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Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: KarateChopMonkey


Ning Chu yawned again and rolled over in the crowded dragon’s nest, “Hungry.”

Wuuth got up and stretched his dragon wings, but did not change back to human form, but let Ning Chu get on his back, and took him away in the form of a small black dragon. The dragon cubs in the room looked at their backs, and Fifth Cub wanted to follow them, but her claws tightened and clasped the table, hesitating.

She really liked Ning Chu too much. She played with Ning Chu for half a day last time, and this time she slept with Ning Chu for a long time, but then Wuuth took him away early in the morning.

Fifth Cub didn’t follow them in the end, because Second Cub brought her fresh oat grass. The dragons gathered around the table to finish their breakfast and flew out of the house.

Back in his room, Wuuth put Ning Chu down and returned to his human form to carry him into the bathroom. He wiped Ning Chu’s body with a towel, then made Ning Chu open his mouth and slowly cleaned his teeth. Wuuth did a very careful job, holding Ning Chu’s chin and then kissing him on the tip of his small nose before carrying Ning Chu out.

Breakfast was the same dry bread as before, a little hard, but Wuuth didn’t know how to cook and Ning Chu didn’t eat raw meat, so this was the only food.

Wuuth found a piece of dried meat in his storage bag, and tore it into small pieces to feed it to Ning Chu. Ning Chu twitched his nose and sniffed, trying to bite into a piece.

The dried meat was for dragons, and now that he was in dragon form, the dried meat smelled much better than before, but unfortunately it was very, very hard, so he chewed it twice and spat it out.

It turned out that the jerky that several dragons usually ate was quite hard, and even though Sixth Cub was small, that dragon could chew two or three pieces at once. Ning Chu’s teeth hurt just thinking about it.

“Not good?” Wuuth threw away the jerky and gave Ning Chu some water, “I’ll go to the back of the mountain to pick some fruit, okay?”

Ning Chu burped after drinking half a glass of water, “No, I’m full.”

Wuuth answered, “Okay.”

A few moments before he returned to human form, Ning Chu fell into Wuuth’s arms, squinting and letting him rub his stomach.

The silvery-white dragon cub was lying on its back with its limbs facing upwards. Wuuth cupped one of its front paws and couldn’t help but pick Ning Chu up and hold him high, rubbing his side affectionately against him.

He seemed to understand why Ning Chu used to like to hug other little dragon cubs, he could touch the head and horns, and even tug on his pair of dragon wings for a long time.

Wuuth had the same impulse now, but he only liked to hug Ning Chu, not interested in holding other dragons.

Ning Chu was a bit uncomfortable with his position, waiting for a long time before Wuuth put him down, so he pushed him with his claws, “What are you doing…?”

Wuuth held him down, “This was what you used to do.”

Ning Chu was speechless, it was like the tide was turning now; once he chased Wuuth to hug him, now he was the little dragon cub, so the other could hug him as much as they wanted.

Wuuth held Ning Chu’s hind legs with one hand and continued to kiss a small patch of scales on his forehead.

Ning Chu tilted his head and opened his mouth to bite, his pair of small, sharp teeth grinding Wuuth’s jaw. Suddenly his body turned heavy and he changed from a young dragon back to his human form, sitting right on Wuuth’s lap.

The dragon transformation spell has ended.

Wuuth had long remembered the time, holding Ning Chu steady, palm on his back.

The door was closed, but the window was still open. Ning Chu shrank into Wuuth’s arms, “Where are my clothes?”

Wuuth waved his hand and the window closed, completely shutting off the view of the room, “I put it away.”

He said but didn’t let go of Ning Chu, one hand slowly stroking his spine.

Ning Chu felt uneasy as he tried to struggle unsuccessfully, his gaze accusing, “Didn’t we do it yesterday…”

“Only three times,” Wuuth whispered, kissing Ning Chu’s shoulder, “and I couldn’t stand it.”

Yesterday was Ning Chu’s first time in his adult dragon form, and Wuuth’s excitement and arousal was far stronger than it showed, thinking that Ning Chu might not be used to it before continuing. He still liked Ning Chu’s body, even when he wasn’t in dragon form; his skin was as white as his scales, and his thin waist could be pinched with a hand.

Wuuth cupped Ning Chu’s chin and kissed over until Ning Chu took the initiative to put his arms around his neck, then he got up with him in his arms.

Instead of going to the bed, he placed Ning Chu on a chair.

For lunch Ning Chu cooked his own rice and made boiled beef, although it tasted much worse than expected. There was no authentic boiled beef in this world, so it didn’t matter if he didn’t do it right. He put in a lot of chili peppers and added spicy mushrooms that he found in the back of the mountain.

Poisonous plants didn’t grow on Dragon Island, and many wild vegetables could be used directly, such as mushrooms.

Wuuth ate a piece and frowned deeply, but didn’t stop moving, swallowing the meat in his mouth as usual.

Ning Chu looked at his expression, “Is it good?”

Wuuth hesitated for the first time at his food, “It’s a little strange.”

As long as it was Ning Chu’s cooking, he thought it was good, but this taste… It was hard to describe.

Ning Chu let out a laugh and poured a cup of warm water in an empty bowl, asking Wuuth to drink it before eating.

The spicy taste was much lighter, and the frown on Wuuth’s brow faded, so he finished eating and cleared the table to wash the dishes.

Ning Chu took stock of the family’s inventory and planned to go out sometime to buy some more things.

It just so happened that all the nearby dragon herds have been brought back and they could change coordinates. He went into the game to change the coordinates and drew a ten-in-a-row.

Wuuth came back from washing dishes, saw Ning Chu’s state and knew what he was doing, so he was silent not to disturb him, as he turned back into a small black dragon and flew over to lie on Ning Chu’s chest.

Ning Chu leaned back, when he felt a weight on his body so he raised his hand to feel it.

He thought it was another dragon that came over, but when he felt it, it didn’t feel right and touched its forehead, where a small dragon horn protruded slightly.

Ning Chu turned off the game, held the little black dragon’s face and rubbed it, “Hm?”

The little black dragon let him have his way and waited for Ning Chu to let go before moving forward and licking the side of his face.

Ning Chu smoothly touched his spine and pulled him off.

Ning Chu mumbled, “You’d better… Turn back into human form.”

Wuuth hadn’t been close to Ning Chu in his little form for a long time, except during the dragon transformation spell, and it was weird for Ning Chu to hold him like this when he suddenly became smaller.

Especially in the morning when the two of them were hanging out in the room, Ning Chu still felt a little uncomfortable sitting on the wooden chair, and when he remembered that it was all because of this little black dragon in front of him, Ning Chu’s heart was even more apprehensive.

The little black dragon was silent for a long time, broke away from Ning Chu’s hand and turned back into a human. He looked at Ning Chu with downcast eyes, the corners of his lips were tense, with the words “you don’t like me” written on his face.

Ning Chu stifled a laugh and held out his hands to him, but he bent down and picked Ning Chu up and took him to nap.

“Cubbie,” Ning Chu said as he wrapped his arms around Wuuth and gave him a few random kisses on the cheek, “You’re so cute.”

Wuuth vaguely thought it was a compliment, and his face softened slightly.

The two of them took a nap together, and before they lay down, Ning Chu said he would go to an outside town in a couple of days.

Wuuth pulled back the corner, “Okay.”

Finally Ning Chu was awakened by a movement. He opened his eyes in a daze and a small golden dragon cub swooped over.

Sixth Cub was so excited that she couldn’t put away her dragon wings, “Aowu! Aowu!”

Ning Chu had never signed a contract with Sixth Cub, so he didn’t know what she was talking about at that moment. He rolled over and yawned, holding the excited Sixth Cub in his arms, “What’s wrong?”

Wuuth snorted, lifted the covers, and sat up, looking in the direction of the door, “Little Seven broke its shell.”


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