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Chapter 13: A Bolt From the Blue

Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: Sulo

Xie Yan almost cried out in pain. He looked at Huo Nai and found that sweat drops fell from his temples, his pupils were contracting, his lips and face quickly turned pale.

“Huo Nai? Milk pot? 1 ” Xie Yan called out to him.

However, Huo Nai had no time to respond to him. He was fighting against the pain with his will power.

The cold invaded his body, injected into his pores, even knocked against his bones and were full of cold. He felt that he was in space without a spacesuit, like he was close to absolute zero, even his cells were frozen and cracking. Only the warmth on the palm of his hand proved that he was still alive. Countless pieces rushed to him like a waterfall, the bright blue light zapped around him, the explosion was so sudden that he was caught off guard.

He was exposed to space, and a stray bullet hit him, bringing him closer to the open Stargate. He was sucked in. He fell on a road full of stars. There were twinkling stars everywhere and he thought this was his last moment to be alive.

Zhu Que rushed up to wrap around him. One man and one machine deviated from the original route and rushed into the endless abyss

“Zhu Que…” In the confusion, he only remembered the name.

Huo Nai opened his eyes.

“How are you?” Xie Yan asked eagerly.

In that moment, Huo Nai really scared him.

Huo Nai nodded, Xie Yan was relieved, his mouth turned up and he put on a professional fake smile, he gnashed his teeth and asked, “Can you let go?”

Huo Nai looked at the hand he was holding.

Xie Yan’s skin was very white, as if it couldn’t be suntanned. The back of his hand was almost transparent, the veins and blood vessels were obvious, and it was also very fragile. If he pinched it a little, there would be a red mark, just as if he had done it on purpose.

“You’ve been pinching it for half an hour! My hand was almost broken!” Xie Yan raised his hand to show Huo Nai that he had clenched his hand so tightly and so his skin was now as red as chili sauce, making people want to bite it.

Xie Yan glared at him, and Huo Nai let go.

Taking back his left hand, Xie Yan shook it so the blood would return to it and said, “I think you have to compensate me.”

“Can I leave before my one month of serving you as a bodyguard is up?” Huo Nai said lightly. His tone was very flat, Xie Yan was sensitive to the change of his mood, and he couldn’t help but look at him again. Huo Nai let him look and there was a complex feeling in his eyes.

His momentum had changed, and it felt like he was somehow alienated. The days before with the two men almost seemed like a dream. Although Huo Nai was slightly proud when he first met him, he soon took a place in this new life.

Now, he had a new layer of skin called alienation.

But not completely.

He seemed to think of some past events, but new things covered the old ones, like a plant with old and new branches and leaves alternating, which danced repeatedly between winter and spring.

Xie Yan understood that this month’s assignment was probably the compensation for the company. He sighed with a little regret.

“You won’t ask?” Huo Nai was surprised to see Xie Yan stop talking after a few glances.

“If you want to say something, you will naturally tell me unless it’s something you don’t want to say. I won’t force you.” Xie Yan smiled, with a clear look in his eyes that ‘what should come will come.’

When Huo Nai saw this look in his eyes, some part of his heart gushed out. It was like biting a leaf. It was green and bitter.

“I wanted to go back to eat the hot pot, I agreed to invite you to eat it, and I didn’t even get to eat it.” Xie Yan stood up, stretched himself, turned his neck, then bowed his head and said to Huo Nai, “If you want to leave, you must remember to say goodbye to me in advance.” He paused and added, “I would hate it if you were to leave without saying goodbye.” 

“Okay.” Huo Nai promised him.

After returning to the villa room, Xie Yan closed the door and began to check out what he could find about Alphas, Betas and Omegas. He was dizzy with the amount of search results.

[Latest news: The ratio of Alphas: Omegas is unbalanced at 5:1. Those with these characteristics will not find wives.]

Xie Yan: ?

[How to teach you how to identify high-quality alphas by their hands. Alphas are afraid of entering the wrong line and Omegas are afraid of marrying the wrong man.]

Xie Yan: Ah??? 

There was a faint premonition in his mind but these things were too messy! Looking up, he entered the wrong page and entered the entertainment page.

The shame of quitting, switching to bioscience, and finding the organization made him finally understand the foundation of this world. 

Xie Yan brought out the seriousness of analyzing a script in his last life, he took out paper and pen to make notes, and sorted out the main points.

Alphas, Betas and Omegas were different in physiology. Alphas had innate advantages in intelligence and physical ability and the amount of them in the universe accounted for about 5%. Alphas had their own pheromones. They were usually those who occupied the leading decision-making levels in the society. 

Betas had a low probability of pregnancy and took up a large portion of the population. These were like the ordinary men and women of the Earth, and were not bothered by pheromones. Omegas were part of a small population, and accounted for 1% of the total population and they had pheromones. Pheromones emitted during estrus would make Alphas crazy and stir up an Omega’s reproductive cavity. The pregnancy rate during this time was relatively high, regardless if they were men or women.

Gradually entering the stage of sexual maturity, Omegas would often send out unconscious pheromones regardless of their emotions. Alphas would detect these pheromones and just like the Northpole meeting the Southpole, they would be attracted to each other resulting in both parties going into heat. Once in heat, an Alpha would generate a knot, and then they would do whatever they could to mark the other, regardless of what words were said. 

There were two kinds of marks: temporary marks and permanent marks. The former was used in an emergency situation, while the latter was related to the formation of the reproductive cavity in an Omega and the probability of conception would be very high. Forming a pair with Alphas and Omegas would mean that they were permanently marked. They couldn’t leave each other all their lives and would only be able to mate with the other. 

This mark and bond was much more binding than a paper engagement.

According to the interstellar convention, the main pairs would be Alpha/Omega and Beta/Beta. Most of them couldn’t resist pheromones and it was instinct to write genes. Because of the serious imbalance in the number of Omegas, not all Alphas had an Omega pair. Once an Omega was in love, pheromones would radiate tens of kilometers around them like a bomb attack, making countless Alphas flock around the Omega like crazy.

In a word, Alphas were mainly semes, betas were semes and ukes and Omegas were mainly ukes who would experience a period of heat and would then have children!

Xie Yan:“=0=!!!”

What a terrible world this is, six genders!

A female Alpha had a penis, male Omegas could get pregnant, and even male Betas could also get pregnant!

Xie Yan’s hand trembled to open his identification page and look at his gender again. God knows, when he first came to this world, he thought it was fine when he saw that his penis was still there. Now he knew how naive that was!

Sex was determined by genes in the embryonic period. After birth, identity information would be written directly. In the column of gender, male or female was written in the front and Alpha, Beta or Omega was behind it, such as male Omega and female Alpha. Xie Yan quickly opened his information interface.

On his information interface, the only gender written was ‘male.’ How come? Xie Yan blinked three times to make sure he wasn’t blindfolded.

Was this a false diagnosis? But when he was in the spaceship, he didn’t check it out.

Xie Yan had more doubts. He had been looking around the STAR Net for so many days. If the body owner knew someone, he should be able to find him and come to the door. But after so many days, no one came to him. This body was like a blank piece of paper, no social relations, no past, no relatives.

Xie Yan put his doubts in his heart and prepared for the worst.

How could a man have a womb? He found the answer.

He continued to read this world’s settings.

In contrast to the period before the onset of estrus, inhibitors came into being.

After all, it was impossible for an Omega to find a suitable partner for them to pair with if they were in love. If they acted harmoniously with the wrong person, they would suffer for life. So they would use inhibitors to minimize the effect of their pheromones when in the estrus period, find a suitable partner, wait for their estrus period to come, and then mark them.

Omegas were very vulnerable and this kind of vulnerability was innate. They were sensitive and thoughtful, and most of them were engaged in creative and artistic work. Alphas had the advantages of hegemony in strength, agility and intelligence. According to the survey, 95% of people in key positions in society were Alphas, 4% were Betas, and only 1% were Omegas.

The reason for many people to pursue an Alpha/Omega mating was related to genes.

When an Alpha and Omega combined, more than 99% of their children born were as an Alpha or Omega, and 98% of the children born from a Beta and an Omega were Betas. after the Academy of Sciences put forward the explanation of gene advantages, the combination of Alpha/Omega pairs had become a matter of course, and it formed the situation of ‘no Betas with Omegas, no Omegas with Betas.’

What a trough it is! Xie Yan frowned and closed the STAR Net.

From beginning to end, Betas were like melon seed eaters, 2 undisturbed and able to live safely.

He took a deep breath. He thought that he would not be a Beta, but he boasted that he was an Alpha when he was still ignorant. At this time, he could only continue to hypnotize himself with tears: I am an Alpha, I am an Alpha, I am an Alpha.

It was hard for Xie Yan to know his second sexual gender. His ideal would be as a Beta, so he didn’t need to worry about the pheromone bullshit. During the period of estrus, he could eat melon seeds in the world of ABO. Second, he wished to be an Alpha, who would go mad around Omegas, but he didn’t need to go where there were many people, which should be avoided.

But Omega…that was the worst possible thing. 

It was only a one percent chance, Xie Yan thought that was too low. However, he was not so sure when he thought about the probability of being killed by lightning which was less than one in a million.

He still had to prepare for the chance.

Xie Yan searched for gender identification equipment and found that there was no such thing at all.

OK, I don’t know my gender. Can’t I still buy inhibitors directly?! I’ll buy Alpha and Omega ones. I’ll give myself a shot whether there’s any feeling of seduction!

A real man was never afraid to stab himself!

But the kicker was… he needed to go to the hospital to apply for the inhibitors. It was much more regulated than public transportation.

Xie Yan collapsed on the bed.

God, he not only needed to close his door, but weld his window shut too!

No, I will never admit defeat. I am a man who has not been killed by lightning!

Xie Yan thought to himself, if he couldn’t get them legally, he could just go to the black market. There was a dark net on Earth, and there should be one here where you could buy anything. 

He could wait to find out his gender, and then find a way to change his identity information.

But right now, his belly was louder than a pig. Thinking made him hungry. He felt hungry enough to eat a whole cow. Speaking of cattle, he really wanted to eat beef! Xie Yan was not a person who never went against what he wanted to do and did what he wanted. He said he’d do it so he went straight to Huo Nai.

In the yard, Huo Nai was exercising. 

Xie Yan leaned against the doorframe to watch him.

Huo Nai’s forehead was full of sweat, his eyes were deep, nose was straight, lips were a little thin. But no matter where he looked, he always found himself looking into those eyes. His body stretched like a crane, and his tight muscles showed power underneath. The black vest, the black trousers, the muscles were strong and beautiful. The muscles were strong at first sight, not the kind that just looks good.

Watching, Xie Yan praised the other silently. He looked at the sweat on Huo Nai’s chin without blinking. The tension between the sweat and the skin was irresistible to the gravity. When it looked like it couldn’t bear the weight, it finally left his chin.

‘Pa,’ Xie Yan automatically added a sound effect in his mind.

Huo Nai happened to stoop and recline for a movement, with the body folded at 90 degrees and the upper body almost parallel to the ground, the sweat fell down the middle of his chest, rolling past his heart.

Xie Yan unconsciously licked his lips.

Huo Nai felt that line of sight on him from early on.

He has a keen sense of his surroundings. Even if he lost his memory, his body carried some memories. There was only admiration in that look, no killing intention, so he didn’t speak. But gradually, the eyes were burning, which made Huo Nai feel as if his skin was also burning.

He finished the action ahead of time, looked back at Xie Yan, and found that the other side’s face was as usual. He said with a smile, “It’s early. If you start to exercise early, you really can get a good figure.”

Huo Nai, “…Morning.”

Xie Yan lifted the corner of his mouth in a smile. He didn’t know why but Huo Nai felt that his hair was standing up. He asked warily, “What’s the matter?”

“Shall we go patrol the mountain?”

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Translator Notes:

  1. Play on his name. The Nai in Huo Nai sounds the same as Nai Gou which is Milk pot.
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