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Chapter 74: Big Brother, I’ll Help You

Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: KarateChopMonkey feeling sorry for pregnant GG


Ye Fei’s Adam’s apple was rolling, “You’re beautiful.”

He wasn’t lying, and he was really pretty. Not the usual delicate Omega he saw, with a touch of sophistication, adding to the flavor.

“So damn pretty.”

Gu Ang was uncomfortably stuck in the twin ponytail’s barrette, and he shook his head again, shaking off the broken hair stuck to his cheek, “Can this thing be taken off?”

Ye Fei reached out and touched his head, running his fingers through the soft strands of hair. The look in the person’s eyes grew deeper, “Let me watch for two more minutes.”

Two minutes, ten minutes, an hour, couldn’t seem to get enough of it. It wasn’t that there was any strange fetish, he just suddenly caught Gu Ang’s rare shyness. Gu Ang in women’s clothes, like a mimosa. It hid with the slightest touch, and would shiver.

“You’re really perverted.” Gu Ang smirked, “What would you do if I kissed you like this?”

Ye Fei smiled faintly, “You could try.”

Gu Ang moved forward a step closer to Ye Fei, his fingers grabbing the person’s collar and pulling them towards him. He used no small amount of force, carrying a violent power. But as far as Ye Fei was concerned, it was just a little wildcat having a pout. He dropped his eyes to Gu Ang’s open neckline, and couldn’t help but look inside. Halfway through seeing it, it was blocked in front of his eyes and turned into Gu Ang’s enlarged face.

Thin lips pressed up, nibbling not so gently on his bottom lip.

Ye Fei’s fingertips pressed against his waist, slender, with a little soft flesh that squeezed more comfortably than before. He breathed a little heavier, licking turning into nibbling, indulging himself to leave a mark. With skin that white, it should leave hickeys.

In a sense, Ye Fei was very possessive. He even wanted Gu Ang to get smaller and tucked into his pocket so he could squeeze his little face whenever he wanted and watch him wiggle around on all fours in his cuteness.

“Have you been drinking too much yogurt? You smell like milk.” Ye Fei asked in a low voice.

Gu Ang wrinkled his nose, “Don’t smell it, you’re making that up.”

“Really, it’s light.” Ye Fei’s lips slid down and kissed his neck in a vain attempt to move further down. His palm gently touched the edge of his skirt, his fingers moving slightly to touch the smooth thigh.

Gu Ang ducked back, “Beast, where are you kissing? Weren’t you curious what would happen if you kissed me?”

Ye Fei pressed him around the waist and slammed down on the bed, “I won’t be able to resist.”

Gu Ang was stunned by the gesture and reached out to push his chest, “Big brother, calm down, calm down.”

“Can’t calm down.” Ye Fei turned his head sideways and planted a strawberry fiercely at the spot on his neck, “How much longer do I have to put up with this?”

Gu Ang blushed slightly as he sensed Ye Fei’s stoicism. But, really, couldn’t get over that hurdle in his heart.

“We’ll talk about it when my mom approves of you, or, the next time you’re in heat.” Gu Ang gasped, his hair streaked across the covers, looking messy and innocent. He didn’t know when he’d be able to take it. It felt like a strange thing to be pressed down by Ye Fei.

Ye Fei laughed, letting go of the strange mischievous thoughts in his head and changing the subject, “Your mother would just think I’m the pig who dug up the cabbage now.”

“She said, if you get me pregnant, she’ll break your legs.” Gu Ang recalled the look on Qin LeHe’s face as he spoke, gritting his teeth. He closed his eyes as if relieved and a little regretful, “Unfortunately, I won’t get pregnant, my reproductive cavity is not fully developed.”

“That’s fine. I don’t want you to suffer like that.” Ye Fei’s Adam’s apple was rolling. He’d made plans to have no children with Gu Ang a long time ago, and now that he’d become an Omega, it was still the same.

Ye Fei’s mother died while giving birth to him, and he was extremely sensitive to the matter. Or even, physical resistance. He had never met his mother, and only knew what she looked like from photographs. He hated himself as a child, too, for depriving a young woman of her life by his own birth. The good thing was that Ye HongFeng didn’t hate him, but only mentioned the past with a look of regret between his features.

Everyone had a destiny and couldn’t be forced.

Ye Fei stared at the ceiling and spoke quietly, “You know what? I had an inheritance agreement before that I didn’t sign.”

Gu Ang didn’t expect Ye Fei to bring it up of his own accord at this time, and he froze in his tracks. It took a while before he picked up, “I accidentally saw it in your safe, the day before I was going to get a divorce from you.”

Ye Fei was surprised, “You saw that? So that’s part of the reason for the divorce?”

Gu Ang nodded in acknowledgement, “Yes, your password was too easy to guess and opened with a simple try.”

He was just casually trying out passwords that were relevant to him. Gu Ang closed his eyes and recalled the contents of the agreement he saw, “It said that you automatically give up the Ye family head succession as well as your rights because you don’t have the means to have offspring. I saw it at the time and found it quite hard to bear.”

He was in a hellish torment at that moment, taking all the fault on himself. No fault of his own, but it seemed like he was sorry for all of them.

“You don’t have to feel bad, it was a decision I made myself a long time ago.” Ye Fei paused, “Besides, because my mom died giving birth to me, my dad looked away from the whole child thing, and if I won’t have children, then I won’t.”

Gu Ang didn’t expect a knot in his heart to be untied so lightly.

Ye Fei added, “So it was the same in this life, you don’t have to feel how much regret it would cause us by not having children. If you’re bored later, we could get a dog.”

“Is that so?” Gu Ang muttered. He was overwhelmed with self-recrimination from the moment he saw the agreement. Thinking that Ye’s father and son gave up too much just because the two of them were Alphas to break through the world’s eyes to be together. He didn’t expect them to look at it so openly.

Gu Ang felt a surge of emotion in his heart and couldn’t help but roll over and hug Ye Fei, “Big brother, I love you so much.”

Ye Fei grunted as the sudden weight crushed him and his thoughts were pulled back. He separated himself from Gu Ang with his hand, “Don’t move, go change.”

It was so hard to be a person. Gu Ang thought to himself, thta was enough for today. Any more teasing and both men would have to start a fire.

He got up and took his skirt off and folded it, “Where do I put this thing?”

“Put it in the closet.” Ye Fei ground his back teeth and averted his eyes. Sooner or later, he was going to make Gu Ang wear it again.

Qin LeHe had sped up the action on her hands since she learned of their relationship. In just half a month, she took care of a lot of the obvious things in a clean way. It was pretty easy to get her homestead back. It just took some means to avoid Lu Shen to deal with it.

Gu Ang got a message, [Ang, I’m getting ready for the divorce].

This was certainly the best news in recent memory for both him and Ye Fei.

Then, Qin LeHe sent another message: [You guys come to Moon River House, I want to discuss it with you.]

Gu Ang rolled out of bed, “Big brother, come with me to Moon River House.”

“Aren’t you going to sleep?” Ye Fei closed the book and looked at the person steadily.

Gu Ang had been particularly sleepy lately, almost falling asleep next to his bed. During class, too, he’d start nodding off as he listened, as if he could never sleep. Today too, he just got back from class and it was only 6pm. He then took an early shower and laid down on the bed, like a sleeper into the bargain.

“My mom is getting ready to get a divorce, which should be in the next two days.” Gu Ang was all excited and sleepy. The pace was very satisfying to him, and the thought of them both finally coming to the bitter end was thrilling.

Ye Fei also came to life when he heard that, “Let’s go.”

The two quickly changed their clothes and headed to Moon River House. Having not seen Qin LeHe for a long time, she looked quite haggard throughout, wrapped in a black outfit, as if she was going to a funeral. Qin LeHe blushed miserably and whispered the recently arranged plan to the two men.

Everything from how to handle family property to how to declare a divorce.

Gu Ang listened and pondered for a moment, “Mom, so it was as simple as a divorce for you, no extra plans?”

His expression showed incredulity, not expecting his mother to simply divorce straight away after just protecting the family property belonging to the Qin family. The thought of how his last life had ended made his teeth itch with anger. The knife that killed her was a nightmare for him for a long time. That scene, which Lu Shen didn’t see, hurt only him.

“No plans for now.” Qin LeHe sighed, half a month’s streak had made her lose her old anger. There were even a few more gray hairs and she looked haggard. It did take a lot of courage to make that decision after twenty years of marriage. Especially when dealing with these things, when she recalled a lot of good moments.

With every step, her heart dripped.

She leaned back wearily in the back seat and spoke slowly, “What else can I do? The Gu family has now climbed to the high branch of the Lu family, and I’m afraid of the revenge by this adulterous couple. It doesn’t matter to me, but I’m afraid that it would affect the Qin family and you.”

She was in the end afraid of hurting her son, how could she settle the outcome on the child for the fault of the parents? Qin LeHe didn’t have the same face as before at this time, and the haggard look on her face caused Gu Ang heartache.

Gu Ang hadn’t seen such a cowering mother since he was a child. She was the grand lady, the top celebrity, exquisitely made up and perfectly dressed. Her personality was also straightforward and daring. He didn’t expect to be released so easily in this divorce matter.

Gu Ang was a bit exasperated, “Mom, while I know it may be inappropriate to say this, let me just ask you this, do you want to get back at that scumbag?”

The more he spoke, the angrier he became, and his whole body stood up uncontrollably, his hands trembling as he pressed them on the table. It wasn’t that he didn’t remember his old ways, it was that the man who couldn’t call himself a father was too ruthless in his approach. The ending of this life wouldn’t have been so different if he hadn’t come back through with the results of his future grief.

The thought of him once rolling up all of the Qin family’s assets, and coldly divorcing and flaunting his authority, made Gu Ang so angry that he couldn’t breathe.

That bloody twilight that he dared not recall. The black figure hovering in mid-air before the vertigo… The regret and despair of not getting to see the last… and his and Ye Fei’s relationship that fell apart without a word of goodbye at a moment that should have been their honeymoon. He was the source of all that, so they should let him off so easily? He was reluctant and unwilling.

“Of course I want revenge.” Qin LuHe suddenly laughed miserably and her expression returned to stagnant, “But I don’t know what to do now. I can’t see killing him, no matter what, he’s still your father.”

Gu Ang pressed his brow and sat back down, “There are many ways to get revenge, I didn’t say I was going to kill him.” He glanced at Ye Fei and continued. “The old thing has been chasing fame and fortune all his life, and this was his biggest and only pursuit in life. Marrying you and giving birth to me, all for the sake of stabilizing and getting the Qin family. Climbing to the Lu family now must have the same reasons in it, as you could see in these.”

At the end of the sentence, Gu Ang brought out the information collected by the subsequent Ye HongFeng and put it back on the table, “Cut off his path of chasing power, then cooperate with the Ye family to remove the real culprit, the Lu family, from the Empire, and neither of them would be able to run.”

Ye Fei nodded, ”The Ye family would also intervene, with a two-pronged approach. Let’s see who dares not give face to the Qin and Ye families and dare to go to the relief of the Gu family. It’s easy to go from frugality to luxury, but hard to go from luxury to frugality. That alone would be painful enough for him.”

“The best revenge is when the old thing is left with no money and a bad reputation.” Gu Ang grimaced, speaking word by word. “Mn, Gu Shen’s gang of uncles and aunts… Can go to hell with him too.”

A hint of disgust showed on Qin LeHe’s face even as he said that, “Then so be it.”

Qin LeHe let out a long sigh and was a little relieved.

Following Gu Ang’s character and the relationship between father and son that was almost to zero, she thought she would get a very extreme plan. Gu Ang had done a decent job of taking it out for himself in a very roundabout way instead of completing this revenge in the most decisive way possible. The boy, indeed, had grown up.

“There’s no problem with the plan, the key is how to break the path of his power and remove the Lu family’s name. This revenge plan is actually something I had thought about before, but it’s just too difficult to implement, so I gave up.” Qin LeHe flipped her hand around on her comms, eventually giving up and losing her face.

“Mom, that’s not for you to worry about.” Without waiting for Gu Ang to speak, Ye Fei smoothly took over the conversation.

Gu Ang leaned back in his chair with a bewildered look on his face. 

You’re calling her Mom? Who gave you the courage, who gave you the confidence?

Ignoring Gu Ang’s murderous stare, Ye Fei continued, “Our Ye family and the Lu family are considered old rivals, and we have many of their handles in our hands.”

Qin LeHe also choked on the sudden “Mom” and coughed twice, “Your Ye family and the Lu family are one of the several great families in the Empire, so you should know that those so-called small tricks are fine against ordinary people, but they are simply useless against a behemoth like the Lu family.”

Ye Fei rushed to take advantage of the opportunity and raged for goodwill. “Don’t worry, to be honest, Gu Ang and I now have two cards in our hands that could kill the Lu family, but it’s a matter of how fast or slow we are. We intend to reckon a bit more to make sure that nothing is lost.”


“What exactly is it? Let us sell it first. You shouldn’t force Gu Ang to say it either, it’s something that involves the Ye family’s top secrets. You’ll know when the time comes.”

Gu Ang continued to be baffled. What hidden card, how did he not know about it? What exactly did Ye Fei do behind his back to prepare?

Qin LeHe was a little surprised to see how ready he was, “Have you checked with your father?”

Ye Fei smiled weakly, “My father and I have come to an understanding that he fully supports it.”

Gu Ang held his tongue, when else did Ye Fei agree with Ye HongFeng? It wasn’t the day we came home while he was sleeping, was it? Knowing nothing, he decided to close the mike and listen to Ye Fei’s plan in silence.

Ye Fei touched his hand from under the table, signaling calmness, and continued, “Mom, there’s just one more thing right now that we need your side to work with us on.”

“Tell me about it, you’re so good, do you still need my help?” After confirming that it was feasible, Qin LeHe’s entire spirits were much better, and she couldn’t help but snicker a bit.

Gu Ang was relieved that the bite of ‘mom’ was smooth. In a minute, he actually got Qin LeHe to accept it. He pursed his lips and looked over at Ye Fei, this dog of an ex-husband was pretty good. With a svelte appearance, he knew how to lie to middle-aged women.

It was clear that the last time Qin LeHe had looked at him like he was a thief, but now her face changed and her gaze actually took on a bit of compassion.

Ye Fei raised the corner of his mouth, “Let your Qin family accompany people in the Gu family with good food and drink, and take care of those uncles and aunts in the Gu family.”

Qin LeHe had been in there for a long time and instantly understood it in seconds.

“I would order someone to properly feed those Gu family vampires’ appetite to grow bigger and bigger. When the Lu family falls and Gu Shen loses his power, I would like to see these vampires, lying on Gu Shen’s body and continuing to suck blood.”

“It will be wonderful.” Ye Fei’s voice was faint, but the calculation was deep.

Gu Ang shuddered, “You’re so evil.”

Qin LeHe was in a much better mood, “Okay, the divorce is on the agenda first, let him mess up his own feet first, the rest, I’ll leave it to you guys.”

“Okay, Mom.” Ye Fei replied incredibly smoothly, “Wait for our good news.”

Qin LeHe flashed her first smile of the day, “Mn, go back.”

The two of them slowly emerged from Moon River House, and Gu Ang couldn’t resist twisting his arm, “Who were you calling mom?”

“Didn’t you open your mouth and call out dad too?” Ye Fei teased him out loud, remembering that sudden call.

Gu Ang laughed awkwardly, “That was my mouth running amok, by accident. We’re not remarried. What were you shouting about?”

Ye Fei stifled a laugh and said back, “I see your mother was quite happy to hear it. Besides, sooner or later, she’ll have to change her name, and calling it that this time was to reassure her that we’re all family.”

“Oh, the reasoning was all yours, I have nothing to say.” Gu Ang bristled, unable to speak to the man.

Ye Fei took a few big steps forward, “I’m so great, shouldn’t I be rewarded?”

Reward, again. Gu Ang thought of the last time he was hit by Ye HongFeng and a shadow sprouted in his heart. He blinked, thinking of Ye Fei’s set of revenge just now, and digressed, “When did you talk to your dad about it?”

“These days when you were asleep.” Ye Fei laughed lightly, “With a little piggy in the house that eats and sleeps, I’ll just have to do more business and distract myself.”

Gu Ang kicked him, “Who are you calling a pig?”

Ye Fei rubbed his head, “You.”

Despite the fighting, Gu Ang felt at peace in his heart. In his last life, he was alone in facing this matter, and now that someone was protecting him, it would be a lie to say that he wasn’t moved. Gu Ang held his breath for a moment, “Big brother, thank you.”

Ye Fei walked to the door of the dormitory and glanced at him, saying with meaning, “I hope you have something tangible to thank.”

Gu Ang’s ears twitched and he stammered, “I can’t understand.”

“That last uniform…”

“Fuck, why are you still fighting for that?”

Ye Fei pushed the man inside and closed the door behind him, “I open my closet every day and wonder when you’ll ever wear it again.”

It was too short last time to see enough.

Half a month passed, and he thought he’d catch a chance to see it again. Gu Ang entered the room, with a big red face on top, and sat on the bed in a struggle. People were coming out to help as a family, and that little request seemed like it should be met. Besides, he had already been through it once, and it didn’t seem to make any difference if he did it again. Also, there didn’t seem to be anything to be ashamed of when wearing it for Ye Fei.

He had a heroic look on his face, “Okay, I’ll wear it.”

Ye Fei rejoiced, reaching into the cupboard to remove the hanger, a brand new uniform. The style was slightly different and the color wasn’t quite the same as last time.

Gu Ang was stunned. “You’re fucking… Addicted to buying?”

“Mn, because it was nice to look at.” Ye Fei shamelessly admitted.

Gu Ang wiped his face and spoke incredulously, “You’re really sick.”

As he said that, he did take off the clothes he was wearing without any pretense and began to change into them. Last time it was still a bit inexperienced, but this time he’d been able to put it on smoothly. A thin black band floated from the neckline, wrapping around the neck in an extraordinarily erotic way. He put on the top and slipped the skirt on, muttering in a low voice, “Are my legs getting longer? Why do I feel like this skirt is shorter?”

Bending over slightly and he could see the view between his legs. Ye Fei came up and wrapped his arms around the person and rolled over and pinned him to the bed in a sharp move. He lowered his eyes to the person and whispered in admiration, “Light, how lovely.”

Gu Ang stiffened, and he knew that the horny bastard reacted more punctually than the weather forecast. The skirt just barely covered his thighs, and the reaction was straight against his leg. Trying to ignore it, he couldn’t even do that. Maybe it was the beautiful moonlight tonight, or maybe it was just too many mood ups and downs.

Anyway, he moved a little too.

Neither man spoke, nose to nose, their breath entwined.

“Do you want… I’ll help you…” Gu Ang twisted his palm, his voice low enough to be almost inaudible, “Use my hands.”

“Forget it.” Ye Fei gasped and rolled over, throwing himself under the covers and lying flat on his back with his limbs stretched out. He closed his eyes and decided not to look at Gu Ang anymore, “Change back, and wonder who you’re torturing.”

Gu Ang looked at Ye Fei’s face, a thin layer of sweat soaked on his forehead, and was a little upset. He gritted his teeth and rolled over to straddle it, two long, thin white legs showing more from under his skirt, “Big brother, I’ll help you.”


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