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Chapter 12: Senior Brother Cannot be Separated From Him

Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: Sulo

After Liu Lin fucked him that day, Ye Chi had an early class every day, and was caught by senior brother in the wild. Liu Lin’s phallus got Ye Chi’s lust for immorality, and the juice flowed out. The way back to the master’s immortal’s cave was full of erotic fluid, but in the immortal’s cave, Ye Chi was forced to work under the body by Duan Ziqing, who didn’t know it. Both holes were loved to the utmost, and finally he fell asleep with his master’s cock in him, covered with their semen.

During the morning class, Ye Chi couldn’t help playing with Liu Lin’s body. Although he liked Duan Ziqing in his heart, he had an admiration for his elder brother, and liked Liu Lin’s big cock, he also loved his apprentice Ao’s stupidity, and was addicted to the bravery of the monsters. Therefore, he had no intention of struggling in his heart, but was willing to degenerate into his carnal desires.

Ye Chi was held in his arms by his senior brother under the pretext of physical discomfort. His back was pressed against Liu Lin’s abdomen, and the chrysanthemum hole of his lower body, covered by his clothes, contained senior brother’s firm and hard cock, trembling to bear Liu Lin’s slow pulling and inserting, gritting his teeth and holding back his groaning. A pair of beautiful eyes were sad and tearful, which were pitiful. The wet womb was played by Liu Lin’s fingers wantonly, which made the squelching sound, and made Ye Chi continue to convulse. The coquettish meat tightly twisted Liu Lin’s fingers.

“Uh… Ha…Senior brother… so big… It’s too deep… Don’t… Will be found… Ah… Ass is itchy Woo… “

An Elder, the lecturer, was not aware about the following lewd affairs, and still talked about the way of cultivation. However, Ye Chi’s gently trembling body had attracted Li Yan, his other senior brother, to make frequent inquiries.

“Ha… It is fine to be seen… Look… Big senior brother found out that you were moaning… “

Liu Lin put his mouth to Ye Chi’s ear without expression, kissed his lovely earlobe, and his fingers suddenly buckled hard, and then cocked slowly. Ye Chi couldn’t help groaning. His legs twitched involuntarily, gasping, and his eyes were full of tears.

Ye Chi vaguely heard Liu Lin’s words, raised a pair of teary eyes to face Li Yan. From an angle that Liu Lin couldn’t see, he showed a pure and shy smile to Li Yan, licked his lower lip with the tip of his tongue, and cooperated with his lustful, painful and happy look on his flushed face. Li Yan couldn’t help but breathe tightly and deepen his gaze.

“Ha… To be discovered by senior brother… Woo… Senior brother, do something… It’s itchy in my ass…  Ah… So deep… It’s going to be damaged by your big cock…”

But at once, Ye Chi’s consciousness was instigated into lust by the cock in his body. The slow pulling and inserting of the penis couldn’t alleviate the desire Ye Chi felt at all, but no matter how he pleaded Liu Lin was still gentle, nine shallow thrusts and one deep, and every time, he firmly held into the deepest place, and pressed hard on the spots in Ye Chi’s body.

Liu Lin quickly used his skills to fuck Ye Chi. His clothes were soaked by liquid, and Ye Chi was about to scream out.

Li Yan’s breathing became more and more hurried, and his expression changed. Suddenly, a spirit instrument that could record appeared in his hand, recording completely how Ye Chi was fucked by Liu Lin in class. In the last scene, Ye Chi was ejaculated into and shivered, and his beautiful face was obscene.

Looking at the artifact, Li Yan’s face was proud and gloomy. He was not as thick and huge as his master and Liu Lin. He was just a normal person. He couldn’t satisfy Ye Chi, but if he did it with more than one person, it would be different.

Half a month later, Ye Chi, as a new discipline, had an opportunity to enter the secret world for exploration. At that time, the master’s tough and rude outsider and the best of sword cultivator discipes, would also follow him. They were led by Li Yan, and would spend a total of three months there.

In the few days before they entered the secret world, Li Yan sent the artifact to the nine selected districts, which was the recording of how Ye Chi was fucked by Liu Lin for several months. From the classroom to the field, even when he was squeezed by the crowd in the market with Liu Lin cock inside him as they walked away. And Ye Chi lying in Liu Lin’s arms as he reached his climax.

At the end of the video, Li Yan told them that the little junior brother would go to the secret place with them. Liu Lin asked the villagers to be merciful and use this time to irrigate the bitch. And not show any mercy when turning Ye Chi into a meat toilet for several people. 

You can ride on the bitch anytime and anywhere, even if you get him pregnant.

Of course, in order to compensate, he gave the disciples some good spiritual tools.

There was a beauty and rewards, and the rude and strong disciples were excited. Although their cocks were not as thick as Liu Lin’s or Duan Ziqing’s, it was far beyond that of the ordinary person’s. With the nourishing of Ye Chi’s milk, it would only grow harder and longer.

So on the day of going into the secret place, Ye Chi transferred in. But before he could react, he was smashed and pressed on the ground. He had been stripped from head to foot, revealing two jade dildos..

“You… What are you doing?”

“Wuwuwu… Don’t… Don’t do this… “

Seeing that the young man was really hungry and thirsty to the point where he needed the cock all the time, all the disciples were excited and directly took out the jade dildo in the chrysanthemum cave and threw it aside.

“How can such dead things compare with older brothers’ cocks?” Li Yan said coldly, slapping Ye Chi’s white and tender buttocks with his hands, as he was left whimpering and flooding his lower body with liquid.

Li Yan squinted, looked at Ye Chi moaning, then took out his cock and sent it to Ye Chi’s mouth, “Bitch, lick it for me.”

All around, the disciples had their gazes fixed on them. They took off their pants one after another. They were tall and cocky but were not hard.

Ye Chi shook his head in fear, but Li Yan was so angry that he pressed him down. Li Yan took a collar out of his arms and put it on his neck. Li Yan held a chain in his hand. At the top of the chain was a sheep’s eye ring, which was wrapped on Li Yan’s cock.

“Who am I?” Li Yan sneered and slowly pressed his cock into Ye Chi’s front hole. The cold and thin chain and Li Yan’s hot penis filled the moist narrow cave path, which made Ye Chi groan and his penis cock up.

“Ha… You are Master… Ah… The owner of this little bitch…” Ye Chi was controlled by the necklace and answered involuntarily. As soon as he finished speaking, he covered his mouth in horror and looked at the big senior brother who loved him very much.

“Who are you?” Li Yan, unmoved, picked him up, revealed the empty chrysanthemum cave, and motioned to the nearby disciples, “What do you want?”

“I… Ah… I’m master’s bitch… I’m master’s sex slave… Little bitch… Ha… Want elder brothers to do their best Ah… Make this little bitch cry… ” Forced to say such words, Ye Chi almost cried, while the nearby disciples rushed up as if he had actually asked them to do so.

A disciple came over and pushed his long stone like thick cock hard into Ye Chi’s hole. Ye Chi groaned, and it was not easy to speak.

“How big! Ah, ah! Mn! So full! It’s comfortable Ah… It’s there! Harder… Ha…”

“Wow! I’ll fuck you!”

“Ah, ah!!… The big cocks of senior brothers are so fierce! Ha… Deeper! Use your strength! Ah, ah! Mn! It’s going to be fucked up later! Ah… Ah, ah! Mn! My hole is going to be broken… “

“The little hole is so tight… You like eating hard cocks?” Li Yan was very comfortable and brave because of his meal.

Every time Li Yan pulled out the cock, the hair on the sheep’s eye circle made Ye Chi’s acupoint itch, which could only be solved by the quick drying of cock. The cold chain and the hot cock, stimulated the fleshy flesh of the acupoint, which made Ye Chi almost unable to breathe.

“Where is junior brother? He’s clearly the sex slave that the master prepared for us!” The nearby spectators were astonished and marveled at the obscenity of the scene.

Li Yan’s cock was not big enough, but with the help of the chain and the sheep’s eye circle, Ye Chi still cried for mercy and the juice flowed out directly, almost dehydrating, while other disciples came up one after another, and started to play the role Ye Chi wanted.

The jade penis that had been shot several times was pitiful. Li Yan blocked the mouth of the little penis with a red rope to prevent Ye Chi from venting too much. Ye Chi was ashamed as he tried to hide his face in his arms. His body, which had been taught too much, was too sensitive. As long as he was touched, he could reach an orgasm. His cock could ejaculate even when he was inserted into. He had no way to stop it.

Ye Chi had a huge cock in his mouth at the same time. He held it pitifully, and his nipples also had two heads attached to them.

Several enjoyed Ye Chi, while others explored the road. Ye Chi was caught in the middle by two people walking and doing exercises. The young man’s body was small and his legs were around Li Yan’s waist. He relied on the two cocks in his body to support the gravity. He was afraid that the panic of falling would make his two acupoints tight. The two men’s cocks strengthened a little.

Looking at the sexual lust of the youth under him, Li Yan’s always gloomy face finally showed a smile.

There were still three months left, enough time for him to turn Ye Chi into a bitch who only knew how to eat cock and lick semen. Even though Ye Chi was reluctant, under the collar, he could only pour out how much he was coquettish and eager for men’s cock.

Ye Chi, who would be trained by gang rape, would not tell his master and Liu Lin that he had not been on his own after he had been completely reduced to a carnal slave…

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