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Chapter 72: Gu Ang Can’t Be Pregnant, Can He?

Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: KarateChopMonkey: Best character is Ye HongFeng, hands down.


His slightly jarred brain finally spun around, smoothing out the mess. So, Ye Fei was going to confess to him in public? Fuck, this guy was chasing his boyfriend even harder than he was, and the opening ceremony was rea;;y exciting. He cupped the manuscript in his hand and looked back, blushing at every line of the next sentence.

Although all the compliments were about himself, he couldn’t pronounce any more words. Seeing the handwriting, he could even picture Ye Fei reading the words against his ear.

Cold, low, with a seductive compulsion.

Ye Fei stood in the crowd with his hands in his pockets, a small smile on his lips as he looked away from Gu Ang. Although he knew it was fake, he was still quite happy to have another confession in front of a public setting.

Ye Fei thought to himself, Now Gu Ang and I are finally tied together.

No matter what people think, true or false, the two of them have become a bonded couple. He did imitate Gu Ang’s handwriting when he wrote the script yesterday, and the two already had similar fonts, so it was almost impossible to tell the difference with another imitation. Before they left the dorm, he switched the manuscripts in their hands.

If Gu Ang was careless, it would be nice to recite the vows of love for him. He thought if Gu Ang was careful enough, he was also ready to confess his love in public. He had originally written down those words, which he wanted to say to Gu Ang. But never in a million years would he have expected Gu Ang to be so cooperative.

From being late in the morning and taking the wrong script, to reading it out word for word, it was so smooth that even he was a little surprised. But now the effect seemed to be overwhelming. The child on stage had a face that turned into a red tomato and held his tongue until he couldn’t speak. It was a little heartbreaking and satisfying at the same time.

Gu Ang smoothed out his breath, finally getting his brain stuck in the past, and spoke slowly, “I haven’t finished my sentence, what are you all howling about? I just made a slip of the tongue. I meant to say that I’m going to follow in his footsteps and become a better version of myself, thank you all.”

He let out a long breath, finally barely coming round. The stage was in an uproar.

“No fun, thought I saw a public confession.”

“I think it was clear that it was a slip of the tongue to say what’s on your mind and not admit it.”

Tsk, tsk, tsk, soon Ye Fei will be up there, let’s see what he says.”

“These two were really having a great scene, fighting one minute and suspiciously confessing the next.”

Gu Ang’s eyes drooped as he walked quickly down from the podium back to the class, brushing past Ye Fei, his tone gritting his teeth, “I’ll get you when it is over.”

Ye Fei just responded and said nothing else.

Gu Ang stood behind him, staring at the back of Ye Fei’s head, his smoldering eyes almost burning a hole through it. To say that Ye Fei had no intention, he didn’t believe it. How could he be so stupid and take the bait?

On stage, Zhong Zhan laughed for a while before speaking into the microphone, “Freshman nowadays are really getting more and more interesting, much more energetic than in our time, and it’s normal for young people to appreciate each other.” He stretched out his hand and pressed down the cheers from the stage before continuing, “I’d like to invite Ye Fei, freshman Class S, to speak on stage.”

A group of eyes stared over in unison, staring straight at the other party. Ye Fei stepped up to the podium, his school uniform standing out, and he adjusted his microphone position before settling down to look at the crowd, “Gu Ang has summed it up well, I have nothing to add.”

Gu Ang looked up at him. Your speech is a little too simple? What’s wrong with the script I wrote? Why don’t you just read it? He thought back to those five hours yesterday when he had chewed on his pencil and scribbled, and faintly felt pity for himself. Wasted writing, not a single word shown.

Gu Ang frowned tightly and heard Ye Fei speak again, “Although Gu Ang’s comment about chasing me was a slip of the tongue, I’m quite serious about what I say next.”

Gu Ang snapped his head up and mentally mumbled, “Don’t say it, stop it.”

But Ye Fei just stood there coldly, with a lazy expression and a puzzled look on his face. He didn’t even raise his voice, he just moved closer to the microphone and spoke in a low voice, “Coincidentally, I also admire fellow Gu Ang, and I’m a person who’s rarely attracted to someone, but when I like them, I don’t give up. I’m going to take a moment of your time today to say that Gu Ang, my fellow student, I’m going after him.”

The stage was quiet for a split second, the screaming was even better than it had just been, more direct and naked this time than the last time they passed notes to confess their love for each other. Ye Fei said these words and this ambiguous sentiment was knocking the stone hammer.

“Holy shit, a million Omegas are going to have their hearts broken.”

“Are they both for real? Ye Fei likes an Alpha?”

“That was so rigid, not to mention by my idol!!!”

“Go, God Ye, look at Gu Ang, you’ll catch him in minutes.” This last one was so loud and thievish that it caused a huge chorus of laughter.

Everyone’s eyes were sweeping around the stage and off the stage and their necks were craning sore.

Bai SiNing covered his mouth to keep from screaming.

Go, go! Get a big bite of dog food every day as a CP fan.

Gu Ang pursed his lips and didn’t say anything, a face that looked like a layer of cold frost had fallen. This dog ex-husband chasing skills were really out of the blue. He was just blocking someone at the door of his class, but Ye Fei was better, first he set him up and now he was dropping a heavy bomb.

When Ye Fei finished, he handed the microphone to Zhong Zhan and sashayed off the stage. He returned to Class S and stood loosely in front of Gu Ang, breathless.

Gu Ang tugged at the back hem of his shirt and gritted his teeth, “What did you mean by that?”

“Didn’t I say I’d chase you? Now it’s on.” Ye Fei glanced back at him, trusting him not to do it in public.

Gu Ang grunted, “The whole thing with the wrong manuscript, did you do that on purpose?”

Ye Fei’s expression didn’t change, but his voice took on a bit of pleasure, “You took the manuscript yourself, do you blame me? And I had written it to confess my love for you, who knew you would take it and read from it.”

It was well reasoned and convincing. Instead, he shrugged it off.

Gu Ang wrinkled his nose for a moment, “So what were you doing deliberately imitating my writing?”

Ye Fei stepped back, moved a step towards him, and said softly, “What’s wrong with similar handwriting after being together for so long?”

Gu Ang felt like his oxygen tanks were running low, trying to figure out how he couldn’t find a way to break. He pinched his palm and shook his head again, “No, it was your problem when you deliberately didn’t wake me up in the morning.”

Ye Fei nodded and admitted, “It’s my fault, but it’s really not my fault that you took the wrong script and read the wrong speech.”

He took dumping to the extreme, and couldn’t admit it to death when his purpose was served anyway. As for what the consequences of admitting it were, he knew very well. Hammered hard and went down badly.

“No, I think you’re the one who set a trap for me.” Gu Ang said suspiciously, “Besides, it’s all gone to hell, and I’m having a hard time getting back round, so what were you making waves about?”

He could just imagine how people were talking behind his back, and if word got to his fucking ears, he’d probably die.

Qin LeHe was so smart that she could go crazy with a little association.

Ye Fei’s expression was relaxed, “I’m chasing you, but we’re not together. The two are not exclusive.” When he finished, he added seriously, “I’m just telling everyone that I have my eye on you and no one should touch you.”

Listen to this, what a load of crap.

Gu Ang had some mixed feelings, being confessed by a high ridge man like Ye Fei was something to be happy about, but before that, the man had clearly posed. Just thinking back to the scene where he said the wrong thing made his scalp tingle. He was about to continue opening his mouth to throw words back, when Wang Chuang turned leisurely to the two.

“That’s fine, it was impressive, stirring up the freshman ceremony and talking small talk down there? Haven’t you had enough of that in the dorm?”

“I’ll close the mike.” Gu Ang grimaced and made a gesture of closure. It was followed by a lengthy awards ceremony that was a bit boring.

It was hard to wait until the ceremony was over, Gu Ang took Ye Fei’s wrist, “Come on, let’s settle this.”

“How’s that going to work out? Are you ready to say yes to me?” Ye Fei raised an eyebrow, teasing.

Gu Ang was furious, “Let’s fight.”

He was holding a fire and didn’t know who to vent it to yet.

Ye Fei said he was right, so was it his fault? Blame him for oversleeping, blame him for not looking hard enough, blame him for having a short brain and opening his mouth. Gu Ang felt a brain ache when he thought back to the morning’s events.

Ye Fei patted him soothingly on the back, “Remember that Zerg training ground we talked about two days ago? Go there.”

If he wanted to fight, just don’t take it out on him.

The two men fetched the mecha and went straight to the eighteenth practice ring, Gu Ang pumped his fist, ready for a big fight. As soon as he entered the practice arena, he saw a blood red mantis as tall as a human standing ugly in the middle, swinging his twin scythes in desperate defense against a bare-handed attack from another human.

“Exciting, if I’d known fighting bugs was so much fun, I’d have let the old man go to Principal to stock up.”

Wei YangZe, who was fighting the giant mantis, caught the mantis’ scythe with his bare hands before backhanding it and twisting it. With a rip, the giant mantis’ left scythe arm was ripped off hard.

“Stop, send this mantis to rest. He’s still able to sever his limbs and regenerate them and then use them.” Outside the field, Wang Chuang scribbled a few strokes in his notebook, speaking toWei YangZe, when he stopped and looked up at the two men entering, “Yo, the windbags are here.”

Gu Ang muttered, “How could I meet you everywhere? It’s weird.”

Wei YangZe wiped his hands on a towel and waved his hand over towards the two men, “Combat fiends, come and try out the new stuff.”

Gu Ang’s stomach lurched as he looked at Wei YangZe, who was covered in green blood, and he couldn’t help but take a step back and let out a dry heave.

Wei YangZe, who had originally waved his hand with the intention of coming over to give the two men a high five, froze in place with an awkward look on his face. He stopped waving one hand in mid-air, unsure for a moment whether to let it down or not.

Ye Fei knew Gu Ang was afraid of getting dirty and reluctantly went up and gave a fingertip high five to keep him from losing face.

Wei YangZe threw a grateful look at Ye Fei and started babbling casually. “It’s the three of us in the battle this time, I’ll cover you two.”

Gu Ang had a black head. Say it again, who was covering who? Forget it, they were all kind of over the hill now, there was no need to zap his heart.

Gu Ang frowned and took another half step back, “Tsk, I don’t mind you, it’s the blood on you that’s disgusting.”

The disgusting “tsk” once again stabbed Wei YangZe in the chest. Wei YangZe was red in the face and argued loudly, “I’m doing this to properly test the strength of this mantis! We’re in this together, okay?”

“So I’ll go to a mecha, or read more and pick a Zerg that’s not as well-stocked.”

Gu Ang smiled and pointed to the wall of Zerg photos displayed on a light screen off to the side.

“Driving a mecha’s nothing!!! It’ss to fight like I do fist to fist to get the clearest sense of the intensity of each opponent’s life! You don’t understand!!!”

Wei YangZe hated it when people said he wasn’t well read and only fought.

Ye Fei said even if he did, even a fist machine like Gu Ang trampled on his dignity too much, it was too fucked up. Ye Fei found it funny and couldn’t resist digging in.

“Having felt the intensity of each bug, you’ll be able to make the best judgment on the battlefield right?”

Wei YangZe nodded and agreed, “That’s right, it’s still God Ye who understands.”

He deliberately twisted his head and looked Gu Ang up and down with a disgusted face and added: “Don’t think you’re better than me, if I really go into battle, my survival rate is much higher than yours. Do you know the truth of knowing yourself and your enemy? Senior Gu still needs to read more, ah.”

Gu Ang thought to himself, Old Dog Ye was really dark, knowing that he had to make up for it and laying down a layer first. He snorted, “Yeah, fighting bugs with your fists. Don’t you know that bugs keep interbreeding and mutating to create new types of bugs whenever and wherever they can?”

Wei YangZe’s originally disgusted expression slowly froze, gradually twisting at Gu Ang’s words word by word… 

Ye Fei added the final stab, “That’s what he meant, so cover us with your fist? Are you sure?”

The contemptuous words dealt the final blow to Wei YangZe’s young mind, and the expression that was already enough of a misgiving was completely out of control.

“Are you two a pair of devils??!!! Do you have fun bullying me in unison??!!”

“Who’s a pair?” Gu Ang licked the corners of his mouth, he and Ye Fei were as silent as ever when it came to this kind of teasing.

Wei YangZe glared at the pair of dog and husband with resentful eyes, “No more practice, bye.”

Wang Chuang wandered over and chucked in a sarcastic, “You two are so good at talking, how come you didn’t say more for your speech?”

The mention of it made Gu Ang angry, “Go ahead, I’m in a cranky mood today, just a chance to let off some steam.”

Wang Chuang dragged the giant cockroach that had been carried down past Gu Ang and shook his tentacles at him. Because this guy got docked a lot of bonuses, he was psychologically shady and wanted to disgust people a bit.

Gu Ang looked away, feeling a pang of revulsion and a desire to vomit again. He also found it odd that although he was clean, he had even eaten Zerg back in the day when he was fighting, not to mention killing them. Taking off the head and the body had five times the protein of beef.

Forget it, couldn’t think about it, want to throw up even more.

Ye Fei reached out and patted Gu Ang’s back, exiting to protect his shortcomings, “Teacher Wang’s not afraid to stimulate Gu Ang, so when it’s time to fight he won’t pull his punches? The bugs are gone, but is teacher Wang’s bonus still there?”

Wang Chuang sneered, “Considering that you two are more perverted in combat, there’s no need to experiment one by one like Wei YangZe did, just start with the ones whose strength reached seven stars.”

You’re still a little young to be trying to beat all the hard-earned test subjects to death.

Ye Fei frowned, “The strongest single Zerg is only ten stars, and you’re asking us to start with seven stars with our bare hands?”

It didn’t matter if it was seven stars or not, except that Gu Ang was afraid of getting dirty, and as far as training went, probably not too willing to fight germ-covered Zerg with his bare hands like that crazy guy Wei YangZe.

Not to mention, he didn’t seem to have a good stomach lately and he wanted to throw up.

Ye Fei thought to himself that he would have to take Gu Ang to the hospital sometime to get checked out.

If you constantly have a bad stomach, you have to cure it.

“Seven stars is naturally impossible for you students to let you fight unarmed. To be honest, even if you guys are allowed to get on the mecha, I’m afraid you won’t be a match for the seven star Zerg.” Wang Chuang laughed, “How about getting on the mecha and trying it out?”

Gu Ang took the glow-in-the-dark mecha out of his pocket and zoomed in on the cockpit.

“Okay, here goes.”

Wang Chuang hurriedly and frantically gestured at Gu Ang, his hand signaling Gu Ang to stay put for now.

Afraid that this little maniac would go overboard and just tear the training ground down.

“Turn on protection.”

Three seconds later, a giant pale green wall of light that was over two hundred meters in length and width and height appeared in the center of the entire training field number eighteen.

Protection still needed to be in place for safety’s sake.

Wang Chuang sighed in relief and directed the staff, “Gu Ang go in and release number eighty-seven.”


After waiting for Gu Ang to enter the light curtain cage, the entire training ground’s earth suddenly began to shake.

Immediately afterwards, the originally flat land suddenly cracked open, and a rugged and hideous-faced worm opened its huge mouthpiece and burrowed out from within the land. He was covered in eyes of uncountable size, looking around with no regularity and horrifying eyes.

The average battle-hardened warrior would have an attack of intensive phobia at the sight of the uncountable eyeballs. But Gu Ang wasn’t only a battle-hardened warrior, he was also a general who never died in a hundred battles. He simply moved his wrist without the slightest hesitation and lunged directly towards the sandworm that kept tumbling and flying in the soil and mid-air.

The seven star sand worm reacted quickly and immediately disappeared into the sand, causing Gu Ang to directly pounce on it.

“Sonic boom.” Gu Ang reacted instantly with a pull and a press of his left hand inside the mecha. Three layers of unseen infrasound, interlocked with Gu Ang’s mecha’s feet as the center of the circle began to spread outward continuously.

“SQUEE!!!” A strange scream ripped through everyone’s eardrums, followed by sandworms with eyes suddenly bursting out of the earth and starting to roll around on the ground non-stop.

Wang Chuang panicked and shouted directly through his communicator, “Gu Ang, wait!!!”

He was also stunned and dumbfounded as to why every time he got involved with Gu Ang, the scene would go out of control. Gu Ang ignored it, and without hesitation, went straight after the sandworm. He tapped his hands on the controls and pulled a gun from his back with his right arm, controlling the mecha as he rode up the back of the sandworm.

Before the big Zerg could react, the gun was aimed a third of a meter back along the muzzle in a straight line above the sandworm’s mouthparts. It had no eye there, so it was just the right spot, he pulled the trigger with one finger movement.

There were no splashes of liquid and the surface skin remained dry and intact. The sandworm that was pierced through the head by Gu Ang’s shot was instantly like a deflated balloon that instantly dried and flattened down. As if they had lost their supply and support, the eyes fell off directly from the body of the sandworm, one by one, rolling all over the place.

Fuck, that’s disgusting.

Gu Ang teased with a parting face, “Don’t worry, teacher Wang, I’ll be careful not to let you lose money this time.”

Wang Chuang still hasn’t slowed down, holding his breath for half a day, muttering, “…Not bad, actually knowing the qualities of this sandworm.”

Ye Fei clasped his hands to his chest, not really surprised by Gu Ang’s routine. In his head, he was thinking that by fighting a few more bugs, he would have a smaller chance of getting mauled himself when he got back to his dorm.

Wang Chuang coughed, “You know it as well?”

Ye Fei raised an eyebrow, “This sandworm is still relatively common, covered in eyes that are a disguised protective color. A little thought with one’s brain could conclude how a sandworm scurrying through the land could possibly use its eyes for perception.”

Wang Chuang said smugly, “I’m talking about Gu Ang actually knowing how to kill the sandworm so his body could be sold for more money.”

Ye Fei was speechless. The corpse was hit with that in mind, he was really thrifty.

Gu Ang was so excited to sit in the mecha that the fire was just half gone and the bugs were gone. He picked up his communicator with a leap of faith, “Next.”

With a broad stroke of his pen, teacher Wang directly raised the difficulty of Gu Ang’s challenge to nine-stars in one breath after writing a few strokes in his small notebook. The nine-star level Zerg were already the top of the line that the Empire was currently able to capture.

This kind of Zerg was different from the ordinary Zerg that won by quantity, where all Zerg that reached the nine-star level, the individual would basically absorb all the Zerg of the same category when advancing in exchange for promotion. That said, all Zerg beings at the nine-star level were unique.

Ye Fei opened the mecha, “I’m also going in.”

Gu Ang asked, “What for, afraid I won’t be able to kill it alone?”

“No, I’m afraid you’ll get sick and throw up.” Ye Fei returned lightly.

Gu Ang snickered, “That’s sweet of you.”

Fighting the Zerg meant having to put up with all sorts of weird-looking monsters. He adjusted his sitting position and tried to make his stomach feel less uncomfortable. As the ground cracked open, a strong stream of Zerg pheromone drifted wildly outwards from the cracked ground.

Gu Ang smelled a hint of something wrong and his expression changed slightly.

Wang Chuang, this guy had a personal vendetta and picked such a tough one. He knew why Ye Fei was on it, afraid that his pheromone couldn’t carry it.

Dang! Dang! Dang!

Three knobby, thin legs, more than ten meters long, were the first to reach out from inside the ground, flailing around.

“It’s now.” Gu Ang instantly picked up speed and controlled the laser sword pulled out from within the mecha to stab through it, leaving an incredible streak in the air along with a pale blue stream of light.

Dang! There was a crunching sound, and for the first time since he had crossed over, Gu Ang was unsuccessful in his attack. The eerie smell of Zerg pheromone wafted across the training ground, bringing with it an overwhelming oppressive force.

Gu Ang continued to regulate the hormones in his body to adapt, following the insights from his previous training sessions against Wei YangZe’s pheromone. The Omega pheromone, which didn’t drag his feet in battle, was a god bless.

Ye Fei asked him with some concern, “Can you handle it?”

“No problem.” Gu Ang took a deep breath and stubbornly resisted the pressure from the pheromone.

The hand didn’t stop operating, and the moment the previously unbeatable laser sword slashed down, it was caught by a thin figure with his bare hands. A thin adult man hovered naked in the air, his humanoid body thin and skinny, without the slightest line of muscle appearing on his body. And behind the man’s back were five long, spider-like knobby legs that were over ten meters long, slowly waving in the air.

Counting the three legs that support the body.

The legs behind this nine-star Zerg reached a full eight. Each one of them was a murderous weapon strong enough to destroy any opponent!

“To be the first to swing a weapon at me…”

“Not bad… I admit you’re a brave bastard!” The skinny man looked up slightly at the mecha where Gu Ang was, and randomly broke it with force.

Thump! Of all things, the laser sword was broken in half by the opponent’s bare hands.

Wang Chuang yelled anxiously, “Stop right now! This Zerg wasn’t that strong when it was captured!”

But on the comms, the two men didn’t give the signal to retreat.

Ye Fei smiled faintly, “The battle has just begun, Light, are you ready?”

Gu Ang grunted lightly, “Couldn’t hold it down long ago.”

“After the Zerg fight, I hope you’re a little less angry.” Ye Fei’s expression turned serious as he finished his flirtatious words.

Without a second thought, he reached straight out and grabbed one of his opponent’s knuckle legs and flipped up, firing on all cylinders the moment he ducked out of view.

What with particle couldnons and shockwaves being aimed at each other’s bodies almost instantly, it all poured out. Waves of light of various colors spread out across the training ground, creating a shockingly loud noise.

Boom! Boom!…

A dull explosion was followed by two crisp, piercing clicks at last.

Wang Chuang clapped his hands violently and frantically recorded the battle data in his notebook, “Not bad, Ye Fei, that was awesome.”

But the truth was, it wasn’t that simple.

The thin man waved his long legs, his voice low, “So much for childish nonsense.”

The dust from the explosion had not yet cleared, and a cold voice paired with a knight’s spear like that of an ancient knight broke through the fog. Like light, it plunged with precision into Gu Ang’s mecha. Gu Ang didn’t have time to dodge and had to sidestep the fatal part, managing to be only grazed by it. He twisted his hand and returned very bravely, meeting the knobbly leg against it.

The crazy Alpha pheromones and Omega pheromones collided and mixed in Gu Ang’s body, and together with the huge mental power that would have made it unreachable for normal people, it produced an explosion. In this moment, it exploded with invincible power. Before the man was about to raise his hand to defend against the attack, Gu Ang swung on with all his might.

A solid thud blasted the skinny man square in the face. The collision of fist and flesh sounded like a speeding train hitting a wild boar. The other side let out a harsh scream and shook violently.

A large mouthful of strange sticky liquid spewed out from the man’s mouth, and the leg that had been supporting his form unexpectedly cracked right through one, sending the entire man flying backwards.

Ye Fei’s expression cracked, “Light, you hit so hard.”

He knew Gu Ang’s force was fierce now, but he didn’t expect the more he stimulated it, the more it exploded into its power. If it was caused by anger, the outburst would be too terrifying. Ye Fei let out a long sigh. It would be better to mess with this little lunatic less in the future. Thinking about the bruises on his chest last time, it looked like Gu Ang left the force behind.

Or he would end up with a broken sternum… Ye Fei pursed his lips and stopped talking.

Gu Ang also froze, having just lent mecha a punch past the part of mecha’s big right arm that couldn’t handle the fierce force and the impact from the collision began to shake. To the naked eye, there were surprisingly some tiny cracks. He muttered, “Am I crazy? This was too fucking vicious.”

Gu Ang was still reminiscing about the unassuming punch he had just thrown when a breeze suddenly began to slowly form throughout the light screen field.

“Here comes the talent technique.” Wang Chuang, who was outside the field, couldn’t help but roar out directly. Something like a talent technique was very rare within the Zerg race. Even in the nine-star zerg type, those who possessed the talent technique were all rare existences, and wouldn’t exceed three digits.

And one of the most basic requirements for having a talent skill is… More than 10 million of the same people were sacrificed… 

In this instant, Gu Ang found himself completely imprisoned, and the speed at which he was able to break free and move was cut by more than ninety percent. As Gu Ang felt the breeze, his opponent’s moves had crept in. It was like he sniffed out Gu Ang was an Omega and gave preference to what he thought was the underdog.

Abandoning his attack directly at Ye Fei, he headed towards Gu Ang, “Die!”

Like a master who held the power of life and death, the skinny man’s beard and hair spread, and his legs bent slightly before instantly firing.

Gu Ang did the same trick again, mobilizing all the pheromones in his body to collide with each other to amplify the mental power pressure to the extreme. But the mecha only shook violently, still not breaking the bound hands and feet free. Gu Ang sharply sliced off mecha’s right arm and quickly escaped.

The man’s line of attack suddenly changed, and his entire body actually fell a large amount downwards without any warning, causing the original straight attack to suddenly change its orientation.

Ye Fei seized the opportunity to strike. He controlled the mecha towards the top, ejecting a massive propulsion, and the entire mecha plunged straight down from the top to the bottom in conjunction with the linear particle weapon located at the foot, like a javelin falling from the sky towards the bottom.

Puff! Blood splattered everywhere, staining the mecha.

Ye Fei took a direct hit with that one.

Gu Ang matched perfectly as Silence once again opened fire, launching a frenzied attack against those parts of the enemy’s defenses that had been destroyed by their own outer layer. All at once the storm clouds stirred and the fire shot out like the fiercest of storms, blasting a large area centered on the enemy with silken cracks. It was with such a saturation of blows that it took nearly a minute for the sounds of the fight to finally settle down.

Only a few long crooked legs were left scattered on the ground in a trail of wreckage.

Ye Fei breathed a sigh of relief, “I’m glad you’re okay.”

Gu Ang grinned and stared at the crippled mecha, ramming it towards Ye Fei. With a crash, half of Ye Fei’s mecha right arm was also cut off. This was great, both mecha were now one-armed. One hung by one left arm, looking miserable and funny.

Wang Chuang looked confused, “No, what are you two doing?”

Gu Ang smiled faintly, “Resolving internal conflicts.”

Ye Fei wasn’t angry at all, and even wore a little light smile, “The Zerg was killed too, and my mecha is crippled by you, happy now?”

Gu Ang snickered, “Couldn’t be bothered to cripple you, so I’ll have to take my anger elsewhere.”

That surrender fell on the heart. Gu Ang finished feeling a bit lovey-dovey too, with a parched face. He finished and jumped down from the mecha and snorted at the dumbfounded Wang Chuang, “Hey, come back to your senses.”

“You two really are devils.” Wang Chuang sighed quietly, “How are you feeling now? Are you hurt? Do you want to go to the school hospital for a visit?”

After the duel of life and death that the variant had just experienced, Wang Chuang’s heart was in his throat. It was a good thing nothing happened or he really would have had to take the blame.

Gu Ang moved his neck, feeling all stretched out, “I feel really good now.”

Wang Chuang, “…Pretend I didn’t say anything.”

Ye Fei braced himself for the mecha and jumped down, keeping a little distance from Gu Ang, “Don’t beat me up when you’ve had your fun.”

By the time the two emerged from the training ground, it was mostly dark and foggy black. After some venting, Gu Ang’s anger went down quite a bit. There were also surprises today, and although he didn’t know why, the combination of agitation, mobilization and spirituality seemed to be getting stronger.

Gu Ang was very happy with the changes in his body.

Ye Fei looked at him, “What are you laughing at?”

“Nothing.” Gu Ang collected his scowl, “Haven’t settled the score with you yet.”

He also just talked about it, but actually, when you thought about it, the whole Ye Fei chasing him thing was pretty sweet in itself. Boom, in line with his style of doing things.

It was just that I felt bad about being set up and making a bit of a fool of myself.

Ye Fei reached out and poked his cheek with his fingertips, “Still not over it? Go back to the dorm, I’ll get you something good to eat.”

Gu Ang sneered, “Trying to coax me with food again? That’s outdated.”

“As long as it works.” Ye Fei laughed softly. At least with all the fuss today, the effect was overwhelming.

Even the two of them walked around campus and managed to collect a few congratulations. The two were getting ready to go back to the dormitory and had just turned the corner when they saw Qin LeHe standing in the doorway. 

Gu Ang’s hand shook, the tip of his heart followed with a sense of foreboding. He walked over quickly, “Mom, what are you doing here?”

Qin LeHe was unusually anticlimactic, speaking without a smile, “Let’s go inside and talk.”

Gu Ang licked his lower lip and gave another customary glance at Ye Fei, eyes seeking help. The morning was abuzz and Qin LeHe had her ears to the ground, so she must have heard all about it. How would she explain it if asked?

Ye Fei patted the back of his hand soothingly and followed him through the door, pouring a glass of water for Qin LeHe. His voice was gentle and extremely gentlemanly and civil, “What brings Auntie over today?”

Qin LeHe wore a fake smile, “Why am I coming over, don’t you know?”

Gu Ang choked, “Mom, how are things going on Dad’s end?”

“Ah’Ang, there are outsiders around, are you sure you want to discuss family matters?” Qin LeHe’s face hung a little.

Gu Ang coughed, “Ye Fei is not an outsider.”

“Not an outsider, so you’re making it so high profile on purpose? Were you ready to announce that two Alphas are going to be together? Were you just trying to piss me off?” Qin LeHe could hardly maintain her usual elegance, and even the corners of her mouth were tinged with anger.

Gu Ang sat across from her, resting his hands on his knees in a struggle. He thought for a moment, “Mom, Ye Fei and I do like each other, and if it weren’t for the fact that things aren’t done on your end, we would have been together a long time ago.”

Qin LeHe laughed in exasperation, “So I’m the one who’s stopping you from being together?”

“No, it was me being considerate of your feelings as well as gossip.” Gu Ang lowered his head and took a few deep breaths.

Ye Fei sat down next to him, side by side, like two children who had admitted their mistake, “Aunty, I am responsible for this matter. I’m sorry for confessing so midst knowing about your family.”

He was also temporarily capricious and wanted a title. He didn’t expect Qin LeHe to be well-informed and come so quickly.

Qin LeHe folded her legs and looked detached, “I don’t need an apology from you guys, I just want to hear the result.”

Gu Ang’s hand began to tremble, it was déjà vu. It was the same kind of glib tone that Qin LeHe used in the last life when she knew they were married, saying things to break them up. He didn’t compromise, and it became a tragedy later. He felt it was unresolved and had to go all in.

“Mom, I’m going to tell you something, but you must be calm.”

Qin LeHe looked at him, “You think there’s anything I can’t be calm about after all I’ve been through?”

Gu Ang slammed down a gulp of water, wondering how he was going to cut through that gash.

The room was stagnant, all waiting.

Gu Ang finally made up his mind, “I re-differentiated into an Omega, so it’s not a double-A relationship. If you think the two of us being together puts you to shame, I’ll tell everyone now.”

Ye Fei squeezed his hand and shook his head gently, his heart welling up with dense pain. What a blow it would be for Gu Ang to have to admit himself in public. If he had to make that sacrifice, he’d rather the two of them weren’t together.

Qin LeHe was still in shock and took a while to speak, “What did you say? You could even make up such a reason to lie to me now?”

Gu Ang got up and fished out the report the doctor had given earlier from his locker and handed it over, “Although the doctor said there’s still a chance of the change reversing, the probability seems to be almost zero at this point.”

Qin LeHe took the report and fell into silence.

Gu Ang had been differentiated into an Alpha since he was sixteen, how come after two years, he’s suddenly differentiated twice?

Ye Fei spoke with difficulty, “He didn’t lie to you.”

Gu Ang was an Omega, an Omega that he’d marked three times, and would for the thousandth time.

Qin LeHe froze again for a long time, so long that it seemed like an entire night had passed. She had a hard time finding her voice, “That’s ridiculous.”

“But it’s true, how about it? Want me to announce it?” Gu Ang’s eyes were red and filled with stoicism. That was the last thing he wanted to do. He could let those around him know the truth, but didn’t want to receive the finger pointing of strangers. After all, an Omega in Red Flame was followed up with as much cynicism as he could imagine. He had prepared for the worst, stepping into the eighteenth circle of hell.

Qin LeHe frowned at the tip of her eyebrows, not holding back at all, “Forget it, no need to announce it, it’s too hard for you.”

She knew how proud Gu Ang was, as proud as she was.

Gu Ang was relieved that he had taken a risky move, betting that Qin LeHe still had a heart for her son. Now it looked like he’d won the bet. Gu Ang crouched down in front of him and looked up at her like he did when he was a kid, “Mom, I know you’ll care about what other people say, and trust me, I won’t be with Ye Fei until you divorce Dad.”

“I’m sorry little Ang, for aggravating you.” Qin LeHe stroked his head and glanced at Ye Fei again. “It’ll be soon, I’ve had my assets frozen for the past two days and am getting back what was moved over, one by one.”

Gu Ang nodded, his voice muffled, “Okay.”

Qin LeHe added, “When the time comes, it’ll be this old lady who dumps him, there’s no shame.”

She still had to save face after all, and compromised by taking the most appropriate solution she could think of at the moment.

Gu Ang hmmed and let out a long breath, “I’m already grateful that you understand us.”

“Actually, it’s okay for you two to be together in private.” Qin LeHe loosened up, “But stop being so high profile like today.”

Ye Fei finally got a chance to interject, “Okay, we’ll be careful.”

The three men lapsed into silence again, each with his own thoughts.

The doorbell rang at the door to break the silence, it was the takeaway ordered earlier.

Ye Fei got up and opened the door, carrying a large bag of food into the room and setting it on the dining room table. Gu Ang had a keen nose and instantly smelled a burst of spicy oil. He wrinkled his nose and tried to lighten the now eerie atmosphere, “What did you order?”

“Chicken cassoulet.” Ye Fei opened the lunch box, “Auntie eat with me.”

Gu Ang got up from the floor before he could stand up straight and covered his mouth to stifle a dry heave. Just the thought of the words cassoulet made his stomach flip. There was just nothing in his stomach, just a little stomach acid flip, but he didn’t throw up.

Gu Ang patted his chest to slow down before striding over to dislike Ye Fei, “It’s too mushy, next time have something lighter.”

“You…” Qin LeHe looked at Gu Ang and instantly turned pale. This abnormal reaction was all too familiar to her, who had suffered a lot in the past when she was pregnant with Gu Ang. Only, it was just accepted that Gu Ang was an Omega. Just seeing it now and smelling the grease made him want to vomit. Qin LeHe took a backward breath and looked at the two fighting again, deep in thought. How far did they both get? Gu Ang couldn’t be pregnant, could he?


Author’s Note: 

Yes, yes, you’re going to be a grandmother.


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May 15, 2023 3:11 pm

Some gender ID confusion in the writing… “the three men”? Isn’t GA’s mum a female? There are a few “he’s” for “she’s” in the novel.
QLH is quick on the uptake. React well please. I bet YF’s Dad will be over the moon!
Thanks for translating and editing.

May 15, 2023 6:28 pm

Finally the story is moving along. I did find some of the description of scenarios a tad confusing.
Still enjoyable 👍🏻😁

May 20, 2023 5:36 pm

Like the other posters I got a bit lost, especially in the 2nd Zerg fight with the weird floating man. Addis how do you manage to translate that!

At least this author doesn’t forget their own plot like some do. I mean when they tell us one thing in one chapter and the reverse later on.

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