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Chapter 98: Kiss

Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

With the giant Zerg King rushing out of JU’s body, the bodies of all Uttar people in the banquet hall also collapsed like water.

Looking at the Zerg in one place, Wen Jin frowned.

When he was in the research institute, he could smell the Zerg at first and distinguish it clearly.

But then, when Mary got caught up in the Zerg, they were easily surrounded by them. At that time, the Zerg had shown the ability to simulate different scents, and he was almost caught. At that time, Mary was shocked, and said it was definitely a new Zerg ability. And this time when he came in, he didn’t smell the Zerg scent at all, which meant that the camouflage was no longer a fresh ability.

Whether there was a new skill or not was an unknown question.

Wen Jin looked at the worms everywhere, and there was an impatient growl in his ears.

Mary could smell the Zerg, which meant that most of the Zerg should have this ability. At present, he had not even judged the peculiarities of the Uttar people. It must be that these Zergs were also covered in a different scent. She had no idea that the Zerg in Uttar had actually traded.


Why did the Zergs go around in such a big circle?

Wen Jin paused, recalling the words of JU before he disappeared, the huge Zerg emerged from his body like a broken cocoon, and he had a bad guess in his mind. Perhaps all of that before was indeed Uttar, or JU’s idea was correct. Maybe the Zerg had been buried in the body of Uttar, and were simply waiting for such an opportunity.

As for the extent to which the Zerg invaded the Uttar, Wen Jin thought that only when they went out from here could they know.

“It’s also in your plan?” Shen En’s voice came in.

Melson had been handed over to Cassey, and the situation was grim. The Zerg had surrounded the stadium as quickly as possible, and the guests were completely dominated by the fear of surroundings. Not only the guests, but also the generals of many military departments looked rather ugly.

“Howl…” The Zerg King struggled thoroughly out of JU’s body, dozens of pairs of black legs stretched out, with a little sticky liquid in the middle.

“No.” Dewitt frowned. JU was the official envoy of the Uttar people and the royal blood of the Uttar people. With the purity of his eye color, it was basically the same as the next Uttar king. Even such a person could contain a Zerg. What had become of the Uttar?

“Find a way to begin an evacuation.” The Zerg and the Qi beast were different from the Uttar. They were enemies that could not be dealt with by ordinary force.

Shen En also knew this. His super physical skill was to rely on one body skill to sit on the position of general. He can deal with the Uttar people. However, in the face of the Zerg, the higher speed and the more vigorous action would be resolved by a large number of Zergs.

Facing the Zerg was a battlefield for Dewitt.

So Shen En never thought about how to deal with the Zerg, “I’ll try my best,” he answered, “Are there any other orders, Marshal?”

“When you go out, let’s immediately determine the situation in the frontier. Eve will go with you. The new layout and reconciliation are given to her.” Dewitt’s voice was cold.

“Yes.” Shen En answered, but although he promised, he still had a headache when he saw the guests who were on the verge of emotional collapse and the large number of Zergs.

He had hardly ever been on the front line against the Zerg, and his ability doomed him not to stand on such a battlefield. Although he had seen the relevant cases many, many times in advance, a real battle was different from a case on the screen.

For example, how could he bring out the guests who may collapse at any time through such a large number of Zerg blockades?

“Hu -” While Shen En was in distress, the Tiger King on the other side clamored for their direction to approach, and then exhaled.

The furry ears of the young beast beside Mullen in the distance moved, and a pair of shining eyes looked in the direction of the Tiger King. Then it turned it’s heads to Mullen standing beside him, shivering with fear from the Zerg, and leaned down.

“… What?” Mullen held the long hair of the baby in one hand, and looked back with a little fear from the Zerg.

The cub uttered a friendly cry and put its head on her leg.

“You said before that you would listen to our family’s demands.” The Tiger King, standing next to Dewitt, said slowly.

With his voice, all the people in the field who had been suppressed by the beasts had regained their freedom, and the beasts who had not suppressed the people had also moved to the crowd, Dewitt’s heart moved, “Yes.”

“Now that you know about the fact that our ancestors opened the planet, you know, of course, where the planet is.”


“I want that planet.” Tiger King’s low voice came, “Want that planet to be independent from Assyria.” Assyrian troops and controls were required to evacuate the planet, and then he would move to that planet with all the beasts.

Shen En’s eyes were wide and unbelievable. The planet was a relatively deserted planet with no ordinary inhabitants on it. It was neither too much nor too little for Assyria, but…the meaning in Tiger King’s words shocked him.

This was to divide Assyria?

“Answer?” Tiger King’s patience in this matter seemed not very good. He grinded the floor with his paws and said, “Hurry up!”

Dewitt paused for a moment, Shen En could think of, of course, he knew.

The decision of separating the country from the land is a huge responsibility for everyone. He was silent for a moment. “Can’t be allies?”

Cutting off contact between Assyrians and beasts altogether?

“… No.” Tiger King looked back at the little beast who put their head on Mullen and tirelessly expressed himself, and the innocent little guy who stared at him. The Tiger King hated the Assyrians, as did his beasts from the Colosseum.

Such hatred may not be eliminated after decades, but just as they never hurt Assyrians, endured humiliation until this day, and abided by their ancestral precepts for hundreds of years, this was their beast loyalty and perseverance.

Unable to hurt the Assyrians, it seemed to have become a belief carved in the bones of the beasts. If the hatred was abandoned, their little fellows would easily like the Assyrians and easily want to guard the Assyrians.

It was a very stupid instinct that couldn’t be abandoned.

They would tell the cubs what they had suffered, but they would not force their next generation to live with hatred forever, just like them. They wanted the planet so that their next generation could regain their dream of going to the ideal continent and make their next generation free to associate with Assyrians.


“But you will not allow us to step into that land.” 

“Never,” said Tiger King.

Dewitt’s eyes flashed as the Zerg moved around.


“Howl–!” A loud and magnificent voice echoed in the banquet hall. At the moment of the sound, Mullen was surprised to be forced to be carried by neck by the little beast. At the same time, several seemingly ferocious Qi beasts retreated obediently and fiercely held the group of six guests in their teeth.

The abnormal movement in the field was detected, and the sharp voice was emitted from the big Zerg. The other side opened to the extreme mouth full of sticky liquid, tearing it apart with a different sense of fear.

“Marshal, the backup is three minutes away!” Cassey’s voice came in.

Dewitt turned his head to Wen Jin and said, “You go with them.” 

“What?” Wen Jin frowned. “No, this Zerg…” He didn’t need to hide.

“Help me, baby.” Dewitt looked at Wen Jin. “Shen En has no power. He runs fast, but he doesn’t have enough ability to deal with the Zerg.”

Wen Jin looked at Cassey with a small expression of, ‘let him go then.’

“He can’t. You’re better than him,” Dewitt said without thinking. Cassey trembled and stretched out his hand to make up a plastic face. He listened as Marshal continued to boast of his little fox, “You are the most suitable person to help me send them out safely, okay?”

Wen Jin shrunk his mouth, paused for two seconds, before he reluctantly said, “Then I will send them to a safe place and come back, you will wait for me here.”

“Good.” Dewitt’s lips curved a little, and then when Wen Jin turned to go, he suddenly pulled the man back into his arms and gave a fierce kiss on the soft lips of the little fox.

Wen Jin couldn’t help frowning, but he seemed to feel the heavy haze on his opponent’s body. He couldn’t help sticking out his tongue to hook him up, trying to calm his opponent’s mood.

But at the moment his tongue touched the other lip, Dewitt looked dark and pulled their bodies apart. His eyes dared not stay on Wen Jin for a second. He rushed to the Zerg that had condensed into a vine.

“It’s for you, please.” Cassey had taken off his obstructive uniform and gave Wen Jin a careful look. Then he rushed toward Dewitt in the same direction. The two abilities exploded in the air, mingled in the air, and blew up the vine.

Wen Jin snorted coldly. In the next second, a strong energy gathered around him. He gathered those beasts in front of him and let the restless Zerg explode in a huff. Then he built a long passage directly behind the banquet hall with ice.

It was surrounded by a powerful aura that exploded all the Zerg tribes who wanted to reunite. Not only the Zerg tribes, but also the whole banquet hall was shocked by the new ability.

“Run, what are you stunned about?” Wen Jin stared at the beasts who were stunned by the great change.

“Howl!” The cub carrying Mullen first responded and quickly jumped into the tunnel.


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December 12, 2019 2:59 pm

Wen Jin & the Beasts saved Assyrians; Dewitt & Cassey fight the Zergs. Go, go, go…. battle begin.

December 12, 2019 10:26 pm

So it’s not an alliance between the Zerg and the Uttar but the Zerg conquering the Uttar and using them as vessels? Talk about ewww contents in a nice package.

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