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Chapter 2: Strange ‘Dream’

Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: Sulo 

The actions of the silver-haired man were not full of uncontrollable lust like ordinary people. He seemed to be serving and guiding, slow but a little evil.

In this deliberately slow foreplay, the little toy in Bai Song’s hole was moving slowly, sometimes going deep, sometimes shaking, but not too intense. Bai Song had never tried this himself, but it was very stimulating.

Shan Zhen’s fingers were slender and fine, just like the hands in a painting. His hand reached between Bai Song’s legs and stroked the organ that had been quietly raised. Bai Song’s whole body relaxed and gradually began to enjoy the other’s service.

His position lowered a little, his squinting eyes opened, and in front of him was Shan Zhen’s smiling gaze. His feet were on the ground, but because of his soft legs he almost fell. However, his hands were still hanging in the air, tied by something invisible.

Shan Zhen stopped stroking his front end, and Bai Song frowned a little discontentedly. Then, he felt the other party’s hand sliding down his thigh, pressing and pinching at his entrance. The small toy in his body seemed to be ordered by the finger and suddenly pushed against his sensitive point. Bai Song’s whole body snapped, and his penis pushed against Shan Zhen’s snow-white robe, sticking to the slippery and cold silk.

His fingers rubbed Bai Song’s buttocks again. The toy slowly stopped shaking. Shan Zhen pinched its end and unhurriedly pulled it out.

Bai Song frowned and groaned. He felt hands support his hips, and his legs were spread on either side of Shan Zhen’s waist. Then a warm object touched his hole.

Bai Song could feel the length, thickness and heat of the penis. He looked at the handsome man with silver hair in disbelief. It was no wonder since this guy was very tall. Although his appearance was flawless and looked like a 3D animation, the size of his penis was enviable.

He was raised a little more, and in the next second, Shan Zhen’s penis went in without warning. Bai Song gave a cry of surprise, and tilted his neck back. Although his hands were hung by something, his wrists did not feel too tight. His body was relaxed, and he sat down on the man a little bit. At the same time, the penis was getting deeper and deeper.

The size of the penis made Bai Song clench his teeth. When he was slightly distracted, Shan Zhen bent and pressed his head to one side of Bai Song’s neck, licking it with his tongue, then trailed up from his clavicle to his larynx, to his chin, and finally to kiss his lips.

While kissing deeply and thrusting slowly, the silver-haired man slowly ignited Bai Song. Bai Song wanted to put his hands down because his front end was becoming harder and harder with the intense movements.

It was hard for him since the man stopped suddenly when he was half stroked. Now he needed to stimulate it more to resist the discomfort when the penis that was too big entered him. Shan Zhen, the Dragon God, seemed to see his intention. He suddenly used force to thrust into his deepest part. Then he said in the sobbing Bai Song’s ear, “Have you been entered and played with at the same time? You can’t do that because you will finish first, and you won’t be able to enjoy more things. You will feel even more uncomfortable.”

Is that so? It’s a strange dream. I’m learning something new. 

Bai Song’s body was shaken by the other party, thinking to what extent he was hungry and thirsty, and would have such a horrible and real wet dream. The man’s penis was grinding his inner wall and sensitive point, and the pain was filled with explosive pleasure, which gradually made Bai Song feel numb and powerless from the waist down, like being flooded by water.

He was not without sexual experience, but it was the first time that he was hung by his hands and could not do anything. What’s more, the guy who called himself ‘Dragon God Shan Zhen’ was so skillful that he didn’t feel as strongly as this when he played or when he was intimate with his ex.

While changing the angle and rhythm, the silver-haired man stroked Bai Song’s penis a few times, and then immediately let go. At first, he thrust in a small amount, and gradually increased his thrusts.

Bai Song’s head tilted back. Not to mention the waves of pleasure, under such impact, he even felt unable to breathe completely, even his voice was often interrupted by a few faint gasps.

He didn’t know how long this attack lasted. Bai Song felt it was very strange. If this was a dream, how could he not wake up? His whole body was trapped in a kind of high school wet dream that he couldn’t finish on his own. He wanted to open his mouth and beg for mercy. At this time, the other party’s hand covered Bai Song’s body, and bowed his head and caressed his front with his lips and tongue. 

Bai Song could hardly hear his trilling groan, but he could hear the voice of the silver-haired man, “Just a minute, I need you to be prepared.”

This sentence rang in Bai Song’s ear, and seemed to be in his mind. It was like listening to music with headphones. He didn’t understand for a moment.

The silver-haired man sped up the movement of his hand, and this made Bai Song bite his tongue. At the same time, Shan Zhen let go of Bai Song’s penis, and then thrust further into his back end. After repeating this for many times, he rubbed Bai Song’s hard penis, and a strong hot liquid began to come out of the man’s penis.

Bai Song was startled. He was immediately shocked at what happened. The other side’s essence was different from that of ordinary people, just like a water column with a certain pressure spraying into his body. Because of being resisted at that point, this strange stimulation made him want to escape immediately. He twisted his waist uneasily, but the other side was still in his body as he went in and out. At the same time, Shan Zhen’s hands caressed his body and made his waist and legs almost spasmodic.

Soon Bai Song was high in the hands of the silver-haired man, his penis trembling with the vibration of his body, spilling liquid on his stomach, his hands and his white silk clothes. When he looked up and could hardly think, the silver-haired man continued to move, with heat flowing in one after another, and some liquid squeezing out of their joined parts.

The sweat glued Bai Song’s hair to his cheek. He was afraid and tired, and looked at the thick penis still moving inside him. Even his stomach had bulged, it was too terrible. He knew that the swelling discomfort from the aftertaste was not an illusion.

The silver-haired man forced a few more thrusts at his sensitive spot, then gradually slowed down and stopped, and the frightening spray came to an end.

Bai Song took a deep breath, a little confused. The strange man in the ancient costume did not immediately take out his penis, but probed into Bai Song once more, and rubbed Bai Song’s stomach filled with his cum.

Bai Song gradually lost consciousness in what was a sweet kiss. Before he was enveloped in darkness, he felt as if he were asleep on a soft quilt, rather than in a deep pool of water.

When he woke up, he opened his eyes and saw the ceiling of his own room in his hometown, covered with nine years old newspapers. Bai Song almost thought it was a dream — if it wasn’t for the ache in his back.

He was lying on his back with a thin quilt. He was awake and had a good sleep. However, there was pain in many parts of his body.

His waist was very sore, his buttocks were sticky and wet, and so were the sheets under him. He clearly felt that the small tool that he had pushed into his back hole and taken out yesterday had been pushed back in again. His stomach was extremely swollen. Although it was still within the tolerable range, it felt very obvious.

Bai Song sat up and leaned against the wall, relaxed, and looked down at his legs. Not only was the ‘gadget’ still there, but what the silver-haired man left behind in the ‘dream’ seemed to be in his body.

He tried to relax himself and slowly pulled out the small tool, which seemed to prick the swollen interior. After removing it, the thick white liquid flowed out. Bai Song turned over and fell out of bed, he didn’t want to leave that stuff all over the sheets.

Although this strange experience was too exciting and tiring, Bai Song was surprised to find that he didn’t seem to be hurt. His wrist was not scratched, and he could stand by holding the table. When he moved, his back was sore and his legs would soften, and the liquid flowed down his thigh, making him blush and feel it was unbelievable.

“What happened? It’s not scientific…”

Bai Song rubbed his legs with toilet paper from the trunk and found a replacement pair of pants to put on. The sticky feeling between the legs was still obvious. It was not convenient to take a bath in his hometown. There was no shower, only hot water. Bai Song stood at his desk.

Hearing the footsteps outside the house, he quickly grabbed a shirt and put it on. At the same time, he immediately recalled the scene where he was thrown into the pool by his family. His family members suddenly dressed in formal clothes, his grandfather with a straight back, and his mother in the black velvet cheongsam, known as Witch AiFeng…

The door was opened. It was really his mother. She was still dressed in a black velvet cheongsam, a big red shawl and light makeup. She looked like a lady in a film about the Republic of China. He could not see the simple country woman that she was before.

She came and took her son’s hand and said, “Son, I’m proud of you. On behalf of all the villagers in Taohua Village, the people of the whole country and the world, I thank you.”

Bai Song’s mind had a big ‘WTF!’ This sentence was in English. Apart from this, he really didn’t know what to do.

Still bewildered and shocked, Bai Song was taken by his mother and walked to the house opposite in the yard. In his suit, an uncle lifted the curtain and nodded solemnly to the mother and son.

After entering the door, the original old-fashioned sofa and wooden cabinet with yellow varnish disappeared and was replaced by another door. The whole wall was covered in leaves. He saw his mother and uncle by the door, they clicked something and the door opened.

Bai Song saw a very wide hall, like the airport terminal or the satellite monitoring center on TV. Many people were busy at their posts. Some pointed to the electronic screen to explain, some were busy on the computer typing strange instructions, and even some looked like they were controlling… Bai Song could not name the instrument.

He saw his uncles and aunts, as well as some elders in the village. When he was a child, he played with his cousins who had dropped out of high school before completing it. They were also working calmly and wearing white coats.

Then, the more shocking scene appeared: the silver-haired man, who he met in the strange pool, was sitting on a thick and gorgeous sofa chair, the index finger of his right hand was inserted into something like a heart-rate measuring instrument, and his left hand was playing with a tablet PC balanced on his knee.

At this moment, Bai Song felt that he must be crazy.

At first, he thought that his hometown, the whole village, had become a strange religious settlement or something. But now it looked like, maybe he was crazy!

“The German Princess Rose has come to life,” said the woman at the front, turning back from her swivel chair and pulling back one side of her headphones. “People in Europe are now fully supporting the Frost Giant’s team.”

“The Haiyan team of Beixinqiao in Beijing asked us about our progress yesterday, so we can answer them calmly today.” The little daughter-in-law of the Fan family, a neighbor, tapped the keyboard with one hand and picked up coffee with the other.

“Has the man in charge of the day and night tour of the gods come?” Asked the fruit farmer, Lao Zhang, in a high voice.

“Not yet! They also said that we were the last one! Ha ha ha!”

Bai Song looked at it all, squeezing his leg with one hand. When those people noticed the untidy Bai Song, they all nodded to him.

On the sofa chair, the man with silver hair, who was using the tablet PC to look through micro-blogs and disliked the Wi-Fi instability, looked up at him and said with a smile, “Are you awake? Did you have a good rest?”

“This… What’s going on?” Bai Song looked at all the madness, “Where the hell was this? Who are you?” He looked at the familiar woman in cheongsam beside him, “Are you really my mother?”

Song AiFeng was stunned for a moment and looked at the silver-haired man, “Lord Dragon God, didn’t you tell him?”

“Ah? I thought you told him? Because he… “

Dragon God Shan Zhen swallowed back half of what he said. Since AiFeng was the child’s mother, he could not say directly, ‘He came to me with a toy in his butt.’

Bai Song’s mother looked at him apologetically and patted him on the shoulder, “My son, it has nothing to do with you. We wanted to raise you as an ordinary child and we did not want to bring you back. But you are the son of a wizard, and now you are the bride of the Dragon God… “

“I’m not a girl…” In fact, Bai Song’s main concern was not having to do something intimate with a man. He had always liked men. All the strange changes in front of him were the most frightening.

“The bride is just a nickname. As I said, if you feel uncomfortable, it will be interpreted as a long-term fixed, blessed and recognized gay partner.”

Shan Zhen pulled out the heart-rate meter from his finger and came over. When he was standing on the ground, Bai Song once again found that this guy was really tall, which reminded him of the saying that ‘the average height of ancient people was higher than that of today.’

His mother bowed to Dragon God Shan Zhen, “Take this child to take a bath first, and then you can speak slowly.”

“Wait! Why should he take me to the bath?” Bai Song blushed at the thought of what happened yesterday.

“Because you will easily slip on your own, you can’t walk steadily now…” The silver-haired man had a proud face.

“No! I mean! Why is it him?”

Song AiFeng looked at her son for a few seconds and then bent down with a smile, “Ha ha ha, boy, don’t think about it. Besides him, who else in our family can accompany you to take a bath?”

Well… She was right. When the people in the room laughed, Bai Song really realized what it meant to ‘want to find a place to hide’.

Dragon God Shan Zhen took him away to a small door and walked into a place like the corridor of a high-class hotel. Bai Song never remembered such a good house being in his hometown.

Around another corner, Bai Song saw the hot air inside the frosted glass door. “That’s it,” Shan Zhen pointed to the door. “There’s a cupboard with a change of clothes. After you go in, you can take a shower, and you’ll find a hot spring.”

Bai Song was relieved to see that the other party didn’t seem to want to go in with him. He went in and took off his clothes, and saw that the shower and bath supplies were all available. They were more exquisite than a high-class hotel.

“Where on earth is this…” While taking a shower, Bai Song thought, and countless ideas came to mind.

After taking a shower, he looked behind a wooden door, where there was really an open-air hot spring. Bai Song tried the water temperature and sat down comfortably.

It must be because he hadn’t come back for many years. His hometown had invested in something…. No, why did he have a five-year-old sister? Who was the witch AiFeng?

In the comfortable warm water, Bai Song constantly calmed himself and immediately denied everything. All of a sudden, he felt something touching his waist. Before he could turn back, he was held by a pair of arms from his back.

Dragon God Shan Zhen hugged Bai Song from behind. He had also taken off his ancient robes and his silver hair was scattered over his shoulders.

“Where did you come from?” Bai Song was caught before he could struggle.

“It’s nothing strange. I’m not human after all.” Shan Zhen took it for granted.

“Not human? And what are you?”

“I introduced myself to you yesterday, I’m a Dragon God.” He kissed Bai Song’s bare neck. “I thought your mother told you all about it. She didn’t. You are the son of an old wizard. It was inevitable for you to combine with me…”

“Fuck off! Who is the son of an old wizard?”

Seeing that he didn’t even understand this, Shan Zhen sighed, “Haven’t you heard of witch’s wish? In the time when the gods were in power, the witches and wizards were responsible for praying to the gods and expelling ghosts, while those who wished served as masters of ceremonies in sacrificial rites. They were advisors of ancient emperors, and even more respected than emperors because they directly conveyed the meaning of the gods. Oh, I got it! You will understand it as a high priest! Don’t tell me you can’t even understand this word. Don’t you read fantasy novels or something?”

Bai Song turned his head and was stunned.

“It seems that you understand. Then, apart from fantasy novels, have you graduated from high school?”

“Of course…”

“Did you learn the story of Peach Blossom Spring?” Shan Zhen was caressing Bai Song’s wet hair with one hand, but the shocked human was not paying attention to this. “You have to understand your parents. Since ancient times, all the children who leave Taohua Village and live as ordinary people in the future will not know the true information of their hometown. They may not know that Taohua Village is the Peach Blossom Spring until they die. You are all descendants of the Taoyuan residents from that story, including you. From now on, you have to learn to keep secrets. You will receive a series of training here before you leave again…”

“Wait! Wait!” Bai Song asked, “What I saw just now… Those people, they’ve always been like that? Only when I come home from time to time are they ordinary farmers?”

“Yes, in fact, there are more residents in Taohua VIllage than you can see. Some people have been living and working in deeper places.”

Bai Song was about to stand up with the stone beside the hot spring. He wanted to put on his clothes and ask his family about it, but he was pressed back by Shan Zhen.

When he was dragged to sit down, Bai Song felt his butt touch a semi-hard penis. He looked at Shan Zhen in disbelief, and the silver-haired man squeezed his eyes shut and said, “Will you listen to me or shall we finish first?”

How could he answer? When Bai Song’s face twitched again, Shan Zhen had already begun to continue, “First of all, you young people, must have heard about the Mayan prophecy of 2012…”

“Damn you, it’s 2013 now!”

“Yes, I didn’t say the world was destroyed, but the part about the resurrection of old creatures and the coming of a new era was true. So, in the first quarter of 2013, people around the world began to help us with our biological resilience, in accordance with the rules inherited thousands of years ago. Everything was different, but I needed to do it…” As he said this, he swept Bai Song’s legs with his fingers. “It’s easier to understand that, I needed the water god’s bride.”

Bai Song pointed to himself with uncertainty, and Shan Zhen nodded.

The wizard Bai Haichuan and the witch Song AiFeng always wanted a daughter, but they never got pregnant after giving birth to their eldest son, Bai Song. It was said that only a few very high-level people in China knew about Taohua Village. Those people also thought about the backup plan with Taoyuan residents. This kind of setting was exaggerated to the point that no one believed it on the Internet and it was not forwarded and ridiculed. It was good enough. Listening to this, Bai Song secretly felt that it didn’t make much difference whether it was confidential or not.

Just a few years ago, the couple really had a daughter. However, according to the global progress of the mythical biological recovery plan, they couldn’t wait for the daughter to grow up to the legal marriage age in China. In a hurry, they thought of their son. When the plan was reported, it was quickly approved.

“Wait, in general mythology, humans want to conceive with a God or something?” Bai Song interrupted Shan Zhen’s narrative.

“What? Do you want to get pregnant?” Shan Zhen whispered in his ear, “In fact, yesterday when your stomach was full of my cum, it really seemed a little…”

“Stop, stop, stop!” Hearing this, Bai Song was really a little flustered, in case he did something… That would be terrible!

Shan Zhen chuckled, “No, it’s not about reproduction. And I’m a mythical creature, not a fairy. Do you know the difference? You must have heard a lot of fairy tales. Those who have divine status can stare at people to get them pregnant and do not have to have sex. However, the focus of offering a bride to the water god was to have sex, not to give birth.”

In the warm water, the hands around Bai Song’s waist dishonestly moved between his legs, gently caressing.

Shan Zhen said that the millennia of dormant mythical creatures was like the ice age. They still exist, but they were silent and sleepy, and couldn’t affect the world. It was not only the Mayans who predicted the ‘new era’, but the Internet had made this group famous. In fact, all localities were ready to welcome the new era. Humans would gradually help them recover, and they would play their part after the return.

Bai Song, distracted by him, twisted his waist and tried to stay away, “It’s unbelievable. You… You are more modern than modern people in addition to your appearance and dress…”

“That’s natural. We started to recover a year earlier, but I couldn’t get out of that pool until sunrise this morning. Last year, I had been studying contemporary culture of human beings, and I have learned very fast. Your parents also sent me a lot of books and computers. Oh, by the way, the state specially sent people to lay the exclusive optical cable under the pool…”

This was a mythical creature who had been living in the dark and mysterious pond for a whole year.

Bai Song leaned back against the man behind him, and was so embarrassed by the concept.

Sometimes, the more outrageous things were, the more acceptable it was. It was like if a guy who looked only eighteen years old said he was forty-eight years old, people would definitely say that this setting was unscientific. But if a girl who looked eighteen years old was actually eighteen-hundred years old, people would think she was quite cute.

What’s more, the story of two people doing something seven times a night would be said to be too exaggerated, but if the light wave in the palm of the writer’s hand killed a monster, no one would think there was anything wrong.

From home until now, Bai Song deeply felt that what he was facing was based on this truth.

He felt that none of it was reasonable, but the lies with so many loopholes seemed to be true, whether it was the experience at the bottom of the pool or his hometown with this amazing structure. Even last night’s experience, these were not illusions.

Suddenly, Shan Zhen asked, “So, what do you think?” 

“About what?”

“What do you think of me? Originally, I was worried about how to break this to you. I still feel guilty, but yesterday… When I saw what was there yesterday, I knew we were destined.”

Bai Song didn’t know how to answer. This feudal and open development made him not know what expression to make.

“Now we are newlyweds, we should get to know each other well,” said Dragon God Shan Zhen, turning Bai Song around and pressing him on the edge of the pool. The two people were close to each other at the waist. “Your parents told me that it was not enough to learn about society only through the Internet. You can teach me more.”

Bai Song’s reply was blocked in his throat by a kiss. When he closed his eyes, he suddenly felt that he was really pathetic. He would feel any provocation. Obviously, there were so many outstanding things in front of him.

In the hot spring, his mind was already hot. After a long deep kiss, Bai Song was dizzy. Shan Zhen held him up and asked him to sit on the edge of the pool, separated his legs, stretched out his hand along his abdomen to his chest and lay down on him.

Bai Song felt his waist lifted, his back lying on the ground and his hips hanging in the air. Shan Zhen breathed maliciously between his legs, and then he kissed the slightly raised penis. Bai Song’s body trembled when his lips touched the sensitive tip.

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