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Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: Rattie


Jiang Ci was told what had happened by the system only after he and Ivy had separated.

Jiang Ci touched the corner of his eye, “Did you say Ivy …?”

The system replied in the affirmative and commented, “You were completely defenseless against him.”

It was because Jiang Ci was completely defenseless against the administrators he had created that Ivy’s time-stopping ability was applied to him. Whenever Jiang Ci had a defensive thought, he was immune to interference under the influence of his mind.

While Jiang Ci was thinking, the system said to him, “Now you should trust the system’s judgment, except for Ash, all the administrators you have met so far like you more than you think.”

It was already clear that there was more than just the natural affection of a creation for God.

Jiang Ci was dumbfounded, and the system sighed, “Dear host, you are really a sinful person.”

This made Jiang Ci even more stupefied. To be honest, he had the rare feeling of being at a complete loss for words.

The system understood his reaction. Since the discovery of his host’s natural provocation and sense of crisis, the system quickly conducted a more detailed analysis of his host’s information. From his personal upbringing, the system found out that the host had a hard time accepting affection and love from others.

In other words, he would instinctively avoid them due to mistrust.

In the past, Jiang Ci’s polite rejection always made people give up. In the society on his side of the world, no one could last long without a chance. But on this side of the world, the administrators created by Jiang Ci were different.

The more passionate the emotion, the worse Jiang Ci was at dealing with it.

According to the system, if things went on like this, it was not impossible that one of the administrators could break through Jiang Ci’s defense line.

But if this really happened, things would get more complicated, and the system was very depressed. When its host would return back to his original world, the system didn’t want to imagine the reaction of the administrator who was too fond of him and had been left out.

The probability of being able to continue to be a good administrator under the new god was really low.

Jiang Ci didn’t think about it much longer, but he still had two administrators he hadn’t approached to complete his plan. Given Ivy’s comment that he gets little attention, Jiang Ci promised to accompany him to the theater tomorrow before they part.

The development of civilization here was even faster than in Jiang Ci’s original world, and the entertainment industry had not decreased at all, making the theater equivalent to a movie theater. However, it was obvious that he cannot be accompanied alone.

Jiang Ci could tell by his expression that Ivy was unhappy. He directed a cool look at Luci and at the Dragon on Jiang Ci’s shoulder, but he didn’t say anything.

Jiang Ci returned the reassuring gaze, then asked him, “Can we go together?”

He had to go along with Ivy, and Jiang Ci learned that early on. He showed an inquiring attitude at this point, rather than trying to convince the other party, so that Ivy could reluctantly agree.

Ivy couldn’t hear Jiang Ci’s slow question, and he kept his face straight, not meeting Jiang Ci’s eyes, “Whatever.”

Jiang Ci was relieved, and he looked at the human administrator who seemed to be staying inside to take care of business, and asked, “Do you want to come along, Ash?”

Since coming to the human territory, whenever Jiang Ci met Ash, he was mostly busy with his duties.

For the development of Mankind, Ash needed to coordinate too many things, and he was used to having all the information in his hands, so even if someone could share the burden, he would not let himself relax.

It looked like hard work to Jiang Ci, so he wanted to relax for a day.

Ash coughed very softly and smiled, “I’d like to accompany you, but I don’t think I can today.” After politely declining, he added, “I hope there will be another opportunity next time.”

The system sounded unsure how happy he was.

The ‘next time’ was obviously an excuse to put off the deadline, which showed that the other party was really unmoved. In the midst of the joy, the hope that the system had been hit three times in a row was raised again. As long as the remaining two administrators were as unaffected by Jiang Ci as Ash was, there was still hope that the mission could be successfully completed.

Jiang Ci heard a low coughing sound, and after taking a closer look at Ash’s appearance, he asked, “Are you uncomfortable anywhere?”

“Well… a bit,” Ash shook his head and responded truthfully, “It does happen sometimes, but it’ll be back to normal by tomorrow.”

Jiang Ci intuitively reached out and checked his forehead and came in contact with a high body temperature.

Ash was running a fever.

Jiang Ci realized even more clearly that the administrators he had created only possessed eternal life and were more powerful than their counterparts, but were otherwise no different from normal people.

Sickness was also a very normal occurrence.

After a few seconds of consideration, he said to Ivy, “Why don’t we go back tomorrow?”

Jiang Ci knew it was not good to say something and then break his promise, but after considering, he still made his choice. Ivy had reluctantly agreed to go with someone else, and now he had to cancel the trip because of another person.

Rationally, Ivy could agree with Jiang Ci’s choice, and he did not want to compete with a sick person, but emotionally, he did not want to accept it. It was just that he felt that Ash had stolen all of Jiang Ci’s attention away from him just because he wasn’t feeling well.

“Can’t Celestials’ magic heal?” Ivy volunteered to ask.

He needed to be healed quickly.

Luci responded flatly, “Not if it’s not an external wound; my magic is also limited.”

Even Celestials’ healing magic was sometimes not as effective as medicine for internal body functions.

In that case, Ivy could only acquiesce to Jiang Ci’s choice.

In front of everyone, Jiang Ci touched the small horns on Ivy’s head and promised seriously, “I’ll make up the time for you tomorrow.”

It was not easy for Jiang Ci to make this gesture in front of Luci and Noyce.

He was afraid that he would accidentally knock over the bowl when he was carrying it.

Jiang Ci asked someone to bring the fever inhibitor, and he went to pour a glass of water, then set the glass and the medicine on the table in front of Ash with the tissue paper.

This development was beyond Ash’s expectations, and the light smile on his face narrowed unconsciously, “You don’t need to change your plans for me.” 

His fingers unconsciously moved a little, making it difficult to distinguish his inner emotions. This was care, and Ash felt that the slight degree of discomfort he was feeling was not worth the care Jiang Ci was giving him.

Jiang Ci did not respond to what he said, but only said, “Take your medicine.”

While being watched, Ash put the two blue-white capsules into his mouth, then drank water and swallowed it.

“Usually when you’re sick, don’t you take any medicine?” Jiang Ci frowned and asked him, “And you continue to work?”

Somehow, Ash didn’t even feel as if he should tell the truth now, but he really wouldn’t lie to Jiang Ci, “Because if you don’t take the medicine, you will not recover the next day.”

“Yes, I will continue to work.” Ash paused for a moment, “There will be some side effects; the medicine causes fatigue.”

Even knowing the effects, Ash complied when Jiang Ci asked him to take his medication.

Hearing such a reasonable statement, Jiang Ci couldn’t help but sigh, “If you are sick, you should rest. Leave what you can to others to deal with,” Jiang Ci said, pointing to the couch beside him. “You have taken your medicine, now take a nap.”

Ash had to do as Jiang Ci said, and he lay down for a short time to watch Jiang Ci walk out the door.

When Jiang Ci left, Ash’s gaze remained by the door for a few seconds.

It was normal for God to leave, and the care he had just received was enough, Ash thought. But there was still some emotion that goes against reason. He would be a little disappointed that Jiang Ci didn’t stay, that is, he actually wanted to be taken care of by Jiang Ci.

This kind of thinking was very inappropriate.

Even though Jiang Ci had left, Ash did not get up to touch the papers on his desk. He took his eyes away from the door and closed his eyes gently. He was willing to do what Jiang Ci wanted if he could.

The medicine he had taken worked quickly, and Ash drifted off to sleep in the darkness he felt with his eyes closed.

Opening his eyes, Ash saw Jiang Ci, “What are you..?”

Jiang Ci covered him with a thin blanket, “Did I wake you up? I’m sorry; you just keep on resting, I won’t be moving around.”

Ash was slightly silent, and after a short period of silence in his daze, he asked, “Are you staying here?”

Jiang Ci nodded, then thought about it again and said, “If you are not used to having someone next to you when you sleep, I can go into the cubicle, and stay here to make it easier for me to take care of you.”

Ash was quiet for a bit longer, his eyes reflecting the soft frown of the young man next to him.

From the moment they met, Ash knew that the smile he showed was completely different from Jiang Ci’s, including the gentle tone of his voice, and that it was different in substance. His smile was just a formality, while the young man beside him was a gentle god.

Ash replied, “I’m not uncomfortable with it.”

“I don’t think I should let you take care of me,” Ash said first, and added with a small smile, “But if you’d like to stay here, I would seem to be more pleased than not.”

He didn’t know if it was because the drug made his mind dull that he said that.

Under normal circumstances, Ash would have replied that he didn’t need to take care of him, and that he could just rest here by himself for a while.

Jiang Ci sniffled, sat down on the couch next to him, and said to him, “Sometimes it’s not wrong to consider your own feelings before making a choice.”

Ash gave a huff, not responding specifically. He hoped that Jiang Ci did not see him as annoying since managing the human race was the only thing he could do. After all, in terms of ability, he really wasn’t as powerful as the other administrators, and he probably couldn’t share as much with God as the other administrators.

Then the things that were part of his job had to be done, regardless of his mood.

Ash lowered his eyelids, and before falling asleep, he finally whispered, “I’m happy now.”

Jiang Ci made no more noise, lest he wake the other up again.

By considering any choice with complete objectivity and without substituting personal emotions, even if it was not related to his administrator status, Ash gave Jiang Ci a feeling that he was very sensible… a bit too sensible.

As mentioned earlier, Jiang Ci did not think it was a bad thing for the other person to consider his own feelings occasionally. But this trait, on the other hand, made Ash seem more suitable to be his successor.

“What do you think?” Jiang Ci asks the system in his consciousness.

The system didn’t disagree with Jiang Ci’s opinion, but for some reason, after reading the tone of Ash’s face when he said the last sentence, the system now had a bold capitalized word in its core for no reason…




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DANGER.That pretty much describes a human 😌 Now I’m curious about the last 2 races. Can JC really handles the 6 of them in the end? 😆 Somehow reminds me of Palace of Twelve Sacred Beast but half the difficulty maybe 😅

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February 9, 2021 12:51 am

System, are you sure your host is a god and not a demon incubus? So far four out of six admins fell for him. Hmmm?

Thank you for the chapter!!!

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Thank you for the chapter. Yep, the system must be related to the lost in space Robot.

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I’d just give up now system. The administrators are hopeless when it comes to JC. Better look for a different solution.

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