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Chapter 2: Forced by Strong for the First Time

Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Inside the bedroom.

Rong Yan opened a small refrigerator and finds a bottle of ice water to drink. He looks at Zhou Mo standing still. He smiles at Zhou Mo and casually opens his mouth. “Why, what did you say just now? Do you need me to repeat it again?”

Zhou Mo, who was standing at the door of the bedroom, clenches his fists and is unnaturally stiff. As soon as he enters the room, he feels as if he cannot walk, as if he his legs are broken and his hands trapped. But he does not dare to disobey Rong Yan, and can only start to take off his clothes rigidly.

Rong Yan stares at Zhou Mo for a while, then takes off his pants and walks to the bathroom door. “I’m going to take a bath. I hope by the time I come out, you’ll have expanded yourself.” Lazily, the bathroom door closes.

Zhou Mo didn’t dare to run at all. He takes off his clothes one by one and looks around him blankly.

The room on the 20th floor is the best, nearly 200 square meters. The decoration is very luxurious, and everything is available.

Like in a basic house, there are two living rooms, one kitchen and two bedrooms. Each bedroom has an independent bathroom and a study. However, Rong Yan’s own ideas have greatly transformed the place. A bedroom has been transformed into his private arsenal, and the master bedroom is connected with the study. The layout is luxurious and practical.

When he came to the familiar cabinet, Zhou Mo bit his lips and opens the cabinet with trembling hands. He takes out the lubricant and a Y-shaped massage stick. One end of the Y-shaped fork is longer than the other, and both ends are almost the thickness of the thumb. This Y-shaped massage stick was designed to separate the inner Yin and enter the ass cavity.

Zhou Mo is very resistant to this kind of thing and can’t help being afraid. He’s a Beta. His inner Yin and genital cavity are not fully developed. He feels that this cold thing separates his flesh and blood.

But he can’t do it without using the massage stick first. If he doesn’t do it, he will be directly split by Rong Yan’s penis, and he will die.

Rong Yan comes out of the bath and sees Zhou Mo kneeling on the cushion with his face taut, shaking a little and stabbing the massage stick into his body.

Zhou Mo’s figure is very good, shoulders wide, waist thin, legs long, his buttocks round and warped, even better than the figure of male models in the magazines.

In the light, his honey skin reflects a charming luster. There is no fat on Zhou Mo’s body. The shape of his muscles are slender, full and even. Because of being covered by trousers, the skin color of Zhou Mo’s lower body is obviously much whiter than that of his upper body, especially his full and round buttocks. And because he was using the massage stick in his back point, his waist folded out in a flexible arc, making his buttocks appear more warped.

Rong Yan wipes his hair with a towel at will, but his eyes are fixed on Zhou Mo’s expansion.

Zhou Mo is half kneeling on the ground, almost squeezing a bottle of lubricant onto the back acupoint and the massage stick. A large amount of lubricant from the back acupoint of Zhou Mo slides down his thighs and onto the cushion.

At this time, Zhou Mo looks fragile and helpless. His hands tremble. He puts the two thumb thick Y-shaped heads together and slowly plugs them in.

The man who was wiping his hair approaches silently, and stares at the pink and tender acupoint which he had not seen for a week. It is raw and shy, and swallows the massage stick slowly.

“You don’t want me to help you, my Mo?” Looking at this could be called the scene of debauchery, the voice of the man is still as before, low and magnetic, only the bathrobe raised high proves that the man is not so calm.

“…” Zhou Mo bit his lips and trembles. He didn’t know when Rong Yan had finished his bath and came to his back. Hearing the man behind him ask the question, he had thought that Rong Yan wanted him to expand before entering the bathroom. Zhou Mo hurriedly accelerates the speed of his hand, quickly moves the massage stick twice, finds the entrance of the inner Yin, and after a pause, he resolutely stabs it in.

The undeveloped inner Yin is very tight, delicate and dry. It is opened by the thick massage stick inch by inch. Although it has already been lubricated, Zhou Mo still shivers all over with pain. He feels that the inner Yin that had just recovered was cut from the inside of his body again. Although there is no bleeding, the tight and small fragile flesh wall is being severely poked by the stick. It’s hot and painful, or a little numb and refreshing. He can’t think of the next thing. At this moment, Zhou Mo is scared from the bottom of his heart and looks very fragile.

His eyelashes kept shaking as the fundus of his eyes could not control itself.

“Pain…” The white lips are all bitten and bruised with deep teeth marks, but Zhou Mo’s hand still hasn’t stopped, and continues to work on his narrow inner Yin.

Rong Yan looks at Zhou Mo’s fragility, how Zhou Mo looks like he will be broken soon, but still tries to expand himself. His breathing increases gradually, and his Alpha pheromones slowly release.

When the massage stick slowly pushes against the delicate smooth ring, Zhou Mo convulses like he was shocked by high-voltage electricity, and then immediately pulls the massage stick away from that place.

“It hurts, Rong Yan. My stomach hurts. Can I stop… ” Zhou Mo says in a low voice, shaking unconsciously, tears gathering at the bottom of his eyes. It seemed to hurt so much that tears would come out immediately.

Throwing away the bath towel around him, Rong Yan looks down at Zhou Mo, who is kneeling on the ground, and says with a low voice and Alpha’s inborn domineering power. “Lie on the bed and spread your legs. I want to take you.”

Zhou Mo’s body trembles even more after listening to this sentence, but he keeps silent, trying to blink away the moist feeling at the bottom of his eyes, and slowly pulls out the massage stick. Without any resistance, he lays on the bed, with his hands separating his legs greatly, revealing the honey points that kept opening and closing.

“What a pity.” Rong Yan looks down at the soft sexual instrument pasted on Zhou Mo’s white belly and reaches out to touch it. At the same time, the swollen sexual instrument of his lower body reached Zhou Mo’s narrow entrance of Zhou Mo.

Rong Yan is very good-looking, but the thing on his lower body is absolutely not the same. It’s thick and long, and the phallus head is very big. The column body is covered with jagged blue tendons. Moreover, Rong Yan’s sexual organ is not pigmented, and the color is very light, but it looks bigger, almost as big as some wild animals’.

The man with a smile on his face is holding Zhou Mo’s sexual instrument, and his lower body is also sliding between Zhou Mo’s buttocks. Zhou Mo’s sexual instrument is not small, at least for a Beta, it is big. Although it’s slowly rolled up, it can’t be seen compared with Rong Yan’s.

Being comforted by a man, Zhou Mo’s face is slowly stained with red, but his eyes are more scared…Afraid of the next thing,

“Um… Wait, Rong Yan, wait… ” He stands up completely. Zhou Mo is a little addicted to the irresistible candor. He can’t help but stand up and wriggle. Next moment, he feels Rong Yan’s lower body ready to stab him in the butt. The huge phallus head is very heavy and stained with lubricant. It seems that he will be fucked in the next moment.

Instinctively, he shrinks towards the bed, pulling himself away from the ferocious sexual instrument. Looking at Rong Yan’s cold expression, he starts sweating all over his body. He immediately kneels down and sits up. Zhou Mo hugs the man with trembling hands, like a lamb to be used as a sacrifice, and sent his neck to Rong Yan’s mouth.

“Rong Yan, mark me, bite my glands, let me accept you better…”

Rong Yan’s movements stopped. He stares at Zhou Mo’s pupils, whose color gradually deepens, and there is a sharp spike of his Alpha pheromones.

This is the first time Zhou Mo asked Rong Yan to mark him.

Rong Yan had bit Zhou Mo several times before. He would temporarily mark Zhou Mo to relax his body and accept him better. Although Zhou Mo would still be in pain, after secreting his body fluids, his body would not be so stiff, and he would not be in so much pain.

Usually, when he was about to be fucked, Zhou Mo would instinctively ask for it. He didn’t want to be hurt so much.

Rong Yan stares at Zhou Mo in front of him who bared his fragile neck, and gradually shows a strange smile. He pushes Zhou Mo down on the bed and licks Zhou Mo’s neck. At the next moment, he does not hesitate to bite Zhou Mo’s glands and stabs into his lower body mercilessly.

“Painful…” The huge tortoise’s head is now firmly inserted into the narrow honey hole, which made Zhou Mo nearly transparent and torn, but probably a large amount of lubricants and temporary marks played a role in making him able to bear this. The thin place where there was no wrinkle was not bleeding, but the swelling pain made Zhou Mo flinch. His hand holding Rong Yan’s waist began to instinctively refuse, and the sexual organ rolled by Rong Yan softened. The body of Zhou Mo is still soft.

Rong Yan only feels that he was about to be caught in the explosion, and his sense of tightness and openness spread all over his body, making his patience suddenly drop to zero. He gnaws at Zhou Mo’s gland, injecting a large number of Alpha pheromones into the gland of the Beta, and continues to dig in the tight cave.

“Mmn, slow down, it hurts…” Zhou Mo’s legs unconsciously wrap around the man’s powerful waist, and his hands push, holding the driftwood tightly and bumping with his actions.

Rong Yan is very familiar with Zhou Mo’s body. He opens and closes his tight intestine. The next second, the huge tortoise head runs into the most sensitive point in Zhou Mo’s corridor accurately and familiarly.

“Ah… There, there is no way… ” Zhou Mo’s body is soft on the top, and his semi-soft sexual organ was stimulated to stand up again. He said no, but he kept pestering Rong Yan, and his butt twisting to cater when Rong Yan hit him.

Rong Yan’s crotch swings rapidly. Most of his sexual organ is not fully inserted. He only used his phallus head to grind the sensitive points of Zhou Mo with high frequency.

“Really don’t do it, then I’ll fuck your inner Yin…” Rong Yan’s voice is smiling. He stares at Zhou Mo, who was panting and writhing. Next second, he pushes his crotch a little harder, and then he moves his phallus head up a few inches. His thick phallus head and flesh scrapes through the entrance of inner Yin.

Zhou Mo hugs Rong Yan’s hand and instantly tightens. There is a low and hoarse moan in his throat, like panic or loss of control. The gut meat is wrapped inside him, and he can’t control the tense contraction.

The entrance of the inner Yin is extremely sensitive, especially when it has just been developed by a cold massage stick, and suddenly wiped by a hard sexual instrument with a scorching temperature. The tingling sensation like electric shocks suddenly spreads all over his whole body.

“No, I’m wrong, Rong Yan. Don’t go in, fuck me, fuck me. Rong Yan… ” Zhou Mo hugs the man’s shoulder, unconsciously kisses the man’s lips and chin, with some flattering meaning that he doesn’t know. He also shakes and retreats with the man’s dick in his ass, avoiding the feeling that he can’t control. He feels a bit numb all over because of the pleasure. He was at a loss. It is the first time that he experienced this strange pleasure. Before, when the man fucked into his inner Yin, he only felt afraid, because of the pain.

“Ah…” Rong Yan smiles and accepts Zhou Mo’s kiss with satisfaction. Seeing the man who had been extremely resistant to him become obedient, he has an indescribable satisfaction and desire, and even an impulse to lock the man under his body and fuck him to death.

“As you wish, my Mo.” The low and sexy voice overflows from the man’s mouth. He kisses Zhou Mo’s lips, draws a little away from his lower body, aims at the little protrusion, and begins to attack intensively and violently.

“Mn, Mn, ah…” The strong stimulation makes Zhou Mo tremble all over. From being kissed, Zhou Mo’s mouth gives out a vague and low voice, which is very sexy, with an impulse that makes people itch and want him to make more moans.

“Mn, Rong Yan…Too fast, too fast… ” Zhou Mo is scalded by the dryness of his body. He speaks too fast, but his lustful body involuntarily clings to the man’s waist. He even feels like there seems to be some changes in his body, like water oozing from inside.

The room is very hot. The two people’s entanglement makes squelching sounds. Rong Yan’s sexy gasps and Zhou Mo’s hoarse groans are intertwined.

Both of them are extremely happy. Zhou Mo is even more comfortable than the first time. The sexual organ constantly rubs against the man’s abdominal muscles, making him unable to tolerate it, but it was not enough, not enough. Zhou Mo instinctively reaches out to roll his own sexual instrument, and his lower body tightly twists. He gets a murmur from Rong Yan who observes Zhou Mo’s movement.

Rong Yan’s eyes flash a strange luster, and his mouth raises in a smile. The next second, he starts ramming his penis into the G-spot and suddenly thrusts in, the rest of him entering the soft and tight inner Yin of the Beta.

“Ahhhhh!” Zhou Mo’s eyes widen, and tears fall from his eyes out of control. He lets out a low hoarse roar, and the sexual instrument in his hands shoots violently, while his body shook.

Rong Yan is also breathing heavily. He was caught by the immature, very narrow and smooth inner Yin, but he had not yet mastered the inner Yin, let alone never opened the ass of his Mo! He wants to spray a large amount of semen into the reproductive cavity of Zhou Mo and mark his body completely! Better let Zhou Mo be his! He wants Zhou Mo to fully understand that he, Rong Yan, as he said, is an Alpha who only knows how to get angry and can’t control his own lust!

“It hurts! Take it out, Rong Yan… ” Zhou Mo’s whole body is covered with fine and dense sweat beads. He was breathing hard, his hands spasmodically holding Rong Yan’s arm, his face turned pale, his eyes are covered with large water mist, his lips trembling. Rong Yan’s chicken bar is not as thick as a massage stick, but when he feels his newly restored reproductive tract being pierced by a fire stick again, Zhou Mo can’t help but feel the familiar pain and tear. The whole man begins to tremble violently.

Rong Yan tries to thrust, but he immediately frowns. Tsk, it was still too tight to move.

“Relax, Mo, this time, I must open your reproductive cavity.” Rong Yan bites Zhou Mo’s gland again, injects a large amount of Alpha pheromone. He kisses down Zhou Mo’s neck slowly and at the same time, leaves little red marks. Then he finally bites the nipple perking up on Zhou Mo’s left chest, and starts sucking like a child.

“Uh… No…… ” The stimulation from the chest slightly distracts Zhou Mo’s attention. Rong Yan sucks at it first, and then draws a circle around the nipple with his tongue. At the same time, he nibbles at it with his teeth. Zhou Mo murmurs from pain and happiness. His nipple is very sensitive to Rong Yan’s instruction. He shivers and begins to relax slowly.

Rong Yan keeps licking and biting the soft and hard nipple with his tongue. He couldn’t help but think that if Zhou Mo had his child, there would be lactation from here. He sucked on it vigorously, and his lower body moved slightly in reaction. He could feel that the reproductive tract seemed to loosen, so he didn’t stop. With a strong thrust from his hip, he stuffed more than half of it in again.

“Whoa… mmmn… It hurts. I’m in pain… ” The weakest part of his body was being fully occupied. Zhou Mo could not help it any more. His tears, like broken beads, started falling down constantly. He twists and struggles to push away the man who was pressing on him, but this only stimulated the beast of the man even more.

Rong Yan only felt that Zhou Mo’s inner Yin is like a greedy little mouth, tight and tender. He keeps holding his almost explosive sexual instrument. Especially in Zhou Mo’s struggle, the soft, tender and tight sense of clamping and wrapping makes him swell again.

Zhou Mo feels the sexual organ inside him getting bigger again, and his inner Yin began to swell and ache, and he felt strange and numb. He just wants to struggle and escape. He is afraid. He is so afraid that Rong Yan would stab him in the stomach. He is also afraid that he would become uncontrollable.

“Please, please, Rong Yan. I’m in pain. Don’t move… ” Zhou Mo keeps pleading for mercy in a hoarse crying voice, but Rong Yan’s head and lower body were congested at the same time, and the swollen sexual organ mercilessly penetrates the tender and extremely narrow inner Yin.

“Ah…” Tears fall from Zhou Mo’s eyes. He feels like his body is being split in two. The severe pain makes Zhou Mo unable to move or even breathe.

Red blood flows out along the junction of the two men, but in the next second it was pushed in again by the man’s sexual organ.

Rong Yan is like a wild animal who only knows how to make love. He is panting with red eyes, and his crotch is swinging hard. The frequency and strength almost feels like he is stabbing Zhou Mo through with his crotch.

Zhou Mo’s breath is uneven. He cries and begs to surround him, but the man’s strength does not decrease at all. It seems that Rong Yan was going to completely open and mature Zhou Mo’s reproductive tract until it entered the ass where life could be born.

Zhou Mo is hit by a man’s strength and soul. He cries for mercy, his hands clasped tightly Rong Yan’s arm and shoulder leaves deep red marks.

“Mnn… Don’t, don’t. It’s so painful. It’s going to be pierced. Rong Yan. Don’t do this. Please, let me go, let me go… “

“Ho Ho, how can it be, Zhou Mo, I just want to fuck you now, fuck your reproductive tract, fuck your reproductive cavity, let you bear my child!”

“No, no, I don’t! Rong Yan, Rong Yan I was wrong, it was my fault! I shouldn’t have run. Please let me go! Let me go!” Zhou Mo’s words didn’t match his actions, but before he finished, he slapped Rong Yan’s arm, “It hurts, it hurts! Take it out, take it out… “

Rong Yan smiles, as if he didn’t hear Zhou Mo’s words. He stabs his lower body cruelly deeper and deeper in the narrow and tender reproductive cavity. Maybe it’s the lubrication of blood. The smoother he goes, the softer and softer he feels that Zhou Mo’s body has come out of water, wrapping around him, sucking him, making him go deeper and deeper. The whole thick and long sexual organ is stabbed into Zhou Mo’s body, and the soft, tender and smooth ring mouth is gradually on the glans.

“Mmn…” Zhou Mo shakes violently when Rong Yan pushes into the tender entrance of the ass. He convulses as though being shocked.

“Don’t! I am in pain, so painful! Please Rong Yan, please! Ah!” Zhou Mo’s begs for mercy barely leaves his lips when he is attacked again by the huge tortoise head. His stomach was burning, and he feels like Rong Yan is determined to burn him and stab him through.

“Oh, it’s comfortable, it’s tight…” Rong Yan gasps for breath. The inner Yin of Zhou Mo is too comfortable, tight and tender. Under his constant development, the inner wall of the corridor seems to have a life, beginning to entangle him and wring him. Even the opening of the ass that he never opened seems to have infinite and soft suction on his glans, giving him an impulse to stay in there forever.

“I think you want me very much. Your ass mouth is sucking me. You want me to go in. Can’t you feel it, huh?” Rong Yan asks in a low voice, holding the soft ring mouth with the huge phallus head, trying to get into the narrow ass cavity that can give birth to life.

Zhou Mo can’t say a word. He seems to be hit by strong current constantly. His whole person is twitching and shaking, almost incontinent. His tears and saliva can’t be controlled and are flowing out. Even his sexual organ is half raised, and leaking with pre-cum.

Rong Yan discovers this. He smiles and rubs Zhou Mo’s sexual instrument. “Mo, you little liar, do you really have such pain? You are going to be incontinent…”

Then he lets go of the soft ring mouth, as if to completely open the closed mouth.

Persistently facing the closed uterine mouth, Zhou Mo is speechless. His breathing is painful. His face is full of tears and saliva, and he is choking unconsciously.

On the contrary, Rong Yan becomes more and more irascible. His Alpha pheromone almost fill the whole room. “Mo, please open the entrance to the ass and let me in.” Rong Yan says, just a moment away from the soft mouth of his ass, Zhou Mo’s belly saw the undulating radian of the phallus head.

“Uh… No… I can’t, can’t open. I can’t open. Please, let me go. Let me go… ” Zhou Mo’s groans sound broken. “Why me, why…”

“Why? There’s no reason, just because I’m what you’ve said before, ‘They are not fully evolved beings, Alphas only want to mate and reproduce like lowly animals’… ” With a cruel low laugh, Rong Yan continues to speak into Zhou Mo’s ear, “But I, a lowly animal, chose you to be my mate and breed for me…” Ending his words, Rong Yan then resumes the action of the pile driver, determined to completely open the reproductive cavity of his Mo!

Zhou Mo, who was almost unconscious, listens to Rong Yan’s words. His confused brain barely recalls what he once said. Zhou Mo finally remembers in the confusion. He once said these words to a Beta he saved when he went out to kill a zombie.

“Don’t give up, come on and live.” At that time, the Beta’s face was gray, because he was almost killed by his wife who had turned into a zombie. In order to make the Beta have the courage to live, Zhou Mo tried to comfort and encourage him. The Beta asked him how he could survive without any strengths, saying it would have been better have to die with his wife. Zhou Mo was silent for a while, before telling him some words that he had been able to hold on to in the afterlife.

“In fact, I always think that only Beta can survive in the end of the world.” Looking at the Beta’s puzzled expression, a rare faint smile appeared on the corner of his mouth.

“We all think Alphas and Omegas are God’s favorites, but I don’t think so. I think they  are not fully evolved people, because they can’t control the automatic heat, they are born only to know how to mate and reproduce. It would have been fine if everything in the world was still peaceful, but now, it’s the end of the world. An Alpha or omage can’t control their lust. Once they go into heat, there is no difference between them and lowly animals. Although they have strong intelligence and physique, in essence, I don’t think their genes have evolved to perfection. On the contrary, the Beta that can control their lust will not be affected by Omega or Alpha pheromones, so we can survive… “

Zhou Mo told the Beta. Maybe he said too much, but the way he had been brought up, including his own cognition, also convinced him that only Betas, who could control all their desires, could survive in the eschatology. However, due to the imperceptible desire of the world and the country to marry Betas with an Alpha or Omega, many independent Betas are only used to rely on Alphas.

“It’s the end of the world. You have to know that only by yourself, can you survive…”

His memories abruptly stopped, Zhou Mo stared at Rong Yan, his face turns pale, “You, you heard?”

Rong Yan kisses Zhou Mo’s lips like a reward. “Yes, I heard it, and I remember it clearly. You are right. I, a beast that only knows how to reproduce and mate, now ask you to open your chamber and let me mark you!” After that, Rong Yan stops Zhou Mo, who had started to panic and wanted to escape. His lower body starts to thrust cruelly again. He was more ruthless than before, stabbing Zhou Mo through.

“Pain… No, no! I am wrong, Rong Yan, I am wrong, please, I am wrong, let me go!” Zhou Mo cries as Rong Yan constantly thrusts into the most vulnerable entrance of the ass, and his whole body twitches. He can’t escape. Just now, what he learned was too disturbing for him. 

Just at this time, he feels that the place where Rong Yan is constantly puncturing becoming soft, and a small stream of sexual fluid begins to leak out. The smooth ring is trapped by the top of the glans, which is pulled out by the Alpha and holds on to the man’s glans tightly.

“Uh… Your ass mouth is spraying water. Do you feel it? Oh, it’s okay to clip it. It’s sucking my phallus head and not letting it go. It seems that I’m going to let it in.” Rong Yan also feels the tightly closed ass slowly opening, and poured a large amount of hot liquid into his glans. He grasps Zhou Mo’s buttocks and uses the strength of almost pushing the eggs in, finally completely lost in the tight ass opening.

“Shit, it’s so comfortable. It’s so tender and tight. It’s all water. It’s a treasure.” Rong Yan breathes harshly. He pierces the ass cavity he had opened for the first time with the shallow phallus head and finds himself sucked tightly by the ring opening. It is soft and tender, containing a cavity of warm liquid. The comfortable Rong Yan keeps turning the phallus head inside.

“No, no. Not there… ” Zhou Mo’s genital cavity, which had never been penetrated by the devil, has gone completely soft. The strange tingling like needles make his body and mind almost lost at the moment.

He sobs and cries in a low voice. The newly lost entrance to the ass could not bear such a stimulating puncture. The inner wall of the ass cavity is very sensitive, full of delicate and sensitive nerves. Under the constant pressure of the man’s glans, the feeling of crispness and tingling spreads all over the body at the same time. Zhou Mo feels that he is going to faint, but was forced to stay awake under the repeated collision of the man, bearing extremely strong trusts that stimulated him.

Rong Yan, like a crazy beast, pressed Zhou Mo hundreds of times. He feels a large amount of sexual liquid gush out when he enters the ass cavity. He kneels down and sits up, pulls Zhou Mo’s legs apart, and pulls out the sexual organ in the end for the first time, leaving only the head of the tortoise in the honey hole. He feels the warmth of the inner Yin and the intestines lingering on his glans, before pushing in again.

Squelch. A big stream of pornographic liquid squeezes out along the intersection of the two people. Rong Yan stared at the intersection and breathes heavily. “Betas have a lot of water, huh? Do you think so, Mo?” Rong Yan says a word each with every thrust from the point into the cavity, back and forth for dozens of times, and every time there is a large amount of liquid pouring out.

Zhou Mo’s consciousness is completely confused. He feels that he is going to be killed by sex. He can feel his uterus is constantly drying because of the penis of Rong Yan. He instinctively feels ashamed and afraid, “No, don’t do this, Rong Yan, don’t, I’m so painful…It hurts. I don’t think you feel good.” 

Rong Yan, with a good hand, masturbates Zhou Mo’s semirigid semen spitting sexual instrument. “Look at this poor thing, it’s going to be incontinent soon. You said, can I make you incontinent… “

“No, no, no incontinence, no…” Zhou Mo seems to have just been fished out of the water. Tears are falling from his eyes, his voice is hoarse and pleading. He shakes his head randomly, and his body is struggling. Unexpectedly, he just spits out Rong Yan’s sexual organ, pulling it out of the acupoint.

With the greedy contraction of his dry, red and swollen hole mouth, a large stream of lustful liquid spurts out. In the next second, his face still streaming with tears, Zhou Mo does not know where the strength comes from, but he pedals his leg to retreat, wanting to escape.

But his body is too weak, he just managed to turn around and was pulled back by Rong Yan by his leg. Spreading open Zhou Mo’s legs, he takes advantage of the posture. Kneeling on one leg near Zhou Mo, he enters strongly.

Zhou Mo can’t even speak because Rong Yan pounds him so fast, almost as though using the power and frequency to fuck him hard.

Rong Yan does not hold back at all this time and directly goes into the ass cavity and begins to work hard. In this posture, Rong Yan is deeper, and almost his whole glans is inside the soft and tender womb, and the corners of the glans scraping back and forth quickly and violently against the sensitive ass mouth and inner wall. Zhou Mo’s cries and groans change, and the feeling of pain and stimulation makes him shiver and scream, but he has to cater to the crazy Alpha behind him, letting him mark him.

The hard phallus head constantly pokes the soft ass cavity, but the soft ass cavity is not like the master who just escapes. Instead, it wraps and sucks the huge phallus head again and again, and at times even pours out a lot of lustful liquid like waves. The whole corridor turns more slippery, and because of Zhou Mo’s sobbing and resistance, it shrinks constantly too.

“It’s so numb, painful and fast. Rong Yan, slow down, ah I’m going to be pierced, my stomach is going to burst. ” Zhou Mo’s moans, cries and screams have all changed. At the moment, he has almost lost his usual calm and indifference. He sobs and makes a moan sounding like a mixture of pain and happiness. His stomach constantly pokes out in an obvious arc. Because of the excessive rocking, the joint between the two people makes a large amount of white foam, and slides along his thigh and down to his knee.

Rong Yan’s breathing is becoming more and more unsteady, and comfortable. Especially since this is the first time he has opened Zhou Mo’s reproductive cavity. He can’t bear it any longer. He can feel a familiar twitch in the groin. He is about to ejaculate.

“Say you love me, Mo, say you love me!” Rong Yan pinches Zhou Mo’s waist and starts to fight fiercely. His facial features with his gentle smile turn almost distorted.

“I’m going to break, I’m going to die! Let me go, let me go!” Zhou Mo sobs and screams. Tears fall out of control. He shivers all over and his stomach feels uncomfortable. Especially when Rong Yan holds the sexual instrument in front of him, Zhou Mo screams hoarsely, “Love, love, I love you, Rong Yan, I love you!”

Rong Yan’s face shows a bloodthirsty smile. He quickly rolls Zhou Mo’s sexual instruments and whispers in Zhou Mo’s ear, “I love you too, my Mo…” 

In the next moment, he lowers his head and bites Zhou Mo’s gland that is already covered with tooth marks, while inserting the root of his sexual organ into the tight corridor and instantly knots Zhou Mo The whole column body jumps several times, and a large amount of scalding semen ejects from the horse’s eyes, which almost immediately fills the narrow ass cavity.

Zhou Mo almost bursts into tears and screams, “It’s hot…” 

The genital cavity which was sprayed with scalding semen is soon full, and because the sexual organs still sprayed, the narrow uterine cavity fills up with a lot of semen, unable to flow out. 

Zhou Mo’s stomach swells up, “It’s so painful, it’s so painful, don’t shoot any more! It’s going to explode Wuwu…… ” The ass cavity is filled with a lot of semen pain and the huge knot of Rong Yan’s sexual organ brings the feeling of wanting to burst, which makes Zhou Mo unbearably cry, while his body twitches like a dying fish. At the same time, a small stream of semen is ejected by the pitiful man’s constantly rolling sexual organ. Soon, a large amount of yellow turbid liquid is ejected intermittently. Feeling the warm liquid, Zhou Mo’s collapse is more profound, he can seemingly no longer bear it anymore. 

There was a dazzling white light in his mind, which lasted for several minutes. Zhou Mo’s mind turned empty and he fainted.

Rong Yan tightly hugs Zhou Mo and kisses his neck and back. His strong belly continues to spray thick semen one by one. The two bodies are tightly connected until his knot disappears. Rong Yan gently twitches his crotch and feels the semen he ejaculated squeezing out.

Holding Zhou Mo in his arms for a while, Rong Yan pulls out his sexual instrument and turns the unconscious Zhou Mo over. “He fainted again…” 

He gently kisses off the tears on Zhou Mo’s face, and finally kisses Zhou Mo’s lips. Once again, he hardens his temperament and mercilessly stabs him in the corridor.

Rong Yan kisses Zhou Mo lightly, inserts into the reproductive cavity of Zhou Mo skillfully at the same time, and continues to fuck. The feeling of entering the reproductive cavity of Zhou Mo is so great. He is extremely satisfied, physically and mentally. He is reluctant to take out his sexual organ, and even wants to stay in Zhou Mo’s body for the rest of his life. And he also knows that it’s not enough to only mark Zhou Mo with his knot once. It is very difficult for Betas to conceive, and Zhou Mo couldn’t just be filled once, so he indulges in his dark desire and starts another round on top of the comatose Zhou Mo.

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December 18, 2019 5:21 pm

sadly this story is too much even for me, thank you for the translation but i am out

December 18, 2019 8:01 pm

Damn, this is the most (abstractly) descriptive gay sex scene I’ve read, and I’ve read several Omegaverses before… I am as intrigued in the story as I am shocked at the level of “interaction” between the two mains. I am disturbingly interested in the future chapters. Keep on translating.

December 18, 2019 11:19 pm

I hope this story changes soon. I may wait till after the holidays to see if it is something I can read. When I saw the “scene of debauchery ” I had deja vu as I was thinking how similar the heart pain was while reading this book. I know it was an important story to tell, but it was like someone was cutting your heart out while your mind seeks nonexistent fairness in the world.

December 19, 2019 2:35 am

Before I continue reading this novel, I have 2 questions for the translator Addis:
Whitout given any spoilers, can you tell if this story has an HE (Happy Ending) and how many chapters left to read?

Thanks for your hard work Addis.

February 8, 2020 8:51 pm

Mommy believe me i’m still pure

April 6, 2020 7:54 am

Im confused about the structure of their lower half… mc got one entrance (the butt hole) but with layers (ass cave, inner yin and the reproductive cavity) inside it??? @-@?

July 13, 2020 8:43 pm

It’s too much even for me who self proclaim as a sadist person but yeah I enjoyed it 😆

Sadistic Senpai
Sadistic Senpai
July 19, 2020 4:04 am

When you have read much more uncomfortable things that this doesn’t even affects that much lol! I wonder if people feel disturbed by this, how can they handle novel like schadenfreude by 19, flesh cartle, etc.!

September 3, 2020 5:45 pm

ah ah ah aha ah,saya suka sekali cerita yang pemaksaan semacam ini,lezat,nikmat tolong terjemahkan lebih banyak lagi.

October 30, 2020 12:21 am

Bruh~ Having sex and fainting should not be in the same sentence. I feel bad for Mo. 😦

March 16, 2021 9:08 pm

Intense! But somehow the MC seems confused at times, let’s see what happens next!

June 27, 2021 6:42 pm

Woah I’m not really into sadistic tops but this was super intriguing. I think this story has slightly opened up my preferences. Although it’s more of a dark read, the description and flow of this chapter is just so detailed! I’m actually shocked at how well written and crazy detailed this is for a short story. Thanks for the amazing translation!

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