Lilith explained, “It’s a weekly mechanics competition that lasts for an afternoon and it’s very free. It’s really just a theme that we all find to play with, but there are a few professors sitting in each time, and at the end, they will judge the ranking, and the works in the showroom are the winning works of the weekly competition.”

Xie Quan’s voice rose slightly when he heard that. “Yes, please.”

Lilith was overjoyed. “No, it’s my pleasure.”


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