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Chapter 3: Newlyweds

Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: Sulo enjoyed this wild ride LOL

“You are beautiful here, really, very exquisite, and the size meets aesthetic standards…” Shan Zhen commented.

“Shut up!” Bai Song, with his face on his side, closed his eyes. Shan Zhen’s beautiful facial features and rare silver hair were very elegant and noble, but if he said more than three words, it damaged his image.

Shan Zhen smiled and didn’t speak any more. He combed his hair and held it attentively.

Although Bai Song has had a boyfriend, he was not the type who experienced much. There were many skills he had never experienced before. Outside the spacious bathroom, as he bowed and groaned uncontrollably, two villagers in suits, or staff, were frowning with thick contracts.

“How long do you think they’ll be? The Lord’s contract will have to be sent out by express this afternoon, and will get to Beijing tomorrow.”

“Isn’t a few hours enough? Never mind, one of them is human.”

They sighed and turned away.

In the bathroom, Bai Song, whose cheeks and whole body were slightly red, had just cum. His cum, which was thinner than yesterday, stuck to Shan Zhen’s chin and neck. With his lips, Shan Zhen smeared the cum on Bai Song’s body, picked up his lower body and kissed the reddish back hole.

“A return of courtesy?” With that, Shan Zhen himself sat on the stone beside the pool and let Bai Song move to his leg. Although he had experienced it in person yesterday, Shan Zhen didn’t take off any clothes at that time. This was the first time Bai Song saw the other’s penis at close range.

Bai Song was on his side next to Shan Zhen and lowered his head to touch it. He was surprised that such a huge object had been inserted into his body yesterday and that he had not been injured. It was the size of those in special effects movies.

Because he couldn’t get it all in, Bai Song stroked the exposed part with his hand. He felt that it was bigger in his mouth, because it was stuck there, and Bai Song could hardly do some of the theoretical knowledge that he had learned because his mouth was too full.

Shan Zhen was originally moving slowly in Bai Song’s mouth. Suddenly, he pushed forward a little and scraped the tip against his throat. The physiological reaction of his throat made Bai Song difficult to hold this position——

“Ugh…” Shan Zhen held his chin and moved away. He was rubbed by Bai Song’s back teeth just now. It was very uncomfortable.

Bai Song raised his head, “I’m sorry…”

“God, you have four wisdom teeth in full length, thirty-two teeth, and none of them are crooked. How lucky you are. You are worthy of being chosen by fate.” Seeing Bai Song’s embarrassed expression, Shan Zhen didn’t care about being rubbed by his teeth. He pulled Bai Song back into the warm water and stroked his body in the bath.

Bai Song lay on the edge of the stone, and Shan Zhen’s silver hair swept over his shoulder and hung over his neck. The hot penis was propped up behind Bai Song. Thinking of the size that he had just observed at close range, Bai Song’s body tensed uncontrollably, while Shan Zhen slowly used his fingers to make him adapt and relax.

When he was entered, Bai Song folded his hands, buried his head between his arms and complained, “Are you not a Mythical creature? You can’t think of a way…”

“What? I don’t want to make myself smaller or loosen you,” said Shan Zhen, leaning down on Bai Song’s back neck. “You’ll get used to it. We’ll have plenty of time in the future…”

“But it’s too… Ah!” All of a sudden, a lot of sweat beaded Bai Song’s forehead, not just because of the heat.

Just like yesterday, before he went all in, Shan Zhen began to move in and out, pushing in a little more each time. Their legs were soaking in warm water. Bai Song lowered his waist and raised his buttocks. He didn’t fully immerse himself in the water which came up to a few inches below his thigh. The exposed part swayed with the action of thrusting became more heated.

When he was finally inserted in, Bai Song gave a low sigh of impatience with the impact. When he pulled out, the thick penis scratched the point and made him exhale comfortably.

The size of this guy was really love and hate, any move would touch the vicinity of that point, but the rise was unbearable. Bai Song, dizzy with the heat, hummed like a small animal and thought this vaguely.

At this time, with the other’s rhythm, Bai Song remembered a very important thing — yesterday’s time! The amount of cum was ‘not human’!

“Mn… This time,” he turned hard, not knowing how charming his misty eyes were, “don’t cum in again… “

“I haven’t cum yet. Honey.” Shan Zhen rubbed Bai Song’s waist with his hands and interrupted him with even thrusts.

Bai Song had cum once, and now his penis was gradually hardening. It hung there, sometimes coming in contact with the warm water. The subtle temperature difference stimulated him and made Bai Song wriggle uneasily.

Shan Zhen hugged his waist and pulled back, taking on the posture of two people kneeling in the water. Only their waists above were exposed outside the water and they climbed on the round stone beside the pool. At the moment of the change of posture, Bai Song was also inserted deeper. The water surface was clattering because of the increasingly fierce actions of the two people. Bai Song felt that Shan Zhen’s hands were all around him and he was playing with his penis from time to time. However, the organ between his hips seemed to be wrapped in something. He even felt that he had been teased or maliciously poked at.

“Comfortable?” Shan Zhen bit his earlobe from the back. “I can get water in to help with a lot of things.”

Feeling surprised and unable to distract myself, Bai Song was almost dazzled by the pleasure. The guy behind him was too strong. If he had a watch on hand, Bai Song really wanted to time him. Bai Song’s whole body was numb and sensitive, and his body was almost completely soft. Gradually, his sense of touch that covered his penis seemed to disappear. Even if he was not touched now, he knew that he was about to cum.

Maybe Shan Zhen could sense Bai Song’s feeling, and he deliberately pulled out most of the way and rammed his penis hard against his sensitive point.

Bai Song couldn’t bear it and shivered at the same time. At the end, he pushed his arm around his waist and gasped again, “Don’t cum in this time.”

But before he could finish, a hot liquid poured into his stomach, and Shan Zhen pumped it out.

Bai Song was a little lucky that he couldn’t even shout, let alone speak. If he could say a word well, he could guarantee that he would keep saying, ‘this was not scientific, this was not scientific, this was not scientific, this was not scientific, this was not scientific.’ Whether it was the cause, the process, the result or the time and place, the characters were not scientific! This temperature and quantity was totally unscientific! 

After that, they took a shower together while Bai Song was held by Shan Zhen. The contents bulging Bai Song’s stomach and the water flowed down from his legs.

He rubbed his face with hot water and heard from Shan Zhen that the hot spring was not natural. It was actually artificial hot water, which needed to be changed regularly. Moreover, it was built for mythical creatures who came back, and was not a public bathroom. This made Bai Song feel less guilty. After all, he felt sorry for other users in the bathroom.

Shan Zhen delivered a cool breath through kissing and kept Bai Song awake. Otherwise, if he stayed in the steaming hot spring for too long, as a human being, he would have collapsed long ago. Even so, Bai Song continued to sleep without even having lunch. When he woke up, Shan Zhen sat by his bed playing with his computer and seemed to be automatically connected to the Internet.

The door was open, and the five-year-old, dressed in a pink stacked dress, ran in and told them to go to the meeting. The two of them, holding the little girl’s hand, were taken to the conference hall where the board of directors of a large company were seated.

A lady like mother, a dignified and tall father, a doll like little sister, and villagers who used to look ignorant and rustic, but were now all wearing professional suits… Bai Song barely heard what the meeting was about.

Sometimes he looked at his grandfather who spoke excitedly and looked forward to the future. Sometimes he was staring at the huge screen showing the situation of various countries and regions, sometimes… On his side, he was shocked to find that Dragon God Shan Zhen, dressed in a white gold edged ancient costume, lowered his head and secretly used a smartphone to browse through his micro-blog.

After the meeting, he was led out of the room by ‘Wizard Haichuan’ and ‘Witch AiFeng’, and went through the dark path of a large house hidden in a small cottage village, and led to another area hard to be found by outsiders. Since the village was hidden in the forest, it was difficult to find out how it was hidden from the outside world.

His mother, who walked by him, was talking on the phone with a headset. It sounded like it was about another province, another group of people. Bai Song was standing beside the ancient stone bridge. The long and slender waterfall in the distance passed through the multi-colored leaves and fell into a pool of clear water. From the high cliff to the bottom of the valley, there were several cornice pavilions hanging in the air like a plank road. Under the bridge, there was a stream passing through. Beside the stream were the peach blossom trees that should not have opened in this season.

“In fact, you were thrown down from there yesterday. You must have no idea how you got there. The road here was very mysterious.” Shan Zhen referred to the top of the waterfall.

After the phone call, his mother turned back and patted Bai Song on the shoulder, “Training will start tomorrow. The whole course will take about half a year. Come on, son.”

Bai Song’s brain was still a little confused, and just nodded casually. Then, Song AiFeng patted Shan Zhen on the arm again, “Don’t worry, there’s a long way to go. You have taken good care of my silly son.”

Bai Song blushed enough to explode, and he recognized what his mother meant. It was always uncomfortable to be mentioned like this by elders.

The long ‘training’ in his hometown began. Bai Song didn’t know it until he learned about the water god. Shan Zhen was not a real immortal. He couldn’t create good weather which was the work of the Water God. Even in most rivers and deep pools, there were no dragons. However, in ancient times, many people sacrificed blindly. Most of the brides who were pushed into the water drowned, and some would be rescued by the fish spirits in the river.

Bai Song was a little concerned about what kind of role he was playing. Later, he learned that, in addition to those who drowned in vain because of people’s ignorance, if the bride dedicated to the Dragon God was not accepted, he would be repatriated; if the bride did not accept the Dragon God, they would have their memory of meeting erased and then repatriated.

“So… Are you so polite to everyone?” Bai Song closed the simple textbook adapted from his ancient books and looked at Shan Zhen, who was standing in front of the open cloakroom, trying on modern clothes one by one.

“Of course, I don’t like everyone.” The silver hair that originally hung down to his knee was trimmed to waist length, and Shan Zhen was tying a tie while looking at the mirror.

Although the training for half a year was over, it was not complete. During this period, all personal belongings in the room rented by Bai Song were sent back mysteriously, which made him very impressed by the wide coverage of the organization.

When he left Taohua Village again, it was clear autumn. Bai Song took an underground track that he had never seen before and came out of a place like a black Internet cafe. His aunt took him on a long-distance bus to the provincial capital. Bai Song secretly found that he was the kind of family member who ‘because he will definitely develop outside, he never knew the truth of Taohua village all his life.’

Bai Song was back in his ‘normal’ life, and he didn’t understand the value of confidentiality agreements and half a year’s training. Back in the city, he still had to rent a house and find a job. The only difference was that he had enough money in his card.

As a mythical creature returning to the world, the Dragon God Shan Zhen had to live in Peach Blossom Spring for a long time. It was said that with the completion of such plans around the world, these wonderful reborn people had a lot of trouble to deal with.

Bai Song found a website maintenance job at a small company. The boss was young but sloppy and haggard, and his colleagues were slack and silent. After working for a few months, Bai Song began to feel a little regret. Why didn’t he agree to stay in his hometown? Those workshops that were almost like science fiction blockbusters, beautiful scenery, mysterious identities and all the unknown details… Wasn’t it better than the mediocre life in the city?

Finally, he rushed out of the crowded subway, walked into a roadside shop and ate a meal. Bai Song browsed the website with his mobile phone as he walked. This was the same one that Shan Zhen used in Taohua Village. This mobile phone was originally given to Bai Song, but it had been used by Shan Zhen all the time.

Now he had a monthly rent subsidy from his hometown, so he rented a small one bedroom and didn’t have to share it with others. His hometown was stingy enough and domineering. Why didn’t you just buy me a house!? Bai Song thought, kicking off his shoes, taking off his coat, turning on the TV, and then going in for a bath.

The mobile phone behind the curtain rang, and it turned out that his little sister was poking him on the chat tool. His little sister’s online name was “Lengyue? Luyana? Liulu”. Every time he saw this name, Bai Song was in a cold sweat.

[Brother, I heard you passed your internship? That’s great. Mom said congratulations.]

[Yes, but how did she know? Xiao Song, you type so fast. You don’t seem like you’re only five years old.]

[Hee hee, of course mother knows. She said that the City God was very satisfied with brother and said that you can work for a long time.]

Seeing this sentence, Bai Song felt it was strange.

[Brother, I will go to primary school in the city next year too!]

[Oh, yes, cool.]

The sound on the phone was still ringing. The City God was very satisfied with me? City God??

All of a sudden, the lights went out. Bai Song turned off the running hot water. He heard the TV was silent outside. It seemed that the power had gone off. He wiped his face, used the lighting of his mobile phone, and found that there was another message:

[Son, this is your sister’s number. This is your father.]

[She told you, the City God was very satisfied with you, and you also passed the secret investigation. After this you can change to a formal job. Did you forget the training content? Ha ha, don’t forget to come back to us. Seven Colors’s office environment is relatively simple. But a luxurious office location is not suitable, right? He’ll talk to you tomorrow. Show up.]

Bai Song held the phone away from his wet hair and replied, [Dad, what are you talking about? Is this my company?]

[Yes, they hired you secretly. You have to be investigated first.]

[I don’t work for Seven Colors Culture Development Co.]

[Oh, it seems your boss’s surname is Qin, isn’t it? He’s very untidy, and he doesn’t comb his hair all the time, and his face is yellow and thin, right?] His father also gave a smile after typing this sentence.

[Yes, it is!] The bottom of Bai Song’s heart began to burn with excitement.

[Your father worked under him when I was young, though for a short time. He’s a good man. You have to work hard.]

Bai Song laughed in a corner of the bathroom, which was dark because of the blackout. This was too exaggerated. The City God, the local official of the underworld, could be simply understood as the mayor of the world! He had heard this word since he was a child, but his understanding of it was limited to a certain chain snack. Only after half a year’s training in his hometown did he know that such a democracy really existed.

While imagining the scene of the boss talking to him tomorrow, Bai Song suddenly heard a voice outside the bathroom. He gently put down the phone by the laundry basket, with the screen facing downwards.

He leaned against the door and listened carefully. It seemed that there was a slight sound of footsteps. From the door to the room, the sound of gently turning the cabinet and opening and closing the drawer was heard.

Thief? How did he get through the entrance guard outside the building? Was the access control system also out of power? Because he didn’t know how many people there were, Bai Song didn’t dare to open the door and go out. Now that the room was dark, the thief probably didn’t know there was someone in the bathroom with the door closed.

But just at this time, the new message from his mobile phone prompted out with a sound.

Bai Song looked at the mobile phone foolishly and couldn’t think of what to do. It seemed that the intruder had already run to the door and hit the toilet door hard. The door was an ordinary wooden door that opens inward. It was not difficult to open it. Judging from the frequency of hitting the door, it seemed that there was more than one person on the other side. When Bai Song picked up a mop, the door was already knocked open.

As there was no light, Bai Song saw only three dark figures coming in. He swung his mop, but unexpectedly, he was subdued by the other party. A man pressed on Bai Song’s face to keep his eyes open.

Bai Song was dragged out of the bathroom and pressed on the floor. The sound of turning through the drawers stopped a few more times, as if the bandits were around him.

His hand was pressed against his back, and then the other side actually separated his legs. Bai Song was surprised. He liked men, but how could he meet a gangster who was interested in men? Did he have a strange magnetic field?

“My wallet is on the sofa, my mobile phone is on the laundry basket, and there is a computer on the desk! Don’t mess around. I didn’t see your faces. I won’t call the police!”

Feeling several palms swimming on his body, Bai Song was stiff with fear.

The intruder pinched his penis maliciously. The intruder’s hands first teased his two nipples, and the hands also separated his legs from each other at a greater angle. It seemed that there was something sticky on his legs, and they aimed directly at his back acupoint. Bai Song wiggled defiantly, but could not shake the repression of those people.

“Stop it! Don’t do that! I’m sick! Really? I’m not lying to you…” Bai Song tried to find a way out, but the other side didn’t stop and said nothing.

The fingers that came into his body scratched and twitched maliciously, and at the same time, several hands kneaded and rubbed all over his body. The gangster didn’t seem to pay any attention to the declaration of ‘I’m sick’. A hot object was put against Bai Song’s buttocks. The other party drew out his fingers, grabbed Bai Song’s buttocks with both hands, and thrust in.

Bai Song shivered because of the rude stabbing. He bit his teeth and tried to escape, but he couldn’t. Instead, the penis went in deeper and deeper. All of a sudden, Bai Song, who was a little more conscious, felt that something was wrong

Why were there several thugs without so many footfalls?

The penis inserted in his body began to change its angle and stir. Bai Song’s eyes overflowed with physiological tears, and his arm broke free from oppression and gave a hard thump behind him, though he failed to hit anything.

“Shan Zhen, you psychopath! It’s fun to play violent games, isn’t it?” He yelled shyly, grabbing the towel on the sofa to wipe the shampoo off his face.

The touch of several hands on his body disappeared, and only the hand holding his waist and the penis in his body remained there. Then, the familiar voice behind him laughed, “You realized! Very impressive. You can’t be fooled by this little magic?”

“Crazy! Can’t you appear well!? You scared me to death, ah!” Suddenly, the instrument moved again. Bai Song wanted to pull him out, but he couldn’t do it.

The lights were back on, and Bai Song was picked up by his waist and taken back to the bathroom in an inserted position. Shan Zhen turned on the hot water and pressed Bai Song against the tile wall to help him wash the shampoo off his face.

When he could open his eyes, Bai Song turned his head and saw that Shan Zhen’s silver hair was dyed pale gold and his white shirt had been completely drenched with water. He took his penis out and let Bai Song turn around. As soon as Bai Song wanted to ask, he stopped him with a kiss.

He had become a modern man. Bai Song used the corner of his eye to glance at the other person’s outfit. Then he felt himself being lifted up and re-entered, and his lower abdomen seemed to have a heat flow, climbing along his abdomen and back.

“It’s very tiring, and… wasting… water.” Bai Song’s body bumped, and he reached out and turned off the hot water. “Go to bed…”

Shan Zhen nibbled at his neck, held him in his arms, went out in an insertional position, pressed him on the bed and started again.

The mobile phone on the laundry basket had been forgotten and the messages from home were ignored.

[Your husband, Lord Shan Zhen, is going to find you. He said, “Let’s not call him my husband, but my gay partner, that’s what young people call it.”]

[He may go to work with you tomorrow and report to the City God together.]

[You are young, and he is not a human being. We can understand that, but you still have to work hard. Don’t be too tired.]

[He said that silver hair was rare among human beings, so he dyed it gold.]

[Mom and dad wish you husband and wife a harmonious, happy marriage for a hundred years and smooth work!]

From that year on, Bai Song, once an ordinary man, would no longer be an ordinary person. Whether it was his job, his hometown, or his lover; from life goals, career planning to the duration of sleep, Bai Song’s life had changed.

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