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Chapter 19: Help Me

Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Xie Yan prepared a great dinner. After he finished eating, he felt more dizzy. It was like there was a moon in his eyes. The world was full of color and the hazy filter made the night so beautiful, making his breathing hot and urgent.

So he took a bath before dinner. After taking a bath, he found that he felt like a blister. His entire body was a little soft. When he came out, his hair was still dripping, his skin temperature was very high, and his hair would be dried soon. Sitting in the chair now, his waist was a little sore and his legs were a little weak. He felt lazy and didn’t want to eat much.

The two sat face to face, silent, like a pair of men forced by their parents to meet each other.

Xie Yan observed Huo Nai and thought he had a very good look. After the recovery of his memory, he suddenly became a military man, lovely and very dignified.

The kind of dignity that made Xie Yan want to mess him up. Xie Yan felt that his thinking was a little indescribable. He thought that he hadn’t let it out for a long time.

“I promised you to be a bodyguard for a month. I’m sorry to leave before the time is up. I owe you a favor.” Huo Nai poured Xie Yan a drink and another one for himself. They held their own glasses as the glass collided with each other. The sound was clear and crisp and the wine in the glass shook and wavered. The reflected figure broke and gathered again.

“No need to.” Xie Yan’s mouth was dry and his tongue was dry. He felt like the beef would dry him out more so he took a sip of wine as if he was stuck in a draught. It felt like the temperature of his body had dropped. Soon he felt the sky turning, and Huo Nai appeared as three figures in front of him. He couldn’t help but stand up and try to catch one of them.

He wanted to get hold of Huo Nai.

But it didn’t seem so obvious, so he asked Huo Nai, “Do you dance?” He stood up holding the table, using the professional training of the actor to make himself look like he didn’t mean anything.

Xie Yan stretched out his arm and Huo Nai refused to hurt someone this time.

In the past, Huo Nai didn’t think about hurting people. However, if he showed a little gentleness, there would be countless wild bees and butterflies attacking him. Therefore, he could only crush flowers in a hurry, be ruthless and have no pity.

But now facing Xie Yan, maybe a few months of getting along with him had dulled his sharp edge. He didn’t want to hurt Xie Yan. So he stood up and took Xie Yan’s hand.

They were close together. Huo Nai smelled the light wine and light sweet taste of Xie Yan.

Maybe it was the wine, or maybe it was something else, but around Xie Yan’s eyes were red. The redness was very light, like an evening glow, and even a layer of spring water was brought with his eyes, quite colorful.

Xie Yan didn’t know it. He just felt like he was on fire floating above the water.

Huo Nai held Xie Yan’s waist in one hand and his arm in the other. They were afraid of releasing each other and falling to the ground directly.

His Adam’s apple moved and he asked Xie Yan, “What dance?” He felt that he was drunk, just like being wrapped in the water, all his movements were reduced, with a floating feeling.

Strange, I feel so hot. This is not right. Huo Nai realized it later, but at that moment, he didn’t realize that he was in estrus until he had already gone past the point of no return.

Throughout the capital, it was said that Huo Nai was cold. This guy was an infallible Alpha. His Alpha’s pressure hung all over the Empire and he ran an Alpha men’s army. However, when an Omega caused Alphas to go crazy one after another, he was as calm as a stone, cold and hard.

Many Omegas tried their best to get into the mood in front of him, trying to use the binding between an Alpha and Omega to make themselves the most powerful Omega in the Empire. There were too many of such people. Since he was a child, there had been endless people with ulterior motives around him.

He suffered two losses when he was very young, and then he was never cheated again. To find out whether he had ulterior motives or was sincere in his efforts, Huo Nai didn’t need to flatter anyone and rejected everyone.

He hated pheromones because he was born from a submission after using pheromones. His father, his Majesty the Emperor of the Empire, marked the wrong person and was separated from his sweetheart. For more than twenty years, he was subject to pheromones and got along well with the Queen, but he was not happy.

His father felt a kind of love, but his mother was a careerist, and they only had one child because his father went and had a vasectomy.

Maybe he saw this tragedy when he was a child so he hated pheromones, and his psychological resistance led to his body’s unacceptability. He had no pheromone, which led to not having an estrus. A group of researchers at the Academy of Sciences said he may not be in the heat all his life, and only a very few people knew the news.

Others looked at him with sympathy. The only prince in the Empire was not only cold, but also disabled (if an Alpha or Omega couldn’t create pheromones, they were considered disabled if they were in a state of estrus). In the future, maybe the throne would fall. Many people were ready to bet on collateral support and guess who would inherit the throne later.

Huo Nai only felt happy when he found out, because he got rid of the magic spell. He finally broke free from the chains of this abnormal beast.

But now he was in estrus. Curiously, he was not at all unhappy.

The posture of the two people was not like dancing, but closer to a lover’s snuggle. Huo Nai felt Xie Yan’s hot body temperature and his hot breath. Xie Yan’s ears were red like ripe strawberries and he couldn’t help but touch them, as if he could squeeze out bright juices.

“You’re in estrus.” He heard himself saying in a hoarse voice, with all his last sense, and his voice was cold.

It turned out that’s how it felt like.

“Huh?” Xie Yan was dizzy. He felt that he had been cursed and his intelligence had been reduced. Otherwise, why couldn’t he understand people’s words?

“You lied to me.” Huo Nai murmured in Xie Yan’s ear. God knows how hard it took him to restrain himself from biting the tip of Xie Yan’s ear. It looked delicious.

Xie Yan felt like a witch who was about to be burned on the stake by fire. From the inside to the outside, the fire turned everything into ashes. There was nothing to support him and he was about to become a pool of water.

‘Estrus’ was like a switch, which opened a room in a corner of Xie Yan’s mind. He still remembered the internet saying that an Omega’s first bout with his heat would be very rapid. If there was no inhibitor and no mark, an Omega would sweat all the time and finally die of dehydration.

Temporary marks could be broken.

“Help me.” Xie Yan squeezed Huo Nai’s arm tightly.

He was so hot that he could hardly breathe. The heat struck fiercely and quickly, just like a storm coming in at a gallop. His legs went soft as he fell to the ground, and he felt like he integrated with it, washed, baptized, muddy, and water flowing in all directions.

He felt like it had been raining for decades and that he had finally washed away in the accumulated water. 

Huo Nai looked down at him. He had seen Xie Yan many times in the past few months. But there was no time like now when he could hardly resist his inner impulse and wanted to be a beast that had succumbed to ancient expectations.

But he couldn’t.

The expression on his face was still restrained and calm, but his hand reached into Xie Yan’s collar and moved inch by inch along his neck to the back of his neck. The strength was not great, but Xie Yan’s skin still had red marks, just like a crushed plum blossom in the snow. The color of the pistil was the thickest, spreading all the way to the edge until the color became lighter, one by one. It was very beautiful.

“What?” Huo Nai heard clearly, but he wanted to hear the man again, so he pretended that he had failed in listening.

“Give it to me.” Xie Yan said it frankly and shakily.

The beast in Huo Nai’s heart broke free of the shackles and the cage and roared out.

“But… Please…” Xie Yan struggled with the rain inside his body, and made up for it with difficulty, “don’t mark me.”

His face had been burning red. There were no inhibitors and if no one helped him, the heat would likely burn his brain.

He didn’t want to be an idiot. Xie Yan heard a light sigh and even suspected that he had heard it wrong.

They fell on the dark green carpet in the hall.

Huo Nai covered his body.

When the lights went out, it made Xie Yan’s eyes uncomfortable. He blinked, his eyelashes vibrating like wings. He felt that the whole starry sky was like a thin quilt, approaching him and drowning him.

Xie Yan became a drowning fish.

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Wow I loved the way the Author wrote this chapter, I was really immersed in the story
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Oh no! What will happened after that??? Xie Yan is in heat! The story become more intense and I love that!

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So it finally hit, and hit hard. Just how strong his genes are to get two days warning signs? Huo Nai, Xie Yan didn’t lie to you, he didn’t know he was an Omega.

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I’m confused…. Xie Yan has asked for sex, to cope with his estrus, but not to be marked, even temporarily. Will that work? Doesn’t estrus last longer?
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