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Chapter 45: Other people’s genius brother

Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: CaiCat

Assistant Editor: GaeaTiamat


After the shock, Bai Li said righteously, “Silly boy, you think too much. Your family will be worried, so when you go back, you’d better contact them.”

Song Xinran puffed out his cheeks. “Okay then, I’ll send a text to my mom and dad when I get back.”

The discussion about running away from home came to an end. Now that the conversation had been opened, Song Xinran wanted to share with Bai Li about his genius brother who had left home earlier than he did and was described as ‘someone else’s kid’ by others.

It turned out that Song Xinran’s family was a very large family. The family had many capable people. Most of them have the Therian gene, and all of them were the same beast type, which made their family more cohesive. The people in his family were very smart, the kind of smart that during the war went  stand in the rear to do the planning. When the war was over, and the Interstellar people returned to normal life, their talent for business was gradually revealed.

Song Xinran said that his runaway brother had the family’s highest talent in the past hundred years. He had an illusion technique that went beyond the ancient and modern. Under the cover of the mist, could let himself become another person, and the surrounding people simply wouldn’t notice.

This family’s talented young man snuck into battle behind his family’s back when he was ten years old, and played a huge role in several major battles that year at a tender age. However, when the family found him, he was already suffering from Genetic Collapse Disorder and entered the middle and late stages in a very short time. His parents had to tearfully send him to ‘Hope Star’ with the intention of keeping him on that planet for recuperation to slow down the genetic collapse in his body. They visited him several times a month after that.

This should have been the end of the story. A generation of geniuses then became ordinary people, or even worse than ordinary people. Unfortunately, this little brother took advantage of people’s inattention and actually ‘escaped’. He left a letter saying he went to look for a way to completely eradicate Genetic Collapse Disorder, and told his family not to worry about him. When his purpose was achieved, he would naturally come back.

How could this not be worrying! That time when he was first discovered missing, almost the entire family was out in full force, looking for him all over the Interstellar. However, the other party was too skilled at hiding, and used his natural ability to hide himself completely. In short, after looking for half a year, not even a shadow was found.

In the end, the family could only grit their teeth and acquiesce to his wishes, and quietly wait at home for his return. Now three years had passed, but they did not wait for the person to return anymore. That person’s name also gradually became a taboo for the whole family.

Bai Li listened in silence. Although Song Xinran only told the general story, and didn’t specify his brother’s name, he still imagined from the other’s description the years that had belonged to that genius of youth’s vigorous years. He felt some pity, but also couldn’t help but be curious about the teenager’s mind. Where was he now? When would he return?

“Since he and your family have said that he won’t be in danger, then you can just wait patiently. Maybe as he said, when he returns one day, Genetic Collapse Disorder can be completely eradicated!” Bai Li said softly and comfortingly.

Song Xinran was really an easily satisfied child. He listened to Bai Li’s words, nodded hard and gave Bai Li an optimistic smile. The smile was so blinding that Supreme, still in Bai Li’s arms, felt his paws itch again. I want to give this strange human who talks a lot a cat punch.

After the more intimate family matters, it was time to get back to business. Bai Li brought up the question of whether or not to turn on smell and taste sync during the live broadcast, and wanted to hear Song Xinran’s opinion.

“Of course not!” Song Xinran suddenly became calculating. “The most famous thing in the master’s game is the item ‘Food Basket’ in the game store. If there is synchronization of the two senses, those viewers will be able to eat directly. What if they get tired of eating over time and don’t want to play the master’s game?”

If his statement really became a reality, this would undoubtedly put his master’s life in a very bad situation, which Song Xinran did not want to see.

“But…If you don’t open it, your live stream might not be too effective. After all, the audience must have some reason to watch the live stream. If their wishes aren’t met, won’t they be disappointed?” Bai Li put his concerns into words.

Song Xinran’s firm thoughts wavered for a moment, what his master said seemed a bit reasonable, “Then…Master just open it a little bit?”

“Mn, then I will open a little bit.”

After another five minutes of discussion, the master and disciple finally decided to turn on the taste and smell synchronization by 30% each, so that the audience could smell or taste a different flavor from the reality, but also so that these flavors weren’t too exaggerated, teasing the Interstellar audience’s soul. They would have to travel into the game to experience it for themselves.

After the discussion, it was time to go about their business.

“I’ll go first, Master? I’ll see you in the game, then I’ll come to your house to look for you!” Song Xinran said goodbye to Bai Li.

“Mn, you go back and remember to report to your family first. The game isn’t going anywhere,” Bai Li thoughtfully admonished once again.

Song Xinran nodded in agreement, and quickly went back next door.

Bai Li, on the other hand, took Supreme into the gaming pod after he cleaned up the house. Before his consciousness sank into the game, Bai Li unconsciously nuzzled Supreme to his side, as he muttered, “Supreme, you seem to have gained weight again.”

The cat, who was already the length of an adult’s arm, stiffened and was overwhelmed with aggression. He’s not fat, he’s strong!

“Slap!” The meat pad hit the human’s face.

Just as the gaming pod was officially launched, one person and one cat kept this action up and entered Starnet and the game.

His human was  more than a little bit of a dummy.

On the other hand, after several deep breaths, Song Xinran dialed his father’s video communication. It was picked up in barely a second.

The man’s voice came from the virtual screen, “You finally contacted us, Son!”

Song Xinran blushed a little. He was so old, but his family still kept calling him son. It made him feel like he was only three years old. It was because of this that his friends in the neighborhood teased him for being an overgrown child, which spurred him on to become independent and make the impulsive and childish move to leave home.

“Mn, Dad…” Song Xinran’s lips stammered as he spoke, not knowing what topic to start with.

At that moment, Song Xinran’s father’s big head was pushed away, revealing Song Xinran’s mother’s delicate face, and in the background were his two brothers and two sisters who had hurriedly arrived from all corners of the house. Soon, the entire Song family arrived.

“Son, mommy misses you so much. Do you miss mommy too?” Mother Song looked at her little son with tears in her eyes.

“Little brother, it’s not easy out there, come home quickly, brother and sister will take you to eat delicious food!” The older siblings tried to tempt him.

He rubbed his cheeks, and apologized seriously, “I’m sorry, Mom, Dad, and brothers and sisters. I made you worry. I shouldn’t have run out by myself without saying anything, now I know I’m wrong, I hope you can forgive me.”

Once these words came out, the six people across the screen suddenly fell silent. They looked bewildered and shocked, never expecting that their son/brother, whom they had not seen for several months, would apologize to them so seriously. They couldn’t help but speculate in their hearts whether Song Xinran was like this because he had suffered outside, such as being beaten by society. Such understanding and good behavior couldn’t be formed overnight!

“Oooh, child, you have really grown up!” The sensitive and delicate-minded Mother Song had the urge to cry again, and took out her handkerchief to press the corners of her eyes.

“Hey… You know it’s wrong to do so, you don’t have to apologize to us, no one in the family will blame you,” Father Song also said in a serious tone. “So child, are you now willing to tell us where you live? Dad will let your brother and sister come to pick you up to come home?”

Song Xinran honestly gave his current address, but said he did not want to go home yet, living there was fine. If his mom, dad and siblings miss him, they can come and find him, but if he went home for a long time, it was better to wait for a while!

“I have a master now. A brother who lives across the street from me. He is very good. He actually came up with the idea of growing vegetables on the balcony. I am now learning from him. When I finish learning, I will bring home the vegetables I have grown to cook for mom, dad and my siblings!” Song Xinran spoke with such confidence that he almost swore by it.

In his opinion, he had eaten so many delicious dishes at Bai Li’s house, even if he had not tried them himself, just by recalling them in his mind, he could still make dishes with a tenth of the taste of those delicacies! This tenth of the taste alone could definitely kill a large number of Interstellar food.

It was a pity that Song Xinran forgot that growing vegetables in reality was not like in the game, and it was not clear if he could make the vegetables he grew have their own unique taste. But for the rest of the Song family, it was enough for their son/brother to say so. They all made up their minds that even if Song Xinran’s food was unpalatable, they would still swallow it with a smile. Children should always be encouraged.

“Good, good, then we’ll wait for little brother to cook for us himself! If you don’t want to go home for the time being, that’s fine. In a few days, we will come together to see you!” Brother Song said.

“Enn, okay. But you guys have to tell me before you come to see me ah, so I can spare time to wait for you. These days I’m playing a very fun virtual reality game called Carefree Farmstead. Today I may also start livestreaming it, hehehe!”

“Brother, why do you still play live? Do you not have enough pocket money? Just wait, sister will transfer a sum of money to you!” Sister Song Si, who was sitting on the side, jumped to her feet as she opened her optical computer to transfer 100,000 star coins to Song Xinran.

“No, no, I have enough money, really! I can earn my own money now!” Song Xinran waved his hand and refused the same action of the other five people, while having missed the tycoon, ‘true love’ fans in his live room.

Father Song listened, and really obediently stopped their actions. “Hey, our son is really grown up.”

The seven members of the family exchanged pleasantries across a virtual screen for a while, until half an hour later, when they noticed Song Xinran’s eyes glancing at the gaming pod in the room from time to time. The others held back their laughter, and said they still had things to do, so they would stop there for today.

“Mn, good! Bye Mom, Dad, and brothers and sisters. See you the day after tomorrow!” Song Xinran said goodbye sweetly, and hung up the communication.

After ending the communication, Song Xinran rubbed his cheeks, which were sore from laughing. He went to the bathroom to wash his face, and made a cheering gesture to his red-eyed self in the mirror, before he slowly walked to the gaming pod.

In the process of communication with the family, Song Xinran suddenly thought of a good live content, that was, a live newbie learning how to learn to cook in the game. The game had ready-made recipes, but one was also to create freely, and with a variety of ingredients, at least vegetables were not lacking. Just this should be able to last him for a while…

On the other hand, after hanging up with Song Xinran, Father Song frowned and pondered, Mother Song leaned on her husband and continued to wipe her tears, and the four brothers and sisters looked up Carefree Farmstead on Starnet to find out what kind of game their brother was playing. The four split up the work and soon gathered quite a bit of information.

“This game…The way to play is actually farming? What’s so fun about farming?”

“Well, that can’t be said. Look at these people in the forum. Each one hates to live and dies for farming, which means this game must have its redeeming features.”

“Hey, hey, hey. Look! The food in this game actually has a taste, those crops planted in the ground crops are said to smell especially fragrant, and then there is a white steamed bun, and a Food Basket or something, which can be eaten directly, tsk…The players of this game are too happy, right?”

“I want to get into the game to play, but unfortunately, the game quota was snatched up yesterday.”

The two parents were also attracted by the sound of the discussion. By this time, Mother Song had already gathered her emotions, she asked awkwardly, “Even if we can’t go in and play now, we can go to the child’s live stream. Didn’t he say he would live stream the game later?”

Hey, a word to wake up the dreamer. The Song family suddenly realized, how could they forget their hidden identity?

When the child was on air, they were bound to send another set of Buddha Jumps Over the Wall. This was also the reason why they gave up giving Song Xinran pocket money so easily previously. As a result of the “peep screen” to understand how well Song Xinran was doing, they decided not to disturb his life first, and when he found out that it wasn’t easy to live alone, they could go to pick up the person.

As a result, the child really had a good time outside.

The parents were a little sour in their hearts, but they also had a strong sense of relief.


In the game, Bai Li opened the door and saw Mo Song was waiting outside the fence early, and couldn’t help but smile heartily when he saw how eager the other party was to broadcast live.

Mo Song was overjoyed, and after thanking him repeatedly, he signed a contract with him for fear that Bai Li would regret it if it was too late. Not only did he not feel bad about the 5% game usage fee and the 30% taste and smell synchronization, but he felt that the game designer was too generous. When the people on Starnet heard the news, they would be ready to eat and wait for the live broadcast, wouldn’t they?

“Then, big brother, I will go back to prepare for the live broadcast. About 12:00, I will start the first live broadcast of our game!” Mo Song said excitedly, not forgetting another thing Bai Li said, “By the way, big brother, when is your brother going to start his live, ah. Will we want to avoid each other, or create a linkage?”

“This…I’m not really sure, I’ll ask him when he comes online.”

“Okay then, I’ll go back first.” Mo Song left with hurried steps.

After he’d walked a distance and confirmed that Bai Li had lost sight of him, Mo Song’s straight back instantly slumped and his originally steady pace gradually became unrecognizable, as he drifted left and right on both sides of the road, then bouncing three or four times every few steps. He looked like a refined rabbit.

Both new and old players who happened to pass by and saw this scene, Sick?

After Mo Song left, Bai Li thought about it and put up an announcement on his official game page. He stated that he had opened a live license for the game and that there were still three live spots available for application. Five game hosts should be enough in a game with only 5,000 players at the moment.

After the announcement was put up, he stopped caring, and waited for the night to go offline and see if anyone had applied.

After he waited for a while without seeing Song Xinran, Bai Li stopped waiting and harvested the beans in the field. He didn’t rush to open up new land, just planted a new batch of corn seeds, and then went back to his small hut.

The hut had been upgraded. He intended to take the opportunity to arrange the house furnishings. There were two kinds of furnishings, one was large furniture, such as beds, closets, desks and the like, and the other was small furnishings like wall paintings, vases, carpets and other small objects.

Since the game had an ancient background, even the players wore clothes that were ancient peasants’ clothes. The furniture in the house naturally was not too high-tech, generally practical and barely took into account whether it was good-looking.

Now Bai Li’s small hut had two rooms. He intended to use the one near the door as a living room. When there were guests, he could entertain them there. Therefore, he planned to set up a soft sofa, reclining chairs, floor lamps with classical charm, a low table, futon, tea sets, a few elegant paintings and calligraphy hanging on the wall, and preferably prepare a small red clay stove. Leisurely cooking with friends while having tea was also a good choice.

As for the other room, Bai Li had no intention of sleeping in the game for the time being, so he didn’t consider a bedroom. After he thought about it, he decided to use this slightly smaller room as a storage room. It was a room full of cabinets, for when the backpack could not fit things, or there was too much clutter, they could be put in this room. If he needed anything in the future, he would be able to find things in the room.

Last month he had earned a lot of money, and because he didn’t have enough to upgrade the virtual reality game builder to level C he only spent 100,000 star coins. Bai Li’s wallet was still very rich. He went directly to the game store to buy all the furniture he wanted. He had lived in the ancient world for a long time and remembered quite clearly, so Bai Li placed furniture in the house, and soon finished the living room.

As for the storage room, there were storage cabinets at 100 star coins a piece, with 100 compartments in each cabinet. He bought 10, and carefully arranged them to cover a wall. The look very satisfying. In addition, he has bought a lot of inexpensive small furnishings, and successfully made the living room more full of life.

By the time all this was done, an hour had passed.

Bai Li casually stretched his stiff back, and remembered the new ‘livestock’ part of the game. He hadn’t yet experienced it, so he planned to go to the village chief. The only way to transform the livestock space in the yard was to receive a quest from the village chief, and then use copper coins to buy small animals such as chickens and ducklings, and so you could start breeding.

Bai Li was making plans in his head as he walked outside. Just as he opened the door, he heard a movement from his left side which was Demon Xing’s hut. He turned his head to look and met Wen XingYao’s gaze, which was full of complicated emotions.

What? What was his difficulty? It had only been a few hours since they saw each other, so there was no need to look at him with such eyes when he saw him again, right? Bai Li subconsciously tilted his head, and tentatively greeted the person, “Hi?”

Wen XingYao only felt a tingling in his scalp, and was more embarrassed.

Yesterday, how did he somehow become addicted to fishing?


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