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Chapter 73: It Seems To Be Much Softer

Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: KarateChopMonkey: Whaaaat? He’s pregnant? Never would’ve guessed!


Qin LeHe wanted to say something, but was filled with shock. Trying to calm herself, she opened her mouth and asked, “Ah’Ang, how long have you been differentiated into an Omega?”

Gu Ang turned back, and said vaguely, “A few months, recently.”

“So have you…” Still feeling uncomfortable asking, Qin LeHe turned the conversation around, “So those symptoms you told me about last time you called about one of your friends, you were actually talking about yourself?”

At the time, Gu Ang thought it was a normal susceptible period, and his mom mistook him for an Omega girlfriend. The two had a phone call, bullheaded. Gu Ang, not expecting the sudden mention of it, stammered, “Yeah.”

“So you were in heat, how did that work out?” Qin LeHe pursued.

Gu Ang got embarrassed and coughed a few times, “Mom, don’t ask such questions.”

He was used to being an Alpha, and his pattern with Qin LeHe was all big grins. The relationship was good, but it was all joking around. Suddenly this kind of thoughtful concern, it was something he really wasn’t used to. Besides, Ye Fei was still here, so how could he say that in front of them?

Qin LeHe walked over and sat worriedly at the table, “Tell me about it, mom’s worried about you.”

It took a long time for her to slow down and accept the fact that Gu Ang was an Omega, and the mentality of being a mother changed instantly. It went from herding to caution all of a sudden.

“He gave me a temporary mark.” Gu Ang had no choice but to reach out and point to Ye Fei next to him, seeing that there was no getting around the subject.

“Just a temporary mark? Nothing else?” Qin LeHe gave Ye Fei an unsuspecting stare, her eyes threatening and full of defensiveness.

Gu Ang used to be an Alpha, after all, and his physiology was there, so he didn’t have to worry about anything going wrong. But now… A late second-differentiated eighteen year old Omega, she couldn’t even think about not worrying.

Gu Ang looked speechless and forced his temper, “Mom, what are you thinking? How could that be?”

Qin LeHe gave Ye Fei another stare like a thief, “You just made a temporary mark? You could bear it?”

Ye Fei didn’t expect Qin LeHe to be so blunt, and froze at the splitting question. He nodded slowly, “Mn, it was just a temporary mark because Gu Ang wasn’t feeling too well at the time, it was to help ease him.” To clear his name, Ye Fei added, “None of the commercially available inhibitors had any effect on him, and there was no other way.”

Qin LeHe was still half-hearted, “Little Ang, was that test reliable? Why doesn’t mommy go with you to take another test tomorrow?”

Gu Ang reached out to stop her, “Stop it, I’m not going. I’ve been irritated several times and now my brain hurts when I see a doctor.”

He thought of that Doctor Zhang at the school hospital and wanted to draw more tubes of blood from him every time he saw him. He said that it was taken back for experimentation and that it might lead to some amazing scientific research. To put it nicely, wasn’t that just using him as a guinea pig?

Qin LeHe opened her mouth to advise, “But you’re so old to be re-differentiated, was there something physically wrong with you? Better go get checked out.”

Gu Ang shook his head frantically, “No, I won’t go. I’m good as new, I even killed two big Zergs today and I’m bursting at the seams with combat awareness.”

“I was thinking that you…” Qin LeHe could never say the word pregnant.

Gu Ang shouldn’t be able to cheat on her or be so lacking in physical knowledge. If he did get marked completely, as was his character, he wouldn’t be denying it. But… it was just too weird.

Qin LeHe pursed her lips, “Forget it, let’s eat first.”

Ye Fei opened the vegetable boxes one by one and arranged them neatly. Gu Ang saw the entire greasy plate of chicken and instantly lost his appetite. He chucked two pieces of meat, forced them down, and let go of his chopsticks.

“Don’t want to eat, want to drink yogurt.” Gu Ang bristled, glancing at the yellow-orange chicken in disgust.

Qin LeHe snapped her head up, “Want something sour?”

Gu Ang corrected, “Yogurt, not sour.”

Qin LeHe was mystified, “Isn’t yogurt sour? You want to eat sour things?”

He really didn’t blame her for having sensitive nerves, it was just that Gu Ang’s tastes had become so bizarre. When he was a kid, Gu Ang never ate yogurt and had milk with bread in the morning for years.

“I’ll get it for you later, why don’t you have some soup first?” Ye Fei served a bowl of pigeon soup and handed it over, “This is light.”

Gu Ang nodded and took a sip, “It’s okay.”

Qin LeHe elegantly carried his small bowl to eat, “Ye Fei, you’re quite good to our little Ang.”

Gu Ang helped, “He’s been pretty good to me.”

“All the time? You two have only known each other a few days?” Qin LeHe’s anxiety was back. There was the fear that Gu Ang was too innocent and was being led by the nose by a scheming wolf with a big tail.

Gu Ang thought for a moment and swallowed his words back. He couldn’t say that both had been together for years and divorced. His psychologically fragile mom couldn’t afford any more stimulation. There was another moment of silence at the table, no one spoke for fear of stepping on a mine.

Qin LeHe thought about that thing with the last profile and spoke to lighten the mood, “Ye Fei, thanks to you and your dad for your help with the investigation.”

Ye Fei said, “It’s good to help, and when you’re done with things, my dad’s side is ready to follow up with a do-over.”

“Good, very much looking forward to it.” Qin LeHe was back to her old celebrity self, demure and elegant. She thought the Ye family originally did this to deal with the Lu family, after their own skimming, the hands of various handles could be thrown out one by one. As for the thin-skinned husband, whether they die together or live together, she couldn’t care less.

After a few people finished eating, Ye Fei said he had to buy yogurt for Gu Ang and hurried out.

Qin LeHe finally caught the opportunity to question him alone after the man closed the door. She took Gu Ang’s hand and said bitterly, “Tell mommy honestly, did you do it with Ye Fei?”

Gu Ang was holding his glass of water and almost spit out a mouthful of water, “Why are you circling back to this topic?”

His mom really overestimated the two of them, they had been together for almost six years in their last life and they hadn’t made it to the end.

Qin LeHe was worried, “Ye Fei was there, I didn’t have the heart to ask. I see you almost threw up, you’re not pregnant, are you?”

“Pregnant???” Gu Ang looked shocked, as if he had heard something unbelievable. “How is that possible? You can get pregnant with a kiss? You think I didn’t take a physiology class?”

“Is it just kissing and temporary marking?” Qin LeHe double-checked.

Gu Ang nodded helplessly, “Yes, it was really just that. Besides, the doctor said my reproductive cavity is incompletely developed, so there’s no way I could have a baby.”

“That’s good.” Qin LeHe sighed in relief, “You’re only eighteen, if Ye Fei really got you pregnant, I’ll break his legs.”

Gu Ang waved his hand with a look of resistance, “I won’t let that happen.”

Let’s not even get into the matter of whether or not he could conceive, he wasn’t even mentally prepared to have sex with Ye Fei as an Omega. Not to mention the fact that anything else was just a pipe dream.

Qin LeHe caught the key as an afterthought, “What does it mean to have an incomplete reproductive cavity?”

“Mom, don’t ask, I have a headache.” Gu Ang didn’t want to hear any more and reached out to push her to sit back. “It’s all written in the report, take your time reading it yourself when you get back.”

Qin LeHe carried his handbag and walked to the door, “I still don’t think that it’s appropriate for you, an Alpha and an Omega to live together, and it’s too unsafe for your whole building to have a majority of Alpha.”

Gu Ang’s face went cold, “It’s because everyone carries this prejudice like you that I don’t want to admit it. Your son is strong and turning into an Omega made him even stronger. Don’t worry about it, I’ll be fine.”

Qin LeHe knew that she had said the wrong thing and hurriedly changed the subject, “Then I’ll leave first and come back to see you some other time.”

Gu Ang hmmed, and for the rare occasion he didn’t get up to send her away. Feeling the Omega status being belittled again was a million times worse.

When Ye Fei returned, he watched Gu Ang sitting on the couch with a puffed up, annoyed face. He walked over and hooked a finger under the person’s chin, “What did you say to your mom? Pissed off again?”

Gu Ang was sensitive to the subtext, “What? You think I’m acting up now?”

“No, not at all.” Ye Fei, now extremely tenacious in his desire to survive, shook his head in denial.

Gu Ang slumped back on the couch, “It’s so hard to be an Omega. My mom thought I’m pregnant. She’s crazy.”

Ye Fei spread his hands, “Then there’s only one possibility, you went behind my back to find someone else.”

“How could that be?” Gu Ang snickered, “That man would have been killed.”

Ye Fei agreed with this, and whoever really forced Gu Ang, the grass was probably three feet high in his grave by now. And Gu Ang’s devotion put him completely at ease.

Ye Fei stuck the straw into the yogurt container, “Here you go, little friend Ang.”

“Thanks.” Gu Ang didn’t reach for it, just put his head down slightly and took it in his mouth. He was used to Ye Fei taking care of people and enjoyed it.

Martial power was strong on the battlefield, in front of his beloved, it was sort of another variation of pampering.

Ye Fei kept his eyes downcast, squeezing the yogurt carton. Very patiently, he waited for Gu Ang to finish his milk before speaking, “Turning the page on today.”

Gu Ang hmmed, he was tired of tossing and turning too. He let go of the straw and pursed his lips, “A public confession… I didn’t realize you were such a pervert before?”

“There used to be people chasing, now they’re up to chasing me, there’s no way around it.”

Gu Ang teased him, “Why do you look like you’ve been forced to go into business at sea, aggravated?”

Ye Fei reached out and pinched his face, “I’m not going down to the sea, I’m only taking this scoop from you.”

Both of them got goosebumps at the end of that sentence.

The next day after class, Ye Fei accompanied Gu Ang to Jiang RuiYuan to fix the mecha. Yesterday, Gu Ang’s jade and stone operation left both of them with half of their mecha missing. Arriving at the Red Flame mecha Institute as promised, Jiang RuiYuan had been waiting for a long time, her entire face displaying a not-so-happy look.

The two men released the mecha and Gu Ang smiled awkwardly, “Sorry for the damage.”

Jiang RuiYuan, who was a mecha addict, knew that mecha were expendable on the battlefield, and that it was the fate of mecha to withstand fatal damage and even sacrifice for the pilot, but… 

Two identical cut marks, clearly man-made. Jiang RuiYuan’s expression was unhappy and indifferent.

Gu Ang repeated again, “Hello Dean Jiang, we’re here to fix the mecha, mainly this one of mine.”

Jiang RuiYuan glanced at the two men and tapped her hands on the keyboard a few times, a light screen projected onto the Luminous mecha.

“Mecha arms broken level: 83%”

“Over-aged powertrain. Recommending update…”

“Thirteen weapons need to be reloaded…”

Looking at the dozen messages on the light screen, both Gu Ang and Ye Fei fell into a moment of silence.

Jiang RuiYuan let out a tsk, “Gu Ang, I never really realized you were a high-tech product destroyer before… You could do this kind of mutilation with a Zerg fight…”

Ye Fei looked at the barrage of data on it and silently observed three seconds of silence for the mecha, thanking it for having defied the odds and taken a bullet for itself, just like the Zerg. Otherwise it might be himself who would have lost his arm and leg by now.

“No, I didn’t mean to do it either, who knew it made it like this.” Gu Ang also saw the data given out by Jiang RuiYuan and explained awkwardly.

Hell, he didn’t know that two types of pheromone unleashed at the same time in conjunction with psychic powers could give mecha that much power to harness. It was also the first time he had used pheromone in actual combat, and he hadn’t expected the results to be overwhelming. It was just killing a thousand enemies and damaging 800 of your own, and the mecha was hurt badly.

Gu Ang added, “Dean Jiang, I think there’s something wrong with the tests you gave me earlier; the growth of my abilities feels far more than expected.”

Jiang RuiYuan, “……” She held her forehead and sighed, “Forget it, also I missed the mark. Who would have thought there would be so much fighting on a trip to the Ice Blue Star?”

“Yeah, I don’t know why, it feels like my body’s Alpha pheromones and Omega pheromones concentrations have increased a lot since I came back from the Ice Blue Star.” Gu Ang thought about it, puzzling over it. He guessed that it was the days spent sleeping on the ship that had drawn on the combat experience and grown a lot. Otherwise, it was really impossible to find any other reason.

“Fighting between life and death did effectively stimulate the levels of various hormones in one’s body, thus causing one’s combat prowess to increase drastically. By the way, have you had any other adverse reactions lately?” Jiang RuiYuan turned to look at the two men and asked in detail.

Adverse reactions… Gu Ang rubbed his chin, deep in thought. He ate well, slept well, and basically had no problems except for the fact that the misnamed dog ex-husband was old and angry with him. The only thing that was a little strange was the revulsion to smells. And his own cleanliness fetish seemed to be getting worse, earlier, seeing Wei YangZe covered in Zerg blood made him sick to his stomach.

The frequent bursts of blood all over him while fighting the Zerg made him physically ill.

“Dean Kong, is cleanliness considered an adverse reaction?” Gu Ang wondered, “It’s just that the sight of something dirty makes me sick and want to throw up.”

Ye Fei spoke languidly from behind him, “The cassoulet I ordered for you was dirty?”

Gu Ang glanced at him, “No, I mean that dirty blood on Wei YangZe.”

“Of course it counts as an adverse reaction!” Jiang RuiYuan nodded very affirmatively, and then converted the originally projected mecha damaged data light screen in front of him into a 3D simulation of the human body.

With a faint slickness, several red and blue dots appeared on the mannequin’s brain.

Jiang RuiYuan explained, “The red dots are the dots where you produce pheromone, and the blue dots are the dots that make you produce thoughts of hormones like things being dirty and wanting to stay away… We can see that the dots were so close together that it’s a normal reaction to feel nauseous and even want to vomit at the sight of something dirty.”

Not to be outdone by Red Flame’s new mecha academy director, an old professor’s sense of perspective came over Gu Ang when Jiang RuiYuan explained the physical changes.

Gu Ang sighed in relief as he thought about the ridiculous conjecture Qin LeHe had said, “I told you, it must be the recent rapid change in my health that’s causing the constant retching.”

Ye Fei nodded back, “It’s good that it’s not a big deal.”

“You should have no problem getting used to it with a little more acclimatization.” Jiang RuiYuan looked at Gu Ang’s modeling, “Then retest your physical ability today.”

“How do you measure it?”

“You two will have actual combat.”

Gu Ang laughed out loud, “You want me to fight Ye Fei, huh? Can I hit hard?”

Ye Fei’s expression was serious as he patted his head soothingly, “I’ll be gentle for the sake of our relationship, and you be gentle with me.”

Jiang RuiYuan gave the two a suspicious look, “It’s just a real battle, don’t make it sound like it’s life or death.”

She pushed the two men into the underground battle lab and took the door with her. “Let me get this out of the way, the purpose of this fight is not for you two to test your fighting abilities but to test physical fitness. So… Don’t use those so-called fighting tricks of yours while fighting. You’re needed to fight wide open, don’t dodge so much, punch when you need to, don’t dodge. If you’re going to run, spread out and retreat and don’t think about turning around and killing in comeback. Got it?”

Jiang RuiYuan gave the two a brief explanation of the precautions, one by one. After the battle at the Ice Blue Star, she was very aware of the two’s combat strength. If they really let the two do whatever it takes to win, they couldn’t get the test results right, and they could ruin the training ground for her.

“Okay.” Gu Ang gave a reassuring gesture to Jiang RuiYuan and folded his arms.

Ye Fei nodded and reiterated one last time, “Don’t take it out on me, save your strength.”

As soon as the words left his mouth, two massive spiritual forces intertwined along with an unparalleled pressure.

For the first time, Gu Ang felt Ye Fei’s pheromone pressure while sparring. Sure enough Wei YangZe’s rust was weak compared to his brandy. Pure Alpha pheromones, combined with Ye Fei’s top-notch spiritual power, created an overwhelming aura. But this time, unlike last time… Gu Ang found that he didn’t reject Ye Fei’s pheromone, and even melted the scent of that wine into his body bit by bit.

Brandy and white peach oolong intertwined in a way that seemed overwhelmingly demonic, creating a powerful force within. No rejection, no oppression, was it because Ye Fei marked him?

Ye Fei saw him freeze and asked with concern, “Can’t carry on?”

“No.” Gu Ang smiled faintly, “I’m feeling, well, very good.”

He quickly absorbed the brandy, blending it into an optimal state, and his entire body took on a strong warlike look. Before Ye Fei said to accompany him to practice pheromone confrontation, he had been afraid to agree for fear of being embarrassed by his weak legs. He didn’t expect to be surprised when he tried it out today.

No frills, Gu Ang pounced and threw a quick jab and punched out. Ye Fei likewise punched, not shielding himself. The two iron fists collided directly in mid-air with a loud boom. Ye Fei steadied himself for a moment, didn’t hold on, and took a step backwards. He had an almost easy upper hand in his duel with Gu Ang.

Even the fight that Gu Ang reveled in that won over him was quietly let down. But now, he was dueling with Gu Ang with the most primitive of fists, and surprisingly… Couldn’t beat him.

Ye Fei had a bit of a scalp, “Where did you get that power?”

“Not telling.” Gu Ang gave an excited smile, “Big brother, I seem to be better than you.”

Ye Fei’s face was expressionless, “Try again.”

Gu Ang spun around and landed a cross body kick directly on Ye Fei’s face. Ye Fei lightly retreated half a step and avoided Gu Ang’s attack with a close call. In a flash of lightning, his hands cut into a tricky angle and launched an attack directly in the gap between Gu Ang’s old strength and new strength. Close quarters combat was his forte, being able to throw all the power he could with one punch.

Ye Fei was battle-hardened, and this move cut Gu Ang’s power advantage right down to size. Gu Ang came on strong, and it was pretty hard for him to push Ye Fei to the point where he used his full strength. The two of them punched and kicked each other so fast it couldn’t be seen, and in just an instant, they had already gone back and forth for more than thirty rounds.

Crackling sounds were heard all around as row after row of sensors were shattered by the aftershocks of the two men’s exchange, and row after row of new sensors were rearranged. Jiang RuiYuan was tapping quickly on the computer next to her, categorizing and organizing the data of the fight between the two men, her whole body in excitement, “I didn’t expect to hit so many useful records, a treasure.”

Looking at the set of data collected from the two men, Jiang RuiYuan didn’t feel the least bit distressed that her sensors were smashed by the two men into pieces. It just kept on continuing to manipulate the control system, filling the field with a constant stream.

After ten minutes, the intensity of the battle between the two began to slow down.

Jiang RuiYuan tapped the computer screen in satisfaction, “Good, collected.”

“Happy yet? Hmm?” Ye Fei gasped thickly, his otherwise meticulous school uniform ripped open a little, revealing the beautiful lines inside.

Gu Ang was simply a monster now, a monster that didn’t measure up to power. After such a trip, he was literally giving up his life for a wife.

“It’s okay, I guess it was more fun to beat you up.” Gu Ang coughed lightly when he saw the large portion of Ye Fei’s chest exposed, “Put your clothes back on.”

“Next time, next time we’ll keep fighting.” Ye Fei loosened another button, meaning it.

Gu Ang, “……” Who was this man who was so hot? Was it Ye Fei? Was he bewitched?

Jiang RuiYuan interrupted the ambiguous atmosphere between the two, “Come here for a moment, you two.”

By the time the two men reentered the lab and received their respective battle reports.

“Read it as you go.” Jiang RuiYuan pointed to the report and explained in turn. “Gu Ang’s physical growth has greatly exceeded my expectations, keep it up and you should be able to handle the new mecha before you go to the tournament. I’ll catch up on work on my end and get it to you before you leave for Xuancheng.”

Gu Ang whistled, “We’ll see.”

This time, he went to the frontline of the empire to fight the Zerg, plus Lu ChangBai was also watching from the shadows. Now without the handy luminous mecha, it was a mental relief to be able to ride the Empire’s newest group of strongest mecha into battle.

Jiang RuiYuan glanced at Ye Fei again, “Send the list of materials inside that report to your dad and have him send it over in three days. For the sake of us fighting side by side as well, I’ll help you level up the mecha properly as well.”

“Thank you, Dean Jiang.” Ye Fei nodded, “I’ll do it as soon as I can.”

“Then we’ll wait for your good news.” Gu Ang spun the report in a big way and headed for the door. Passing a row of machines by the door, his attention was suddenly drawn to the electronic scales. He hesitated for half a second, but stood up slowly. Gu Ang thought that he should have lost some weight after two days of killing Zerg and fighting meat.

The result was a cold electronic sound coming from the electronic scale just as the toe landed on it.

“Target weight: 71kg”

He had gained six pounds from his previous standard weight of 68kg.

It floated upward a bit more than the number claimed that day at Bai SiNing’s.

Gu Ang slapped on the screen of the electronic scale, “Dean Jiang, this electronic scale of yours is broken.”

Jiang RuiYuan choked, “Impossible, that’s the most accurate weighing instrument.”

“It must be broken.” Ye Fei chimed in helpfully, “I’m not fat.”

Gu Ang wondered, “How can I be fat when I exercise so much every day?” He walked out with his head down, thinking and finding the culprit, “Big brother, it’s your fault for taking me out for a late night snack.”

“What could you gain from a late night snack?”

“And you buy me yogurt and snacks.” Gu Ang reacted and cursed, “Did you just want me to wear women’s clothes?”

Ye Fei stopped talking as he averted his eyes to look away, “Nothing of the sort.”

Last night he counted the days, not many days left until Gu Ang’s bet. Feed him for a few more days in his current condition and the results would be outstanding.

So while Gu Ang was asleep, he went on Starnet and browsed through some unisex uniforms one by one. After half a day of looking and brainstorming, he still couldn’t resist placing an order for a whole set of little uniform dresses. Ye Fei walked forward quickly, communicating with the seller while his fingers pressed the keyboard.

[Make sure I sign for it myself, please.]

If Gu Ang intercepted the shipment, it was going to end in horrible domestic violence. It was unnerving just to think about it.

Gu Ang went after him, “What are you doing?”

Ye Fei put away his communicator and tossed it into his pocket, “It’s fine, go back to bed.”

Gu Ang was really irritated by the recent anomaly and stuck a date to run to the training ground every day for a few days afterwards to work out. He even bought an electronic scale to record his weight daily. Exercise was still having some effect, the weight was coming off a bit.

Only the rate of descent, and it’s slow.

On the day of the appointment, Gu Ang was so anxious that he went round and round the room.

Muttering, “It’s over, two pounds to go, I’m dead.”

Ye Fei looked at him anxiously, sitting with an air of calmness in front of the coffee table fiddling with his tea bag. There was still a lot of white peach oolong left over from his last purchase, and he could now make tea in plain sight.

“Light, white peach oolong, want to drink?”

“Not drinking.” Gu Ang got down on the floor and started doing crazy push-ups. Trying to get that weight off by temping.

Ye Fei thought it was funny, “You don’t have to work so hard either, you’re okay.”

He had been adding calorie dense foods to his diet for the past two days when Gu Ang wasn’t looking, it was a wonder the weight was coming off. The little dress had been received and was sitting on the innermost shelf of his closet. Ye Fei sunk his eyes and wore it for him to see that it was okay, not to cheapen Bai SiNing and Lin XiuYong.

Gu Ang was still doing pushups while talking, “I was brain dead when I made that bet with you guys.”

Sweat slowly soaked out of his forehead, staining the hair in front of his forehead, and Gu Ang never stopped.

Ye Fei sighed, how children were so shafted, “Forget it, don’t do it. You can renege on it.”

“No, that’s not my style.” Gu Ang lifted his left hand and wiped the sweat from his face as he continued to brace himself on one hand. There was a knock at the door and Gu Ang raised his eyes to check the time and his heart thumped.

It was over. The debt collectors were here.

Ye Fei moved his teacup aside and was about to get up to open the door when Gu Ang leapt up from the floor and held him down.

“Big brother, it must be Bai and the others, let’s pretend we’re not there.”

“Brother Ang, I can hear you.” Bai SiNing yelled from the door.

Gu Ang, “……” What was coming was coming, and he wanted to pick a nice way to die.

Ye Fei rubbed the back of his neck and pulled the door open, revealing two faces watching the good fight.

“Brother Ang, did you succeed in losing weight? We’re here for the result.” Bai SiNing smiled and got into the room, pulled out the scale from his school bag and clunked it on the floor. The sound, like the tolling of a death knell.

Gu Ang tsked, “Are you going to do that in the middle of the night? Pinpointing the result.”

“It’s fairer to use the same scale for comparison in order to be more accurate.” Bai SiNing explained with a flourish, an excited glint in his eyes. The subtext is, you own the scale, what if you do something shifty?

Gu Ang, his heart dead, sat sideways on the couch and slumped back against the sheer backrest, breathless, “No need to weigh it, it’s two pounds short.”

“Hmm? So…” Bai SiNing scowled at Lin XiuYong, “Is Brother Ang going to keep his promise?”

Lin XiuYong cooperated, “Yes, wear women’s clothing.”

Wearing women’s clothing. Those three words fell into his ears and the mere thought of them made him feel parched.

Gu Ang stammered, “Can I choose my own style? No pictures, I’ll only wear it for a minute.”

Now that he’d promised, he had to keep his promise. But before the final lynching, he wanted to pick a quick death.

Ye Fei saw his face of resistance and difficulty, it was a bit unbearable, “Forget it, don’t make it difficult for him.”

It wasn’t a good day for Gu Ang to have to lose face like that in front of his two friends. Not to mention, wearing it for both of them, he wasn’t too happy about it.

Bai SiNing went down again, rummaging around in his book bag, ticking off déjà vu double ponytails. He was full of devious ideas, and with a twinkle in his eye, he came up with a new set-up, “Here’s the deal, Brother Ang, you don’t have to wear it for us, just show it to God Ye alone. But only if you wear this double ponytail.”

Gu Ang got angry at the sight of the twin ponytails and squeezed a voice out of his teeth, “Bai SiNing, do you want to die?”

“One of two, wear it for us, or add twin ponytails for Ye Fei, your choice.”

Lin XiuYong seemed to enjoy stirring things up, protecting Bai SiNing with one hand while continuing, “Ye Fei’s also happy with this arrangement, right?”

Ye Fei could barely hold in his laughter, “I think that’s a pretty good offer.”

It was for him alone, and he would even ask him to wear it all night.

Bai SiNing raised his chin at him, “God Ye, you owe us a favor, oh.”

“Did I agree?” Gu Ang wrinkled his brow, deep in thought. If it was just Ye Fei, it seemed acceptable to be ashamed. It was his own fault, he couldn’t keep his mouth shut and had to dig a hole for himself, now he had to cover himself with dirt when he jumped into it.

“How’s that?” Bai SiNing wiggled around with his ponytail. That wig had pretty good hair, and with a gentle shake, the hair slid around.

Gu Ang nodded, “Okay, the wig stays, you two get a move on.”

Bai SiNing stood up with a smile, “God Ye, we’ve seen it, remember to give us feedback on how you feel.”

“Go, go, go.” Gu Ang pushed one man’s shoulder with one hand and ushered the two out the door. “Good-bye, no see you later.” After seeing the two leave, he closed the door and turned around, just in time to meet Ye Fei’s eyes.

Gu Ang was a little creeped out by the stare, “What?”

“Wearing it now?”

“What the hell?” Gu Ang was still bewildered when he saw Ye Fei pull out an elaborate box from the cupboard. The gift box was quickly unwrapped and inside lay a blue and black checkered uniform.

Gu Ang, “……” He walked over quickly and picked the dress up and looked at it left and right, “Why do you have this in your closet? Which girl’s is it?”

“Bought it for you, in your size.” Ye Fei’s voice was faint, his eyes straying to Gu Ang.

Gu Ang gritted his teeth, “When did you buy it? You started hitting on me a long time ago?”

Ye Fei hmmed, “I’m kinda looking forward to it.”

Gu Ang didn’t hold back and hammered a fist into his chest, “No wonder you feed me every day, no good dog man.”

“You didn’t lose it yourself, not my fault.”

Gu Ang choked, the man was crackling with calculation every time and took his problems off the table. He gasped and laughed, “Fine, I’ll just wear it.”

“Mn, there’s the twin ponytails.” Ye Fei reminded softly as he pinched the two strands of hair Bai SiNing had left behind.

Gu Ang looked resentful and spoke grumpily, “I don’t need you to tell me, I know.”

He ground his back teeth and pulled off the clothes he was wearing and threw them on the bed, wide and uncovered. All out of a pair of white panties and nothing more, revealing pale skin in the soft light. Gu Ang reached down and put his top on, much like a school uniform shirt with a uniform jacket. He reluctantly buttoned the bottom few buttons and left his collar casually open.

In the box, there was a small skirt left, a short one. Gu Ang picked it up disgustedly and pulled it it to cover his thighs. It was half-covered, which made it seem more erotic.

Gu Ang grinded his teeth and spoke, “How come I didn’t notice this fetish of yours before?”

Ye Fei shrugged, “I browsed around and this was as conservative as it got.”

“What the hell kind of website were you browsing?” Gu Ang’s eyes closed and he moved his long legs under his skirt. It was just a matter of a minute or two for a man to be able to bend and stretch. Zip it up and it was just the right size. A pair of straight, slender legs fell outside his short skirt as he stood barefoot, the snowy white backs of his feet contrasting with the black floor.

Gu Ang hung his head, his hands and feet in a way that was inexplicably compassionate. Ye Fei picked up the double ponytail barrettes and pinned one to one side with a quick eye. With such a pleated skirt with a schoolboy vibe, it was surprisingly innocent looking. Gu Ang had white skin and a big face, and when he dressed up a little, he really looked like a young girl who had just matured. He wore a sheepish look that tinted his cheeks a little pink.

“All right, one minute to go.” Gu Ang squirmed in his posture, standing with his long legs straight up and his hands unsure of where to place them. He felt a breeze pass between his legs, obviously cool, and Ye Fei’s eyes were unbearably hot. The collar was open and Ye Fei’s eyes fell in, feeling that Gu Ang’s pecs were much softer than before.

A white patch, like a peeled egg, glowed softly. If he were to suck on it, it could leave a big hot flushed mark. If his palm covered them, would his hand feel a little sheerer than before?

Ye Fei’s reflexes reacted to the mere thought of it, holding the robe out in a distinct arc. The robe material was so thin that all desire had nothing to hide.

Gu Ang crossed his arms and swayed at the top of his twin ponytails, a few strands of his hair sticking to his cheeks. His eyes were wide with shock, “Fuck, you’re hard even with me wearing this shit?”


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May 16, 2023 4:59 pm

This made me laugh out loud, for 2 reasons; poor GA, all because of his pride + self proclaimed big mouth 😁 and YF enjoying both his look and discomfort, a little too much 😏
I wonder when they will realise GA really is pregnant and how will they work out when it happened; they aren’t stupid (well, OK, sometimes), so shouldn’t it be obvious, with a bit of thought? I hope GA doesn’t assume YF had a clear head at some point and took advantage of him.
Thanks for translating and editing.

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May 16, 2023 5:33 pm

That was super entertaining and squirmy GA was funny 😆 Wish you added a pic of that scene💁🏻‍♀️😁

May 18, 2023 8:34 am

YF is enjoying the view😅.. he is amazingly clever

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