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Chapter 10: What Are You Doing?

Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations


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Gu Ang was speechless. I’m playing hard to get, what are you doing?!

The good rhythm was disrupted, and then the ruthless lines were broken to look less sharp and annoying to the individual. He furrowed his brow and saw Ye Fei lying in his arms as an afterthought.

The two were loosely leaning against each other, but it showed a hint of intimacy. Gu Ang coldly put his hand down quickly from the seat backrest on the table, causing a clanging sound. He seemed to be holding in his frown, his eyes were like knives, with a hidden hostility. He looked like a demon king, and no one dared to mess with him.

The crowd of onlookers froze, stayed motionless for a few seconds, controlled their expressions and began whispering.

“Fuck, these two won’t fight again, right?”

“Ye Fei sat directly on the main seat, is this a provocation?”

“With Gu Ang’s temper would he also hit someone in the face on the spot and no longer just kick?”

“The forum says that they’ve been fighting every day. This time they’ll really go at it!”

Ye Fei swept a glance at him, and looked at the full room. His heart gave the illusion that the two people were at their wedding, and they were at a banquet with their guests. The two received their divorce certificate too close to the time they married. They didn’t have time to fill the room with friends, to get people to celebrate, and then they broke up.

Very regretful, very disappointing.

Ye Fei looked down, as if he had the attitude of the male host, “Prepare dinner.”

Gu Ang instantly wilted down, like a frosted eggplant with no spirit. Now the two were in contact more and more and he was a bit unstable, he couldn’t afford to hide. He nodded at the waiter, “Serve the food.”

One by one, exquisite dishes were brought up, filling the whole table.

The crowd watching the show froze. The promised deadly rivalry passed harmoniously, just like that… 

Where was the arrogant Alpha who just kicked Wang YeZhu?

Bai SiNing dragged a chair over and squeezed into the gap on the other side of Gu Ang before sitting down. The kick just now had increased his admiration for Gu Ang, “Brother Ang, thanks.”

“It’s nothing.” Gu Ang fiddled with his chopsticks, not daring to glance to the side. He could even feel the heat coming from Ye Fei’s exposed skin outside his cuffs. It seemed to be a little bit warmer, against his right hand. Knowing full well that Ye Fei was doing it unintentionally, his heart was ruffled a bit.

Gu Ang gambled and put a large chopstick of seafood into the bone dish, and was just about to fiddle with the scallop when the shell touched his blistered wound.

“Hiss…” He took a small breath, tossed the scallop back onto the plate in annoyance, and took a chopstick of bok choy. His right hand was injured, so it wasn’t very convenient to use.

Ye Fei listened to the movement next to him and really wanted to laugh.

In the past, Gu Ang refused to eat vegetables no matter how hard he tried to persuade him, but now he was being good. He reached out and picked up the same scallop, handling it cleanly without distraction, as seriously as if he was treating his beloved mecha.

This time Bai SiNing ordered a lot of fancy liquor, and the group of similarly aged teenagers soon chatted away. From the school’s choking operation to the beautiful Omegas from the next school, the conversation was lively.

Gu Ang coldly scanned the crowd, feeling that the party wasn’t interesting. He wasn’t interested in the topic of conversation, and there was a holy monk sitting next to him, affecting his mood. He took two large sips of liquor, the cold liquid rolled down his throat, but his cheeks couldn’t stop burning.

Next to him, Ye Fei was still fiddling with the scallops, which had piled up on half of the plate.

Gu Ang’s fingertips twisted the napkin next to him, his palm moistened; he was inexplicably a little nervous. The person knew that he liked scallops and knew that his hand was injured, so he had decided to take care of all the scallop meat for him?

Ye Fei… could it really be that he was reborn with him? Although he hated him to the bone, was love that hard to let go? Mn, such a deep fucking love.

When they were together, Gu Ang was a picky eater. Ye Fei always took care of his favorite seafood, and then he would feed it to him like he was a cat. Sometimes with chopsticks, sometimes with his mouth.

Gu Ang just ate.

In those days, he was indeed spoiled rotten.

Gu Ang sighed in his heart, they already divorced but he still treated him so well. He was really a real scum. He licked his lower lip with his tongue and raised his eyes to look at the bone dish that was already full. Although they agreed to keep their distance, it didn’t matter if he ate a little bit of a classmates’ food, right?

Gu Ang was slanderous, and watched this person elegantly wipe his hands clean with a wet towel, and then use chopsticks to hold a bite of meat, chewing slowly. The action was noble, delicate, and crisp with no hesitation.

Gu Ang expression cracked: “?”

Is— it— not— for— me? Sorry for the intrusion, I was too self-absorbed.

Sure enough, Ye Fei was a freshman that didn’t care about a straight as steel Alpha. As for the gentle and considerate boyfriend later on, it was all taught by him little by little. What exactly was he expecting?

Gu Ang unconsciously pinched the palm of his hand, touching the injured blister, provoking pain. He smothered himself with a face of bitterness, before taking two more sips of liquor.

Next to him, Bai SiNing had begun to gossip. The topic quickly circled back to the two at the main table. His eyes darted around and he asked, striking a chord, “Brother Ang, have you ever been in love?”

Gu Ang was holding a glass of liquor to himself and almost choked, “What?”

“Just now everyone is talking about their love history. Weren’t you listening? Tell us about yours.”

Gu Ang rolled his eyes in his mind, meaning, “There was one.”

“There ‘was’? That means a breakup.” Bai SiNing let out a cry, “Were they pretty?”

Gu Ang’s cheeks got hotter. He didn’t know if it was the topic that burned, or the sight of the person next to him that suddenly turned around. This person wasn’t the same person as before, so it was okay to talk nonsense.

“Quite handsome, country-toppling beautiful, sinking fish, making geese fall.”

The next classmate coaxed, “Ang is so handsome, so the other must be an especially soft and good-looking Omega!”

Gu Ang got energized, as he replied half sarcastically, “Mn, obedient and considerate, and would feed me.”

Bai SiNing puzzled, “That sweet? Then why break up?”

“It’s hard to explain.” Gu Ang tapped his fingertips on the table, plausibly, “It’s a secret.”

“Tsk… No fun.” Bai SiNing, who had drunk too much, was ruthless and turned his head to the other side, “What about God Ye?”

Ye Fei had finished eating, leaning back in his chair idly lit a cigarette, “Had.”

Gu Ang was shocked and looked at Ye Fei incredulously. Damn, were you lying to me before when you said that you hadn’t been in love? Lying ghost!

Ye Fei continued, “Quite handsome, country-toppling beautiful, sinking fish, making geese fall.”

The expression was serious, not like a joke, and there was a little regret in his expression. Gu Ang pinched his earlobe, why did that sound familiar?

This person was a good dog, and had copied his lines. The person next to him wanted to continue asking questions, but was scared by Ye Fei’s cold eyes, and the gossip about this target came to an abrupt end.

Gu Ang’s consciousness was still stuck in the previous paragraph. Ye Fei had someone else before him… who was that person? This dog ex-husband, dead liar, stupid scum. The more he thought about it, the more angry he became, and Gu Ang slammed the soju in front of him with a lot of gusto, drinking it like water.

When the crowd was about to disperse, he felt like his head was full of alcohol and he was confused.

Gu Ang was in a trance when he heard people withdrawing one after another, and stood up shakily, “Waiter, clear my account.”

Ye Fei pushed him back, “You’re drunk.”

“I’m not, I can drink very well.” Gu Ang tilted his head to look at him, his eyes focused, “Roommate, why don’t we go back and drink?”

Ye Fei didn’t care about him and got up to button up the loose collar of his shirt. The other students all hooked their shoulders in twos and threes and walked out the door.

Bai SiNing gave Gu Ang a worried look, “Shall I go with you to bring him back?”

“No need, I’ll take him back.” Ye Fei lowered his eyes and looked at Gu Ang, whose face was scarlet, and his mouth was still muttering something.

Bai SiNing scowled, “Don’t get rough with him… A’Ang is a nice guy…”

He was afraid that if Gu Ang got drunk and started something, he would wake up in the morning and hear the terrible news that he had been killed and tortured.

Ye Fei closed his eyes, “Go home, be careful on the way.”

“Oh, okay.” Bai SiNing took three steps back, and God Ye’s eyes were a little sharp, and he was afraid to look at Gu Ang again.

When the room was empty, Ye Fei squatted down and pulled the hem of Gu Ang’s shirt to block his exposed white waist, “Can you walk?”

Gu Ang didn’t say anything and stared at him blankly. Suddenly he extended his hand towards him, hanging in the air. The meaning couldn’t be more obvious: hug.

Ye Fei was helpless. He pulled Gu Ang toward him and then wrapped his arms around his neck, “Hold on. If you fall down, I’m not responsible.”

“Noisy, shut up.” The tone of voice was quite fierce.

Ye Fei pursed his lower lip and pushed the fire down. Okay, not going to argue with drunk people.

The Moon River House was near the school, a few minutes away, and carrying a person was easy. It was just that this person wasn’t very peaceful, and even blindly tossed about. The moon was very beautiful tonight, transparent and clear, shining brightly. Unfortunately, the person who could enjoy the moon was almost unconscious and wasn’t charming at all.

Gu Ang couldn’t help but move around a few times, holding the other’s Adam’s apple with his arm, slowly using more and more force.

Ye Fei’s face was like an iceberg, and it felt like his neck was going to be snapped, “Loosen up a little.”

“I won’t.” Gu Ang’s arrogant aura returned, his arm tightened, as he complained, “Don’t shake around so much, I’m going to throw up.”

Just listen… what kind of words were these? Ye Fei really wanted to throw the person in the adjacent Chi River. He padded his hands on his thighs and easily adjusted his posture. HE was trying to find a proper hold with his hands when he got another complaint, “Don’t shake me! I’m going to throw up!”

“You’re going to fall…”

His sentence didn’t finish, when Gu Ang opened his mouth, and without delay, vomited all over Ye Fei. He didn’t eat anything, so all he spit out was acidic water, covering his clothes in a sour scent. It was a great way to get caught off guard and sober up.

Ye Fei’s slight drunkenness was dispersed by the vomit, quickly getting the other off his back, “If you have to throw up, can’t you say so in advance? Are you still throwing up?”

Gu Ang squatted on the ground and wiped his mouth with the hem of his shirt, then ducked away in disgust, “You’re so dirty, leave me alone.”

Ye Fei lowered his eyes to look at his own messy shirt, “…” I’m dirty? Look who made it dirty! His patience had all but worn out, and the gentle gentleman broke the routine.

Gu Ang’s hands were on his knees, half squatting, raising his face to the evening breeze, no intention to get up. Like a lazy cat playing, it wanted to play some more. Ye Fei moved quickly, directly pulled him up from the ground and carried him on his shoulders, walking quickly back to the building.

The door of the dormitory opened, but he didn’t put him down, and carried Gu Ang directly into the bathroom. The room wasn’t large, so it seemed a little crowded with two people crammed into it. The air seemed to have been drained, leaving only the sound of breathing, everything else absent.

Gu Ang lazily sat on the floor and leaned against the wall. The floor still had little water droplets, soaking his thighs, making it a little cold. He was slightly conscious, but his eyes were still a bit confused, “What are you doing?”

Ye Fei lowered his eyes and looked at the person, smiling, not saying a word. He turned on the shower with one hand and slowly, one by one, unbuttoned his shirt.

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The horror and second-hand embarrassment I felt when Gu Ang vomited! 😱

Lol is he going to get sprayed with cold water?

March 17, 2023 7:12 pm

Nooooo… he threw up on YF?! Eeeew.
That would put paid to any lustfull ideas.
Thank you all for the chapter.

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Bathing together does sound like a good idea.

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