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Chapter 13: Day and Night (END)

Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: Sulo

Somewhere in the secret forest, the figures in the sects of Kunlun Pass faintly moved. From the direction of the dense vegetation, it seemed that someone’s soft moans came quietly.

“Ha… No more… Ah… I can’t stand it… Woo… It’s going to be broken. I’m sore.. .Ha… So fierce… The big chicks of senior brothers are great… “

A beautiful looking sixteen-year-old boy was now in the wild with other strong men. He was only wearing a loose red robe, and his delicate white body was covered with purple kiss marks. Nowadays, the young boy was flushed and full of lust. A pair of tiny breasts were swollen from all the fondling. They trembled with the spasm of his body when he climaxed.

Now he was riding on a man with dark skin. His legs were tightly wrapped around his waist. His white and round buttocks were wringing his dark phallus. He was so forgetful that he wriggled his waist to make cock plunge deeper. Every time he pulled and inserted, he could hear the squelching sound. While the dark skinned man was lying there enjoying the initiative of the young man, occasionally he suddenly straightened up, and there was a rush of gasps. He did it to appreciate the young man’s lewd appearance due to the climax.

This young man was Ye Chi, who had been worked by his senior brothers day and night for almost two months. Now, he had completely fallen under the cock of men. Every day, two acupoints on his body needed to be filled with semen and cock to fall asleep. Eight months pregnant, his stomach was now bulging, which made the men braver.

They thought that the child in Ye Chi’s belly was Liu Lin’s, and they were holding someone’s wife who was also pregnant. This sense of treachery made the men’s cocks harder and more merciless when they did it.

Under the nourishment of Ye Chi’s milk, the sexual desire of the several people was greatly enhanced, and the appearance of their cocks were longer and thicker. Ye Chi’s body had also been developed and become more sensitive and obscene in such a life of sexual slavery. He was more and more resistant to exercise. He was not comfortable without being fucked every day.

In the early morning of this day, Ye Chi just woke up, and according to Li Yan’s order, he skillfully found his turn to enjoy senior brother today, licked the cock of the senior brother with his small mouth, and then took the initiative to step up and use the riding posture to wake the senior brother from his dream.

“Ha… So deep Ah… It’s too big… Senior brother’s cock is so thick and big…. My ass is going to burst… “

In this position, the man’s cock directly stabbed into the deepest place, and Ye Chi was so happy that his ass swayed and dawdled under the man’s crotch, hoping to eat the two balls. The hard and thick pubic hair between the legs of the senior brother made his buttocks itchy, and the pleasure surged up like the tide, which made him straighten his back and expose the hungry and empty flower in front.

Seeing senior brother gradually wake up, Ye Chi’s heart was hard to bear. A finger was inserted into the muddy womb, carefully and slowly expanded it, but the pink entrance to the womb was still compact even though it had been used many times. His jade penis had been blocked by a special spirit device, standing upright and moved by his other hand.

“Why, the ass in front is itchy, thinking of a man as a cock?”

The senior brother sitting beside saw that the back hole of Ye Chi contained a cock, and his fingers dug the front hole. He couldn’t help but humiliate him.

Ye Chi had long been used to the lewd words of the men. Someone said that he was suffering from the constant dry cock of senior brother, and his cool words were not easy. His toes were comfortably curled up, while shaking, and he continued to stick his fingers into the womb, and began to seduce the men around him.

The senior brother who was holding his acupoint was angry. He slapped Ye Chi’s fat and round ass hard, which made Ye Chi ache. He couldn’t help tightening his back acupoint, but it made the man under him sigh and get up more fiercely. The intersection of the two men collided violently, making a loud squelching sound.

“Do your cultivators know that you are such a whore?” Another senior brother couldn’t help but run his cock through Ye Chi’s wet hole. “Does the child in your stomach know that his father can’t live without a cock?”

That cock went straight into the womb mouth, skillfully grinding the fragile and sensitive uterine wall of Ye Chi, and the pleasant feeling of acid and numbness made him almost out of breath. Whimpering and shivering to reach a climax, the ejected fluid instantly wet his white and tender thighs, which made the whole person disordered.

It’s too long! How can it be so long? And the shape and size seem familiar?

“Ah, ah!!!! How big! How deep! Ah ah! Elder brother’s cock is going to kill me!”

Under the confusion of Ye Chi’s love, the body recognized the owner of the cock more than the brain. Since he was thirteen or fourteen years old, he had been fucked by his elder brother and kept in his immortal’s cave day and night for training. He couldn’t be more familiar with this cock anymore.

“Ha… kill you? This acupoint is really loose. I don’t have a brother like you… Only the crotch is a coquettish bitch that makes a living from the male elite!”

“Ah, ah! Mn! It’s too big! Ah, ah! Mn! It’s too fierce! Wuwuwu elder brother… Ha… Master! This little bitch is rotten… The little hole of this bitch… “

Feeling the body of Ye Chi become more stormy than ever before, Ye Wenci did not hesitate to release his desire of abstinence for more than half a year. He groaned out continuously until the climax. The semen from his lower body spewed out again and again, and his whole body was convulsed to welcome the first sperm shot into his body today.

While other people were watching them indulge in the wild, the disciples of the original Late Love Sect quietly appeared, killing other Kunlun Sect senior brothers, and then replacing them easily, so as to achieve the purpose of mixing into the Kunlun Sect.

Ye Wenci finally disguised himself as Li Yan, while those body and demon cultivators disguised themselves as the disciples. The men who had been empty for a long time looked at the appearance of Ye Chi’s two acupoints with semen on his face, and they couldn’t resist the desire. They rushed up and delivered their swollen big cocks to him one after another

Three months later, Ye Chi, with a big stomach, was sent back to Kunlun Sect. Ye Wenci secretly helped Duan Ziqing and Liu Lin think that the child was their own. Under the influence of Gu, they had no conflict with sharing their lover. Duan Ziqing was a demon. While doing Ye Chi, the three agreed to join hands to betray the Kunlun Sect. Ye Chi also helped in secret, and finally let a third of the Kunlun male disciples leave.

Of course, the way to help was to cross them and plant Gu.

Three years later, while being fucked, Ye Chi gave birth to a boy. The baby was irrigated with the semen of fierce men while in his father’s stomach. His penis was ferocious and huge, and he grew up sucking the milk that his father would spray when he was fucked.

When he was growing up, his penis grew bigger and thicker, and his sexual desire was huge. Compared with Ye Chi, he couldn’t get enough of it. He didn’t need to have cocks inserted in the ass all the time, and he’d have to work for ten and a half days to ejaculate. At the age of fifteen, it was something that no one else could match.

Ye Chi couldn’t stand such a huge thing wandering in front of his eyes anymore. He lured his own son into his hole, abandoning the secular ethics and tangled with his son, and even bore his son’s child.

Thinking that there would be countless big cocks who have been fed with semen since childhood like his son, Ye Chi looked forward to his son’s cock to thrust in, while licking the big cock in front of him with love. He didn’t know how long it would last, but now Ye Chi was satisfied and willing to sink into the crotches of countless men in the Sect.

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Shotacon desu ga
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