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Title Spoiler 1 !

Translated by Aphelios of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: KarateChopMonkey



“What nonsense is this?!” The Yuling disciples only saw Brother Xiaoshen erupt in anger and pointed at Yang Su, “Which Lanyu lineage are you claiming to be? Bullshit!” 

If it was past, this sort of water clan would have been caught and roasted. 

——He was a pure and innocent dragon, who only just got a bride this year. Where the heck did this big dusty grandson pop up from? Such injustice! 

Lord Yang Su has boasted himself so much that even himself thought it was real now. All the water clans in the world bragged about this as well, it was just that he was more concrete in his bragging. So far, he hasn’t met anyone who took this seriously (there were some who gossiped in secret). What got the Yuling Library Master so stirred up?                                      

The flood dragon Jiao clan were bad tempered beings. If the dragon clan was not around, they thought that they were the big boss amongst the water clans and thus were extremely proud. They were only previously willing to speak to these disciples because they were from the Yuling clan. 

“Impudent! Don’t be rude to the King!” The East Lake officials all yelled. There was no need for Yang Su to say so personally. 

The Yuling disciples did not show weakness either. They placed their hands on the spirit tools and exclaimed, “Back off!” 

We shall protect Brother Xiaoshen’s dignity! 

Although they wouldn’t unnecessarily create trouble, it didn’t mean that the Yuling disciples were afraid of trouble. The Library Master was half a teacher to every disciple in the Yuling Sect. Even if he tolerated these remarks, they most certainly could not tolerate others bullying their Library Master. 

What’s more, Yang Su’s own self-boasting was enough as is, he dared to state that Yuling owed him a favor. How laughable. In Daomi’s words, it was drawing a nose on a paper as large as the city gates 2 – what a lot of face! 

Daomi curled his lips in distaste and said in ridicule, “Our Yuling Library Master has erudite knowledge in all areas and is proficient in history – that is a well-known fact in the world. I’m afraid the sect history that you were taught is inconsistent from actual history, and that was why Teacher was ‘rude’.” 

There was no way the white sea turtle was not familiar with the lineage of the dragon clan. Brother Xiaoshen must have been fed up with their bragging. 

Lord Yang Su did not feel embarrassed in the slightest and said, “Everyone has his own opinions. You’re all too angry. Don’t think I’m afraid of the Yuling Sect.” 

He confidently blamed the other party for their bad temper. 

The two sides drew their swords and their bows for a moment and confronted each other. 

The little flood dragon Jiao was frightened by the scene and burst into tears. He was still young and easily scared. 

The turtle grand chancellor said a few words to Lord Yang Su, and Yang Su touched the little flood dragon Jiao’s head. “Your lord I have other business to attend to, and care not to continue arguing with you today.” 

Daomi also whispered to Xiaoshen, “Brother Xiaoshen, we still have to head to the human towns, so let’s forget this for now.” 

“Fine.” Xiaoshen looked at Lord Yang Su and thought that while Yang Su could outrun a loach, he wouldn’t be able to escape the palace 3 . So, he wanted to be a muddled grandson, right? I’ll remember you. 

Everyone left harsh words and headed in the opposite direction. 

Xiaoshen and his party went to the human’s settlements, took one look, and thought it was a close call. 

The people of the town all escaped one after another. It was a huge mess and cries could be heard everywhere. 

The Yuling disciples divided into two groups, one group tried to draw the flood away, while the other helped the humans escape to high grounds. 

There were crowds and crowds of people here, nearing a hundred thousand. As soon as they saw the cultivators descended from the skies, they all bowed down in reverence to the gods.

For mere mortals, these cultivators were already thought of as immortals with boundless power. This was why one of the twelve stages of cultivation was called ‘Fly to the Immortal’ (seventh). This wasn’t an actual ascent to the heavens, but because for many cultivators who reached this stage, they would be able to achieve magical godlike skills in the eyes of mortals and greatly prolong their lifespan. 

Xiaoshen helped the Yuling disciples to lead the water back to the right channel. 

These disciples were the best of the best selected by Xie Kurong. They had thought that the Library Master’s spiritual power was not profound at first and that he usually used illusions and brute force more. They didn’t expect that when it came down to controlling water, he was better than everyone else. He really was worthy of being a white sea turtle. 

When it comes to lineage, white sea turtles and the dragon clan were much closer than the flood dragon Jiaos of unknown generations. It was no wonder that he turned his nose up at the Jiaos of the East Lake. 

This change of geography took up too much spiritual power, and everyone but Xiaoshen all had to take turns. Xiaoshen was the only who was able to continue to support it throughout. 

——This was a great lake and of course Lanyu Lake was also a great lake, and much bigger than this one. Although a prohibition was casted onto Xiaoshen, which caused him to be unable to fully use his powers, he was still able to rely on the innate talent of the dragon clan and his experience in office, thus he was in his element compared to the others. 

As the water receded slowly, the flooded fields were gradually exposed. 

On the verge of success, Daomi suddenly pointed to the distance and said, “What’s that?” 

A dark cloud was approaching, overwhelming and threatening. 

Xiaoshen squinted and said, “Wasn’t this the loach from before?” 

Why did Lord Yang Su come again? Previously, he went in the opposite direction and went back to his East Lake. 

Daomi began to worry, “He’s not coming for us, is he?” 

Everyone was already running out of strength with no time to recuperate. If they fought now, they would surely be at a disadvantage. 

Daomi, you jinx! They only saw a black cloud in front and a flood dragon Jiao head emerged shortly. He thundered and said, “Shameless imbeciles! Return my son’s pearl!” 

Inside this dense mass were his water palace’s subordinates as well. This huge show of force was in support of their lord. 

Those humans were terrified upon seeing the large ferocious flood dragon Jiao suspended in the air along with his shrimp soldiers and crab generals, who all looked like they were looking for trouble. 

The humans didn’t know why the flood happened. When they saw the large flood dragon Jiao, they thought the flood was caused by Lord Yang Su and begged for mercy. 

A Yuling disciple frowned and said, “My lord, why do you say that? Since we separated, we have been here providing disaster relief the whole time. Besides, don’t you flood dragon Jiao clan all secure your pearls by yourselves. How in the world can we get a hold of them?” 

The flood dragon Jiao clan all had a habit of using the sky’s resources and the earth’s treasures to refine their Jiao pearls, similar to that of the cultivator’s alchemy. It was claimed that if they swallowed the pearl after refinement, it could increase their dragon aura, becoming closer to a dragon, and in the end, can even turn into a dragon. Of course, that was what the flood dragon Jiaos said. No one knew whether it was true or not and the formula of each flood dragon Jiao was different. 

Yang Su anxiously circled in the air, “Your king just rested but for a moment while my son played around nearby when the Jiao pearl disappeared without a trace. This is right next to the East Pole and there are no cultivators within a hundred miles – with the exception of you all. Furthermore, we parted ways in the midst of an argument. If it wasn’t you all, then who else is there?” 

To be able to steal the little flood dragon Jiao’s pearl in front of him was not an easy task in and of itself, which was why he immediately thought of these people. 

The Yuling disciples all looked at each other. This really was what one would call a black pot dropping from the heavens. 4 . He didn’t keep watch of his treasures and now he’s blaming us for it just because we had an argument. 

“We truly have nothing to do with it. If it were us, we wouldn’t be here waiting for you to come. You can try looking for it yourself.” 

Yang Su gave a low roar, and made the water droplets jump all over as he impatiently said,  “Who else could it be if it isn’t you all. My son is in urgent need of the Jiao pearl in order to increase his lineage cultivation…” 

His subordinates commented with fear and trepidation, “My lord, there’s no aura of childe’s Jiao pearl here. Maybe it really has nothing to do with them. How about we look for it again.” 

The tiny and thin flood dragon Jiao, who was hidden in the dark cloud as well, also timidly said, “Father, let’s just forget about it.” 

Yang Su said, “My child, you don’t know that your king father began refining this Jiao pearl before you were born. It is extremely precious.” 

The more Yang Su thought about this, the angrier he got. With another long roar to vent out his anger, his tail swept up layers upon layers of waves that destroyed the nearby fields. 

This movement was so big in the eyes of these mortals that nearly a hundred thousand people started to flee for their lives in fear of being affected. No amount of shouting could stop them. 

“My lord! This area is currently undergoing a flood disaster. Please don’t make it worse. We may be able to help you look for it once the disaster here is settled.” The Yuling disciple said loudly. 

Yang Su looked back and they all saw his eyes flushed red in anger, “Shut up! Who knows whether or not you all took it. You humans are the most cunning of them all. I have heard for a while now that there are human cultivators who would steal the Jiao pearls to refine pills of immortality.” 

The Yuling disciple held back his anger and said, “My lord calm down. These mortals are innocent.” 

Yang Su’s eyeballs rolled and let out a sneer of indifference from his nostrils. His large body twisted a bit and commented, “What difference are they from ants?” 

It wasn’t only Yang Su, a water clan cultivator, but even some human cultivators did not care for mere mortals. 

It seems that after they’ve embarked on the road of cultivation, they believed cultivators were vastly different from those fragile mortal beings. 

The common practice in Yuling was different though. After all, since the age of Grandmaster Fang Cun, they would often save mortals in passing. Therefore, the Yuling disciples of today, regardless of who they were, looked at Yang Su with disapproval. 

They were also worried about the hundred thousand mortals, and thus were cordial to Yang Su in their speech. 

Yang Su became even more pissed off after being soothed. 

Even Xuan Wuzi couldn’t help but exclaim loudly, “My lord, have you ever wondered why the flood dragon Jiao clan couldn’t take the place of the dragon clan as the king of the water clans despite the fact that the dragon clan is no longer among the human world? That is because the Jiaos have neither virtue nor capability. Thus, even after the dragon clan had ascended to the heavens for over ten thousand years, humans still continued to offer their sacrifices to the dragon king, yet whenever the flood dragon Jiaos are mentioned, only the words ‘loathsome Jiaos’ are spoken!” 

This was the truth. The flood dragon Jiaos were known for their terrible temper and bad reputation. No one knew how many floods they have caused. 

The reason Yang Su refined Jiao pearls was because he wanted to turn into a dragon. However, Xuan Wuzi made this kind of comparison and harshly trampled him. Yang Su was so angry that his scales were about to blow up and he furiously roared, “Child, how dare you!” 

Xiaoshen on the other hand took an appreciative look at Xuan Wuzi and said, “You are unexpectedly well spoken.” 

Xuan Wuzi laughed. Although he was often beaten by Martial Uncle, one shouldn’t forget that he was once a candidate for the position of Library Master. He was well read, and when he scolded others, his words were based on reason and evidence, and were crafty and vicious all at once. 

Yang Su was indeed worthy of the name loathsome Jiao. His big yellow eyes turned their attention on those terrified humans. 

These Yuling disciples who came here to manage the waters were all highly skilled cultivators in their own rights. However, they still had to care for the humans…… 

“Good, good,” Yang Su muttered to himself, “If I’m not happy today, then none of you will be happy.” 

So what if they were from the Yuling Sect? He suddenly set off a huge wave in the direction of the mountaintop! 

Yang Su started the first strike. His subordinates of course would certainly not just sit around and watch, otherwise, they’ll be the ones in trouble.

Sure enough, the disciples of the Yuling Sect launched a series of actions to intercept the huge waves, as well as the attacks of Yang Su and his subordinates. They had plenty of experience in battle and were not scrambling in a mess in the face of danger. 

“Daomi, your cultivation is too low. Go and hide behind the Library Master. Library Master, please manage the water and protect them.” 

Xuan Wuzi urgently ordered the several people who were brought here by Xiaoshen and had little fighting power. “This Yang Su is really despicable. Taking advantage of others while they’re in danger. I don’t know whether Martial Uncle is finished over there or not… How hateful, if he was here, there’s no way this Yang Su could be so arrogant!” 

Everyone in Yuling all knew that Xiaoshen’s “shell” was hard and just now, he also revealed his talent in water. The great lake’s currents have not completely returned to the right path yet and still relied on Xiaoshen. 

“Go and peel his skin off!” Xiaoshen instigated and could only regret that he couldn’t do it himself. His current cultivation in reality was not as good as Yang Su’s, especially since he had to control the waters from the great lake. Otherwise, he could have still used illusions to screw with him. 

Xuan Wuzi smiled embarrassingly, “I’d like to…” 

One hit, two hits, the city walls collapsed under the battle. 

Yang Su had the upper hand this time. Originally, the Yuling disciples had spent a lot of spiritual power in order to save these people. Now they still had to protect these mortals and as a flood dragon Jiao, Yang Su’s own cultivation was extraordinary in its own rights. 

The cries and screams of these hundred thousand mortals reverberated the field. For them, this really was a fight between the gods. Bricks and stones could be crushed into powder, not to mention their mortal bodies. In fear of their own little lives, they prayed that the group of immortals would be able to defeat the evil Jiao. 

Yang Su had wanted to draw water from the great lake, but found that he could not move it. He looked at Xiaoshen, who stood in the distance, in hatred. He didn’t know what spiritual weapon the boy had that he could actually hold the water and make it unmovable! 

However, his flood dragon Jiao’s skin was so tough that he was able to knock down a large area of houses and trees with a flick of his tail. 

Xuan Wuzi was unaware for a while and that was enough for Yang Su’s tail to hit him straight on and he flew off. 

He got up and spat out a mouthful of blood. 

“Senior Brother, you should adjust your breath for a bit first!” Daomi stopped him and said in a hurry. 

“Haha, I can still hold on. I can’t let them get close to those mortals and knock them to death.” Xuan Wuzi replied. 

Looking at his bloody figure, Xiaoshen asked, “What if Shang Jiyu can’t make it, and you die first?” 

It was the East Pole Sea. Who knew how long it would take for Shang Jiyu to manage alone, and whether it could even be reversed. 

Xuan Wuzi was stunned, and then he freely laughed, “Even so, I have practiced cultivation for many years and my roots have been planted. I will take the form of a human again in the next life, so Teacher, go find me and bring me back to Yuling!” 

With that, he took up his cracked spiritual ruler and went forward again. 

Yun Ziran quietly sighed, “The heartless river has heartfelt lovers, and never forget those thousand lives. I had only gained the skill of longevity, but—” 

He gave Xiaoshen a bow, and no longer hid away in avoidance. He took out his sword and went to aid the others. 

“Brother Xiaoshen?” Daomi called out to him carefully, but he saw that Xiaoshen wasn’t in the mood to savor Daoist Master Yun Ziran’s new work and only looked down in deep thoughts. Then, he jumped into the water. “Brother Xiaoshen?!” 

Xiaoshen still had the sword left by Shang Jiyu below his feet. He was born with a smooth life, and had hardly encountered any danger. Even now, no one could hurt him. Yet, when he saw the Yuling disciples beaten, he was very unhappy. 

——They’re all mine to repay their debts to me. If anyone had the right to beat them, it would be me. 

His thoughts flashed in urgency and he thought of the last layer of the spirit bracelet, which could not be broken from the outside. Perhaps he too had to use the word ‘reverse’ to meet the requirement of the prohibition? 

What appeared to be a desperate situation in actuality is a chance to find a way out of a terrible predicament.

Yang Su did his best to aim towards those mortals. Upon seeing that the Yuling disciples were already weary from their straitened situation, he laughed triumphantly and said, “Let your lord I see how you’re going to deal with this!” 

He reached for Xuan Wuzi with his claw, yet at that moment, a soft sword flew toward them and twisted around his claw like pliable silver, restraining his movements completely. 

“Who?” Yang Su was surprised. 

When the disciples saw the Shanhe sword, they thought it was Shang Jiyu who arrived, yet they only heard a loud sound from the waters. 

Both sides looked toward each other, and saw that in an instant, the great lake burst into a whirlpool, and from it, a long living creature emerged. Compared to the giant flood dragon Jiao, this creature’s body shape could be described as graceful. Its two jade-like horns flew obliquely in the air as its scales reflected a sleek radiance like jade-colored waves, and its four sharp claws shone coldly in the air. 

All of a sudden, the world was shrouded in silence. It didn’t matter whether it was the human race or the water clans, no one could believe their own eyes. Finally, it was the mortals who reacted first and shouted out the name of this creature, “Dragon! It’s a real dragon!” 

Who said there were no longer dragons in this world! 

The cultivators had their ten thousand years impression overturned, and could barely think, much less believe their own eyes, but still, they had to believe it— 

The turbulent great lake immediately returned to its position. The surface of the water rose up in vertical waves and first poured toward the sky and then flew out in splashes, as if it was alive and was carrying out a special prayer. 

The lower level water clan cultivators rose in reverence inherited from their blood and did not dare to look at him directly. 

Yang Su was originally flying air with his flood dragon Jiao head held high, but at this moment, he unconsciously lowered his body and his head, and dared not to fly higher than the azure dragon, who was half his size. 

The Dragon King was in his rightful seat, and the river saluted him in welcome. 

The azure dragon stretched forward his head and lifted his chin with pride. The sword that had entangled Yang Su’s claw flashed a cold light and the entire flood dragon Jiao’s foot was neatly severed from its body; the Jiao’s blood poured down. 

The azure dragon stretched out his claws to grab the returning Shanhe sword that was still dripping with the flood dragon Jiao’s blood. Its dark jade eyes carried a familiar insolence that all of Yuling knew well. Its voice was even more so familiar as everyone looked on flabbergasted. 

“……The honored king? You really think you deserved the title king?”


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Translator Notes:

  1. Spoiler, meaning: Reveals His True Identity
  2. Meaning the large paper is not really a face, but he’s faking it. Just like the face (aka reputation/honor) he’s claiming.
  3. A riff of the saying: “the monk can run away, but the temple won’t run with him”, but with loach and palace. Meaning: you can run from problems, but you’ll have to come back to them eventually, because they will stay.
  4. The usage of the black pot means that a false claim was suddenly made and thrown at them.


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