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Chapter 105: Extra 2 – New Year’s Eve (II)

Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Cassey’s life was completely changed the night in the pub after the Zerg War.

That evening, when he went out after the cool beauty, he was very serious. Despite Cassey’s seemingly rough character, he also wandered about in ordinary times, but since Marshal had a fox, Cassey’s heart has been itching to find a wife.

Whether she was a glutton, noisy or whatever, Cassey felt it was no problem. As long as he got up every morning and went to bed at night with another person’s temperature in bed, he would be happy. Every time he imagined it, he felt more reluctant to fight. Cassey, with this mentality, really wanted to find a serious target at first.

But after catching up with that cool beauty in the back alley of the bar… Cassey was taken directly to a hotel.

Yes, he was brought into a hotel by the other party. What happened later that night made Cassey blush for a whole month. The beauty looked cool, but she was very active and generous in bed. By the time Cassery passed out, it was the dawn of the second day.

And when he woke up, the beauty was gone.

The afternoon sunshine shone on him, and Cassey looked at the ceiling in a muddy way, and then looked around at the room where there was no trace of a second person. He almost thought that all that was his dream last night.

If it weren’t for the abnormal pain in the lower half of his excessive indulgence to tell Cassey clearly that it was true, he would have doubted life for a while. Although the pain avoided Cassey’s suspicion of life, it also took him to another path.

That beauty looked so good, and finally only to shoot at him before discharging, he went up so sincerely, the result was no contact, and he didn’t even know her name. That night, he almost forgot how to perform very well ah.

With that in mind, Cassey spent a week in the Army Department in despair. Work during the day, and go to the pub at night to look for the other from house to house.

He thought about it and finally came to the conclusion that he still had to find the beauty to say something about. Whatever she said, they did it the next day. In case the beauty felt something about him, he wanted to ask the other person if they could be together.

However, to Cassey’s disappointment, he had been searching for more than a month, not to mention seeing the figure of the beauty, he did not even see a hair on the beauty.

Finally, Wen Jin couldn’t stand it, smelled the beauty, and pointed him in the direction.

As Cassey looked in the direction Wen Jin pointed, the dreamy figure was watering flowers in the garden with a big belly. Looking back at him coldly, she looked like a proud king who had invaded his territory.

Cassey was stunned.

Looking at the beauty, and look at the belly, the whole person panicked, stunned for a long time, and then look at her bulging belly, “Mine?”


Wen Jin knew this, and later, in the spirit of his mother’s family, he took Dewitt with him and led him to the garden, where he had lost his soul and was often beaten by Cassey.

At a glance, Wen Jin recognized it. “Lynx.”

“Hmm?” Dewitt looked at him.

“Just like Chen Xiong.” With a native smell, Wen Jin looked at her with a rather difficult face. “She is only fifty years old, young, but courageous.”

Dewitt did not respond to his fox’s fifty-year-old description of adulthood and glanced at Cassey next to him.

“It hurts to have a baby.” Wen Jin shrugged his shoulders. He was a male fox. He didn’t know this very well. He only knew something about it. In such a thin environment as Assyria’s Reiki, it was a big problem to return to the essence after childbirth. All of these were brave and courageous.

The angry Cassey looked at him. His right face was red and swollen. He had the courage to ask the beauty if she was pregnant with his child.

“If that’s not yours. What do you do?” Wen Jin looked at the wound on his face and asked curiously.

“…” Cassey had been choking for a long time, and his face was a little red. Looking at the beauty below, his eyes were late and hopeless. “Just be a father…”

Wen Jin then laughed and fell into Dewitt’s arms. “Why are you as foolish as you?” he said.

In the fox’s loud laughter, Dewitt and Cassey both looked heavy and thoughtful.

“It’s yours.” Wen Jin, who blushed with laughter and had tears in his eyes, finally said, “Lynx has a very short pregnancy cycle, not as long as humans, and -” Wen Jin said, his eyes turned and he smiled vaguely. “She likes you very much. She has your smell on her body.”

Cassey was stunned for five minutes, and then rushed happily into the garden for a fight. Dewitt also paused for a moment, then reached out and put Wen Jin in his arms, and sniffed the fox heavily.


The red decoration of Bertram Manor was full of color. Wen Jin, carrying Dewitt and his bags home, was going to welcome the New Year with Mrs. Margaret and the old housekeeper. But as soon as he entered the hall, he was frightened by a group of people who were surrounded by a lively crowd inside.

Wen Jin paused and looked up. What caught his eye was Cassey’s idiotic grin.

Really, Cassey’s IQ was not very high. Since his marriage, Wen Jin always felt that his only IQ was almost gone. He had pictures of his wife and children in his wallet. His wife’s childbirth would be more terrible and forced to meet people.

“YingJin is back.” Eve at the other end saw Wen Jin coming towards this side, blinking her eyes and warmly approaching him. At the same time, she quickly pushed a hairy little thing into Wen Jin’s arms.

Wen Jin was shocked by the fluffy, soft and glutinous touch, and unconsciously loosened, so that the hairball almost fell to the ground.

“What?” Seeing that the dumpling was caught by Dewitt on one side, Wen Jin on the other side was still a little shocked and stared at the little fellow in Dewitt’s hand.

It was a small yellowish-brown baby, which really implied what hair was not growing, eyes were squinting, mouth was open and chirping in Dewitt’s palm. Wen Jin looked at it for a while before he realized it was Cassey’s child.

Cassey’s wife had said she was born here. At that time, they were still at the other end of the empire. There were videos, which were said to be a combination of triplets; two boys and a girl.

“Ha-ha-ha-” Eve laughed as she looked at Wen Jin. “YingJun, you look like them, why are you afraid?”

“Just talk a lot about you.” Wen Jin stared at her. Eve’s lively personality was eight points similar to Wen Jin’s. When they were on the United front, the relationship between them had already come to an end.

“Super lovely, that’s little brother Lia,” Eve was not upset when she was glared at, so she went to Wen Jin to introduce him. “You touch him, he’s very warm.”

And because he was the smallest one, with a little nutrition deficiency, he was the smallest of the three, and his smell was weak. Wen Jin wrinkled his nose and refused to move.

“Don’t touch?” When Eve went away to play with the other two little lynx, Dewitt asked in a low voice. Wen Jin licked his lips and whispered, “It’s too small.” He felt that he could crush the little fellow with his outstretched hand.

Dewitt immediately understood the meaning, recalling that he had just seen a little fox when he had such an idea, hooked the corner of his lips, “Then you hold him.”

“Just a little?” Wen Jin looked at little Lia, who was struggling in Dewitt’s hand, and listened to the little fellow’s painful babbling and frowning. “Is he hungry?”

When Wen Jin said this, little Lia also grabbed Dewitt’s thumb and sniffed it hard for several times. He seemed dissatisfied with the taste and twisted his head.

Dewitt raised his eyebrows.

Wen Jin paused, glanced at the hot milk on a side table, reached for a bottle and came over. “Drink this, right?”

As he spoke, he poured a little milk on Dewitt’s finger, but Little Lia kept humming and hawing, and refused to stick out his tongue.

Cassey heard it in the distance and couldn’t help running this way. Eve stumbled over him.

Wen Jin did not pay attention to the movement there, but felt that Lynx baby’s weak cry sounded more uncomfortable. After listening for a long time, he could not help but reach out and dip some milk and put it in front of little Lia. The little fellow sniffed, immediately as if he had smelled something delicious in the world. He rushed up and put Wen Jin’s finger in his mouth. Four short soft claws held his hand and sucked it vigorously.

When the soft touch came, Wen Jin paused, and his finger could not help touching little Lia’s warm belly in this gesture. The latter did not hide, but cooperated to expose his belly, and then looked up at Wen Jin with both eyes.

The orbits were filled by the reflection of Dewitt’s black face, because he pulled Wen Jin’s finger out of Little Lia’s mouth the next second, and then raced back to Cassey’s hand with the bottle and the ball.

“Waaaah -!” From birth, little Lia, the most delicate and quiet, looked vaguely at Wen Jin’s direction, licked his nose and brewed tears, making the first false cry in his life.


The author has something to say: “Lynx’s pregnancy cycle is two months.”


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December 19, 2019 1:10 pm

QAQ babies (of other people) are so cute. I’m happy Cassey’s Wife kept the children because she also loved him
Thank you for the chapter!

December 19, 2019 10:30 pm

So Cassey got his little wife too, and she is a furry. Awwwww that baby is such a cute little thing. And just how possessive Dewitt is? I mean, it’s just a baby. XD

Thank you for the extra.

December 22, 2019 1:37 pm

I like and admire Cassey’s determined attitude to pregnancy, even without being sure that they were his 👏👏👏

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