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Chapter 46: It’s cute and delicious.

Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: CaiCat

Assistant Editor: GaeaTiamat


The two looked at each other for at least half a minute before Wen XingYao came back to his senses. He thought that it wouldn’t do to keep standing around like that, so he picked himself up and returned Bai Li’s greeting, “Li Bai. Are you going out for something?”

“Uh-huh.” Bai Li nodded. “I’m going to ask the village chief to open a breeding module, and then add a livestock shed to the yard.”

Livestock? That wasn’t just small animals, but a good conversation starter. Wen XingYao hid the darkness in his eyes and said without hesitation, “I’ll go with you!”

The two of them were almost always together during the time when the game was first launched, so they were already used to this kind of thing. Bai Li didn’t notice that there was a deeper meaning in the words, and simply agreed to it.

The area of the village has become larger and the road to the village chief had also become much longer. The two of them were walking slowly shoulder to shoulder, when Wen XingYao made up his mind and tentatively spoke,  “Li Bai. After the game update, you designed some small animal species, what are the specifics?”

Bai Li only thought Wen XingYao was curious about how to play the game, and answered patiently with his as he ticked them off on his fingers, “Right now the players’ levels are still very low, so I only designed five kinds of livestock for the time being: small chickens, small ducks, small geese, small pigs and small cows. They are the same as seeds, and only when the player’s character reaches the required level, can they be purchased. You, for example, are now at level 15 and can buy three kinds: chicks, ducklings and goslings. All three have different maturity times, but are fed the same feed. At first, you may not be skilled, so I suggest you start with the most basic. Chicks.”

Sounds like fun. Wen XingYao almost got distracted by Bai Li’s words again, then while cursing himself for being more and more tempted, he continued to probe tenaciously, “What do those little animals look like? Well…I mean, are they different from the real ones?”

On one of the agricultural planets under his name, half of the land was used to raise all kinds of livestock, like Bai Li said chickens, ducks, geese, pigs and cows. The planet was full of them. He had been to the planet several times, and what impressed him most was the animals on the ground, weren’t willing to eat and weren’t willing to move. It was as if they were desperate for life. If it weren’t for the fact that their physical condition was normal, or at most a bit malnourished, Wen XingYao wondered if this might be another expression of Genetic Collapse Disorder.

Moreover, their meat wasn’t good, some was dry and woody, some had a pungent fishy smell, some simply couldn’t be eaten. Just over two months ago, the planet’s director came to ask him if he wanted to reduce the number of livestock being bred.

Bai Li’s answer interrupted Wen XingYao’s reminiscence of the past. “There is still a little difference. After all, it’s a game, so the design of small animals is slightly cute, especially the chicks, so it will look more lively. You will know later when you see it.”

Wen XingYao restrained his excitement, and tried again, “Li Bai, do you like cute animals more? I wonder if you also have cute animals in real life?”

It was as if he was asking if he had a child at home…Wen XingYao’s face slowly turned red when he realized what he had said in order to probe Bai Li’s background.

It was an embarrassment to compliment himself on his cuteness, now that he thought on it. Fortunately, no one else knew about it except himself. This question had actually involved personal privacy, but Bai Li thought, depending on his own judgment of people, Demon Xing shouldn’t be the kind of person who would deliberately pry into his life. Perhaps it was really just simple curiosity?

He hesitated for a few seconds, but replied, “Mn, you’re right. I do have an orange kitten. He is a stray cat that I picked up from outside. He is particularly cute and very dear, and more importantly, he can also help me a lot.”

An extremely standard answer that not only let Wen XingYao know that his guess was not wrong, but also added on the whole process of their encounter. So he was picked up from outside by Bai Li…He was so kind!

The above conclusion buoyed Wen XingYao for quite some time, and he kept a gentle attitude while he spent time with Bai Li in the game. So much so that later when his human consciousness finally awakened inside his juvenile body, he recalled the memories lost for nearly two months and found that he was actually the one who took the initiative to touch the porcelain 1 and could not come back to his senses for a long time.

You…damn…well, why?!

Back to the topic.

Seeing Wen XingYao actually start to think absently, Bai Li blinked. He guessed that the other party might not be interested in Supreme, and took the initiative to skip the topic and went back to the game’s livestock breeding. He began by stating the purpose of opening the game, “As you know, before the game was upgraded, there was only one way to play, farming, and the products were only vegetables, fruits and grains. Players could eat meat through the ‘Food Basket’ item in the mall, but it was impossible to make their own. Moreover, there are recipes that players have gotten before that require meat, the simplest being eggs, which are also not in the game. Therefore, in my opinion, it is still necessary to add livestock play. Like those chickens, ducks and geese, when they mature, they can produce an egg every day, and if you think there are enough eggs, you can also kill them and eat the meat directly. How good is that?” Speaking of which, Bai Li suddenly, and heatedly smiled, “You have to trust me as a designer, ah. The vegetables in the game taste so good! These chickens, ducks and geese…Not only are they cute, they will also be especially great to eat!”

That’s right, he was the ingredient harvester of Moderate Affection now.

Bai Li did not know how much excitement his words had brought to Wen XingYao, whose ears were hearing Bai Li talking about the game’s chickens, ducks and geese, but his mind couldn’t help but think of his own infancy in reality. He remembered Bai Li saying that his infancy was ‘cute.’ He would have adopted him and brought him home, but would he not also want to…

No, no, no! Wen XingYao shook his head furiously, Bai Li also said that his infant would also help him to work. As long as his infant was more vigorous, and helped Bai Li to do more work, he should be able to live safely, right? As he thought about it, he slowly calmed down and started to think about his actions once again. He wondered if his mind had been affected by his infancy. Under normal circumstances, he should be a calm and self-possessed Interstellar Admiral.

It can’t be that he had let himself go in the game, right?

“Hmm? Demon Xing, why are you shaking your head?” Bai Li stopped in his tracks and looked curiously at Wen XingYao. He realized after the fact that there seemed to be something strange about the other side today, he was talking a lot and curious.

“No, nothing…” Wen XingYao’s heart was so weak he thought that cold sweat was going to flow down. He took a deep breath and took the initiative to apologize, “I just thought of something and didn’t listen to you carefully, sorry.”

Bai Li wasn’t angry. He smiled and shook his head, and led the them to continue to walk forward.

The discussion about the ‘cute’ little animal came to an abrupt end.

Wen XingYao walked silently beside Bai Li, digesting the news that was 90% credible. However, after the initial ‘I guessed right,’ a faint embarrassment ensued.

At this time, Wen XingYao had divided his human consciousness and his infancy into two individuals, and he spent time with Bai Li as a human consciousness in the game, and the two became good friends. In reality, his infant self was also glued to Bai Li’s side, and may have done many shameful things that he didn’t know about.

Wen XingYao originally planned to find a way to mention it to Bai Li after he was sure of his suspicions, but now he didn’t know how to open his mouth.

Should I say, hello, in fact the kitty next to you was me, thank you for taking care of me? Or that my true identity was the Imperial Admiral, thank you for lending a helping hand in my time of need, when I am safe, you will be heavily rewarded… ?

Well, however he managed to say it, it was like saying something out loud and people thought you were joking. Nine out of ten people wouldn’t believe it, the remaining one may also think you were crazy.

Moreover, Wen XingYao couldn’t guarantee that if Bai Li learned the truth, they would still be able to get along as naturally as they did now.

The cult of force was still quite serious in the empire, and as one of the empire’s battle ceilings, he would draw loud cheers and screams every time he appeared in front of the people. If Bai Li would be like that, then he would have to slowly distance himself from the other side.

Wen XingYao thought about it all the way, and when they were almost in front of the old village chief, he finally made the decision to keep the status quo for now, and then find a suitable opportunity to mention it to Bai Li when he felt his body was about to recover. It would also be to warn Bai Li, in case he turned back to human form directly in Bai Li’s house, so it wouldn’t scare anyone.

After he thought about it, it seemed that a huge pressure was taken off of Wen XingYao. His mood was much better as followed behind Bai Li and the village chief to talk, and soon received the task of building a ‘chicken coop’ in his yard.

“I have three kinds of materials here: namely straw, bricks and boards, I can give you one for free. You can consider which one you want,” The old village chief said to the two people.

These three materials to build a chicken coop were in order of difficulty, if anyone asked about them, he would also give additional instructions, so that players didn’t have to force themselves. They could pick the easiest on the line. After all, he only provided materials, not the chicken coop drawings.

However, he was now standing in front of the person who created him. Even though the farming game was designed by him, would a simple chicken coop be difficult?

As for the other player, the old village chief often saw him and the designer in and out at same time, so he did not think there would be a problem.

Bai Li and Wen XingYao did not know that the NPCs were actually muttering about their relationship, and after some discussion, they unanimously decided to take on the highest challenge, which was to build a chicken coop using wooden planks.

The village chief smilingly handed over the materials to the two, and gave a cheer.

Bai Li took the materials and walked away, while Wen XingYao hesitated for a short while before following Bai Li’s lead.

“Li Bai, this chicken coop…Doesn’t the village chief give drawings?” His hands-on ability was actually quite good, but he also needed to have physical objects for reference. Without physical objects, and it all being based on imagination, how could he make the right chicken coop?

Bai Li already had an idea. Pictures of chicken coops could be found on Starnet, so why did they need special drawings? Besides, building a chicken coop was not a technical task, it could be done by hand, right? But then he considered that the Interstellar people were not used to finding such ancient information on Starnet, so he raised his hand, nodded his head and said, “You don’t need to bother the village chief with such a trivial task. If you need help, I can also come to your house.”

Since Bai Li said so, what else was there for Wen XingYao to do? He nodded his head and followed him back.

When the two of them arrived home, Song Xinran also happened to be online. When he saw Bai Li, he rushed over happily. First he gave Bai Li a big smile, and then politely greeted Wen XingYao.

“I was wondering when you were going to come up.” Bai Li handed the prepared live streaming contract to Song Xinran while he also conveyed what Mo Song had told him earlier.

Like Mo Song, Song Xinran quickly signed his name on the contract, and became the second anchor of Carefree Farmstead.

As for Bai Li’s other news…He thought about it and replied, “Master, I’m going to live stream ‘Learn to cook from scratch in the game.’ I don’t know what Song’s Blunt Opinion is going to live stream, why don’t I go and add him as a friend to discuss it first.”

There was still some time before noon, so he didn’t think it was too late. Since Song Xinran already had a plan in mind, Bai Li was not going to help with ideas on the side. He patted the kid’s head and let him contact people on his own.

“Then you go and get busy. We’ll build a chicken coop first.”

After those words, he took Wen XingYao towards his yard.

Song Xinran looked envious. Old players were different, the game had just upgraded to experience new ways to play. He was only level 2, so even if he wanted to follow the chicken coop, he couldn’t.

Song Xinran made up his mind and went to find Mo Song on the west side of the village.

The place where Mo Song lived was actually very easy to recognize. The cloud players who have been following Carefree Farmstead since the beginning knew that when 500 players first entered the game, they made a mistake in understanding the mission and dug two large holes where the huts should have been placed.

The game anchor, Song’s Blunt Opinion, as the person who took the lead in the game to find fault, had a good relationship with another group of 300 people, and even let the other 197 players involved do the task with them. This led to the fact that Song’s Blunt Opinion ended up with a house that was caught in the middle of two groups of people.

On one side were 300 neatly arranged, almost equally spaced, small huts, while on the other side were 197 staggered, but consistent small huts. Then there was Mo Song’s small hut, which happened to be the connection point between the two sides.

If this kind of thing was put on others, they probably would have felt that they were excluded from both sides, but Mo Song wasn’t an ordinary person. He not only didn’t feel lost, he was actually happy, and considered that they were the most special existence.

Even if this wasn’t the case, if someone wanted to find him, with just a little help he could be identified.

Song Xinran successfully connected with Mo Song. First they added friends, then discussed the content of their respective live streams. After they discovered that they didn’t share the same live stream path, they happily decided to start their live streams one after another.

Mo Song started his live broadcast at noon, while Song Xinran, on the other hand, put his at dinner time in the evening.


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Translator Notes:

  1. porcelain = tofu = skin.


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when you see the reflection in the mirror
when you see the reflection in the mirror
May 16, 2023 4:58 pm

Well.. now our admiral finally confirmed his theories and be the carefree and cute adopted kitty..😍

I can’t wait to see the audience reaction to their livestreaming 😋

tq for the chap~

May 16, 2023 9:09 pm

Thanks for the update! ^^)❤

May 17, 2023 12:13 am

Thanks for the chapter! That’s a nice cooperation between anchors.

May 18, 2023 7:17 am

I thought MS felt nervous about a second streaming anchor, so it’s great they’re not in competition and can support each other. It will doubtless blow the game’s charms up even more!
I get WXY’s reasons for keeping quiet about being Supreme , but how BL reacts when he is eventually told (if it comes out WXY knew for however long it is by then), could go either way. Let’s hope he doesn’t feel deceived, which is often the direction stories take.
Thanks for translating & editing.

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