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Translated by Vivian of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: Addis


The man opened his eyes and saw Wen JingHan, wearing pajamas and standing blankly in front of the closet. He sat up and drawled, “What are you thinking about so early in the morning?”

Wen JingHan frowned. “I was thinking, why do you always make the designer prepare sets of clothes you’ve arranged for me to wear?”

“Mn?” The man thought about it. “Do you know why Barbie dolls sell so well? There’s a sense of accomplishment and satisfaction of seeing one’s dolls be dressed up so prettily.”

Wen JingHan turned around, and his gaze swept over a certain part of the man. “Sorry, it turns out that you’re a lady that likes dolls.”

The man laughed quietly and shook his head. “You don’t understand, it’s called having fun.”

“Hmph, you really are a pervert.”

“If I wasn’t a little perverted, then how could I have gotten a hold of you?” The man’s dark green pupils dilated a little, and he stepped off the bed. “Come, let your master dress you up, my darling doll.”


“Ah, boss, you’ve gone for a western college style today~” DingDing’s eyes were bright as she looked at Wen JingHan, who had just entered.

Wen JingHan, who was holding a straw of his milk tea in his mouth, snorted.

“The boss’s aura today isn’t right, he seems to be showing signs of losing his temper soon.” Chen QiaoYu flounced over and covered the mouth of DingDing, who didn’t seem to be scared of death.

“Lose his temper?” DingDing blinked.

“You joined rather late, so you haven’t seen it. When the boss loses his temper, it’s very destructive. Cherish yourself and stay far away from him,” warned Chen QiaoYu.

“Where’s Guan Jin?” Wen JingHan asked impatiently as he suddenly walked out of his office and stood in the doorway.

“Uh… Guan Jin hasn’t come yet. Yesterday, he said that he has some special mission, so he might not come today…”

“What about Lin Bai?” Wen JingHan was impassive.

“He, he went outside with Le Fan… They said that they had a lead…” DingDing trailed off, and everyone else looked away, pretending as if they didn’t hear anything and buried themselves with work.

“Le Fan?! They’re office staff, why are they going outside to follow leads?!” Wen JingHan’s voice was slightly louder.

“Haha, hahaha…” DingDing forced a weak laugh.

Wen JingHan was silent for a while before he turned around and went back into his office. What the hell was this?! What kind of strange soldiers had he raised? Wen JingHan suddenly laughed out loud. Was this what that saying, the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree, meant?

“Our boss is inside laughing by himself…” DingDing was terrified.

“The current situation is unknown, so don’t disturb him. You’d better focus on your work.” Gu Xiang helplessly flipped through some papers. Ah, there were always those few days every month…


Guan Jin, who had innocently skipped work, put his hands on his throbbing head as he struggled to open his eyes. An unfamiliar ceiling and curtains came into focus.

What happened? Where am I? Guan Jin’s brain was just beginning to start, so he was still very sluggish.

Could he have… died again… Guan Jin frantically raised his hand and looked at it. It was still those slender, fair hands; nothing had changed. At this time, recollections of last night began coming back… He seemed to have sat down with Min Yan and Lu YunYang and drank some wine: one glass of cocktail, a small glass of whiskey, and then, then… There was no then. Had he really passed out just from two glasses of alcohol?! What kind of physique did this Guan Jin have?!?!

No strength, no height, no appearance, and not even any alcohol tolerance… Guan Jin cradled his head and felt like crying.

“You’re awake?” Lu YunYang had silently appeared in the doorway again, and he was holding a cup in his hand.

Guan Jin looked up in resignation and looked at the man who always appeared out of nowhere.

“You got drunk yesterday, so I could only bring you home. How do you feel? Is it still uncomfortable?” Lu YunYang sat on the edge of the bed and handed him a glass of water. “Here, drink some warm water. I asked QianHe to make some congee. You can wash up and then come down to eat a bit.” This time, his tone was gentle like a spring breeze, which was quite scholarly.

“Ah, thanks,” croaked Guan Jin.

“No need to be so polite. Little Jin, your alcohol tolerance is surprisingly small. And, your body is very pale and not very muscular, you really don’t look like a police officer. Do you have a clerical job? You need to work out more, or else it’ll be very dangerous if you encounter a criminal,” Lu YunYang advised sincerely as he walked to the door.

…Guan Jin noticed that he wasn’t wearing his own pajamas. Pale, not very muscular… I must be very drunk to think that this beast is professor-like!

Guan Jin changed and walked downstairs. Lu YunYang was already waiting for him in the dining room.

“Mr. Guan, please try this scallop congee I made.” QianHe carried a very refined- and exquisite-looking congee to him.

“Thanks.” Guan Jin hesitantly picked up the spoon. He rarely drank congee, since he thought that it was runny and tasteless.

QianHe sat down at the other end of the table and smiled as she looked at him. Although Guan Jin had a lot of former lovers, they all treated him very well. The other party was a girl, so he should probably save her face and try the congee. Moreover, he was quite hungry.

“Even Michelin three-star chefs praise QianHe’s porridge.” Lu YunYang saw that Guan Jin couldn’t stop drinking the porridge, and he raised an eyebrow at QianHe.

“I’ll go to the office first.” QianHe got up and left happily.

“…Mr. Lu, your maid is really high-grade,” Guan Jin said sourly.

Lu YunYang laughed. “I can’t afford to hire a maid like her. Actually, she’s my assistant at the research institute. Her name’s Mu QianHe.”

“An assistant? That lives together with you?” asked Guan Jin, as he forced himself to cast aside his gossipy curiosity.

“You think too much. I’m related to QianHe. She’s my cousin’s daughter, so she’s my cousin once removed. She came alone to City S to work, so I naturally couldn’t let her live outside by herself, and there’s a lot of space here anyways. QianHe is a very traditional girl, so she likes to clean the house and cook meals, which is why she takes care of the household chores around here,” Lu YunYang explained patiently.

Who wants to know this much? Guan Jin thought disdainfully.

“Little Jin, you always go to the Zilan Clubhouse, could it be that a case is involved with it?” Lu YunYang asked abruptly.

Guan Jin looked at him, unsure of what his intentions of asking that so straightforwardly were.

“This is confidential information that can’t be disclosed to the general public. And don’t call me Little Jin!”

The “general public” raised his hands. “Sorry, I spoke too much. But, Guan—— Can I call you by your name?”

“Whatever!” snapped Guan Jin.

“Guan Jin, you’re quite a special person. You look fragile, but your gaze and mannerisms are full of strength. You carry out your duties as a policeman, yet you also continuously break the rules, seeming to be scumbag but also with pure intentions. Over the years, I’ve seen a lot of people with split personality disorder, but I’ve never seen someone as contradictory and confusing as you. It’s as if…” Lu YunYang continued slowly, “your small body is holding a very large soul…”

Crash! A spoon flew towards Lu YunYang and brushed his ear before it collided with the wall.

Guan Jin narrowed his eyes and pointed at the person in front of him. “Stop using those foolish things on me. I’m warning you, if you can’t watch your mouth next time, be careful I report you for malicious defamation, and we can have a chat at the police station!”

Then, Guan Jin stood up and stormed out without even looking back, leaving behind only a stunned Lu YunYang.

The door was slammed fiercely, and the shocked expression that had stayed on Lu YunYang’s face for a little too long was wiped away. He got up and picked up the spoon with interest. Had he struck a chord? It seemed that there was something wrong with this amnesiac police officer. His boss really was keen at having seen that something was off. However, the process of uncovering the secret seemed to be quite interesting, and this person, that was like a rabbit that was anxious but pretended to be calm, was pretty cute.

‘Rabbit’ Guan Jin walked onto the street, his heart racing. That damned psychologist had actually nearly seen through him, and although he was confident that no one would believe such a nonsensical thing as a soul transfer, there was still some level of risk of being exposed. Sure enough, psychologists were his nemeses, and he would definitely be on guard around this person next time. Well, it was best if they never encountered each other again! Or… wouldn’t it be safer to just kill him? Guan Jin had lost all reason, and he had even completely forgotten his golden rule of never killing someone outside of work.


“How many times have you gone there?!” Le Fan asked sternly.

“Just… two or three times.” The other person wiped away their cold sweat.

“What did you go there to do?!”

“I went to meet with friends or entertain clients…”

“What kind of meeting, what kind of entertainment? Have you ever engaged in illegal entertainment?” Le Fan’s eyes were cold behind his glasses.

“Illegal? How?! Little Fan, ever since I met you, I’ve devoted everything to you, and I’ve never even flirted with anyone else,” Jin MaiLong said innocently.

“Ever since you met me?” Le Fan thought about this phrase and suddenly slammed a fist onto the table. “Then you’ve done it before? Good, you playboy even dares to come provoke the police. Little Bai, close the door and get the Anti-Pornography Unit!”

“…Le Fan, we’re not at the police station, there’s no Anti-Pornography Unit here… And aren’t you straying off topic…” Lin Bai was careful to stay far away from the fuming Le Fan.

Le Fan turned his cold, steely gaze towards him, and Lin Bai immediately shut his mouth. Ah, ever since Guan Jin had lost his memory, he had become the weakest one in the team.

“Then let me ask you, there’s really no special services in the Zilan Clubhouse?” asked Le Fan after calming down.

Jin MaiLong shook his head like a rattle drum. “No. I’ve never seen a cleaner clubhouse than them.”

“Then… can I trust you?”

“Definitely! I can deceive anyone, but I would never deceive you!” Jin MaiLong didn’t let go of any opportunity to express his feelings.

Le Fan thought for a moment. “There’s a good opportunity for you to redeem yourself and atone for your crimes, so listen carefully.”

“Okay, okay.” Jin MaiLong nodded vigorously.

“Go to the Zilan Clubhouse.”


“Be an undercover agent for the police.”

“Mn—— Huh?!”


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February 5, 2021 5:42 am

Jin MaiLong, jiayou! For Le Fan your wife, ah, (*´-`) i mean husband, i mean husband.

*failed to dodge flying spoon*

February 5, 2021 4:17 pm

Ayyy guan jin, don’t be so obvious….

February 6, 2021 3:44 am

This psychologist… 🎵You’re the dangerous kind🎶 and Guan Jin seriously lost his composure. Le Fan is about to do something a police officer shoudn’t ever do: involve a civilian. Thank you for the chapter!!!

February 18, 2021 9:07 am

This story is more and more enjoyable 😂 i’m completly hook on this

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So hooked on this story, its really really good! Lu Yung Yang appears to be the ML! Still not sure, still having the boss in the back of my mind, as that mysterious partner seems to grate on his nerves at times… hmmm???

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The ML scale seems to lean more and more towards LYY but WJ still has some potential. That whole doll thing though was kinda sus.

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