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Chapter 93: The second one.

Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

“How could this be…” The four men in the team said incredibly.

“Will it, will it also be an illusion?”

“Impossible.” Wen Jin shook his head and locked his eyes on the instrument. His judgment could not be wrong.

The idea flashed through Wen Jin’s mind. After a moment’s pause, he simply stepped up and opened a hole in the edge of the tunnel with his bare hands. The group of four watched Wen Jin’s movements in shock until the iron on the edge of the hole fell to the ground and made a loud noise, which woke them up.

However, before they could recover from this scene, the next scene had already begun. Wen Jin’s toes had already stepped towards the edge of the hole, and he wanted to jump straight down the tunnel.

“Wait, wait!” DaDao tried to stop it.

However, even with his call, it was clear that Wen Jin would not listen to him, but fortunately, Dewitt reacted as quickly as he did, and reached out to grab Wen Jin’s wrist.

Wen Jin turned his head and saw the man pulling him. He said patiently, “It’s not an illusion.”

Nevertheless, Dewitt’s hand held him tightly.

Looking at each other’s actions, the inferences from those documents appeared in Wen Jin’s mind. His tone was somewhat bad. “Don’t you believe me?”

Dewitt shook his head and asked, “Is there anyone else there?”

Wen Jin looked at the warehouse, then left and right, and then at the tunnel, “… No.” 


“Certainly.” Wen Jin nodded firmly.

“The three of you go out, contact the rescue team, report the information directly, and send in a search team of twenty people to thoroughly search the warehouse.”


“What’s more,” Dewitt looked at the scene on the instrument, the hole Wen Jin had broken, and DaDao. “Let the rescue team contact the outside world, confirm the banquet venue and the scientific research institute, take two-thirds of the people directly to the banquet venue, and then confirm the safety signal every five minutes – – no, three minutes, go to the banquet. A temporary communication station will be set up in the warehouse.”

“There may be something special down here.” Wen Jin rubbed his feet on the edge and said curiously, “After all, the look simple, but are explosive, even if it’s four people, you can’t be confused with my mark, maybe there is something else in it.”

“That…can you?” When the three men were ordered to leave quickly, Dewitt asked thoughtfully.

“Yes,” he said, but he was not the most accomplished player. After all, in Honghuang, the array was the label of the national monks. Whether it was the interlocking links inside, or the mysterious linkage of large and small arrays, it was obviously created by human thinking and wisdom.

“The above group is really humble, but the people are the best at it. It’s not necessarily the only one in it.” Wen Jin thought of the monk who made the stone and pointed, “You have to be careful.”

“No, just go down and see.” Dewitt went to Wen Jin and said, turning his head. After that, he jumped over Wen Jin and took the lead.

Wen Jin saw the other side’s decisive appearance, he was somewhat satisfied and patted his thighs, and then jumped down. Dewitt waited in place for him to land safely before heading inside.

“This is too clean.” DaDao was the last one to jump off. When he went down, he began to look around, and then concluded somewhat incredibly.

The conclusion was silently endorsed by the remaining two.

“No smell.” Wen Jin sniffed his nose and felt that his previous thoughts were still complicated. “Didn’t you say that they had been checked for a long time? Why is the information totally wrong?”

Dewitt did not speak. He looked over at DaDao and then went on in another direction. “Uh-huh.”

There was nothing in front of him. Wen Jin could feel it, but he followed Dewitt.

“I thought it was true to write such a long paragraph.” Wen Jin was not satisfied with this completely unthinkable situation, whispering as he walked. You know, he took the documents seriously. He was very careful when he came in. He took care of Dewitt’s task. He didn’t make any movement. He wanted to move quietly to take down the Uttars.

The closer them moved, Wen Jin found their were no auras and his brain turned around, thinking about whether there would be any conspiracy in it. The more complex, the darker the thinking, he would soon become a dark black fox. The god beasts that had almost all moved over to Honghuang, came up with a big conspiracy. Now thinking again, Wen Jin just wanted to bite his tongue.

Dewitt disappeared around the corner, Wen Jin paused and quickened his pace. After turning the corner, he found that it was a rather narrow space. Before he could recognize it, he was pulled by one hand. Wen Jin was stunned, and then he felt himself taken into a pair of arms.

“Time is running out.” Dewitt hugged Wen Jin, drew him as close as possible to himself, and then looked out through the side seam at DaDao. “Do you have any way to send me to the banquet hall?”

Wen Jin raised eyebrows.

Is this guy asking him for help? For the first time?

He seemed to have seen through Wen Jin’s thoughts. Dewitt bowed his head and kissed Wen Jin’s face. He whispered perfectly, “Please, baby.”

“Have you been taken over?” Wen Jin felt that he could not return to being so happy and soft. He raised his chin and mocked.

“…” Dewitt did not speak, seemingly worried that DaDao outside would hear him.

“Don’t worry. Speak out loud. He can’t see or hear this way.” Wen Jin shrugged his shoulders. “It’s not just Uttars who can create illusions.”

Dewitt paused, looked at DaDao again, and then relaxed slightly with Wen Jin in his arms.

“Not deceived?” Wen Jin looked at him incredulously.

“If you don’t come, you can’t talk about it.” Dewitt gave the fox enough face. “I really didn’t expect this to happen.”

Wen Jin hummed and hawed, “There’s something else. If that’s all, why don’t you ask me to take you to the banquet hall now?”

Dewitt quirked his lips and said, “The plans are risky. It’s the best thing for me to get there as soon as possible. I can’t catch up with them. There’s plenty of preparation on the other side of the banquet hall.”

“Well?” Wen Jin did not respond.

“I only have five minutes. Can you take me to the banquet hall in that time?” Dewitt did not answer Wen Jin in a hurry, but asked with a serious face.

“It would take a minute.” Wen Jin said without thinking.

Dewitt looked at the time, then looked up at Wen Jin and explained to him, “There’s something wrong with DaDao.”

Wen Jin frowned. “Then you didn’t say anything about being silly with him for half a day?”

“His mistake is not a pure mistake, it is with the story and purpose, I picked ahead of time, nothing benefits, and let him do it, on the contrary, it can be closer to his purpose, and promote the truth behind his purpose.”

“…He knew that the warehouse is empty?”

Dewitt shook his head. “I don’t know, but DaDao was there to hold me back.”

Wen Jin paused. “Then if I don’t come, you’ll be stuck in the illusion all the time, and the plan will fall through?”

“Yes, it’s all your credit.” Dewitt was very good at slapping the fox’s butt, but when he thought about it, he found that this was not the case.

He came here with Wen Jin and all his subordinantes stayed at the banquet hall, from Cassey to Eve, who had just recovered. They were the two most important generals under his command, the position of Lieutenant General and the prestige in Dewitt’s regiment, was enough for them to mobilize enough troops, even if Dewitt did not make it in time. It was enough.

“You are too hasty.” Wen Jin almost forgot the female voice communication assistant that he left in the car. When he heard Dewitt say that, he raised his eyebrows and said that he had not been deceived.

“Baby, there’s a risk in any plan.” Dewitt said that it was from the heart. Wen Jin could not come. His plan could indeed go beyond control. The Uttar enchantment could be used to this extent, which he had never thought of.

“Is there enough people on your side?” Wen Jin felt that this little tail was a little unconscious and could not help worrying, “I, I can actually be considered ten in one.”

It was his little tail. If it was not arranged properly, he could only wipe his buttocks to the end.

“If I can make it in time, that’s enough.” Dewitt looked at Wen Jin’s frown and grinned. “There should have been some movement and silence on the beast’s side.”

“You don’t want to stop the beasts?” Wen Jin frowned.

“No.” Dewitt shook his head. “The Qi beasts never thought of hurting the Assyrians. A hundred years ago, the god beasts did not choose to hurt the people to leave Assyria. Today, the Tiger King did not bite the Assyrian soldiers in such a dangerous time as the Academy of Sciences.”

Hurting Assyrians was never the goal of the beasts.

And the reason why he went to the banquet hall was because there…there was a live media tracking.

Wen Jin paused, remembering that Melson, who had been sprayed on the Internet since the live broadcast, had never shut down the project.

“Then what are you doing with your hands?” Wen Jin asked subconsciously, but as soon as the question came out, he himself reacted.

If a beast really wanted the platform that everyone was looking at, they probably didn’t really agree with the Uttar. Perhaps the Qi beasts used the Uttar, or the Uttar people used the Qi beasts, and as long as JU and Karst were still in the banquet hall, the Uttar people would go.

“What about me?” Wen Jin touched his nose and tilted his head. “How do you know I’m coming?”

“I know you’re going to come in because I know Dado’s purpose. If he doesn’t use any special means, I can even it out. If he does,” said Dewitt, bowing his head and kissing Wen Jin, “I feel that you’re going to come in.”

He knew that Wen Jin had always loved him.

Wen Jin stretched out his foot and gave him a kick. “Is it fun to guess people’s minds? You tell me directly that I’ll try to get in too. I don’t like it that way.”

It was not at all uncomfortable to be calculated, and…when he said that, Wen Jin couldn’t help remembering what he had said before he left.

Were those words also meant to get him here and make him anxious?

“One more minute.” Dewitt looked at DaDao outside. “Those words are not meant to make you anxious to say, they are serious.”

Wen Jin looked at Dewitt, and the other side looked at him the same way.

The latter didn’t finish the sentence. Wen Jin probably knew that it was a long time to talk about it. If he could not talk at this time, his toes were sharpened on the floor. “You guessed I could send you to the banquet hall?”

“It’s not far from the banquet hall. I’ve seen your body.”

Wen Jin was stunned.

Indeed, the prestige, the huge body, to run, he was afraid the speed was faster than the aircraft armor.

“You want to ride me?” Wen Jin gave him an incredible look and then snorted, “Beautiful thinking.”

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OK, just how far this conspiracy goes? The Marshal riding a gigantic white fox? I can’t wait to see it, or maybe Wen Jin has something else up his sleeve?

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I’m so sad, i dont understand. I think all these event author put making my head jumbled. Just what is going on ;-;

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