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Chapter 92: No.

Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

The cool temperature wrapped around the finger touched Dewitt’s eyebrows. Like the injection of spring, all the other miscellaneous thoughts were washed away and torn apart. Dewitt looked at the people in front of him with some stupefaction. The firestone was clearly held in the palm of his hand, and the energy core in his lower abdomen also automatically absorbing energy, but the fire around him was getting smaller and smaller.

“Isn’t it silly?” Wen Jin’s dark eyes poured all his attention on the man in front of him.

It was awkward.

Even if it was just an enchantment, the physical and energy consumption was solid, and the energy released to form the firewall, as well as the traces of running back and forth, still existed in the tunnel. No matter what he thought, it really was a silly thing.

Wen Jin was also angry.

Because from the documents that Dewitt gave him, Wen Jin reasoned that the other party should feel that he would become a stumbling block for his return to Honghuang. He was afraid that he would give up everything in Assyria for the sake of Honghuang, so he would say a lot to him before he came to the task, making it like a life-and-death parting.

This inference was the representative of mistrust for Wen Jin. He thought he was good for the little tail and did his best, so he had no idea why Dewitt misunderstood him from the documents.

He couldn’t give Dewitt up. He was his lover. The fox had a role to play when he was in love. He was not the kind of coward who would trade what he liked for something as stupid as this. However, even with this anger, Dewitt was still in an enchantment, and he found that the person in front of him was his lover. Wen Jin’s eyes shined with an evil light and the surrounding energy immediately disappeared completely.

After seeing the outline of Wen Jin in front of him, Dewitt’s eyes flashed a ray of light, and his steps were obviously forward. His hands were slightly forward. It seemed that he wanted to hold Wen Jin in his arms, but he suddenly reacted to the wrong situation after the first step and stopped it.

Knowing each other’s body language, the fox’s eyes narrowed, his tongue extended and licked his lips.

“No, no? Is it all gone?” A cry of alarm came from behind.

“It depends, what’s the situation…”

“Why, why is it all gone? I was here just now, and I was… What about our injuries?”

“Marshal, that’s all… What’s the matter?” The sound of DaDao’s voice was full of confusion.

The consciousness in their own minds has been totally unable to answer all these questions. The horrible herds of beasts turned into a shadow in front of the five-man team in an instant. Not only did the beasts disappear, but also the wounds that had been torn into them by the beast, which had been bleeding continuously, were healed at the same time. Even their clothes were not damaged at all.

The numbness was introduced into the brain, and in a twinkling of an eye, they saw the rapidly changing environment around them. If there were no firewalls around them and sporadic light spots, they would have doubted whether they had dreamed for a century or not, and they did not know when they would have dreamed.

This kind of scene was intertwined with the memory that had just been blocked by the beasts, crashing into the brain, making it impossible to distinguish for a time.

Dewitt paused, and instead of looking at Wen Jin, he looked around them at some dim tunnels and traces of burning on the ground. It seemed that he was judging the situation at this moment. It took him a long time to turn around. “It was an Uttar.”

The remaining few were stunned.

“An Uttar?”

“This was from an…Uttar? Their enchantment? No, when was their enchantment so real?” Otherwise, before Wen Jin’s appearance, none of these people had never doubted the truth of the scene at that time.

“Marshal, are you sure you’re sure that the Uttars did it? They can make it so realistic? How do we know?” One of the members stared, looked left and right, for a long time, before adding the next sentence, “How do you know it’s true reality now?”

Before Dewitt could speak, he felt a hand grabbing him from behind. It was Wen Jin. The cool touch was passed to Dewitt with Wen Jin’s palm. The latter gave him a nod. Then he held Wen Jin’s hand and drew people closer behind him.

There was a faint sense of heat flowing through his body, and Dewitt’s chin was lifting slightly, looking behind the members. There were only two people lying behind them, their eyes closed in a coma and the color of their pupils could not be seen, but their pointed ears were enough to identify them.

DaDao’s eyes changed, his brain woke up instantly as he looked at Dewitt, got the nod from the latter, then carefully stepped forward to check. He pulled open their eyelids, explored everywhere, then looked up seriously after a long time, “Report. They are Uttar, but…it’s impossible to identify the two people who were previously monitored.”

With that terrifying illusion, each of them were no longer as sure and firm as they were when they first entered the warehouse. Was it possible that there were other Uttars in the warehouse? No one dared to answer rashly any more.

“Not really.” Wen Jin came out from behind Dewitt’s back. “On the way here, I saw at least…four?” After a pause, he said, “Including these two, four.”

“But we only saw two in our surveillance.” DaDao’s look darkened. “Sure enough, this is not the first contact between Qi beasts and Uttar, and the previous wave frequency may also be…”

“It’s fake, to, to let us in.” Someone connected.

“So what’s going on now? Those beasts…”

Finally, this inquiry reminded people that they came in from the side of the warehouse, and when they arrived at the designated location according to the original plan, they were ready to open a small opening around the tunnel and put in the detection equipment. Then, just as they were about to open this small opening, there was a voice behind them that was not right. When several people turned around, it was the scene where they were surrounded by the beasts.

Speaking of the illusion, although at that time it was realistic, but now when they really thought together with the reality, they felt that there were many loopholes. The way in was behind them. They could definitely walk out as they went along. But they couldn’t find the exit like ghosts beating against walls under the encirclement of beasts. And they were all trained investigators. It was only possible to send one or two of them to the drill. The rest of them looked behind. How could five of them stare at the opening before they realized they were surrounded?

Moreover, this tunnel was not a big one. There were so many beasts that they were irrational everywhere. But at that time, their brains seemed to be full of mush, and even thinking seemed to be guided by others.

When DaDao paused, reaching for the open tool and touching it again, he shivered and looked behind him in fear.

Wen Jin was standing at Dewitt’s side, looking at him and raising his chin at him. The latter seemed to get a little encouragement in an instant, so he dared to continue to operate the tool.

While controlling the tool to move quietly, he felt strange. It was absolutely the first time to see this young man today, but he didn’t know what the reason was. One eye from the other side could calm his mind minute by minute.

Looking back and peeping into the young man’s natural way of holding the Marshal’s hand, and thinking that they had been curious, but the marshal did not bring the beast, a bold conjecture sprang up in DaDao’s heart.

Wen Jin did not see DaDao’s eyes, nor did he care much about what the other party would find, because according to his induction, the direction of the hole they drilled, there was no surge of inspiration, that is, there was no danger. He scratched his face, turned his head and looked at the two fallen Uttars on the ground, frowning and thinking, and said, “You have to compensate me.”

In tone, there was a sense of a child asking for candy. Wen Jin felt that he had to ask Dewitt to analyze his psychology, where did the precaution and the feeling of being full of endless words come from before leaving him?

“… What?” Looking back from his thoughts, Dewitt turned his head and looked at Wen Jin beside him.

“These four people are not very good at enchantment. You can also see their pupils are not a solid color.” Wen Jin said.

“I see it.” Dewitt’s brows were wrinkled and their voice was not lowered. Everyone around him, even DaDao, was listening to the movement of their side with curiosity in their hearts. They all had more or less the experience of fighting Uttar, especially Dewitt, which was abundant in this respect, but he had never experienced such a situation in the past.

Even in Dewitt’s father’s generation, there was no record that Uttars could create such a vivid illusion. If this was the blood of the Uttars themselves, it didn’t make sense. It was well known that the Uttars respected the purity of their blood. It was impossible for them to hide such a purity of their blood and take such a difficult task.

And these people’s eyes were not bright red, as they thought.

So, what on earth created such a vivid illusion that was far beyond what contemporary Uttars could create?

“Mate.” Wen Jin said, “It should be the monk’s legacy mentioned in your document. If I was not here, even if you broke through this period, your memory would be confused.”

So he always said that the Assyrians were pseudo-monks and had energy cores from birth. Although it gave them a strong starting line, they were doomed to neglect the cultivation. Like magic and illusions, the Assyrians could not stand up to wither, even if they broke through the illusion their brains would also suffer from trauma.

It was like a broken castle where people didn’t even have the skill to repair the break. But if such a breakthrough was made, the Assyrians would be more and more easily manipulated in the future.

“So…” Wen Jin was interrupted by a voice before he had finished speaking.

“Marshal, you, come and have a look.” It was DaDao. After he had said this, his face was shocked and he retreated from the probe and placed the instrument in front of Dewitt.

The inside picture of the warehouse displayed on the detecting instrument was completely empty.

Let’s not talk about the herd of beasts. They didn’t even have hair.

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