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Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: KarateChopMonkey


Wuuth’s hand, which had been slapped away, dropped silently, and he became sullen again, as if his face said, ‘I’ve asked, so why are you still refusing?’

However, Ning Chu said no, so he had to put up with it.

Ning Chu was helpless and didn’t know what to say. He originally thought that Wuuth didn’t know how to behave in many cases, and was just like other little dragons, treating him as a close guardian. He didn’t expect that he really liked him, and would even utter the word ‘mate’.

He was at least an adult dragon, so he understood some things, as for the rest, he really didn’t understand at all.

“I’m human, I can’t become a dragon.” Ning Chu drew back his other hand, which was still held tightly by Wuuth, and cleared his throat, “Since you… like me, you have to do it my way.”

Ning Chu thought about it carefully and could probably understand Wuuth’s character and thoughts. He was the strongest in all aspects of the dragon race, plus there were no dragons that could match him, so it never occurred to him that having a mate of his own was something he needed to show his heart and rely on to pursue. Ning Chu also admitted that he had a crush on Wuuth.

From the very first moment he found out Wuuth’s identity, and rolled out of bed blushing after being licked by the little black dragon, he should have sensed something was wrong.

But Ning Chu was experienced enough to know that just having a crush on Wuuth was not enough. The two of them were far from being together. Not to mention that he and Wuuth were not the same race and may not really be compatible.

Wuuth asked, “What way?”

Ning Chu didn’t say yes to his request, but his attitude was clearly different from when he refused him before, and Wuuth’s heart rekindled with hope.

“I taught you once at the academy,” Ning Chu explained patiently, “If you wanted to go all the way with me outside the school, you have to ask me if I’m willing first, and only do it if I agree, and it’s the same now.”

Wuuth was silent for a moment and finally understood, “Only if you agree can I do it?”

“Of course,” Ning Chu nodded and added, “and no sneaking into my bed like last night.”

So Ning Chu found out last night, no wonder he asked once when he woke up this morning. He knew but didn’t mention it, nor did he get angry and throw him away last night.

Wuuth vaguely sensed a pattern of mood changes in Ning Chu, but couldn’t explain what it was. He responded obediently, “Alright.”

Looking at Wuuth like this, Ning Chu was quite satisfied. If Wuuth didn’t understand, he could teach him slowly, provided he was obedient. Ning Chu leaned forward and tilted his head slightly, his teal pupils were clear as amber, “I will promise you only if you behave well.”

Wuuth didn’t know what it meant to behave well, and when he faced Ning Chu, he couldn’t help but want to lean in closer and smell Ning Chu’s scent. He stopped just in time before he was about to do so and asked, somewhat stubbornly, “Can I hold you now?”

Ning Chu stared at him for a couple of seconds, but refused, “No.” He got up and sat up straight, whispering to himself, “That’s… right off the bat.”

The disappointment in Wuuth’s eyes was unconcealed, “Hmm.”

Ning Chu pretended not to see, propped himself up on the grass and stood up, “It’s late, let’s go back.”

It was almost dark, and the young dragon cubs were still in the house at the bottom of the hill, so they had to go back and check on them. They would rest here tonight, and tomorrow Ning Chu would find a time to have a talk with Winka. Wuuth also stood up and followed Ning Chu. He didn’t turn into a dragon again, and the two of them just walked down the mountain on foot.

Back inside the house, Ning Chu found that Second Cub was gone. Fifth Cub was still sleeping, Third Cub and Fourth Cub were crouching at the window looking out, but Second Cub was nowhere to be seen.

Ning Chu had a bad feeling as he looked up, “Where is Second Cub?”

Third Cub turned his head and gave an “aowu”, saying that Second Cub was outside the window.

Ning Chu went to the window and looked in the direction indicated by Third Cub. There were several teenage elves gathered under a tree not far from the window, all holding some dried meat or pastries. Second Cub was in front of this group of elves, flying close and sniffing the food in their hands, stopping to eat it if he wanted to try it, and let the one who succeeded touch his neck hair, but didn’t let them if they didn’t.

He just flew to a green pastry and turned his head in disgust when he saw Ning Chu standing by the window watching him. Second Cub immediately left the group of elves and flew back, huddled with Third Cub and Fourth Cub and squatted at the window, pretending to be well behaved too. When the elves under the tree saw Second Cub fly away, they looked at him with bated breath, wanting to come closer but not daring to do so because they weren’t familiar with Ning Chu as an outsider.

Ning Chu saw their reactions and grabbed Second Cub, “Are you having fun?”

Second Cub rubbed Ning Chu’s hand ingratiatingly, “Aooo…”

Ning Chu was unmoved and walked out of the room with Second Cub in his arms. He came under the tree and squeezed one of Second Cub’s paws and waved it, “Want to touch him again? Everyone can touch him.”

The group of elves were still timid, but they were all very excited and slowly approached. Second Cub was caught and unable to move. He closed his eyes in despair, and the white fur on his neck was touched by a group of elves one by one.

The last elf in line gave Ning Chu a bag of dried fruit and whispered, “Thank you.”

Before Ning Chu could say anything, the group of elves ran away in pairs.

He turned around and went back to the house, put the depressed Second Cub on the edge of the bed and stroked its head, “Don’t bully the kids.”

Second Cub hung his head and let out a “woo”. Ning Chu fed him a piece of beef jerky from the mall, and he was back to his old self. Not long after, Winka came over and took Ning Chu to dinner. When Ning Chu was leaving, he hesitated and took Fifth Cub with him when she was sleeping.

Ning Chu was unsure about leaving Fifth Cub alone in the house. Winka saw this and explained to Ning Chu, “Don’t worry, the fruit given by the Tree of Life contains magical energy. She’s absorbing it and will wake up in the morning at the latest.”

Wuuth looked at Fifth Cub in Ning Chu’s arms and didn’t refute Winka’s words. The elves had sworn an oath to the gods of the covenant that the Tree of Life had given the fruit with good intentions, and wouldn’t harm Fifth Cub in this way.

Ning Chu was still a bit worried, “Little Five is still in her infancy, will it be bad if she absorbs too much?”

The Fifth Cub in his arms was covered in green scales, and combined with the Tree of Life’s special treatment of this little dragon, Winka guessed, “Is she a wood-gifted magic dragon? The Tree of Life’s origin is also wood-based, so it couldn’t be more gentle to her.”

Receiving Winka’s assurance, Ning Chu looked down and stroked Fifth Cub’s spine, “That’s good…”

He also had a fruit of the Tree of Life with him, although the wood magic he used now came from Fifth Cub, but the original body was gifted with wood magic, the fruit should work for him too, right?

The dinner was still the same as the one at noon, with an extra large plate of roasted magical beast meat, which was specially prepared for Wuuth. With the nourishment of the Tree of Life, all the vegetation in Lough Valley grew better than outside, and the roasted meat carried a faint fragrance of grass and leaves, so Ning Chu also ate a little.

The table and chairs were still open and the other elves were nearby, and Ning Chu’s table was filled with Winka and Ximan, in addition to him and the dragons. During the small talk with Winka, Ning Chu learned that the elves lived alone in Lough Valley and usually had contact with the outside world. After all, not everything was available in the forest, and they bought things they needed from other races, such as books, fabrics, poultry, materials for magical instruments, and so on.

Likewise, they also sold elven specialties to the outside world, the very same fruit tree field Ning Chu saw this morning, and the credits were in circulation with the outside world. Ning Chu made a silent note of it and planned to visit the fruit tree field tomorrow.


After dinner, Ning Chu took Wuuth and the dragon cubs back with him. Ning Chu had little free time all day, and now he finally had the time to clean up the loot he had recovered from the Church people this morning. More than 40 storage bags were placed on the table one by one, Wuuth was responsible for taking out the contents, while Ning Chu organized.

The most important thing was of course the money, and Ning Chu’s eyes lit up with excitement as the piles of coins on the table grew higher and higher. There were slight differences between the various local Church chapters, and these people probably came from more prosperous cities, with higher strength and more money than those they had met before.

Especially the leader of the elders, he alone had 20,000 purple gold coins in his storage bracelet, plus the others’, there were 50,000 purple gold coins alone. Gold coins were less, there were more than 5,000, the rest of the copper coins Ning Chu temporarily ignored.

Ning Chu felt like he was dreaming to get half of the new Dragon Island together in one go Whether these people were too rich or he had never seen the world, he was really shocked when he saw the pile of coins in the storage bracelet that shone purple.

The elder’s bracelet also contained a hard black card with the words “High County Money Bank” and a series of codes. Ning Chu looked back and forth and felt that it was a bit like the bank card in his world. He put this away separately and put some miscellaneous things into the storage bracelet for Wuuth to take with him.

The amount of coins was too much, Ning Chu first recharged 40,000 purple gold coins into the game and took the rest with him for now. There was originally a balance of about 70,000 in the game, and with the additional 500,000 today, more than 400,000 were still needed to establish the new Dragon Island.

“More than 400,000…” Ning Chu looked at the 10,000 purple gold coins not charged into the game and muttered, “Where do I get that much money…”

They couldn’t attack the Church’s people every day. To get money fast to open another Dragon Island, he had to find new ways. In addition to the new Dragon Island, Ning Chu was also thinking about the still distant Eldest Cub.

When the matter here in the elves was finished, they had to leave as soon as possible. Ning Chu put away everything on the table and got ready for bed, and went to Winka early the next morning.

There were two beds in the house, and four dragon nests. Fifth Cub slept in Ning Chu’s bed, and the three remaining dragon cubs were quite happy with the nests, while Fourth Cub had already slept in them. Wuuth, of course, slept in a separate bed, but he could sleep in the dragon’s nest if he wanted, and there was an extra one.

There was a bathroom on the side of the room, and Winka had sent two sets of clothes, a common style among elves, which Ning Chu and his two friends could use if they wanted. After showering, Ning Chu dried his hair with fire magic and prepared for bed. Wuuth went into the bathroom after him, and by the time he came out Ning Chu had already turned off the light.

Ning Chu was still awake when he heard him close the bathroom door and walk over to his bed.

“Ning Ning,” Wuuth paused, “Can I call you Ning Ning?”

Ning Chu opened his eyes, “What?”

He was lying on his side facing outward, and Wuuth was half-crouched beside the bed, his face hidden in the darkness, “I want to sleep here, with you.” He asked in a low voice and added, “Is that okay?”

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September 17, 2022 3:02 pm

Come on Ning Ning, say yes and make Wuuth happy for once😇😇♥️

September 20, 2022 10:26 pm

So Ning Ning does have a crush on Wuuth…. can’t see him saying yes to either request, but I could wrong 🤞🤞
Why does Ning Chu think they can’t keep attacking the Church’s nasty people? If it’s a quick way to make lots of money for a new Dragon island. Where does the Church get it all from though, I wonder.
Hope they are all reunited soon.
Thanks for translating and editing.

Blizzard passing by said hey~
Blizzard passing by said hey~
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now now~ hold on, cubbie~😅

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We are not far off from them being officiallll aaa

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