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Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: Sulo


Kyfayar, tucked in a quilt with an ice bag on his forehead, looked sadly at Quentina and Augusta at his bedside.

“Oh! Kyfayar! Poor little thing! Look at you!” Quentina, a mother of love, peeled Kyfayar an orange. Kyfayar sniffed it carefully and turned his head to show that he didn’t want to eat it. So Quentina put the whole orange in Augusta’s mouth.

Four days ago, Augusta successfully captured Herbert Gunther, but Kyfayar was concussed by the thief who fell from the sky. In addition, he had drunk Augusta’s (suspicious quality) potion. As a result, he was admitted to the hospital for two days and only returned home yesterday. Now he was half-dead in bed.

“If you are a servant, you shouldn’t be served by the housekeeper. What’s with this etiquette?” Augusta scolded, chewing the orange. The orange was sour. No wonder Kyfayar didn’t like them.

“It’s all your fault!” Quentina helped Kyfayar, “Why did you hit Kyfayar on the head with Herbert?”

“I didn’t mean to! I didn’t even know where the vortex was going to appear!”

“Well, it must have been intentional to smash him so impartially…”

“No! I didn’t ” Augusta wanted to argue with a few more words when the doorbell rang. “You take care of Kyfayar, I’ll open the door,” he said to the female bloodsucker.

He turned away from Kyfayar’s bedroom. As soon as the magician left, Kyfayar grabbed Quentina and asked mysteriously, “Miss Quentina, do you think Lord Augusta really hit me on purpose?”

“Well, I guess. Probably…”

He was about to cry, “Wuwu, he must hate me…”

“Don’t be sad!” The female vampire comforted him, “I’ll teach you a way to test whether Lord Augusta hates you. Come, move your ears.”

On the other side, the moment he opened the door, Augusta thought he was dreaming. So he closed the door, stood there and waited for a moment, until the doorbell rang again, and then he opened the door the scene was still the same, he didn’t seem to be dreaming.

“Why did you close the door? How rude! Today’s young people are inferior!”

Augusta squinted at his guests, “Anyone who opens the door and sees a cat standing on the shoulder of a skeleton will close the door in horror.”

Mr. Leopold touched his bare skull, “Yeah.”

Mowanya’s great master squatted on his shoulder, “Meow.”

“I didn’t expect you two. Please come in.” Augusta was in a mixed mood.

“I heard Kyfayar was injured, so I came to visit. On the way I met the great master.” Leopold said. Augusta noticed that he was carrying a basket of fruit in his left hand. “A fruit basket is a small gift, not a compliment.”

The skeleton had a cake in his right hand. The great master said, “The werewolf in your family is so miserable, I had Antosa bake a cake.” 

Augusta thought that there should be a logical relationship between the two sentences. But he invited them in anyway. “Do you know each other?”

“We met in the zombie world!” Leopold said excitedly, “The great master knows a lot about zombie culture. Its former master was a necromancer, and he is a distant relative of my family who has been separated by nine generations. What a coincidence!”

…What a close relationship. Augusta led them to Kyfayar’s bedroom. The young werewolf did not expect that someone would come to see him. He was so moved that he couldn’t even speak properly. He burst into tears and sobbed.

“Wuwuwu, you came to visit me, I… I… I’m so happy…” Kyfayar sniffled.

Like a medieval bard, Mr. Leopold exclaimed, “You are so brave. You stood up to fight against an evil thief, protected your master, and was bravely wounded. It’s really an example for the young people of today.”

Wait! ‘Wounded’ was real, but what was with that bit about protecting? Augusta looked in horror at Leopold who had an endless flowing of words to say. Who came forward and fought the evil thief? How did he protect me? Still ‘bravely wounded!’ It’s clearly Herbert’s injury! Mr. Leopold, what have you heard?

He was just about to clarify the facts when the unicorn screamed from outside, “Aaaaaaaaaah, don’t come here! You evil and degenerate nightmare! Leave me alone! Stay away from me! I’m going to call the police!”

Augusta felt a splitting headache. “It must be Cavaldien…” That guy was a real jerk. “Quentina, you take care of Kyfayar. I’ll go downstairs.”

He left the two guests and went downstairs. The unicorn’s screams were getting louder and louder. Next time, he should give him a dubbing job for a horror film. He was absolutely competent. Maybe he would even win some best movie sound award.

Augusta opened the door. Cavaldien, dressed as usual, stood outside the door in high spirits. Next to him, Prison Fire was holding a bunch of flowers and yawning out of boredom.

“What are you doing here?” Augusta asked impolitely.

“What’s with your tone? Don’t you entertain old friends when they come to visit?”

“I don’t remember inviting you.”

“If everyone in the world has to wait for someone else’s invitation to come, then we won’t have to go out!”

Augusta moved to the door but Cavaldien rushed into the room first. “We are here to see the patient. I heard that your werewolf servant was wounded bravely in order to protect you from a thief, so I came here to express my sympathy —Prison Fire?”

The black dragon shoved the bouquet into Augusta’s face, “Take it! I don’t understand why you humans like the reproductive organs of plants. Will you send human reproductive organs as gifts?”

Not only will they send, but they also will regard them as a form of worship to gods! Augusta thought dully.

“Do you actually have such sympathy?” He snatched the bouquet, “And you brought this gaudy thing! I don’t have a vase in my house.”

“I’ve guessed that, my friend.” Cavaldien reached behind him, and out of nowhere, he produced a vase. “So I brought this. No one in the world knows you better than I do, right?” He took the bouquet from Augusta, put it in the vase, and handed it to his friend with the bouquet in it.

Augusta stared at him coldly. Outside, the unicorn was like a roaring car racing around the house. “Aaaaah, help! Go away, evil nightmare! You are not allowed into my stable! Stay away from me! Watch out for my corner! Aaaaah!” 

There was a lot of screaming. Behind it, the nightmare walked slowly through the grass, and became interested in a wild flower, as if to try to eat. Cavaldien’s face was calm and he slammed the door to shut off the noise from the unicorn.

“You don’t look like you’re going to entertain me, so” Augusta thought he was going to say, ‘so I’m off’, but Cavaldien had the cheek to go through the porch and enter the living room, “so I’ll take care of myself.” Prison Fire followed behind him. Augusta had to hold the vase to keep up with them.

“I didn’t expect Herbert Gunther to be a thief. No, I should say I didn’t think there was actually a thief. I just thought you were nervous and paranoid.” Cavaldien said cheerfully, “But now that he’s been brought to justice, everyone is happy. Herbert was found guilty of trying to steal your research notes in your house. However, the notes must be used as evidence in court and cannot be returned to you for the time being. You can’t take it back until Herbert’s trial is over.”

“Oh, it doesn’t matter. I remember everything in it anyway.”

“By the way, Lilianna found out about it and ran to the detention center and made a big scene. Herbert Gunther had the courage to use Lilliana. Tsk. You didn’t see that scene. It was really…” He shook his head sympathetically

Prison Fire also shook his head, “Extremely miserable.”

It seems that Lilianna really ‘educated’ Herbert.

Cavaldien and the black dragon went upstairs. Augusta was curious how they knew which room belonged to Kyfayar. But Cavaldien had his way. “Kyfayar! Where are you?”

“No!” A scream came from behind a door, followed by a murmur, “That’s Lord Cavaldien! God, he’s here! Shall I pretend to faint? It’s terrible, Miss Quentina.”

Cavaldien pushed open the door that made a creaking sound and walked in.

Kyfayar covered his head with a quilt and curled up as a ball. The whole quilt and even the bed was trembling. Quentina and Leopold immediately stepped back to the wall, moving as fast as a movie that had been accelerated. The great master jumped directly up to the cupboard and glared down.

“Hello, Kyfayar, long time no see. It seems that your work is going well. It was a correct decision to introduce you to Augusta. Yeah? Why are you shaking? Is it because of the neurological sequelae of concussion?”

Cavaldien pulled open the quilt. Kyfayar hugged his head and yelled, “Ahh! Help! Lord Cavaldien is here!”

“You sound like a tornado!” Cavaldien said. Then he noticed Kyfayar’s wolf ears and hairy tail. “Wow, that’s a bit interesting! Augusta, I didn’t expect your interest to be so special! But it looks a little good!” He grabbed Kyfayar’s ear. “It’s real ears, not fake! How did you do it?”

“…It was an experimental accident.” Augusta said drily, “There was probably something wrong with the formulation of the potion. I don’t know how it happened.”

“No wonder Herbert stole your research notes. It’s a promising invention! Gee, I can’t believe that Herbert likes this…”

“Nonsense! It’s not like that! And what does ‘gee’ mean? I didn’t make Kyfayar like this just because I liked it! ——Stop pulling his ears!” Augusta grabbed Cavaldien’s hand.

Prison Fire looked at his lover with fear, “You… You like this? Then I can also change to have the ears and tail of a dragon…”

“No, it’s disgusting.” Cavaldien decisively refused.

“Why? Don’t you like the ears and tails of animals?”

“Humans like hairy things. Do you have fur on your tail?”

“Fur is not strong at all. It’s not like my scales. It combines beauty and defense…”

The door slammed open. The unicorn rushed in, “Augusta! Augusta! Get rid of that nightmare! Ah, the shameless dark creature dares to eat the grass on our lawn! Pooh!” He looked back and hid behind Augusta. “Oh my God! It’s in the house! It’s coming up the stairs! It’s coming this way! Ah, ah, ah, stop it! It will pollute our house! Ahhh!” 

Although this house was already too full, it was better than being touched by the nightmare. The unicorn was nauseous. Augusta was worried that he would throw up on the floor.

There was a clattering of horse hooves, and the nightmare came in from the door.

“Cavaldien, that unicorn won’t let me eat their grass.”

“Then have some oats, my dear.”

The nightmare was speechless.

Augusta held his forehead, hand slid across his cheek, and finally held his cheek in one hand. Why did this happen? This small bedroom was packed with nine creatures, the vast majority of which were not human beings: a bedridden werewolf, a maternal vampire, an intelligent dragon, a moving skeleton, a talking cat, a unicorn on the verge of madness and a nightmare driving the unicorn mad. Among the remaining two cherished human beings, Cavaldien was hardly fit to be called a human being, so Augusta was the only human being in the strict sense. 

Why was that? This was his home, master Augusta Hollich. It was not a magical creature farm. Why were there so many strange creatures?!

This group of creatures completely ignored the existence of the homeowner. They quarreled with each other. They didn’t come to visit the sick, but they came to have a picnic. No, they began to share cake and fruit! When the cake and fruit got into the people’s stomachs, they got up and left the house one by one. Augusta managed to send them away and put the unicorn in the stable, hoping that they would never come again.

Quentina finally packed up the bedroom after the party and left. Augusta moved the vase (and flowers) from Cavaldien to Kyfayar’s bedside as the only remaining ‘visiting gift’.

Kyfayar was lying upright in bed. Augusta thought he was tired. After all, he had been harassed by those guys for a long time. Even healthy people couldn’t stand their tossing. The magician ran his fingers through Kyfayar’s hair and touched the young werewolf’s forehead, “Are you okay? Do you feel bad?”

Kyfayar’s wolf ears fluttered up and down, “Yes, a little…”

“It’s Cavaldien! If only he didn’t come!”

Kyfayar looked at him expectantly. “My Lord?”


“If you kiss me, I won’t feel bad.”

Augusta’s face turned red. “Don’t take an inch!”

But he bent down and pecked Kyfayar’s lips anyway.

“Satisfied?” He asked angrily.

Kyfayar licked his lips and wrapped his arms around Augusta’s neck with lightning speed. The magician lost his balance and fell into the arms of the werewolf youth.


“My Lord,” Kyfayar rubbed his cheek against Augusta, “if you do something else with me, I promise I’ll get well in no time.”


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I like the screaming unicorn, the skeleton adopted by the cat mage and the punishment for Herbert for trying to snow Lilliana. I still thing Cavaldien is a creep. But a great chapter! Augusta may need to move to a different country to get some peace and quiet.

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