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Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: KarateChopMonkey


Human beings need goals, ideals, and motivation to keep moving forward. If you don’t want anything, then you won’t make any progress, and you’ll be stuck in a circle where you can’t do anything.

Shen Si was a man who did what he wanted, but he didn’t want to become like this. He liked a quiet, ordinary life, alone or not, and he needed a bit of regular work time to keep himself going, even though he didn’t have a job now.

It may sound strange to have something like ‘controlling the ability to come out of the playfield at will’ as a goal, but it was Shen Si’s idea, and once he succeeded, he could rewind time after the playfield was opened, and then leave the playfield’s opening range.

This was a very promising goal any way you think about it.

“How to use your ability is your business. Even if you move time backwards, we will not notice.” He Xin handed the playfield information to Shen Si, “Before that, read this.”

After Night’s and Inspection Unit’s cooperation, the Inspection Unit’s playfield detection speed had increased significantly, and the accuracy rate was also much higher. This playfield had been sensed by Sun Zhi, although there were various problems during the process, the basic playfield information was still found.

Before Shen Si could receive the information, he retracted his hand the next moment. The person in front of him suddenly disappeared, and the surrounding was no longer a lawn, but a very narrow alley.

The alley was very damp and cold, probably because it had just rained, and the stones underfoot were wet. Shen Si withdrew his hand, and looked around strangely, then walked towards the entrance of the alley, but when he got out of this alley, Shen Si saw more alleyways with no end in sight.

Crack, the sky sounded with thunder. Shen Si looked up, heavy rain fell on his face.

It was raining.

Shen Si took two steps back and stood under the eaves before taking out his cell phone. He made sure it was the right time and put it back in his pocket. The rain was pattering and there was no sound around, it seemed he was the only one in the whole playfield.

Shen Si tried knocking on the door, but the door was locked from the inside, and no one could be heard at all.

What a strange playfield.

“There’s no one inside, and even if there is, it’s just a ghost.”

Shen Si jerked around, he looked behind him close by, where Jian Nian stood less than three meters away from him. The rain soaked through his clothes, but Jian Nian did not care, pale complexion with a thin body made him look as if, in the next moment, he would faint in the rain.

“Jian Nian?” Shen Si looked at him, “You were there?”

“Yes, after all, I was downstairs, but I didn’t expect Shen Si to come in even from that far away.” Jian Nian walked over with a smile on his face, and his pale face made the smile quite unpleasant, “Next time I will not let you into such a dangerous place.”

Shen Si looked at him, and after a moment he turned around and left straight away without the slightest hesitation.

“Hey, don’t leave me behind.” Jian Nian chased after him, he was like a pampered child behind Shen Si, “I’m really sad that you’re like this.”

“If you’re sad, don’t follow me. You should have known from the beginning that I didn’t intend to get back together with you.” Shen Si did not even turn his head, “Jian Nian, you should be a person with a clear self-concept, and not a fool.”

“Am I not worth a second chance?”

“Not worth it.”

Jian Nian gave a bitter laugh, then he slowed down to follow Shen Si, but also didn’t let Shen Si leave by himself. The rain was still drizzling, there were strange alleyways everywhere, so Shen Si was completely lost after seven turns.

No, he didn’t know the way from the beginning.

After hitting a few dead ends, Shen Si calmly stood still and looked at the wall, seemingly pondering whether he could leave if he tumbled out of here.

“Shouldn’t we get out of here first, rather than anything else?” Jian Nian took the opportunity to speak, “I’ve been around here for a long time before, how about following me this time?”

Shen Si looked at Jian Nian inexplicably, “Do you remember that you have a heart condition?”


“Fine.” Shen Si nodded, “If you know the way, lead the way.”

The rain hit the ground with a plopping sound, Shen Si kept his head down, but the rain soon soaked through his clothes and hair, water dripped down his chin and onto the ground, splashing a small water droplet on the green stone road. The further he walked, the more ordinary it became, as if the front was really where he left.

Shen Si looked up, walking in front of him was Jian Nian, who wasn’t walking too fast, but even with his back turned, Shen Si could still feel that he knew the way.

“You’re walking slowly.”

“Because I want what I feel now to last longer, because once out, you will leave immediately, right?” Jian Nian smiled back bitterly, “The last time I walked alone with you on the road was three years ago, and I haven’t even seen you since.”

Shen Si looked at him expressionlessly, “Is that all you can say to me?”

“Then what do you want to hear me say?”

Shen Si shook his head, lowered his head and continued to walk forward, his dark eyes devoid of emotion.

In fact, Jian Nian hated rain very much, he was born with heart disease and during rainy days he would find it difficult to breathe because of the lack of air circulation. In the rain, he would be even more uncomfortable, so once it rained, he usually would not go out, and no matter where he was, he would be hiding from the rain.

It rained on the night Shen Si and Jian Nian broke up, and the rain was so heavy that it caused Jian Nian’s aversion to rain to reach an extreme, and it even manifested in the dream playfield as acid rain.

In other words… Why would this Jian Nian walk so calmly in the rain and say random stuff?

Unless, of course, he was not Jian Nian.

Shen Si raised his head,  walked up to Jian Nian, then moved in front of him. Jian Nian didn’t even react and watched as Shen Si raised his fist and smashed it into him. Shen Si saw that Jian Nian was caught off guard with a surprised expression as he tried to resist, but time was suspended for a second, and when time started up again, Shen Si’s fist had reached his face.


Not the touch of a fist hitting flesh, nor the sound of a fist hitting flesh, Shen Si shook off the rain on his hand.

In front of him Jian Nian was like a piece of broken glass cracked in several lines. Even when shattered, he still had that frightened and panicked look as he stared at Shen Si, until he began to break into pieces like glass shards in the rain.

So, he was definitely not Jian Nian, Jian Nian simply wouldn’t show such an expression.

Shen Si looked at the fragments on the ground, and after a moment he picked out a blue bead from the pile of fragments and looked at the sky. Shen Si stepped on the glass fragments and turned to leave.


In another place, outside the playfield, Xia Leyu and Wu Qiu, who weren’t swept up by the playfield, were investigating the data related to it. Although they had sent some clues to He Xin in advance and they were sure that the people inside would come back safely, they were still worried enough to find out all the relevant information of the whole playfield.

“Wu Qiu, do you have any new clues on your side?”

“Yes, I… I’m still checking.” Wu Qiu hurriedly turned over the information in his hand, “There’s not much to go on right now, or what we knew before, this playfield will create fake people. These dummies will disguise as everyone’s friends, and then confuse the real people. In this playfield, there have been many times where the real and fake got mixed. Such tragic cases.”

Xia Leyu frowned, “What about the solution method? Is there one?”

“Probably kill at least ten… dummies, right?” Wu Qiu spoke in an unsure manner, “That, there’s another thing I’m a little concerned about.”

“Hmm?” Xia Leyu looked at her, “What is it?”

Wu Qiu handed the information she just saw to Xia Leyu, “Please look at this, this is a Survivor who has experienced this game twice with low odds, and he mentioned one thing. The second time he went to this playfield, he found that his teammate who died in the playfield last time turned into a dummy and came back. Moreover, he said that he had encountered Bai JunYi when he went through this playfield the second time.”

“Bai JunYi?” Xia Leyu’s eyes widened slightly, “Is that true? Is this the playfield?”

“I also think it is.” Wu Qiu’s voice was small as he hugged the documents, “The same playfield, plus Parasite. Can Bai JunYi keep his sanity in it?”

Xia Leyu sat at the table in silence, and after a moment he smiled, “Don’t worry, Bai JunYi and Parasite are not the only ones inside. Team Leader and the others are also in there, don’t worry, absolutely nothing terrible will happen. Let’s continue to look for information, let them solve the things inside.”

“Okay.” Wu Qiu nodded his head like a chicken pecking rice, and then continued to look up information.

Watching Wu Qiu continue to flip through the files, Xia Leyu closed his eyes and exhaled without a trace.

Almost all Survivors knew that God of Light Bai JunYi and Parasite did not share the same fate, but few people knew why. After the collapse of the world of unlimited flow, the Special Unit of Survivors conducted a comprehensive investigation, which wasn’t known to many people.

Bai JunYi once had a teammate, he and this teammate entered the unlimited flow world at almost the same time. They cooperated well, but their support stopped at this playfield.

In this playfield, everyone’s memory would be used against them, and dummies, almost indistinguishable from memory, would appear. In there, there were many tragic incidents, either because the wrong person was attacked by the dummy, or because of attacking a ‘dummy’ but accidentally killing the real person. But Bai JunYi and his teammates never mistook each other.

At the moment when the playfield was about to end, Bai JunYi’s teammate was parasitized by Parasite, who backhanded Bai JunYi like those dummies.

After being attacked, Bai JunYi was confused. He took for granted that his teammate was a dummy, and his counterattack was quick. Until the moment when blood splattered on Bai JunYi, he realized that the person in front of him, and the one who attacked him, was not a dummy, but his real teammate who was controlled by Parasite.

That was the first person Bai JunYi had killed in a playfield.

What Bai JunYi’s mood was, Xia Leyu didn’t know. But soon after, Bai JunYi took the God of Light’s godhood, and from then on he was no longer human, but a God.

God was somewhat of a cold name, but when all was said and done, wasn’t it suitable?

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March 14, 2021 11:10 am

Oh goodness, I hope nobody dies tragically in this playfield. Bai JunYi has had a sad time in the unlimited flow world.

Thanks for the chapter! ^^

March 15, 2021 12:13 am

Thank you for the great translation! I’m so nervous but also excited to what would happen in this playfield at the same time!

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Ahhh, that was a good punch! Now, Mr. Ultimate Playfield Cheat, go find your team mates! Also, I like Bai JunYi, please let him come out safely 😥

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No wonder Bai Junyi hates the parasite that much. That parasite is absolutely despicable

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Shen Si never stops thinking. Even if he gets tricked initially, he reasons it through.

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