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Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: KarateChopMonkey


The trees on both sides of the gravel road were thick, the branches rustling as the dragon approached Ning Chu, his drooping head resting in front of him, his intentions obvious. Ning Chu was torn between “no need to bother” and “go for a ride on the handsome dragon”, and finally chose the latter. He came to the side, stepped on the dragon’s front claws and climbed up the back of his neck.

Ning Chu’s palm gave birth to a vine, from the back of the dragon’s neck, made a circle to strap himself, to prevent accidentally falling when flying up later. After he sat down, he leaned down and touched the dragon’s scales, “Okay, let’s go.”

As soon as the words left his mouth, the dragon slowly got up and opened his wings.

For the first time Wuuth let someone sit on him, he was also a little uncomfortable. Afraid Ning Chu would fall, he didn’t dare to fly too high, and deliberately slowed down. He kept an eye on Ning Chu behind him and vaguely sensed that he was in a good mood.

Wuuth flew a full circle over Lough Valley before heading to the back of the mountain. When the black dragon was flying overhead, many elves noticed it. From the moment they saw it, they remembered the oath that this couldn’t be revealed to other races.

Winka and Ximan came out of the fruit grove just in time to see the dragon flying towards the back of the mountain.

“Another one?” Ximan blurted out, and then realized something, “Wait, this one can’t be…”

In just one day, the previous perception was once again turned upside down, Winka looked at the dragon’s figure disappearing into the forest, “I can’t believe it…”

No wonder Ning Chu asked them to swear an oath to the contract god before he was willing to lead the dragon herd here. But Ning Chu was so strong that he could have taken care of the captured dragons on his own, without cooperating with the elves.

Winka wasn’t as innocent as Ximan, he knew that Ning Chu must have his reasons for choosing to come here. But the Tree of Life liked Ning Chu, and Winka wasn’t worried that Ning Chu would turn against the elves.

The dragon took Ning Chu for a stroll through the valley before landing at the back of the mountain. The dragons brought here were no longer in their original place. The medicine bought in the mall specialized in treating dragons and worked very fast. They ate the meat left by Ning Chu and flew into the forest to look for a new place to live.

Ning Chu also carefully checked the area, looking for any dragon that needed help, turned his head to find the dragon still behind him, with no intention to change back. Seeing Ning Chu turn around, the dragon immediately approached, his huge body blocking Ning Chu’s view.

Ning Chu met his dark red eyes, hesitant to reach out. Was there something wrong with Wuuth? First he took the initiative to change back to his adult form, and then he took him for a ride. Did he want to see the herd of dragons?

Ning Chu found it quite strange that he felt differently when faced with this giant dragon in adult form versus the small black dragon in juvenile form. Maybe because… he knew that this giant dragons didn’t have the ability to rub and lick like the hatchlings? His defenses would be weaker.

Ning Chu stroked the warm scales under his hand and looked up at the dragon’s horns again. The dragon understood, closed his wings and lay down, burying his head even lower. Ning Chu successfully touched the dragon’s horn and was very satisfied.

Just as he withdrew his hand, the dragon suddenly moved and slightly raised his head to rub against Ning Chu.

The difference between his body size and Ning Chu’s was so big that Ning Chu’s whole body leaned back and he felt as if his body was wrapped by the breath coming from the dragon’s nose.

Ning Chu, “……” Well, it was his wrong feeling, Wuuth was still the same Wuuth. He simply sat on the grass and touched the scales on the side of the dragon’s chin again, “Turn back into a human.”

Wuuth was a little reluctant, and Ning Chu was having a hard time getting close to him. He ignored it and turned back into human form just before Ning Chu was about to speak a second time.

The grass and trees around him were overwhelmed and the culprit sat down in front of Ning Chu. Wuuth had a hunch that Ning Chu had something to say, so he saw Ning Chu ask, “Why did you bring me to the back of the mountain?”

Ning Chu rested one elbow on his knee and propped his head up to look at Wuuth, “Tell the truth, I won’t be angry.”

With his assurance, Wuuth said honestly, “I guess you don’t hate my dragon form.”

Ning Chu thought, Not only do I not hate it, but I like it.

So was Wuuth trying to impress him?

The kiss at the bottom of the mountain came back to his mind and Ning Chu rubbed his face and called out, “Cubbie.”

Wuuth immediately raised his eyes, and the emotion in his eyes was both surprised and happy.

“What am I to you?” Ning Chu looked down and tugged at the weeds on the ground, “Is it daddy?”

He still couldn’t help but ask, he didn’t know how to handle something like this the best. Every time he tried to explain to Wuuth, he always ran into some situation.

Wuuth’s face was expressionless, “…No.”

“Then what is my identity?” Ning Chu was still pulling weeds, “Friends? A family member? Or is it a human that… has raised you?”


Ning Chu finally looked up, “Then what exactly is it? Or is it… just an unlikeable homunculus?”

None of these. Ning Chu used to be like a dragon god to Wuuth and all dragons. He raised the dragons and treated them in every way, although he disappeared really long afterwards. After Ning Chu reappeared, he became different again.

If he must give Ning Chu an identity…  Wuuth was silent for a long time and said, “When I was at the bottom of the mountain, I said what I thought.”

Ning Chu was still waiting for his answer, the weeds ripped from his hands as he tried to remember every conversation he had with Wuuth at the bottom of the mountain, “Said what?”

How long had it been and Ning Chu had forgotten?

Wuuth said calmly, “You asked me if I had a favorite dragon.”

Ning Chu nodded blankly, “Mn, I did.”

“I don’t have a favorite dragon, let alone a human,” Wuuth looked into Ning Chu’s eyes, “You are the only one I like, and I will only like you.”

Ning Chu was the only one he liked, although he wasn’t human and Ning Chu wasn’t a dragon.

Hearing the words, Ning Chu’s breath hitched.

Could… it really be what he guessed at the beginning? He was torn for so long that he didn’t dare to say it directly, and finally asked.

When he was licked by Wuuth not long ago, Ning Chu didn’t have a big reaction. He rubbed his face again and coughed lightly, “Do you know what like is…”

Probably because Wuuth’s brain circuit had always been unusual, Ning Chu felt it was unreal.

“I know.” Wuuth lowered his eyes and gently took Ning Chu’s hand to stop him from pulling the weeds. His skin was delicate, and he needed to be careful of being cut by the blades of grass.

Ning Chu just said he wouldn’t be angry, and the two sat close together, Ning Chu also didn’t resist him.

Wuuth hesitated and continued, “I wish you were a dragon more than a human.”

“Why?” Ning Chu guessed, “Because you hate humans?”

Wuuth shook his head, “If you were a dragon, you could be my mate.”

He finished thinking that this statement wasn’t right either, it wasn’t that he disliked Ning Chu’s human status. It was just that he had never thought in terms of dragons, and how humans reproduced had never bothered him. If Ning Chu was a dragon, everything would be much simpler. He wouldn’t have to always care if Ning Chu rejected his human form or dragon form.

Ning Chu was shocked again, his cheeks quickly flushed, and he didn’t know whether he was angry or shy, glaring at Wuuth, “What mate…”

He just wanted to ask if Wuuth understood what it meant to like, now he even said mate… Even if Wuuth did like him, he wouldn’t immediately agree to be with him.

And Wuuth’s words, why did it make him feel an inexplicable amount of shame… 

Ning Chu rubbed his face for the third time, then propped himself up on the grass and tried to stand up, Wuuth took his wrist, looking vaguely anxious, “You said you wouldn’t be angry.”

He was unable to get away from Ning Chu, and the squirm in his heart dissipated. After spending so much time with Wuuth, he should have known this dragon’s character, so what was the point of bothering with him? He had a good-looking face, but he was still a dragon at heart.

Ning Chu sighed and sat back down, “I’m not angry.”

The traces between Wuuth’s eyebrows unfolded, still holding Ning Chu’s hand, and whispered, “Don’t push me away again.”

The questions Ning Chu asked him and the things he said weren’t what Wuuth cared about. He only wanted Ning Chu to stop rejecting him, whether in human form or dragon form.

Ning Chu responded vaguely, not knowing what came to mind, his eyes drifting, “But next time, you have to ask my opinion first.”

Only if he agreed.

Wuuth was thinking, If I ask, is it okay?

He was so excited, he missed the feeling of holding Ning Chu in his arms the last time. Wuuth’s grip on Ning Chu’s wrist tightened, fearing he would run away, “I want to hold you.”

He said and extended his other hand. Ning Chu’s expression was complicated, before he slapped his hand away, “No.”


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