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Chapter 7: Rematch

Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: Sulo

The interface Xie Yan was broadcasting on had a glittering special effect, and a message appeared in front of all people watching on the food division: Congratulations to Queen for being the first to pass the preliminary round of the food competition.

Along with the news came a gift bag with five words on it: Delicious Galaxy First Kill gift bag.

He got the first kill package? Was the host addicted to playing games? Xie Yan couldn’t laugh or cry. Xie Yan opened the gift bag and found that it was ten thousand coins, two tickets to and from the provincial capital and an invitation letter for the competition.

The invitation letter was very beautiful. It was dark blue like the night sky, dotted with bright stars like diamonds. These stars spelled out: Delicious Milky Way. This made people feel everything was broad and quiet, like looking directly at the Milky Way. Looking carefully, the stars were moving slowly.

Opening the invitation letter, the design inside was simple and generous, like the side of a white wide-brimmed hat, inside was a paragraph.

Dear Queen:

Congratulations on passing the Delicious Galaxy preliminary race. Now we invite you to come to the Snow Sea planet to participate in the semi-finals. The venue of the contest is the Skyscraper Hotel, room No. 666. We warmly invite you to come.

The live interface automatically blocked private information, and everyone could only see the news of the Snow Sea planet.

【I’ve been there. It’s very cold and snowy. What if our blogger gets frozen?】

【Maybe the cold can bring new inspirations and delicious food to eat.】

【Blogger, keep warm!】

Snow Sea planet? Listening to the name, the planet was obviously characterized by the cold. Because of the remoteness, Xie Yan had to leave in fifteen days.

“Who will help me? Is there anyone around? We need to help the mecha.” Zhu Que, the machine armor, spent two days lying in the grass. He replenished some energy through the stellar light energy and managed to maintain his central nervous control system, instead of being unable to turn on the machine, which would become a waste forever.

Just when he thought he could continue to lie down to replenish his energy, he was snatched away by a bird.

The phoenix was not as good as chicken, and the machine armor exhausted by the energy in its stone.

Zhu Que: “……” I have it tough!

It immediately shouted, “Huo Nai, you have no conscience to kill thousands of swords. You let me fight nature here, but you are hot and spicy. Wait until you find me, and don’t ask me to go back. I won’t do what you want!”

It couldn’t even connect to the STAR Net. It couldn’t do anything. It called out ‘every day shouldn’t be’ and ‘the Earth didn’t work.’ It could be said that it was the worst mecha to appear on the street.

The bird held it and flew to the nest built by itself in the jungle. The bird dropped it. When courting, it looked at its appearance and at the nest. There were many beautiful things in the bird’s nest, such as glass balls, beautiful small stones, and now the bracelet.

It was the most beautiful thing in its nest!

The forest was full of branches and leaves, and the sun poured down on the leaves. Only at noon could the mecha shine, which was ten times lower than the absorption efficiency when it was in the grass, and could barely maintain it’s sober appearance.

It was close to fainting.

It didn’t want to scold any more.

It closed itself off.

In the past fifteen days, Xie Yan made the sausage and bacon, supplemented the money of his villa through STAR net, and renewed the contract for another three months before leaving. Xie Yan said goodbye to Huo Nai and left. Fearing that Huo Nai would starve to death, he prepared a lot of semi-finished products and told him how to make them. It was all very simple. Just heat it up or boil it with rice and steam it. Huo Nai should be fine.

The ship appeared in the early hours of the morning and positioned itself on the nearby tarmac. Xie Yan found his place and sat down.

Three minutes later, the ship took off.

Xie Yan felt fantastic. When on Earth, spaceships were an element of national competition, and it was impossible for an ordinary person to take a spaceship. A rich man needed to spend hundreds of millions of dollars to travel in space. The technology claimed to reduce the price of the spaceship tickets within twenty years, so the so-called low price to the civilian price also needs 20 million dollars.

Now, he was in a spaceship that he couldn’t even think of before. So, it was good to live, any miracle can happen. Looking out through the glass, he could see the reflection of his own face, the glowing star, and the face of Huo Nai——

Wait, Huo Nai’s face?

Xie Yan rubbed his eyes and the image didn’t disappear.

He looked back sharply and growled in a low voice, “Huo Nai?”

What the fuck was going on?

“How did you get in?” Xie Yan’s voice was amplified unconsciously.

HuoNai learned to make a “Shhh” gesture, and their heads came together. He explained in a low voice, “I thought about it, but I’m still worried about you, so I’m following you.”

When Xie Yan heard this sentence, he felt a little warm in his heart. He held back a string of words. He reflected conditionally to look at his account balance: 24,001 crystal coins.

The price of tickets from Murdo to Snow Sea was 7,999 crystal coins, and the penalty for ticket evasion was double that.

He pointed up his index finger at Huo Nai and said, “Be careful. If you get caught, I won’t help you.”

“Don’t worry.” Huo Nai smiled cunningly, “This kind of ship is generally unchecked. I came in a second before it closed, when the machine stopped scanning, to ensure that I was not caught.”

Xie Yan took his story for granted.

“And I brought all the food you gave me.” Huo Nai felt that his entire plan was quite thorough. “You don’t need to help me order food.”

Xie Yan: “……” Come on, my milk (NAI) pot (brother).

Soon, the ship made its first jump. There was nothing there. It seemed that the spaceship was detected and a huge net emerged. It was like a beehive covered in hexagons.

The ship hit one of the hexagons and part of the huge hull disappeared into the void.

Xie Yan felt like he was broken down into particles.

It was just like the first time you passed through an undersea tunnel, but the scenery outside the tunnel here was not the sea, but the stars. Stars were like pearls washed onto the beach, which made people want to grab one in their hands.

Xie Yan felt his scalp go numb, like a cold sharp knife inserted into the back of his neck. The cold poured out from the sharp edge of the knife, invaded his bone marrow, and spread all over his body and along his nerves. His hands and feet were numb, and he unconsciously gave out a painful groan. Then a warm hand touched his head and pacified him.

Returning, he realized they left the stargate, and the spacecraft continued to move forward.

Xie Yan’s hands and feet were cold. Just now, that kind of coldness cut off his vitality. At the moment, he felt a little angry.

“You told me not to accompany you. Fortunately, I’m here.” Huo Nai pinched his hand and massaged it. “Otherwise, what if someone takes advantage of you?”

Xie Yan was so weak that he glanced at him. He didn’t know why this guy would sit next to him.

Besides, who was taking advantage of whom?

But with Huo Nai sitting there, he felt relieved.

At first, there was no one on the spaceship, but later more people came on. Xie Yan was also nervous. Fortunately, they were all human beings, but there were only differences between skin color. This was a special line. The finalists got on board from all over the world. Everyone looked at each other and looked dignified.

Only Huo Nai seemed out of place.

Xie Yan found that this man really had a performing personality. He was very reserved and noble in front of outsiders, with his own indifference. But trying to make contact with him made them find that he was a cold person who could take care of many details. His background should not be low. If it wasn’t for the mistake, the two of them would not have met each other and gotten along peacefully.

“The front station, this is the final destination, Snow Sea planet.”

From the perspective of space, Snow Sea was a rather gloomy planet. After entering the atmosphere, Xie Yan was stunned by the view below.

Thousands of miles of ice, thousands of miles of snow. In the sunshine, the whole planet was clear blue, beautiful like a brilliant sapphire.

“It’s beautiful,” muttered Xie Yan.

A building rose into the sky. Going through the clouds. This should be the legendary Skyscraper hotel. When they got off the spaceship, Huo Nai led Xie Yan and walked in front of him to block the raging wind around him, which was the self-conscious action of an Alpha.

The ship’s red lights went off like crazy.

“Alarm, alarm! A stranger appeared on the spaceship, unable to match in the spaceship personnel database. Please ask the ship handler to handle the relevant situation. Asking the ship handler to handle the relevant situation! “

Xie Yan: “= 口 =!!” Careless! He moved away from Huo Nai.

Huo Nai showed a look of ‘Oh, I forgot to buy a ticket.’ When he noticed the little action from Xie Yan, Huo Nai immediately held Xie Yan’s hand, just like he was holding a life-saving straw.

Besides, it was better to lose one person than two people together.

Xie Yan: “……” You’re dead, Huo Nai!

Other people looked at each other and obviously did not expect such an important event to have someone with relatives and friends trying to escape.

Countless eyes fell on Huo Nai and moved from him to Xie Yan’s face. Xie Yan couldn’t help but feel the heat rise up on his face.

The look in Huo Nai’s eyes was just a moment where his eyebrows rose. He regained his composure at the speed of light. His voice was calm and he acted as if he was not guilty. “I’m sorry, I’ve never been on a transport ship before, and because it was in an emergency, I forgot that I needed a ticket.” He pretended to be a wolf with a big tail.

The ship handler was a robot. He looks like Walley, but he had no legs. He was similar to Ivan in the robot story. It flew in front of Huo Nai and reminded him in a bland electronic voice, “Please pay the ticket and the fine.”

Huo Nai looked at Xie Yan and smiled, “Baby, all the money is in your name. I’m going to ask you to pay for me this time.” Then his eyes went to look over at the people behind Xie Yan’s shoulders, and his voice was not loud or small, able to be heard clearly by all the people present. “I’m sorry, I was too worried about my dear family, plus my mecha was sent to be repaired, so I got on board in a hurry.”

When they saw the virtual identity card on Xie Yan’s chest, they suddenly thought: It’s a pity that the legendary Queen has a partner!

How many online people wanted to marry him and take him home?! It didn’t matter whether he was an Alpha or Beta or Omega!

He called out Baby! How shameless was Huo Nai?

As expected, good-looking people would cheat others. You couldn’t believe them!

Xie Yan’s face was a little hot when he was called ‘baby.’ He took a deep breath and raised his hand to wave at the ship’s handler. He couldn’t help thinking if he had enough money! Otherwise, when the ‘balance is insufficient’ prompt comes out, he could only perform on the spot.

The internal situation needed to be solved internally. In front of these strangers, it was still necessary to give Huo Nai enough face. Xie Yan naturally took Huo Nai’s hand and smiled at the crowd with a proper smile, “I’m sorry we let you see such a scene.”

He angrily used his thumb to stab at the palm of Huo Nai’s hand to vent out his frustrations.

HuoNai’s hand was held, and he was stunned for a moment, and then he felt Xie Yan pinching his palm. His first reaction was to pull away. But when he thought about what he called Xie Yan in front of the crowd and boasted about it, he thought that he should continue to play the role of his loving partner. In his mind, there was something strange, a kind of throb, just like a bud appearing in the frozen wilderness, which might produce a flower.

When he felt the bud, he knew that when the snow melted, he could keep the flower blooming. His heart was like a sponge, full of tender emotions.

There was still a distance between the dock where the spaceship was parked and the Skyscraper hotel. There were countless glass trestles docking with the exits open on the spaceship. Huo Nai pulled Xie Yan and leaned in slightly. He said in his ear, “Don’t be angry. I will pay you back.”

Xie Yan felt the breath against his ears. It was so itchy that he was stunned. He twisted in Huo Nai’s grip for a while. “If you can’t make money, I’ll leave you here on Snow Sea planet to wash dishes!”

Huo Nai chuckled.

A group of people went in and found that the ‘glass’ of the original glass plank road was made of ice. The ice on Snow Sea planet would not melt all year round. The material used to make many things were also ice.

“Welcome to Snow Sea planet.” A man came out on the plank road. He looked like an elf. His skin was white and almost transparent, like clotting fat. It was so light, one could see the blue of his blood vessels. His long silver-white hair was tied up obliquely. His limbs were long, and he was very beautiful in his black windbreaker. “Let me introduce myself. I am the person in charge of this activity, my name is Xue Li.”

A starman’s face value was really high. In the snow, he looked like a beautiful man coming out of an animation.

“The ice is tens of thousands of years old. It has been mined from the extreme north and built by the Skyscraper Hotel, the symbol of Snow Sea planet.” Xue Li proudly introduced everything and changed the topic, “but Snow Sea planet has not been able to find an iconic food suitable for this planet. All the hot dishes will be cooled by the temperature quickly after they are cooked, which is also the reason why the hotel issued the competition. I don’t know if you can make delicious food suitable for Snow Sea planet, so that people who come here for a vacation can enjoy the scenery and satisfy their appetites at the same time. “

“Our Chefs Association will spare no effort to solve this problem.” A few people in the snow followed closely behind. The oldest one in the crowd was full of confidence. “Mr. Xue Li, please rest assured that the winner of this competition will be from our Chefs Association.” The elder looked forward to the young and handsome people in their group, and was very sure, “After all, we have a trump card here.”

“Then please follow me.” Xue Li was not rude, his smile gentle and moving, like a spring breeze.

Chefs Association? Were those people from the Chefs Association? Why did they swear so much?

The elder looked back at other people’s expressions and couldn’t help but smile sarcastically, “According to the elimination rate of 99%, only one person on Snow Sea planet will be qualified. This one-” He paused, glancing inch by inch across the audience, staying on Xie Yan for a long time.

Xie Yan felt like he was being targeted by a viper.

“Must be from our Chefs Association!”

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