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Translated by Vivian of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: Addis


“You suspect that there’s a problem with the neighboring house?” When Wen JingHan heard Guan Jin report the situation, he frowned slightly.

“No wonder it’s awfully clean in there, there’s a special place for hiding the illegal business,” remarked Chen QiaoYu.

“Boss, why don’t I get to the bottom of this?” Zheng Fei offered eagerly.

Gu Xian shook his head disapprovingly. “Don’t act so rashly.”

“What do you think?” Wen JingHan suddenly asked Guan Jin.

Guan Jin rubbed his chin. “If Min Yan has nothing to do with this, I don’t believe that people would use his place and keep him in the dark. If he does have something to do with this, then why would he purposely find me and expose himself?”

“It’s strange no matter how you look at it…” Zheng Fei sat back down.

“Don’t think about these things for now. Little Bai, quickly go investigate everyone who stays in the house next door and its current situation. As for what method you use, don’t report it to me, just take care of it yourself.” 

Lin Bai grinned widely. “With that last sentence, it’s as good as done.”

Lin Bai turned around to face his computer and raised his hands in anticipation. Suddenly, Wen JingHan said coolly, “What clue did you and Le Fan find?”

“Uh…” Lin Bai balked, and didn’t dare to make eye contact. “No, nothing. Actually, Le Fan went to meet his lover, and he brought me along as a scapegoat… Really!”

“When did I ever have a lover? How come I don’t know about this…” Le Fan had entered the Special Cases Unit office without Lin Bai noticing.

“Aha, hahaha…” Lin Bai inwardly wailed at the sky; he really couldn’t offend anyone.

“Boss Wen, I happen to be looking for you.”

When everyone else saw Le Fan and Wen JingHan enter his office, they left and started to work. Guan Jin was a little bored, and he walked over to Lin Bai, watching him clack away at the keyboard.

“Little Bai, you really are quite skilled.”

“What do you mean, I really am quite skilled?! Little Guan Jin, you’ve disappointed me!” Lin Bai pointed at his own nose, his expression distraught. “I’m the bureau’s, wait no, the Law Enforcement Agency’s, wait no, the entire world’s top expert!”

This exaggeration is a little too far, right? Guan Jin’s expression became even more doubtful.

“Hmph, a small villa is nothing, I can even hack into the Ministry of Public Security, the Ministry of National Security, and the United States’s Pentagon! Ah… maybe not the Pentagon… Anyways, as long as there’s internet, then there’s nothing that I, Lin Bai, can’t find, no secrets that can get past me.” Lin Bai patted his chest.

“Then can you also do this without leaving any traces?”

“That’s the most fundamental, or else…” Lin Bai sneakily looked around and then lowered his voice to say, “or else I would’ve been reported and arrested a long time ago.”

A hint of excitement flitted past Guan Jin’s eyes, and he patted Lin Bai on the shoulder. “That’s perfect. If you’re free tonight, I’m going to go to your place.”

“What- what do you want to do?”

“I’ll make you dinner.”

“Wowww, Little Guan Jin, after you got amnesia, you’ve become so caring for your colleagues and gotten into cooking.” Lin Bai’s smile was like a flower.

Ah, how can people who can be bribed by one meal survive so long? Guan Jin thought silently. If Lin Bai’s skills were top-notch, then he could make use of them. Moreover, he wouldn’t leave any traces, so no one could find him. Guan Jin was practically playing 4D chess.


“Young Master Jin, you haven’t come in so long, this is a rare occasion. Please, come in.” Du Sheng just happened to be at the clubhouse’s entrance, welcoming people in, when he saw Jin MaiLong with two bodyguards swaggering towards him.

Jin MaiLong lifted his chin and strutted in. Actually, he was very nervous, and the camera hidden in his watch and the mini recorder in his pocket were like two bombs, making him feel uncomfortable. He had never thought that he would find himself in this predicament, and in case he had to sacrifice himself, he wondered if Le Fan would weep in sorrow. 

“Give me the bottle of wine I stored here last time,” Jin MaiLong said to a server as he walked into a private room. Then, he turned on the high-quality speakers, turning up the volume of the symphony that was playing.

After about an hour, a server went to find Du Sheng. “Manager, Young Master Jin wants you to come.”

Du Sheng frowned. “What? Did you guys offend him again?”


“Young Master Jin, were you looking for me? How can I be of service?” Du Sheng smiled politely.

Jin MaiLong was holding a glass of wine as he looked Du Sheng up and down: This guy looked very polite and refined, full of the aura of a senior manager. How come he doesn’t seem like he would be involved in some secretive pornography entertainment business. However, the more refined people were, the easier it was for them to become perverted, because they had suppressed it for too long, so perhaps…

Du Sheng saw Jin MaiLong staring at him, his expression changing and complicated. The corners of his eyes twitched and he asked, “What is it, Young Master Jin?”

Jin MaiLong tapped his chin in dissatisfaction. “Say, Boss Du, this clubhouse of yours is so boring. Everytime I come, I either just smoke or drink wine and listen to music. And listen to this!” Jin MaiLong pointed at the speakers.

Du Sheng was speechless, and he silently mourned for the world’s famous tenors for a second.

“We have an essential oils spa and a small bar in the back, so if you’re bored, you can go there and relax. Or, you can dance with the other guests.”

“I spent all that money just to come to take baths and dance?”

Everyone else comes mainly to socialize and maintain their connections with the upper class. There’s not a lot like you, who just want to have fun, Du Sheng complained silently. However, he still maintained his polite front. “Young Master Jin, we provide the most high-end goods and services to ensure that our guests can feel at home, and——”

“Enough, enough, don’t say these useless things. Say, Boss Du,” Jin MaiLong suddenly beckoned for him to come closer, and when Du Sheng leaned over, Jin MaiLong continued mysteriously, “there’s no fun in that anymore, but if you have something, then bring it out, don’t pretend.”


“You must have connections. Find me a few people to drink wine with me and have some fun with. You can’t even fulfill this small of a request?” Jin MaiLong was a little dissatisfied now.

Du Sheng straightened up. “Sir, please wait a moment.” Then, he turned around and left the room. A few minutes later, Du Sheng walked back in. “Young Master Jin, you have our highest level of membership, so we’ll do our best to fulfill your requirements. Please wait a moment.”

Jin MaiLong was nervous and excited, and he thought, Good, it appears very clean on the surface, but sure enough, there’s still some concealed things going on. Hmph, this time, because of my great contributions, Le Fan will definitely view me in a new light, feel grateful, and devote his body and heart to me… When the two bodyguards saw their boss’s expression ripple and that he was practically salivating, Le Fan’s cold image appeared in their minds, and they knew that it was just wishful thinking…

Soon afterwards, Du Sheng returned, and two delicate and handsome boys trailed behind him. Jin MaiLong’s gaze brightened, but Le Fan’s face flashed in his mind’s eye, and he immediately sat in an upright posture. He cleared his throat and said, “Boss Du, these are part of your private collection?”

“Very funny, Young Master Jin. How would I dare to have a private collection? I asked someone to find these, and they’re obedient and clean, so please enjoy.” Du Sheng was still maintaining his professionalism, even though he was saying such pimpy things.

Jin MaiLong thought for a moment before waving him off, saying, “Boring. Okay, you can go.”

Du Sheng nodded and retreated from the room, closing the door as he went. The two boys looked at each other and immediately smiled as they closed in on Jin MaiLong.

“Young Master Jin, would you like some wine?”

“Eat a fruit, I’ll peel it for you.”

Jin MaiLong was coquettish, though he repeatedly told himself, I’m undercover right now, so of course my acting needs to be realistic, or else they’ll see through me…


Thump! A pen holder flew over Jin MaiLong’s head, grazing his scalp.

Crash! A flower pot nearly landed on his foot.

Jin MaiLong dodged the projectiles agilely as he begged for mercy. “Stop throwing things, it’s very dangerous! Little Fan… I-I’m not a professional, so if I occasionally can’t get any useful information, then it’s understandable, right? Ahh, careful, that’s your future——” A pair of scissors flew past, brushing his crotch.


“Not professional?! Hmph, you seem to be quite professional, being so frivolous.” Le Fan’s eyes flashed coldly behind his glasses.

“I was just acting…” Jin MaiLong smiled apologetically.

“Acting? I’ve seen stupid people before, but never this stupid! Even if you were acting, you could’ve at least gotten a clear picture of them, yet you’ve given me nothing!” Le Fan was fuming. Before Jin MaiLong had gone, he had carefully explained how to use the camera in his watch, yet this idiot had forgotten to raise his hand in the right way.

“It’s my first time…” Jin MaiLong said, aggrieved and miserable.

“That’s enough. Mr. Jin being willing to help us is already pretty good, and it’s not like we didn’t make any progress.” When he saw that they had truced, Wen JingHan walked in.

“Our opponent is relatively cautious, so it’s not very possible for us to get it on the first try. Show the pictures of the missing boys to Mr. Jin and see if those two boys are part of them. Also, Guan Jin, since Le Fan doesn’t do field work, you can follow up on this too. I’ll go with Zheng Fei and the others to arrest Wang BingKang. If you don’t have time to notify me of something, then you can make your own decision.” After Wen JingHan finished speaking, he nodded towards them and walked out.

Guan Jin looked at Jin MaiLong, who had been unsuccessful and disliked, in amusement, and he decided to protect this source of entertainment. He said quietly to Le Fan, “No matter how much of an idiot he is, he’s willing to risk it and be a spy for you, shouldn’t you at least smile at him?”

Le Fan wrung his hands uneasily and put aside his pride to glance at Jin MaiLong. He asked uncomfortably, “Are you thirsty? I’ll go pour you a cup of water.”

“Okay!!!” Jin MaiLong jumped up, revitalized, and started rambling again as he walked behind Le Fan.


Unicellular organisms really were strong; they could recover instantly from any attack, and Guan Jin felt a little envious.


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