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Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

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The silver-haired Celestial who leaned against him really just gently lowered his head onto his lap without actually putting any weight on his leg. Even with God’s approval, Luci was still quite restrained.

Unlike the classical-style exterior architecture, the materials of the central control room, from the floor to the surrounding walls, looked like a strange metallic texture. The large defense device in the center was embedded in the floor at the bottom, and with this as the center, a dim blueish light flowed out along the plates at a regular frequency.

Jiang Ci looked around, first to the apparently hard and cold floor, and then back to the silver-haired Celestial, who had stopped moving since leaning on his lap.

This obviously cannot be considered resting…

“Luci,” Jiang Ci called out to him, “you can relax a little more.”

His posture was already a bit tense, and the other party probably didn’t relax at all so as not to press against him. Like this, the intended “rest” would have been counterproductive.

Luci didn’t do what he was told. He said, “I’m fine.”

Although it seemed uncomfortable, Luci did get some rest in this position.

After only a ten-minute nap, Luci stood up and said, “As for your residence, I’ve arranged for you to call in an attendant, but if you don’t like it, I’ll remove them later.”

“No need to remove them.” Jiang Ci shook his head, “Just as you arranged.”

After all, he wasn’t omniscient like the real God, so he couldn’t do everything by himself.

But when it came to this…

“System, do I have any abilities in this world, or something like that?” Jiang Ci thought of this important question. If he had the identity of “God” but had no abilities, wouldn’t it be a little awkward in certain situations?

The system explained, “Unlike your original world, the various elements in this world are affected by your thoughts.”

Just hearing this, Jiang Ci responded, “So it’s the difference between materialism and idealism?”

System was silent. That seemed to be a pretty brilliant summary.

Seeing that the system didn’t answer right away, Jiang Ci thought it was a default, so he went on with this line of thinking, “So my ideas can become reality?”

The system responded, “It requires extreme concentration and a strong mind.”

Although Jiang Ci’s mind was strong enough to create a world, the system was not sure how much power he could successfully transfer into this world.

Looking for a chance to practice, Jiang Ci immediately made a plan.

The goals Jiang Ci had listed for himself were very clear – what he needed to do in this world was to choose the person who could take over the position of “God” from the administrators of the six races. In addition to Luci, it was also necessary to get to know the administrators of the other five races. Jiang Ci also needed to know how the other races were surviving in this world with severe and frequent natural disasters.

After all, he knew that not every race was as strong as the Celestial Race to fight these natural disasters head-on, and if any race suffered as a result, Jiang Ci was prepared to help as much as he could. He didn’t cause the natural disasters on purpose, but he did objectively cause the result.

Luci looked at Jiang Ci, who was thinking about something, and asked, “What are you worried about?” 

Jiang Ci said without thinking, “Thinking about the other races…”

As his words trailed off, Jiang Ci tensed up, but it was too late to take back what he had said.

“Is there anything about them that you should be concerned about?” The silver-haired Celestial race in front of Jiang Ci was slightly downcast, and his expression was very indifferent when he mentioned other races.

This indifference was not even due to disgust, but just complete lack of care. Just as a person standing at a high place would not specifically look down to observe the dust under his feet, other races could not be reflected in Luci’s eyes.

For the first time, Jiang Ci felt the arrogance of the Celestial Race.

“I was thinking that the natural disasters should have had a big impact on them.” Jiang Ci chose to tell the truth, then paused, or tried to ask, “Do you know about the situation of the other races now, Luci?”

Luci’s face was expressionless,”No.” Then he continued, “I will find out if you wish.”

“…” Or not, Jiang Ci thought intuitively.

Seeing that Jiang Ci didn’t say anything for the time being, Luci stood quietly by his side.

To talk about the other races, Luci could only confirm one thing: the people of the other races might not know about the coming of God, but their administrators should have sensed it.

“Tell me about the Celestial Race,” Jiang Ci changed the subject, “such as the people of God.” Jiang Ci changed the subject, “like how Arsène was founded, or about yourself.”

Luci questioned, “… Me?”

“Mm.” Jiang Ci nodded and smiled at him, “Just what kind friends do you have and how do you get along with them?” After speaking, Jiang Ci curved the corners of his mouth a little more and added, “If you have someone you like, you can tell me. Luci is very popular among the Celestials, right?”

Jiang Ci could easily see that as long as the Celestial Race was a tribe, they all had great respect for their administrators, and there were quite a few women who had feelings for Luci.

This was normal, and it was in human nature to like good things.

Jiang Ci asked these questions without any other purpose, mainly because he wanted to know more about Luci, and he needed to know enough about each administrator in order to make a judgment whether they were suitable for the position of ‘God.’

Luci usually responded promptly to Jiang Ci’s questions, but this time it took several seconds before she said, “No one I like.”

When Luci heard the word “friend,” he recalled someone he had known more than two thousand years ago.

—A Celestial with blond hair and blue eyes and a cheerful, overly enthusiastic personality.

I’ll take Belle away first.

The young Celestial said this with obvious tension on his face, a place where the elements were so disordered and compressed that it might soon bottom out and explode in a very horrible way. Even the Celestials could not get close enough to take such damage, and Riot left with another Celestial next to Luci without thinking about it.

His space magic could only take one person with him, and he believed that Luci was capable enough to handle the situation by himself.

He hadn’t made the wrong choice.

“Not anymore.” Luci’s voice was faint.

The average lifespan of the Celestial Race was over thirteen hundred years, which was long compared to races other than the Dragon Race, but it would still reach its end.

Jiang Ci’s eyebrows moved, and he thought about it and decided not to continue this topic.

The arrival of the god had started to pacify the disordered elements in the world, and the elements around Jiang Ci’s location, the Celestial Race’s territory, would be calmed down more quickly than elsewhere.

If one looked at it from a distance, the sky, which was originally a black curtain, was centered over the Arsène, gradually spreading out to reveal more blue. The territories of the other races had not spread out as fast, so the sky in their cities was still gray.

At this time in Phantom City of the Shadow Race, Ivy listened to the deputy’s endless chatter, with a rather careless expression on his face, “It doesn’t matter whether God has come or not, so what if he has?”

“Even without God, the Shadow Race continues to live, so why do we have to go to God?”

The Shadow Race all had a pallor to their skin that had not seen the light of day for a long time, their eyes were hazel-purple, and they had a pair of small, pure black, pointed curved horns on their heads that were prone to form an abnormal beauty.

“How can you say that?” Arnold showed strong disapproval, “Don’t you wish to see God, and if the townspeople knew about it, wouldn’t they all be looking forward to it?”

They would have rejoiced at the opportunity to see God, which was by no means an optional thing.

“And…” Arnold lowered his tone slightly, “I have seen that the dark clouds over the Celestial City are dispersing, indicating that the elements in that environment are relatively stable. On the Phantom City side, the density of the dark elements is still too high, and some of the city’s citizens have been reacting with physical discomfort for a long time. If God comes to our city, this situation can be improved.”

Arnold made an instant decision, “I will ask God, and He will be willing to come to Phantom City.”

Ivy glanced at him, “What makes you think that God will agree?”

When he perceived God’s coming, Ivy was not surprised at the location of God’s coming.

–God had indeed chosen to descend on the territory of the Celestial Race.

Before Arnold could answer, Ivy added, “You can go if you want, but even if you ask, God will not agree to leave Arsène anyway.”

Arnold was unconvinced, but he did not contradict Ivy’s words, only saying, “I’ll go now.”

Even if God chose to descend first on the territory of the Celestial Race, it did not mean that God preferred the Celestial Race; their Shadow Race was the only race that could manipulate time, and this special ability was the proof of God’s preference.

Ivy watched his lieutenant leave, his face still unchanged.


He was thinking that nothing was going to change. God always favored the Celestials. Once he understood this, he would not expect an unlikely outcome. He wouldn’t let himself have the chance to be disappointed.


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