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Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: Sulo


When they fell, the levitation spell was floating in Augusta’s mind. He had been reciting the spell all the way to avoid accidents, and now it became handy. The only trouble was that Kyfayar, who seemed to be afraid of him falling, kept holding on to his waist. It should be noted that the weight of the body must be calculated accurately to cast the levitation spell. 

If the body weight increased or was reduced, the combination of the spell and runes would change. Now, with Kyfayar holding on to his waist, it meant his weight was an addition of both their weights. Within those few seconds of the fall, Augusta was unable to complete the calculation for the reorganized spell, and had to make do with the incantation he had prepared to levitate just himself with.

He quickly recited the spell, and it was completed in an instant. The speed at which the two people fell suddenly slowed down. It could be said that for a second, they were suspended in the air, but it was not for long. The levitation spell could not support the weight of two people, and so it failed. Then, they fell like the apple that hit Newton hundreds of years ago, following the call of gravity.


There was a huge splash as they hit the river. Fortunately, there had been the buffer of the levitation spell on the way down, so the speed at which they plunged into the water was not very fast. Augusta knew that if they couldn’t swim, they shouldn’t struggle, or they would only sink faster. The density of a human body was similar to that of water, and he didn’t carry any heavy things on him. If he was lucky enough, he might be able to rise to the surface

Then, he sank like a stone.

“Ogh, gululululu, ah, glub glub…” Kyfayar wanted to shout when he fell into the water, but the cold water poured into his mouth instead. He held his breath, dived into the water, grabbed onto the sinking Augusta, and rose to the surface using his hands and feet.

The water current was very fast. If there was a waterfall ahead, it would be bad. Kyfayar held Augusta from under his armpit with one hand, and paddled with the other to swim to the shore in the standard doggy paddle style. 

The current washed him off course several times. Fortunately, the river was only deep in the middle and was shallow on both sides. As he approached the bank, Kyfayar stepped on the riverbed. He dragged Augusta ashore, half-walking and half-swimming.

“Lord Augusta?” Kyfayar laid the magician flat on the bank and patted him on the face. The magician was motionless, his eyes closed and his face white, like a dead fish.

“My God, what do I do?! Lord Augusta has drowned! He will die!” Kyfayar said to himself, flustered, “No, no, no, calm down. I’ve seen it on TV. If someone drowns, one must perform artificial respiration…”

Kyfayar couldn’t give first aid and had never done any artificial respiration, so he could only follow the things he had seen before. He straddled Augusta, straightened the magician’s head, pinched his nose, plucked up courage, and took a deep breath to start the mouth to mouth resuscitation. 

Augusta had cold lips and tasted a little like — Damn it! Don’t think about all this! Kyfayar warned himself.

After a breath, Augusta still didn’t respond. Kyfayar was in a hurry. Try one more puff! He took a deep breath and pursed his lips close to Augusta again. But before he touched the magician’s lips, he got a hot slap on the face!


“What are you doing?” Augusta opened his eyes and glared at the young werewolf.

Kyfayar covered his face and said with a wronged expression, “I was doing artificial respiration for you…”

“Why would you do it like that?! The method was not right at all!”

“How should I do it then? Will you teach me?”

“Get off me!”

Kyfayar rolled to one side while looking timidly at Augusta, for fear that he would be slapped again in his anger. Augusta checked himself over, and it seemed that he had not been taken advantage of. Except for being wet all over, having a sore throat and the strange taste of mud in his mouth, there was nothing abnormal.

He stared at Kyfayar, who was huddled up to show that he had no malice. Kyfayar’s hat had been washed away down the river, revealing a pair of bushy wolf ears. They were drooping dejectedly at the moment, indicating that the owner of the ears was in a low mood.

Augusta thought to himself, although he made the levitation spell ineffective, he was still responsible for dragging me ashore. He waved to the young werewolf, “Come here.”

Kyfayar used his hands to push himself off the ground and walked over.

Augusta touched the young werewolf’s red and swollen cheek, “Does it hurt?”

Kyfayar’s ears stood up.

“It doesn’t!” He was overjoyed to reply, then softened down and looked longingly at Augusta, “Actually, a little…”

Several creases appeared between Augusta’s eyebrows. “I… I was flustered, I didn’t mean it—”

“Mr. Augusta!” A loud female voice came from above, echoing in the canyon, “Are you still alive?”

“Quentina! You two bastards, get down here! I am going to kill you!” Augusta immediately forgot his reserve and swore loudly.

“Did you hear that, unicorn? He said he was okay!” Quentina exclaimed ostentatiously.

“Great! Thank God!” The unicorn’s hypocritical voice also came from above, “Since you’re okay, then I won’t come down to pick you up!”

“Swim down, Mr. Augusta! The cottage is just down the river. You can see it at a glance. We’ll meet there!”

“You two wash your necks and wait to die!”

Augusta got up in a fit of anger. He had come up with more than twenty curses, enough to make the unicorn and female vampire feel they were better off dead and regret this damned vacation!

“What shall we do, my Lord?” Kyfayar wanted to comfort the angry mage, but he did not dare to approach him.

Augusta clenched his fist and soon let go. His wet clothes kept dripping, which made him shiver. “Go down and beat up those two thugs.” He raised his eyes. “Kyfayar, come here!”

The young werewolf, with his arms shivering, stuck close to Augusta. The magician’s eyes were wet, and he whispered something. Kyfayar exclaimed, grabbing his coat, “Amazing, my Lord!”

“It’s just a little skill. What are you doing? Go!”


The gloomy magician saw that Kyfayar was very happy. Although his face didn’t show it, his shaking wolf ears revealed his heart.

“By the way, my Lord, what did you mean just now?”


“You just said, ‘I was flustered, I didn’t mean it,’ before Miss Quentina interrupted. What were you going to say next?”

“I don’t remember!”

“You must remember!”

“Here, shut up! I’ll break your leg if you talk too much!”


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January 6, 2021 8:23 pm

Aaakkkk…augusta such a tsundere magician😲😲😲

January 6, 2021 10:27 pm

Kudoz to Augusta for keeping a cool head and trying a levitation spell. But that slap… well good thing he apologised. And I don’t think there will be any suspension bridge effect since Auguste wasn’t really all that excited.
Thank you for the chapter!!!

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