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Translated by lickNick of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: Addis


The winter gourd house stood there in silence just like the mountain. It looked like a shiny big piece of jade. Not until noon did the door of the winter gourd open. Gu Wen Zhu walked out with a satisfied expression. He turned to look back at Xia Yi who was still fast asleep. He closed the door carefully, preparing to hunt for lunch.

When the two rabbits had been roasted golden wafting with the meaty aroma, Xia Yi walked out with his nose wiggling. Xia Yi’s hair was messy with a few strands still standing. His voice was lazy with prolonged pronunciations which indicated that he just woke up, “It smells so good.” 

“It’s hot. Don’t touch it. Go and wash up. I have boiled some water for you in the stone pot. Come back and eat after washing up.” Seeing him trying to grab some meat, Gu Wen Zhu swiftly moved the rabbit meat away.

Xia Yi held that pot of hot water and walked towards the woods. Right after he had cleaned his face, he heard a rustling sound above him. He looked up and, to his surprise, he saw two colorful Chinese copper pheasants. He wanted to creep away and called Gu Wen Zhu, but, because of this, the Chinese copper pheasants saw him as well and sensed danger, thus they flapped their wings to fly.

With this in his mind, Xia Yi became nervous and stretched out directly to catch those two pheasants. He did not expect himself to lift up in the air when he was reaching out, feet away from the ground, his body floating as his wish. He blocked the way of those pheasants, grabbing them in their wings at lightning speed, then slowly landed on the ground.

When he was standing steadily, he was stunned and froze on the spot. His heart was pounding fast. His mind could not figure out what had just happened.

“179. Didi you see that? I think I just flew.” Xia Yi’s expression was filled with unbelief, “Did I really fly?”

“Congratulations. Host. According to my confirmation, your cultivation level had already passed the golden core stage and had entered the spiritual baby phase.” 179’s voice sounded excited too.

“Is that so? This is okay. It’s like people good at studying got promoted for their good grades from third grade to fourth grade. Right?” Xia Yi replied in a light tone.

“It is not a small accomplishment. Host. Do you know how many people there are who forever got themselves stuck at the golden core stage?” As a knowledgeable cultivation system, 179 felt shocked. “If you haven’t eaten that much carrots and onions, and Gu Wen Zhu’s cum, you can’t even skip levels. You would be lucky enough to not need to repeat your third grade.”

“Yi. What are you up to? The meat is ready.” Gu Wen Zhu’s voice rang from behind. He walked this way, with a stick of rabbit meat in his hand.

“Zhu. I can fly. I can fly.” Xia Yi turned to tell him merrily. He just let go of those pheasants carelessly.

“Host. That is not flying. You are only floating. And there is a time restriction. If your spiritual power is used up, you will fall. It’s exactly the same with that winter gourd.” 179 was afraid that Xia Yi might take him to walk in space somehow and hurriedly reminded him.

Gu Wen Zhu looked around, seeing a big old tall tree. He could not see its topmost part which went straight into the clouds. After some thoughts, he grabbed the meat with one hand and Xia Yi’s hand with the other. He then jumped slightly towards the top of that tree.

Xia Yi felt that his body was light and he was already in the air, taken by Gu Wen Zhu. The wind howled beside his ears. The leaves and the branches passed through in front of him. In a few seconds, he was on top of the tree’s highest point. He looked right and left in astonishment, then he looked at Gu Wen Zhu, “Zhu. You know how to fly too?”

Gu Wen Zhu found a thick branch to sit down with him, lifting the meat to beside Xia Yi’s mouth, he smiled, “Right. I have known this for some time. But I was afraid you might be scared and didn’t tell you.”

Seeing Xia Yi’s sparkling eyes with his legs swinging in the air back and forth, Gu Wen Zhu chuckled with a low voice, ripped a rabbit leg to stuff it into Xia Yi’s mouth.

The clouds passed by them. The birds circled them. The two sat on top of the tree and shared the meat. Gu Wen Zhu summoned his magical hoe when Xia Yi had put away his winter gourd house. They did not have to wait for long, only for an hour. By that time, the magical item dashed out from the thick layers of clouds and they saw the floating islands of Qi Shan.

Just when they had arrived at the Wang Zhu House, a shadow pounced on them. Kirin bumped itself into Xia Yi’s arms, making him fall with its head pushing, then he began licking him carefree.

Xia Yi rolled around with Kirin hugging its neck, but then he heard Gu Wen Zhu asking him in puzzlement, “What is that?”

“What?” Xia Yi looked up in confusion. He looked at the direction Gu Wen Zhu was looking at and stood up with widened eyes in shock.There was a black line in the sky. It was as if a thin ink pen had drawn on it. With the black line growing thickening, there was as if a black drape covering the sky.

That drape was moving in the air, towards Qi Shan.

With the distance between them closing, Xia Yi found that the outline of that drape was growing and shrinking as if an infinite number of wings were there. He looked closely and found that it was not some drapes. It was hundreds of birds gathering, flapping their black wings together to create a drape-like effect.

“What is that?” Xia Yi was flabbergasted, saying the same thing as Gu Wen Zhu.

“Xia.” Qing Zhou, who was very tall, walked into the yard with a serious face and panted voice. He exhaled in relief when he saw Xia Yi in the yard.

“Qing Zhou. What is that in the sky?” Xia Yi pointed at the birds in the sky and asked.

Qing Zhou glanced at the sky, then answered sternly, “Xia. The evil people from the demonic world are coming. All of us in this sect have to fight them. No matter what happens next, stay here with Mr. Gu. in this yard. Don’t go anywhere. But you need not worry. The area of Qi Shan has been enchanted by our immortal honourable leader. The elders are going to activate the magical circle so that the enchanted area can be separated from the outside. Men with low levels of power cannot break into this enchanted area.”

Xia Yi was stunned upon hearing this, he pointed towards that drape of black in the sky, “Those are the evil people from the demonic world?”

Qing Zhou nodded. He wanted to say something but a sharp noise from the sky interrupted him. With a few banging sounds, colorful fireworks blew off in the air and transformed into a huge pentagon.

Xia Yi had seen this pentagon firework before on the night he arrived here.

After the explosion, countless Qi Shan Sect apprentices gathered in the sky. This must be the signal for them to fight.

Qing Zhou saw that sign in the sky and showed a stern face. He did not have the time to say anything more. He only told Xia Yi not to run around and went out from their door and dashed towards the houses in front of him.

At this very moment, those birds were already pressing against the gate of Qi Shan.

The huge wings blocked the sunlight, flapping near the ground, swapping and causing strong breezes of wind, making the trees at the gate bent themselves.

Apprentices flew from everywhere of the Qi Shan main island and the supplementary islands. They were all in long blue gowns and wearing jade crown accessories on their heads. All of them flying in the wind.

All the magical items flew around in the sky at the same time from left and right, making Xia Yi’s eyes too busy to capture all the movements in the sky.

It was normal to see whisks and swords. Something like what Qing Hui had was not usual.

But it was peculiar to see someone riding on a feather duster, or a heavy water tank, or those kinds of windmill which kids play with. There were all kinds of weird items.

“179. Looking at these, my winter gourd looks pretty ordinary.” Xia Yi sighed.

“Host. I think it is not ordinary at all. With all these kinds of magical items, which one of these has the rider inside it?”

Gu Wen Zhu turned and pulled Xia Yi into the house.

Can’t he see this in their yard even if he can’t see it in the front row? It was such a big fuss.

Xia Yi begged immediately, “Zhu. Let me look at this for longer. Just a little bit longer. Wait until they fight. Okay?”

Gu Wen Zhu hesitated. Xia Yi quickly swung Gu Wen Zhu’s arm, making him say resignedly, “If there is anything wrong, you have to come back in right away.”

Xia Yi hurried and nodded. Then he began to make more requests, “Let’s watch this at the front door. The view is not clear here.”

Then, he pulled Gu Wen Zhu, who did not have the time to incline, to go out from the arch door and hid behind a bunch of bamboo.

Kirin was following them discreetly, hiding itself behind some bamboo and lying down.

“179. If they really fight, there would be some dangerous attacks flying around. In order not to be harmed, would you happen to have some sort of protection that I and Zhu could hide inside?”

“Yes. I can give it to you.” 179 answered directly.

How is this system not rejecting him? Xia Yi was expecting to have the need to persuade, scold, and even black mail him. However, he just gave it to him.

“Does your protection work?” Xia Yi doubted.

“Of course. Our protective layer was made of carbon fiber and had passed the 3C test. It can stand against plenty of rocks and branches.”

Whatever. He should not expect this system to function normally.

All the people flying in the sky above Qi Shan. It seemed like they were flying blindly in the air but they were actually doing it in a pattern. Although they flew in all directions, the colors were clearly separated and they never met each other.

When they had finally stopped moving and were floating steadily, Xia Yi discovered that they were separated into a few dozens a pack and spreaded in nine directions, trapping the people of the Qi Shan Sect tightly. There were a lot of Qi Shan apprentices at the gate which was facing the birds. Among them, Liu Si Qian and Cheng Meng on their gourd and compass were at the very front.

The apprentices had set at their position and the two raised the swords in their hands to point them at the sky. With the swords being lifted in midair, two white strands of Qi went right into the sky above them. A few other strands at other spots appeared as well. All of them gathered at one point in the air. As the different Qis blended together, a transparent layer grew from the ground and closed up at the topmost part, creating a large area inside. It was with a radius of a few dozens of miles, including all the Qi Shan apprentices and the buildings inside.

“This is what Qing Zhou was talking about. That enchanted area made by the immortal honourable leader Ciang Yi, right?” Xia Yi was excited with wide opened eyes.

Tut. Tut.

This looks so much more promising than that 3C test proof thing of 179’s.

Liu Si Qian, with the gourd under his feet, moved a few meters forward and shouted with a low voice, “Who is here to invade Qi Shan? What for?”

The black birds began to spread in front of the gate, leaving a three head eagle in the middle. As the eagle flapped its wings and descended, Xia Yi finally saw clearly to find a man in red on top of it.

The fabric of the red clothes seemed so soft that it almost looked like an organza dress swaying in the wind. If it were the other guys who were dressing this way, Xia Yi would have felt that it was an eyesore. However, the skin of this man, who was on top of that bird, was so fair, and his hair was so black, with his peach eyes which were hard to tell if they were opened or closed and had their ends pointing slightly upwards, that made him look soft and beautiful.

That person, with a lazy vibe, could be a man or woman. This person was working those strong red clothes perfectly.

The whole Qi Shan Sect was deeply shocked once that person showed up. Everyone took out their weapon and prepared themselves for battle.

One of the younger apprentices shouted out uncontrollably, “Red clothes? Is this not the demonic leader Jie Shang?”

All the other apprentices covered his mouth when Jie Shang glanced this way, “Quiet. Don’t let that devil hear this.”

Those words were spoken in a trembling voice, showing how scared they were.

Liu Si Qian was stupefied to see Jie Shang as well. He exchanged looks with Cheng Ming, then his face became gloomier and serious, “What business does the demonic leader have at Qi Shan? Although our immortal honourable leader was not here, we still have hundreds of apprentices, countless of them are at the foundation construction stage. There are also plenty of them who are in the spiritual baby phase. And we are not even talking about the elders yet, who were in high levels. No demonic leader should hang around casually.”

Jie Shang heard and smiled.

This smile was alluring, making the flowers ashamed of themselves. Some of the apprentices with less determination dozed off, open-mouthed, when they saw this.

Those apprentices of higher levels who were shaken mentally still managed to said discreetly, “Evil.”

Behind the bamboo, Xia Yi was shocked because of that person’s beauty, “Zhu. This person is the demonic leader. He seems so young. But we can’t tell the ages of a lot of cultivators just like that Ciang Yi. Is this demonic leader pretty?”

Gu Wen Zhu did not make a sound, so Xia Yi elbowed him, “Zhu. I am asking you. Is he pretty?”

Still no answer.

Xia Yi tilted his body slightly to look at him. Gu Wen Zhu was staring at that man in red with a confused expression.


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