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Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: Rattie


The accusation of never having paid attention was too serious, so how could Jiang Ci nod his head and say yes? If he admitted to this, he would be completely screwed.

Plus, Jiang Ci thought that it really wasn’t the case. Of course, he had paid attention to Ivy, and there was no way he had been neglecting him.

Unfortunately, it was not a question of what the facts were, but what Ivy thought.

Jiang Ci made the argument, “If I never paid any attention to you, why did I go to Phantom?”

“It’s because Arnold went to Arsène looking for you,” Ivy stated in a cold, indifferent tone. “If he hadn’t gone to you, you would have stayed in Arsène, and wouldn’t have wanted to come to Phantom to see me.”

Jiang Ci couldn’t stop his eyelids from jumping as he listened.

If the truth be told, if Arnold hadn’t come to him to explain the Shadow Race situation, Jiang Ci would not have gone to Phantom so soon.

According to Jiang Ci’s original plan, after he left Arsène, the first place he would target would be the human territory… Because out of the six races, the human situation worried Jiang Ci the most, so even if he were to go to Phantom, he would definitely have gone to the humans second.

At this time, however, being completely honest was obviously not a good choice.

Jiang Ci’s voice was gentle, “Even if Arnold didn’t come looking for me, I wouldn’t have stayed in Arsène.”

That was the truth.

“I would have gone to Phantom of my own accord.”

This was also true, except that the time of going was omitted from the words.

When he heard Jiang Ci say this, Ivy’s slightly averted face did not turn back; he was still turned away without really looking at anything.

Pride of character was always accompanied by high self-esteem, and this self-esteem prevented Ivy from softening his attitude after hearing a word or two, even if he was indeed moved.

The side of his face was very straight, and underneath the aloofness, he looked so reserved and good-looking that it was hard to imagine him softening up.

Jiang Ci’s words, though very nice and no less sweet to Ivy, lacked something.

Assuming that there was nothing to prove, Ivy was indeed inclined to believe Jiang Ci’s words, but he was still a little mindful of them.

Jiang Ci looked at his reaction, thought about it and then said, “If I didn’t want to see you, even if Arnold came to Arsène and asked me, I wouldn’t have gone to Phantom. I went because I wanted to see you, and of course because I cared about Shadow Race’s situation, and your situation as well,” Jiang Ci said, and finally asked him back, “Aren’t I still concerned about you?”

Ivy was easily moved by sweet words. Even though he had a high self-esteem and was proud of himself, he could not handle sweet words. Especially when Jiang Ci spoke to him in a gentle voice or in a softer tone, he was easily led, and it was useless for him to act aloof.

Ivy pursed his lips, barely holding on to his last insistence, “Compared to others, you care the least about me.” 

Ivy’s attitude was no longer steadfast, but he wanted to hear Jiang Ci say something more important to him.

Jiang Ci did not disappoint him, “But after I left Arsène, the first administrator I went to see was no one but you. I followed Noyce out of Phantom and paid attention to Ash, both of which had to be done since the natural disasters were so severe and frequent that I needed to know how each race was doing now.” Jiang Ci said warmly, “If it wasn’t for that, I would certainly be willing to spend more time in Phantom.”

Ivy didn’t make a sound, “……”

“Oh, by the way.” Jiang Ci remembered something, “The nino flower you gave me earlier, I didn’t throw it away when it started to show signs of wilting.” Jiang Ci smiled at him, “I put it in a book and saved it.”

Doing so indicated that Jiang Ci treasured the gift.

Ivy could understand this meaning, and he was almost defenseless against it. He was a little overwhelmed by the sweetness of Jiang Ci’s words, so much so that most of the coldness was gone from his face, leaving the corners of his mouth still tightly tense.

Ivy’s tone was flat, “Since it had begun to wilt, it’s no big deal to throw it away.”

Jiang Ci heard his dishonesty, so he added, “Since you gave it to me, I don’t really want to throw it away.”

Ivy’s lips became tighter and tighter at the corners, but his inner defenses became more and more retracted.

If Jiang Ci did something now, such as kissing him, hugging him, or even just holding his hand, Ivy would be stuck in a state where he would do whatever Jiang Ci said.

All of these things, of course, Jiang Ci could not have done purposefully, and he did not know that he would have this level of effectiveness if he did.

Observing Ivy’s demeanor, Jiang Ci said, “You don’t think that I never pay attention to you, right?”

Ivy didn’t respond right away, and it took several seconds before he could get a sound out of his throat, “Mmm-hmm.”

It wasn’t forced, it was just a habitual reluctance to be frank, and even responding to it required a certain amount of intellectual struggle.

Jiang Ci was relieved to have this problem solved.

Looking at the flower in his hand, which was said to have been stopped in time, Jiang Ci suddenly had a curious thought, “If you use your ability to stop time around you, will the things nearby seem to be stationary?

Ivy nodded.

Curious, Jiang Ci couldn’t resist asking, “Can I see it?”

Ivy tilted his head slightly again, “I have to make contact with you so that the ability doesn’t affect you.”

“How?” Jiang Ci asked him.

Ivy didn’t say anything, but touched Jiang Ci’s hand directly and used his power.

In just a moment, Jiang Ci actually felt everything around him come to a state of complete standstill, even a leaf falling from the tree next to him hovered in the air.

“Depending on the scope, the maximum duration of the ability varies,” Ivy explained simply, “and the object of effect, depending on who it’s applied to.”

For example, if he were to use this ability on Luci or Noyce, stopping them for three seconds at a time might be the limit. But while three seconds may seem like a short time, it was a lot for Ivy to do.

Having satisfied his curiosity, Jiang Ci said, “Mn, let’s go back together now.” He reminded him in passing, “If you think about anything else, remember to ask me for confirmation afterwards.”

If he thought about it and then kept it to himself, he would be wronged.

Ivy blinked lightly at his words. He listened to Jiang Ci’s gentle tone and looked at the smile on Jiang Ci’s face, and suddenly somehow used his time stopping ability again.

Just now he touched Jiang Ci’s hand, and the slender fingers he touched made Ivy want to appreciate it for a moment, but this time he stopped because of another impulse.

Ivy, in an indescribable mood of his own, approached Jiang Ci, then he lowered his head and pecked the corner of Jiang Ci’s eye very quickly.

The young man’s eyes were very beautiful, and the ends of his eyes were slightly curled as if naturally smiling, just as well suited to be kissed as his well-shaped lips.

When Ivy’s ability was deactivated, Jiang Ci didn’t notice anything.


The system noticed, and shut itself off.


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January 26, 2021 2:29 pm

These MLs are so pure lol. And MC is totally giving off unintentional scumbag vibes lol. Thanks for the chapter!

February 7, 2021 2:41 am

El sistema ya se dio por vencido xD

February 9, 2021 12:36 am

Awwwww, Ivy, you cute little thing, you are such a sweet guy.🥰😳

Thank you for the chapter!!!

August 7, 2021 8:54 pm

The way he is indecisive and raises the others love meters & hopes up, makes me want to recommend this novel to others who wants to know what a scumbag looks like and how he acts 😅😂🤦
I’m starting to feel sorry for the administrators — Mc’s halo is too bright

September 8, 2021 2:44 am

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wait he can time stop god?? i hope luci didn’t see it

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Oh Ivy.
I am actually starting to feel a bit sorry for the System; how much more can it take before overload? 😁
Thanks for translating and editing.

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Yep. Too embarrassed to kiss and get caught. Ivy is so cute! The system is so screwed….

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