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Chapter 18: Saying Farewell

Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Xie Yan looked out of the window. There was no moon, only stars, reminding him that this was not the Earth he had lived in, but Murdo. Even if the biology of Murdo was highly coincidental with Earth, it was not Earth.

He was in a rare depressed mood and there was no particular reason for his depression. After all, he had been in this universe for nearly half a year. If he was suffering from a crossing syndrome now, his reflex took too long. He could have already circled the galaxy at this rate.

Delicious Galaxy was going to start their finals on the capital star.

Xie Yan had started it, but there was still a vigorous scolding of the Chefs Association on STAR Net in full swing, which was more powerful than the previous one, and it made Xie Yan want to laugh.

But at the same time, he still felt a little depressed. The Chefs Association’s act of applying for a dish number to promote individual dishes was similar to that of the last world’s publishing industry, but it had a deeper impact than the book number, because it involved the aspects of food and affected more people. Not to mention anything else, Xie Yan found that there was no way to buy snacks. He went to the spice area to buy spices. If he wanted to eat delicious food, he could only do it himself. If he couldn’t make salted fish, he might as well die.

He stood in front of the mirror and looked at himself.

Compared with the skeleton that he had first come into with only the blue nutrient solution around him, and energy soon to be exhausted, he looked better. If he had not woken up in time, he would be dead now. Now he was much healthier. His thin muscles covered his body, and he had more flesh on his once bony physique. His face was ruddy, and his skin was no longer pale, but milky white.

But his height? It was a total loss and so heartbreaking.

I’ve worked hard for so long, but I’m not a millimeter taller.

In the last life, Xie Yan always regretted that he was only 182cm, and wanted to grow to 188cm. At that time, because of the perennial filming and tourism, his skin was a light honey color, his muscles were beautiful and covered his body, and his hormones drifted in the wind. He was the man who was the general attack by the gossip circle. Now, after a crossing, he became a minor with no experience.


Chefs Association.

Chairman Shrike was accompanying the Royal chef Wen Renyu to the manufacturing site.

The Chefs Association held Delicious Galaxy this time, just to promote a new series of nutritious meals. This nutritious meal was different from the nutritious liquid nutritious agent, the latter was mostly mushy or liquid. But everyone involved knew that this was not the best model. The digestive system of the human body was in danger of degradation, which also affected other parts of the body.

The Academy’s findings had not yet been published, but they stimulated Shrike. It was for this reason that Wen Renyu appeared here.

“This batch of nutritious meals will be piloted in some areas first, with remarkable effect, and will be extended to the whole galaxy.” Shrike introduced to Wen Renyu.

There was a smile on Wen Renyu’s mouth, but it was a professional fake smile. He looked at the manufacturing site in the steel forest, intercepted one of the meals from the assembly line, took it out and tasted it. The nutritious meal was mixed with fruits, vegetables and meat, but the taste was bad. It was as though they had tried their best to make the food present the most unpleasant flavor. He asked Shrike, “Do you think it’s really useful?”

Shrike observed and talked freely, “This kind of food could retain dietary fibers to the greatest extent. Compared with previous nutritious agents, it allows people to fully chew, exercise their teeth, and make their intestines and stomach move normally, so as to minimize the impact on Omega and Alpha organs…”

“No, I mean, it’s bad.” Wen Renyu was impassive as he interrupted Shrike, “Has your Chefs Association become like this now? To dig out the worst side of food?”

Shrike was stunned. His expression was blank. He didn’t know what to say.

“I was invited to be a referee for the Delicious Galaxy event you held before. I didn’t want to go, but I thought maybe I could find a treasure. I also went to watch the preliminary match specially and passed a contestant, but this person…in the second round, he was eliminated.”

Wen Renyu smiled, but the smile was not warm at all, which made people shiver.

Shrike shivered.

“How long has it been since you cooked? We should always focus on the affairs of the Chefs Association.” Wen Renyu said, “I suggest you pay attention to it. Then think about the response. Once the research of the Academy of Sciences has been released to the public, his majesty is usually reluctant to ask about these matters, but his highness is different. I don’t know who will be killed to sacrifice to heaven. As for food, if the taste is bad, then no matter how nutritious it is people won’t want to eat it at all. People who make dishes also need to reflect on where they haven’t done it properly.”

He walked out of the scene.

Shrike went back to his office and opened the STAR Net to watch the food section. Only then did he realize what happened to Xie Yan during the event. The pig feast in the preliminary competition and the hot pot with a zero score in the second round match made his eyes turn red.

“These fools!” Shrike gnashed his teeth and kicked the table angrily. Then he felt cold. 

The authority of the Chefs Association was based on ‘healthy food for the people.’ Without the report of the Academy of Sciences, all previous behaviors can be said to sacrifice others for health. However, if there was no foundation for this health, then everything else was like a castle on the beach. When the tide comes, it will fall.

This would directly shake the foundation of the Chefs Association.

Everyone in the Chefs Association had the qualification to launch dishes, which was why the Chefs Association was very difficult to enter. These dishes were not only a dish, but also represented the promotion quota. With the combination of families in various star regions, one could harvest hundreds of billions of people in the Empire and bring countless profits.

Each star domain then sold down, one layer at a time, full wallets at all levels. The money was safe, clean and easy to earn, and more and more people were involved. For so long, Shrike had been balancing the big families, like a jack of all trades, trying to run the Chefs Association without offending anyone.

It was true that he hadn’t cooked for a long time and could hardly taste it, because his heart was not here at all. People who had no desire for delicious food, how could they study delicious food?

“Check it out for me. Queen. Where is he from?” Shrike thought for a moment, if Xie Yan’s background was not deep, he could be controlled in captivity, raised with idle work to become a puppet that could be used, without interest, and then squeezed of his skills, which would not only calm the anger of the online audience, but also bring benefits.

If he had a background and came from the capital star, he couldn’t do anything.

Meanwhile, Xie Yan didn’t know he was being targeted.

He placed an order on STAR Net yesterday and was going to make cold beef today.

Cold beef and cold rabbit were made with the same process, but rabbit meat was often used because the body was delicate and crispy, and it just needed to be diced. But beef was made into strips, so it tasted better. For choice of meat part in this dish, it was the beef buttocks. The meat in this place was not as close to other places so it was relatively loose and easy to bite.

Adding ginger and shallots to cooking wine, he cooked the beef over high heat, skimmed the foam off and turned it to low heat before cooking for twenty minutes. After the beef was cooked, he put it into water to cool, then cut it into long strips with the thickness of a little finger. He then stir fried the beef with vegetable oil, took out the oil to control its content, and then stir fried the spices with the oil from the fried beef. Almost all the spices that could be found were put into the pot by Xie Yan. After the flavor was stir fried, he added the beef strips, salt and sugar, stir fried with raw soy sauce, and put it in the beef stock and turned it to high heat to boil. He collected the juice, added pepper powder, chili powder and cooked white sesame seeds before pulling it from the pot. Airing it out thoroughly would make it taste the best.

The beef buttocks had the widest texture and tasted better. It was tender and didn’t take much time to chew. When one ate it, they could feel the texture first, and then the aftertaste was full of raw fragrance, hemp, spicy and even a little sweet. One couldn’t help but eat it again.

After working hard all morning, he finally got out a pot of cold beef, and the smell made Huo Nai open his door.

Xie Yan: “……” As expected, it was better to come sooner than later. He didn’t even need to call him.

“Dinner.” Xie Yan said as a greeting. 

Huo Nai didn’t answer. Xie Yan was surprised. He looked at him and found that there were many things in his eyes. When he forgot everything, his eyes were clean and light. Once he remembered, his eyes unconsciously went down as though pulled by gravity.

He has his memory back. Xie Yan knew the answer.

“I’m leaving.” Huo Nai said.

The meat in Xie Yan’s chopsticks fell on the table. Unfortunately, the meat didn’t get its destiny.

“When?” He heard his voice asking.

“In two days. I need to charge Zhu Que and leave.” Huo Nai went to Xie Yan and said, “Thank you for everything.”

Suddenly, he became very polite, which made Xie Yan uncomfortable. He wanted to beat Huo Nai. But considering his own strength, compared with Huo Nai’s unarmed hammering of cattle, he thought he better not, and needed to control his own hands!

“Don’t thank me.” Xie Yan said dryly as he used his acting skills to give Huo Nai a professional fake smile, “Then tomorrow, I’ll prepare a special dinner for you.”

Huo Nai wanted to say no, so he didn’t have to be busy. But he could see the hope in Xie Yan’s eyes, and he didn’t want to break his hope. “Okay.”

During the day, Huo Nai looked for a place where the air pressure was low and where it was going to rain. He used a lightning rod to lead lightning to himself. The concentrated energy of lightning could charge Zhu Que. Although this energy was not enough to make the wormhole jump, he could find a stargate and return to the capital star.

Xie Yan went up the mountain to look for food. He was prepared to cook more dishes in the evening, which was also a celebration of living with Huo Nai for so many days. The emergence of Huo Nai helped him to pass the transition period smoothly. It was not so easy for him to survive with a new identity through all the social relations in the past. But Huo Nai had a new relationship with him, which made him have a new fetter and root in this era.

It was estimated that the sun was too hot today. He felt dizzy. After eating a few strawberries, he began to have nosebleed. It was hopeless, Xie Yan thought angrily.

He drank a little. The wine in the cellar could be used with steak, dessert, or soup.

Xie Yan had a picture of a candlelight dinner in his mind and was depressed: How could he start thinking more and more like a woman?

His heart was shaking crazily, but the more he wanted to forget, the more it became unforgettable.

At the other end, Zhu Que asked Huo Nai in a very low voice, “Are you reluctant to leave?”

“I don’t want to involve him in these things,” said Huo Nai, sitting on the table

Even after he returned to the capital star, the enemy was in a state of darkness and self-awareness. He could not have any weakness, which would not only affect himself, but also affect Xie Yan’s life.

“Didn’t you say you don’t like people?” Zhu Que mentioned Huo Nai’s black history.

“I’ll never like an Omega in my life,” Ho Nai snorted.

When it came to Omegas and their pheromones, he had an expression of disgust.

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You’re about to eat your words, Huo Nai. Silently lit a candle for you 🕯

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