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Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: KarateChopMonkey


Ning Chu was more excited than anyone else when he heard that Seventh Cub was finally coming out of its shell.

Wuuth knew he was anxious, so he got his coat and carried Sixth Cub who was one step behind.

On the way, Sixth Cub told Wuuth that she was the first one to find out that Seventh Cub had broken its shell.

She tilted her head and wagged her tail with pride and joy.

In the afternoon, she went back to look for the crystals she had hidden, and when she had nothing else to do, she wanted to bring them out and nibble on them, but she found a crack in the dragon egg in the house, shaking side to side.

Sixth Cub didn’t react at first, and curiously came closer to take a look, until a piece of the egg shell fell off and a dark brown claw came out.

With round eyes, he stumbled and flew to the window, calling the other dragons over and then flying to tell Ning Chu and Wuuth.

Wuuth stroked Sixth Cub’s head with his hand, “That’s good.”

Ning Chu pushed the door and saw a small dark brown dragon cub saying “aowu” to Second Cub, who looked disgusted and turned his head away.

The little dragon cub was covered with scales without a trace of miscellaneous colors, its thick and short horns were black, and there was a clear protrusion on its back.

When it saw Second Cub fly away and ignore itself, it dropped its short tail in frustration.

“Little Seven?” Ning Chu hurriedly took out a soft towel and picked up Seventh Cub, who had climbed out of the dragon’s nest, “Daddy was late, are you hungry?”

Seventh Cub looked at Ning Chu, whose face was unfamiliar and completely different from a dragon’s, but his scent was very familiar and made him want to be close to him.

Wuuth also walked in and stood at the back of the room.

Seventh Cub looked at the two of them and automatically thought of Ning Chu as a different looking adult dragon, stretching his claws and leaning against Ning Chu with his head tilted, “Awooo…”

The dragon cubs’ room had only a table and no chairs, so Ning Chu sat on the ground and started to prepare food for Seventh Cub.

The squad of dragons gathered around him, and Second Cub, who had just flown to the other corner, also flew back.

Third Cub gloated at this moment, and after Seventh Cub broke its shell, it took Second Cub as its father and kept calling after him.

Ning Chu looked at the squirming Second Cub and smiled, “Really?”

Seventh Cub faced too many dragons after breaking its shell, and probably because the color of Second Cub’s scales was too similar to his, he subconsciously thought that Second Cub was his father.

Ning Chu didn’t care, the young dragon was in a confused state, and with Second Cub’s actual age, even if he was mistaken, it was acceptable to be mistaken as a father.

Third Cub was still having fun when Second Cub’s neck hair exploded, and a paw flew over and scratched it, and the two little dragon cubs immediately fought.

Ning Chu moved to the corner to protect Seventh Cub who was in the middle of eating.

With Ning Chu, Seventh Cub forgot about Second Cub and the other dragons. It ate two pieces of fresh meat and drank half a bottle of dragon milk, and fell asleep on Ning Chu.

Ning Chu held it for a while and then gently placed it back into its nest after it fell asleep.

Sixth Cub volunteered to keep watch over Seventh Cub in the house.

“No need,” Ning Chu lowered his voice and ushered the small dragon group out, “Let Little Seven take a nap by itself.”

The young dragons dozed long and often, so after finishing their meal they came back at dark to check on it.

Dragon Island was safe and there was no need to stress too much.

Second Cub and Third Cub were already fighting outside the house, but as soon as Ning Chu and Wuuth came out, especially when Wuuth stood at the door, the two dragons immediately stopped.

Third Cub stomped out the sparks in the grass as if nothing had happened, got up and flew away.

Second Cub tidied up his neck hair, then peeked at Ning Chu and Wuuth to make sure they weren’t angry, then he left as well.

Ning Chu closed the door softly and opened the game to check Seventh Cub’s profile.

Grade: Rare 

Status: Good

Mood: Good

Age: 1 day

Species: Spiny Earth Dragon

Talent: earth magic

It was indeed a magic dragon with an earth attribute. Ning Chu had a guess when he saw that Seventh Cub’s eggshell was dark brown.

When he was feeding Seventh Cub, Ning Chu made sure to confirm that Seventh Cub was a male dragon.

Seventh Cub’s egg was bigger than other dragons’ and grew bigger in their shells, making them very sturdy and healthy.

It was also written in the dragon taming manual that although the Spiny Earth Dragon was an omnivorous dragon, it mainly ate meat, but also had some favorite fruits.

Ning Chu took careful note and bought a number of corresponding fruit trees in the mall to plant in the back of the mountain.

After he recorded Seventh Cub’s new name into the game, Wuuth led him back to his room.

Not far away, in front of another room, Sixth Cub, Fifth Cub and Fourth Cub were close by, picking up two rattan balls to play with.

“They can take care of Little Seven too,” Wuuth said, pulling Ning Chu into the room, “Don’t worry about it.”

Ning Chu used to be the only one who had to take care of a bunch of young dragons, but now that the little dragon cubs were all grown up, they were perfectly capable of helping to take care of the newborn Seventh Cub, which was how Sixth Cub ended up in the first place.

“I know,” Ning Chu turned off the game and yawned, “I’m still a little sleepy.”

He fell back against Wuuth, leaning his head on his shoulder.

Wuuth kissed him on the side of his face and on the corner of his lips until Ning Chu got a little impatient, then carried him to the bed.

It was almost dark when Seventh Cub woke up, much earlier than Ning Chu had expected. He opened his eyes and gave a soft cry when he saw the empty space around him. His dragon’s nest was on the lowest level against the ground, and he wasn’t afraid to climb out of it by himself and look for movement outside the house.

The door of the room was closed, but Seventh Cub opened it with his horn.

Outside the house, the dragon squad was eating dinner, and the meat-eating dragons were gathered together, while Fifth Cub was alone and far away, burying her head in her own oat grass.

Seeing Seventh Cub running out on his own, Eldest Cub was the first to come forward, followed by Sixth Cub.

Ning Chu and Wuuth were cooking in their room, so they didn’t call Ning Chu and led Seventh Cub to them.

Eldest Cub tore off a small piece of meat and put it in front of Seventh Cub.

Seventh Cub wasn’t picky about meat, so he sniffed it before eating it in small bites.

Second Cub was across from him, just finishing his portion, trying to bury his head in the grass and rub his face, but stopped halfway.

He looked up at Seventh Cub, who wasn’t paying attention to him, and then turned his head to look at Fifth Cub on the other side, but chose to fly to the nearby stream for a good wash.


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November 10, 2022 5:55 pm

So exciting 😁 love the dragon family❤️❤️ this is one of my most favorite stories ❤️❤️ thank you for translating it for us🥰❤️

November 12, 2022 12:58 am

Arrived at last! 🤗
What problem does Second Cub appear to have with the new dragon cub though?
He’s a Gale Dragon and Seventh is a Spiny Earth Dragon; is there some reason they aren’t compatible or something? Second turned his nose up in disgust on seeing him and now just leaves on his arrival. Very odd.
Thanks for translating and editing.

December 6, 2022 7:06 am

Out new baby isn’t as pampered compared to 5th or 6th cub 😅 😭

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